Monday, April 14, 2008

Fate of worklife.

You may have noticed some minor tweaking in my blog... For instance, I've the "Older Posts" link (makes it SO much easier to navigate T_T), I've archived my previous entries according to their months, I have tags for all my entries! Aiya, what to do, free mah wtf.

And I thought since I am free nowadays, I have been toying with the idea of changing my layout! 'Cause god knows that my body in a bikini now no longer looks like the one in my header WTF. I have this solitary idea/theme in my head which I really like, but unfortunately, it'll take a lot a lot of work, and I don't think I have the expertise for it. :'(

Err, yea, I graduated with a double degree in Commerce and Business Systems. But hey, in my defense, we didn't touch on much technical things in my It degree!! T___T


Anyway, as the date that I start work looms nearer, occasionally, just occasionally, I wonder what will happen to my blog. I don't think that there are any express terms in my employment contract that states that I am not allowed to blog; though I have yet to have a look into the policy and terms of conduct. The possibility of expressly being prohibited to blog has never occurred to me, till a chat with a friend (Cass, that's you!), who has started working with SIA as a stewardess recently. It was actually listed out in her policy that she is not supposed to own a blog, AND to comment in blogs! HOW CAN right, reading blogs have been a daily affair!! And I am also used to updating my own blog semi-frequently.

Nevertheless, even if there are no written terms against blogging, there's still the question of whether it's appropriate to blog when you're working; especially when I will be in a corporate environment. Smalls and I have talked about this before, it seems that it's difficult to maintain a blog when you work-- you're in a lose-lose situation. Yes, you can exercise caution and not mentioning private and confidential matters is definitely a must, and you should try to refrain from bringing up office politics and your working life and your colleagues. So fine, you blog about your friends, your meals, your traveling... But just how professional can that be? If you mention too much about your shopping, you're frivolous. If you joke and talk too much crap, you can't be taken seriously. If you constantly go clubbing, you're not balancing work and play. If you use foul words, you're too crude for the corporate playfield.

SO HOW. To maintain that air of professionalism? Or just fuck it, and be yourself and pray that your boss/colleagues never come upon your site?

Haih, don't know why I think so much. For all I know, I will be so dead busy that I won't even have time to switch on my personal pc after I start work. T_________________T



Suet Li said...

wah big girl already wtf haih i still got a loooong way to go before i start worrying about that.

Hoi Gi said...

I will be out in the workforce in less than two years time. haiz. sien.

Anonymous said...

oh no.. i'm really gonna miss ur posts when you start working. and guess what? you forgot to tag this post ;p

Anonymous said...

Just fuck it and blog 'cause I don't know what I'll do without your blog T_____T *dramatic

Maybe Wed lunchies?

c r y s t said...

what kinda of corporate office u'll be working at? but as i know of, usually there won't be any policy againts blogging what (i suspected my lady boss reads my blog! -_-) everyone in the office knw i own a blog but i never reveal my url to them and i try not to blog much about any politics in the office-lah, just in case..

oh don't stop blogging T_T how am i gonna live my day without your blog?!!

Cynthia said...

Eh this is damn freaky, lately when i quietly read your blog (heh) your posts always some connection to whats been bugging me lol. Your "Benci-nya" post made me feel better when i read it a few days ago, cos something was pissing me off though i cant publically talk about it just yet, wanted to blog it cryptically but then i read your blog and you did the same, which made me laugh and i felt a tad better :) thanks.

And now this blogging-while-working issue too, this issue has also been bopping along in my head for some time now. Will start work next year, perhaps even next semester, and being in a professional Big 4 accounting firm (or what not) im not sure if i should be blogging about clubbing and all my usual random nonsense behaviour lest i am deemed the frivolous bimbo in the firm. Who wants a professional bimbo accountant/consultant dealing with their money right.

Babes i link u yar :) and for goodness sake update my blog address in your link T___T

jeanchristie said...

I doubt you have to worry much about blogging etc, cos we do (yes from the Big 4)

However, just to be on the safe side of things, don't simply give out your blog address ...

no offence to all those from the nanny state, but I find office politics and people's way of twisting innocent things into something scandalous a pain.

cynthia: nolah.. u shudn't see it like that.. u shud see it as you're a bimbo with brains wtf.

working does not mean not having a social life! (albeit it being very limited *sobs*)

revel in me said...

suet li: Hahaha I thought it's a long established fact that I am OLD OLD OLD. T___T

hoi gi: Haha, 2 years more, still long what! I would give anything to be able to go back to uni for 2 years. T___T

anonymous: HAHAHAHHA I KNOW! I forgot to tag! Damn shy wei. And why you so observant! Hahahaha! And sigh, dunno la, I hope I won't have to come to stop my blog or what. :(

jiameei: Hahahhahaa first time I see you with so much angst wtf. OI is it your birthday tomorrow! :))))

cryst: In accounting. :( Yaya, I am hoping la, with some discretion on my part, blogging is still ok. WHY YOU SO SWEET! :'(

cynthia: Haha, I got so much shit for that Benci post, thank god you didn't do it! :P But hope you feel better already, for whatever crap that you went throught before this. *hugs*

And I KNOWWWW I am actually working in the big 4. And I mean, accounting is just a more uptight, conservative profession right? I don't know how will my frivolous and bimbotic posts fit in. T___T

And OHHH! Heh, SORRYYYYYYY, will change now! :P

jean: Yaya, I saw that you still have a blog, so I knew that there shouldn't be any terms against it-- but just scared it's not professiona la. But thank you, dear, I feel better now! :)

And I am a bimbo with brains! 8waves hands* Haha tak tau malu.

mustardqueen said...

