Friday, April 18, 2008

I wish thieves 100 lifetimes of fleas up their asses.

My boyfriend's house got broken into yesterday.

His laptop got stolen. His new-ish, top-of-the-range Toshiba laptop. He lost some cash as well, his old mobile phone, some bottles of whiskey, cufflinks that I got him, and granola bars??? Those bloody thieves stole a few of my boyfriend's granola bars.

His aunt lost a lot of money too (he stays at his aunt's place on workdays 'cause it's nearer to his office) and basically the whole house was ransacked.


This is the second time in a mere 2 months that someone extremely close to me has been robbed. First my mom, and now my boyfriend?

Those fuckers actually broke into the house in broad daylight when no one was at home. The only suspicious thing the neighbors saw were two shady guys who were leaving on a motorcycle. They cut through the lock.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. And frankly, hitting too close at home. I was with Jiameei when my boyfriend called me to tell me about the theft, and she told me that recently, her friend's house got broken into int he midnight, and the thieves just drove 2 cars out of the compound, just like that.

WHAT IS THIS LA. Nowhere is safe now, no one is safe. It just scares the wits out of me when I think of the probability factor, it seems as if more and more people around me have faced some sort of theft/robbery, and it's getting to be something of a norm. WHAT IS THIS.

And those stupid thieves!!! ARGHHHH. My boyfriend has just started working not long, do you know how long it will take for him to save for a new laptop???? OMG. I just feel like fuming and popping some blood vessels when I think of it. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO? WE CAN DO? Anything at all to stop this shit from happening?????????

What is Malaysia coming to??? I am so sick of this feeling. So sick of feeling jumpy, just awaiting for someone to be the next. It could be me, it could be you.


On another unfortunate note, the whole street where my house is got its electricity cut off. TNB fixing something. -_-

Jing and I quickly ran off to OU. Do you have any idea how hot it is without any fan or air-conditioning. T_T And how boring it is without TV or the internet. T__T

At Vietnam Kitchen.

I ordered this Vietnam Coffee, whyich turned out like that. -______-

How to drink, you tell me! When the drink arrived at our table, Jing gave me a I-give-up-on-you look and said "Haih why you always order strange things".


You're supposed to wait for the coffee to SLOWLY filter out and add condensed milk into it. I only got to drink my coffee at the end of the meal. T___T

My Saigon fried noodles with seafood!

Quite nice. And I love broccoli! I think mothers over the world will be proud of me wtf.

Jing's super 'kao' mango milkshake. We suspected that the drink is actually a mango in disguise wtf, it was so THICK and CONCENTRATED!!!

Err, I posted the picture 'cause the straw looked damn suggestive wtf.

Jing who hated her noodles 'cause got too much vegetables.

We are the opposites, I tell you! I looooove my greens! :)))
But why sometimes I still get constipation ar.


And I damn like this picture! My hair disheveled looks quite good eh. And Jing is going for a hair makeover tomorrow! 'Cause her boyfriend coming back next week. :)

Sigh, I am still damn bothered about the boy's loss. He is like so disturbed and upset. :( And there's nothing that I can about it. :( I mean I can save to buy him a new laptop la, but I am sure you'll understand that your laptop is very personal, and all his stuff and important data is lost along with the laptop. I damn sad for him. :((((


Anonymous said...

:(((( i read this post also feel damn sakit hati for your bf! new laptop! the crime rate if getting ridiculously out of hand here man, seriously. it's times like this that makes you feel like saying goodbye to this country for good :((

Simon Seow said...

yeah, a few months ago Jason Mumble laptop was stolen too under his nose. Hope the police will do something. Now almost every taman is gated with security guard. 10 years ago, there's no need for that.

Suet Li said...

haihhh so sad =( maybe u can erm..ta siu yan? wtf draw a figurine and write thief in the middle and beat the hell outta him..

anyway i love vietnam kitchen!!! the dish jing ate is my fav! damn nice *salivates

Anonymous said...

i am sorry to hear that. i know how upset someone can get especially losing something precious with own hard earned money. working like a slave for months but have now all left ashes.;'(

hehehe the most practical solution is ermmm migrate your family to singapopre???actually ur family can migrate to australia mahh for the one valid factor that ur dad is a doctor ;)

i have the top ur sis was wearing. and 0___o and dang she wore it as a dress?!?!?!?


revel in me said...

foongjin: Yaaaa DAMN DAMN DAMN sakit hati. :(((( Seriously, at times like this, I want out. :(((((

simon seow: How it got stolen under his nose!!! I have heard of this story where these 2 guys just went into a Starbucks holding parangs, and force people to handover their laptops!!! And no one dared to do anything 'cause they had parangs. :(

suet li: I actually thought of that!!! Hhahaha.. 'Cause really damn unlucky la... Either that, or get voodoo doll wtf. Or get both, chinese and western wtf.

