Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Junkyard sale once more!

My mom just noticed I dyed my hair. After like one week. -__-
She fingered my hair with a scrunched-up nose and a voice full of disdain: "You look so common now la."
Yea, my mom was one of the firm advocates of me keeping my jet black hair, because apparently it's very rare and unique.
And yes, trust my mom to give my a little confidence buster by telling me I look common. Bah.

And what the hell, Smalls and Mey recently dyed their hair back to black, and I just found out today that Jac bought black hairdye too, and she is going to dye hers!!!???


Flat hair flat: me, Jac, Smalls, Mey (Feb '08 when everyone else was blonde).
Errr, everyone is till blonde (inside) now wtf.

When everyone had blond-ish/light-colored hair, I was the only one with black hair; and now that I have dyed it lighter (and planning to go even lighter soon), the flat hair flat is going dark one by one????

Am I forced to stick out like a sore thumb forever. T______T


I am doomed to never have my shopping bans work.
It was another junkyard sale again last Saturday, and though all along the journey to our destination I was chanting to myself "You are strong you will not buy anything today. You are strong you will not buy anything today";
it didn't work. T____T

Our outfits for the day!

Denim smock/oversized shirt, and a rock-on!! hui wen.

Jing giving the couture pose-- she is allowed to la, it was the first time she was using her tres expensive Gucci bag! Crazy girl.

Teeny with her really really old hot pink Puma sneakers.
So old that when she walk, there are puffs of dust clouds at her feet wtf.

Now I know why my say-no-to-shopping mantra didn't work! I obviously was more caught up in camwhoring. -__-

Erm, no pictures from the junkyard sale-- go here for more pictures wtf.
Lazy to snap pictures of the same thing la.

And I met Smalls there! The moment we saw each other we were clutching hands and talking at the top of our lungs; I don't know why, it just comes naturally, heh. And Smalls was like chattering me excitedly/worriedly about how our REALLY embarrassing video is posted on YC's blog and we are doomed, and YC was standing just right next to her, HAHAHAHA.

And I met Jade again, whom I've met once before in the Palate Palette Lap Sap sale!

Jade, Smalls, Jade's BFF--wifey (haha, that's how I know her from Jade's blog), me!
And I hate Teeny for making the bottom of the picture looked like it was invaded by Casper wtf.

Haha, damn funny, Jade was telling me, "You shop too much!!!!"
And she continued, "YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!"

Jade blogs at www.xanga.com/tastywords, and she writes really really well.
Hmm, wait a minute, Smalls write really well too, and she blogs at Xanga too! I think everyone who blogs at Xanga writes really well!!
Except for natalynn WTF.

Since I have no other pictures from the junkyard sale, erm, I offer you this picture of a inflatable penis wtf.

It's really quite huge in real life-- must have been quite a blow job! Err, no pun intended?

We marched over to Banquet in Bangsar Village 2 for our replenishments-- hello, fighting with aggressive women for 2 hours straight is no joke.

Banquet is really classily done-- white and woody, with white straw chairs and crystal chandeliers adorning the ceiling. And I love how the perimeter is surrounded by lush green trees! :)

The menu is designed to look like a crisp newspaper copy, sweet.

Iced cappuccino! Gosh, it's so hot these few days that I am just furiously downing ice cold drinks.

My clear tom yam soup vermicelli with seafood and chicken.
Pretty decent, though on the sour side. I can't really take sourish tastes, remember this sweet called HIGH SOUR? I hated that man. :(

Jing who is being the grossest person alive-- all the parsley (that she hates) stuck onto the outside of the bowl! -______-

One of the waiters saw, and swiftly place a plate at our table for Jing, hahaha, damn shy!!!

Looks so much like Christmas trees right!
Sigh, I still remember when I was really young, my parents promised to buy a Christmas tree for our house, and I was so excited. And what my parents did was brought back home this 6-inches high mini-Christmas tree to be placed on table tops. T_____T

Anyway, moving on to happier things, my buys for the day!

Cream chiffon top with crocheted neckline and black gemstones.

High waisted skirt with, erm, bird prints.
In my defense, the skirt has a really fabulous cut k!