Eh i also 2 years more then I have to work!! wtf (providing I don't fail any subjects T_T ) hahahahaa omg I'll be 20 by then old nyaaa~~

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: You're only in your first semester. -__________- Obviously you have 3 more years!! -__________-

Chelle said...

It's ur own blog, so do wateva u do the hell outta it. Just dun go besar-besaran tell the whole world ur URL...should be

heh =)

Cynthia said...

Eh no lah you were just expressing yourself on how you felt, you made no reference to any names, so thats okay la. Btw i hope i have a good fashion sense hahaha kidding la. Forget the comments, you justified yourself well anyway :)

i learnt somewhere in my studies, especially being a member of a professional body (eg. ACCA, ICAEW) you cannot perform any act that would potentially defame the name of your profession lol. Not sure if owning a blog is particularly defamatory, but we have to be reeeeaaaaallllyyy careful with what we blog about. Acting like yourself and occasionally silly and bimbotic (read: unprofessional) can be dangerous. Who knows lah, i'll ask my seniors on this :)

And omgwtfbtw i heard that our officewear has to be really ordinary in safe colors black white brown blue and buy 5 pairs of the same pants/skirt, so we don't "up-dress" our seniors, and so we look serious plain professional and BOHRING. T____T

Anonymous said...

get a wordpress blog! :D there's this option that allows you to hide your blog from ALL search engines. damn geng! :D really cannot find wan even if you typed the entire url into google :P

but i too will miss your blog T___T

revel in me said...

chelle: Haha, I know la, it's my blog my prerogative wtf, but am still worried that people will stumble onto my blog. It could be people I work with, or my superiors, or even some one that I would work with in the future. Damn shy right, you meet a client, then the person tells you, " eh I've read your blog before!" T_T

cynthia: Eek, yea, I have heard of that about those professional codes of conduct too, but not sure how it applies to blogging. =/ Ask your seniors, and tell me also k! :D

And oh oh oh omg, it's trueeee! T___T Last time when I went for this career talk, the people from the big 4 told us, "Don't worry, you can wear a lot of colors in auditing! BLACK AND WHITE!" WTFFFFF you tell me scared or not. But when I interned in pwc, it was ok la, most people are formal-ish (and conservative-ish too) in office, they are not trendy... But when in clients' places, if the clients dress more casually, the auditors can dress a bit more to their liking! :)

foongjin: Are you seriousss!!! Wordpress so smart wan ar!! And haha, no la, don't think I'll stop blogging for the meantime. Until the board of auditors come chasing after me or what la WTF.

pinkpau said...

the best thing to do is get a job that embraces your blog ^__^ like nuffnang ^__^

suet li weren't we lucky :D

Cynthia said...

ORLY? true, my seniors always mention about the boring workwear at the office. Didnt say much about being at client's place though.

pinkpau: nuffnang currently hiring. :)

eh wtf man im neglecting my own blog now cos im studying for exams, but procrastinating like hell by visiting other blogs and bombarding this comment box, what lah.

Simon Seow said...

Nice butterfly. Does that means you don't know what is SQL Server and MYSQL?

revel in me said...

pinkpau: Hahahaha why you so hardsell nuffnang!!! Nuffnang hiring now ar. :P

cynthia: What is ORLY!!! Haha, ya, I saw my seniors wore more casually in our clients' place 'cause the clients themselves dress more laidback-ish.

And ooh, good luck for your exams k! I myself always get distracted by blog-hopping. T__T

simonseow: Haha, I do. But not in-depth, 'cause my course focuses more on the business element. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like people I know in real ife(such as my classmates,or people i had work with) to read my blog!Blogging is blogging and real life is real life.So I don't want people to connect this person by the the name of evolna to the real life

Btw,your butterfly necklace very pretty!

revel in me said...

evolna: Omg, I can perfectly understand what are you talking about! I feel very violated when I find out that people I know (in real life) read my blog. It's just so easy to form pre-conceived perceptions by reading blogs, don't you think? Sigh.

Cynthia said...

ORLY? = oh really?

Wait, but don't we blog ABOUT our real lives? hmn.

revel in me said...

cynthia: OH, haha!
Hmm, we blog about our real lifes; but that is it, we only blog about certain parts of our lives-- people only read what we write, and that's what they can only see.
And that's when idiots form judgements. :)

jeanchristie said...

hui wen u dont have to worry lah.. the people down here dont wear so boring clothes, quite trendy and fashionable wan. then hor alot carry LV, Gucci, Prada, Coach bags wan. haha... u will be right at home!

yes la of cos they will preach during orientation that u cannot be so outrageous with ur colours, but we have ppl wearing bright bright colours XD

in fact, i think aussie will be more the boring colours - if u have noticed the crowd on collins st when u were in melbourne, u will understand what i mean..