ANd you love the noodles jing ate? She kept on complaining that it's tasteless. -__-

yee: Yeaaaa and I think after my bf reads your comment he is goign to feel even sadder, haha. But he really damn poor thing, although I offered to save and chip in for a new laptop for him, he is still emo over his old one. And haihhhhhh at the moment I feel like migrating lor! But I don't really like s'pore as a place to stay for long term. And australia is probably restrictive for my career in the long run. And I don't think my dad wants to migrate anyway. T__T

And HAHAAHHAHHA I tried stopping her!!! But she insisted that it can be a dress. -___________-

c r y s t said...

i feel the pain T_T sometimes it's not the loss over material that matters most, but all the important documents and files in it T_T it's sth money can't buy back...

work files, and UTMOST important - photos! (that's why i develop out all photos i took!)

i work in an IT company and sometimes i receive customers' complaints. there was once a customer called in early morning and cried so badly(!!!) coz our technician reformated her laptop without her permission.. she kept repeating "they seemed to have reformat my soul too" -_-"

Mona said...

I can TOTALLY commiserate with you and your bf! I hate these baskets!!! Last year, some basket broke into my house in broad daylight and stole my laptop and my handphone charger. To think I was SO happy because I had almost finished typing up my thesis and would be the first to hand it in (yala I'm very kiasu)! Then FOUR DAYS LATER when my dad let me borrow one of the laptops from his office, EXACTLY the same thing happened! AND they took my thumb drive which was still stuck in my lappie and my external hard drive and my new handphone charger and my brother's handphone because I was borrowing it and his charger and my hurriedly-rewritten thesis!

So I totally understand how you guys feel, how dare these people make us feel so unsafe! Baskets.

Anonymous said...

IDIOTS! what has KL become, a pool for criminals to live off people's hard earned money and goods? but still i have faith that these crimes are not done by malaysians. im sure they're not??! i would point my finger to the d*mn foreign workers.

lowly paid
rising prices
higher inflation

All leads to desperation for more money. Worst is they KNOW they can get away with it having the mentality of 'If you can do it so can I, cheh.

why, why doesnt spore has this problem? why is spore 20 years ahead of us when in fact we started this race together if not earlier? Sing dollar purchasing power is so high that with your 2k plus salary you can get an LV bag in no time cause it costs half the price in Sing$ anyway. to know that most malaysians work their life away and still cant afford simple luxuries really kills me. i think they deserve so much better than that.

psychologists should interview these criminals man to see what's actually going through their sick mind for committing such immoral acts. there MUST be an answer. rawr. i feel so sorry for your mom and boyfriend :(

alea amin said...

My heart broken to hear about your bf's situation. T_T if i were the prime minister, i would chop off all the burglars/thieves dicks or clitoris if they're women. <333333

i like vegetables!! *touch skin so soft wtf*

yishyene said...

Stuff and rub all your valuables with carrots and celery so even if someone steals them it'll be like EEEw gross..carrots

revel in me said...

pink november: Haha, darling, you seem so angry! I agree with you that it is most likely the work of foreign workers... And I think there is no mystery to their misdoings-- like you said, unemployment and just plain, desperation. Of course, I am sure there are those greedy people amongst them of course, those who fancy a quick easy way to make money. The main problem is that our police force is not doing anything. I forgot to mention this in my blog entry, but do you know what the police told my bf and my aunt regarding the theft? The police asked them to find bomoh to trace the robbers. WHAT IS THIS YOU TELL ME. Isn't catching the thieves the responsibility of the police? FIND BOMOH?? OMG.

alea: Hhahhahahahha the bf and I cursed the thieves in the exact same way as you did!! Why are we so uncouth wtf. But they deserve it!!!!

And HAHHAHA you damn cute! But my skin not soft. :(

yishyene: HAHHAHAHA you always crack me up! You think they will go 'aaaaaaahhhh vege!!!' ar, hahahhaa. But I hate celery too! Yuck, most disgusting thing in the world. And parsley! =/

Sue Lin said...

Poor Chor Min!

And poor u! I know how it feels! Elwyn( my bf, he always reads ur blog by the way)'s laptop got stolen in the Vitoria Uni Footscray campus library last year and its awful

Cynthia said...

Gosh. Yeah hits close to home too, in the sense that I JUST GOT A NEW LAPTOP and its like my babyyy ok if anyone takes it i'll hunt him down for sure. Im very sorry for your bf, my goodness he must be devastated.

Kinda reminds me of my brother's case, he was away on business in Penang and his hotelroom got broken into, everything was gone, laptop wallet money creditcards carkeys ok WTF he had to take a bus home to KL ok no joke. The car wasnt stolen though thank god, guess the robbers didnt bother looking for the car, or couldnt find it also cos i think my bro's car's door alarm rosak haihh Protons.

and haihhh Malaysia haihhhh i gave up a long time ago edi.

revel in me said...

sue lin: Omh, your poor bf too! T__T Ya la, not only the bf has to suffer, gf also has to suffer along right! T__T

cynthia: Haha, ya, I read about your new laptop! Have you opened it yet ar! :P And put a laptop lock or something to your lappie la, that's what my dad forced me to do in Melbourne (not that I did la), make it as difficult as possible for them to steal it! And your brother!! T____________T Damn cham! If I go on a trip, and everything gets stolen, I sure DAMN emo, and won't recover, FOREVVVAAA! *drama wtf*