I have this other skirt with this kooky kitten print (I've got weird taste la T__T).
Upon seeing my new addition in the form of the bird-print skirt,
Jing: Eh, you want to start a zoo ar?
Teeny: Since when are you a Cranberries fan? The animal.. the animal.. the animal instincts in me....
WTF. -______________-

Green anorak/jacket. You can't see it in the picture, but the sleeves are puffed at the shoulders, uber cute!
But I don't know where am I going to wear this. I keep on forgetting that I am not in Melbourne. -___-

High-waisted red shorts! With really cute gingham print on the inside-- which is why I bought it.
Sigh, damn easy to cheat my money.

Black mesh top, joined to a pleated cream skirt, pretty! :)

Bought this for work, need to start building a working-clothes wardrobe!
Daddy, be prepared wtf.
Loving the pleated details on this one. :)

Vintage oversized top with lace trimmings. Am going to wear ala baring one shoulder! :P

Vintage chiffon top with a sash tie.
*Might* wear it for work if the color is not considered to be too bold.

And a pair of Melissa shoes! :)

I am collecting flats now, I have decided to treat my feet better, and this means saying no to high heels!
Not all the time la.


Anonymous said...

Eh damn random wtf. Jade used to go to Cempaka last time before she went to Australia.. I think. And the wifey is called Tara. HAHAHAHHA.

Wah you bought all that at the Lap Sap shop wtv it's called. I also want to go!!! Will it be around until the summero do you know?

I'm thinking of dying my hair dark again also hahaa. I think it's a phase everyone's in. Like maintaining dyed hair is a bitch, and hair appointments here cost a bomb as well T.T

Suet Li said...

u said dunwan to buy anything but ended up buying like 10 stuff! seriously i think u have a problem wtf do u need me as your shrink just have to pay me with clothes! wtf

Anonymous said...

I really don't know why I put the HAHAHAH next to "Tara.". I really didn't mean to laugh, I really don't know why. I think I'm losing my marbles. T.T

c r y s t said...

i love that denim smock u're wearing la woman! any intention to sell it off arr? ;) how come u gurls always get to go those lapsap sales har har har? T_T got wind blow to u arr? i never heard of that before wan?? why am i being such a malaysian har? har? har? u tell me la! :P

anyway, it was great meeting u sisters the other day. no chance to say a proper HELLO la i dunno why am i rushing to go in right after i got my stuff, maybe afraid the guard gonna shoo me away T_T


Sophia said...

Haha our mums are complete opposites! My mum keeps asking me to dye my hair. "Eh your hair so black la! GO DYE IT! LOOKS NICER!" lol My mum claims the lighter the better cos it accentuates my mixed look so I look even more mixed. Crazy right!

And my friend just dyed her hair jet black too. I've never seen her with black hair, I was so shocked!

Your shopping ban super tak jadi la. I am totally reformed muahahaha :D

Anonymous said...

haha all this junkyard sales man, place to be. i just posted and i was like hui wen: shopping partner/inspiration and then i read your post after and saw the you're my inspiration part. omg i sound like the biggest fan! lol so embarrassing!

zulle said...

sofia! hahaha why do you laugh after my name? :(

revel in me said...

sofia: Wow, what a small world! Now I feel pressured to have been from Cempaka too wtf. Ya, I am pretty sure they will have it again! :P

And grr, why am I so out of the loop-- why no one told me that dyed hair is OUT! T___T

suet li: Haha, but they are nice stuff that I won't be able to get anywhere else! T___T What if you be my shrink but mana tahu I influence you to shop more!

sof: HAHHAHHAHAH I was wondering why you did that too hahha! Why you so funny wan!

cryst: Thank you dear! But I don't think I will sell off la, I like it a lot too. :P HAHHAHAH what wind blow to me!!! We found out from FB wan. T___T And hahahhaa why you so funny scared of guard! But I was a little reclusive that day too 'cause my make up melted and I didn't want you to see my naked face wtf.

sophia: Haha, I have faith in you, you won't be reformed for long! :P And sigh, ya la, my mom is so conservative la, but she herself dyed blond a couple of years ago. -__-

jade: Hahaha, please!!!! I am your fan! <3 And DO YOU KNOW YOU BOUGHT 2 BAGS WHICH I WANTED!!!! T____T


zulle said...

jade is also wifey! and hui wen, i was from cempaka too haha. :)

sofia, they have the sale at the end of every month so it will be around in the summer!

alea amin said...

when's the next junkyard sale omg why i dunno one omg i wanna cry


revel in me said...

tara: Haha, yaya, I know! 'Cause sofia went HAHAHAHHA! :D

alea: I also don't know! T___T Shush, don't cry! *babies wtf