Monday, April 28, 2008


I found Julie's entry about me, OMG, do I really look so sohai in pictures! T__T


me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Ben: How old are you already? -_-

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Shannon: Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur?

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Ken Hoong: eh, why your themes always so nerve wrecking wan, last time pink, now luxurious

me: Eh, got "Luxurious" theme ar!
Victoria: okok, I better go google what outfits are luxurious.

HAHAHHAHHA my friends crack me up!!

The idea was "Luxurious"-- just think rich, just think fabulous-- go diva, go glamorous, go Shang Hai 40's, my message was clear: be creative! :P
Actually, the main point was that the presents are supposed to be luxurious la, HAHAHA.

Pictures time!

Teeny, who arguably is the person who sacrificed the most for my party-- she not only wore a top that is as heavy as an armor wtf, but she also teased her bangs to create that punk-rock look. Her hair never quite recovered from it, and it looks like grass now wtf. T_T

With Jing. Do you see the diamantes she stuck on the side of here eyes!! Luxe meh! I thought it's more Bollywood, hahaha.

And I looked so pale even this early of the party, 'cause my make-up melted off when Teeny taped me into my dress-- I was sweating like a pig 'cause I had to contort into all positions for her to secure the double tape onto me. Better to be safe than sorry mah!

Jing in her full outfit (leopard fur, and it belongs to my mom! o_O) and Teeny in her crazy sequined top! I planned the event so that she would have an opportunity to wear the top, haha.

And in case you haven't realized it yet, I had it in Red Box, in one of the VIP rooms! :)

With Victoria.

I asked her, "Where's your luxurious part!"
And she promptly raised her hand and showed me her bling ring, haha.

Kit Mey!
Who purposely came back from S'pore for me. T___________T
She arrived on the day of the party (Saturday) and is going back today, a 6-hours journey to and fro. T____T
I was, and still am, damn touched ok. T________T

And I loved her outfit! She was wearing pearl drops earrings and a strand of pearls around her neck, and this pale gold dress, so classy! :)))

I dressed up my boyfriend!!! He's my rich frat boy. :P

Teehee, nice or not my dress. :D

Me terrorizing my guests because I was trying to dress people up, bringing up the "Luxe" factor! :P
(Hehe, I brought things to dress people up, more on that later :P)
Look at how scared Ben and Yvonne looked. T_T

I was quite scared, 'cause I found many pictures of Shannon with balloons between his legs. -__-
And it's not one, not three, but TWO balls!! Shannon, why ar! Are you deprived ar! :P

Chun Yih, Joleen, Chris, Kean and a little bit of Brian and me lurking behind!
Haih, shunned to the background although it was my party wtf. :P

Totem pole. -____-

Me spiking the jug of Coke with whiskey, heehee.

My boyfriend, the PIMP. -___________-

Furs that I brought!! ;)
I was supposed to be wearing my white fur, haha, luxurious rich brat wtf, but it was SOOOO hot in the room!

HAHAHHAHA dressing Smalls up!!!!

So that she looks like...

My Russian/Mongolian princess!
I couldn't even look at the camera with a straight face long enough before erupting into giggles, HAHAHHAHAH.

Ken Hoong, with a cravat, in a rich gentleman get-up! I brought the scarf wann!!! Damn smart right me!! And it looks good. :P

With Ken Hoong on msn on the afternoon of the party:

KH: Eh, you got think black tie ar
me: Don't have wor.. got black sash
KH: What's a sash?
KH: Eh, wait, I am not going as a beauty queen!!!


Tada, another one of my creations! Yew Leong in my sequined cap, hahaha. Gold necklace sponsored by Ben wtf.


Look at how hot and ruffled Smalls and I looked!
It was really so sweltering hot in the room, I thought I would die!!

With Brian.

When he stepped into the room wearing what I usually see him in, I interrogated him "Where's your luxurious get-up!!"

He did a circling motion around his face and told me "It's all here!"


Jon, Shannon,me, and Brian.

Jon is POSSESSED, I am telling you!
He morphs into different personas as he sings different songs, embodying the different sounds, intonations, even expressions of the singers!! o_O
He sings Jay Chou and Lee Hom SO SO well! And he even does an impeccable impersonation of Rod Stewart! o_O

Drunken caveman Jon! Whose face matches the color of my dress, hahahaha.

Haha, I adored Shannon's outfit! Very luxurious!
Haih, what did you expect from a true metrosexual wtf.

And then suddenly, half-way singing, the video stopped, and was replaced by a video showcasing a vegetable and a banana head and numoerous unidentifiable characters, kind of like a bad rendition of Happy Tree Friends wtf. It was a video of "Happy Birthday"! -__-

Haha, it was cake time! :)))
And I still couldn't let go fo the mike. :P

Close-up of the cupcakes.
It matches the "Luxurious" theme! :))) It has high heels, leopard print, money signs, and gem stones! :)))
And I love this picture, can see my shoes at the side, so cute. :D

This is me being mortified because the video of the vegetable heads singing seemed never-ending! T____T

I forgot to make a wish. :(
So I blew halfway then I made a wish, and went back to blowing (the candles). -_-

Squashed by my darlings! :)))
Eh, is that why I am the shortest in the family!! 'Cause you all always squash me!!!


With my girlies, I love you all. :)

HAHAHHAHA damn stupid, they asked us to act lanci/"bergaya" for this picture, but why I like that wan! Hidung tinggi, ahhahaha.

And stupid Shannon. -__-

In my element, HAHA!


I brought this to be the gift for the best-dressed WTF.
Why is my sense of humor like that, HAHHAHA!

Anyway, thank you everyone who came! I am sorry if I was less than a perfect host, but I hope you had a brilliant time! And I am sorry if I didn't really talk to you (the design of the room made it so difficult to manoevre around!) or take pictures of/with you, but I LOVE YOU ALL! :D

Jing told me that originally she wanted to ask for one of the designs of the cupcakes to be just the number "23", so that everyone including me, who eats the cupcakes would be reminded of my age wtf. T_______T


And this is me being paranoid, re-calculating the candles on the cakes to make sure that there is not a single candle above 23. T_____T


Unknown said...

hey im a fan of your blog. ur dress is gorgeous! mind telling me where'd u get it from?

Anonymous said...

so fun! i wish i was there =(((

haih, i got loads to tell you. come on msn/reply email soon k? i swear to god you will be entertained hahaha

and i <3<3<3 you birthday girl, and missing you heaps too!

Joshua said...

Who got the soap! Wtf.

Lol, you should have asked everyone to watch an episode of Gossip Girl! Their outfits generally fit the theme. :P

Anonymous said...

Aww looks like you had an awesome birthday. :) And you look soo different with side swept bangs, good different.

alea amin said...

your dress so pretty!!!

Jay Z and beyonce wtf!

Happy Birthday again!
Huiting got her sequin top from topshop right? TEE HEE

mizzvickz said...

you were a great host la dear!!! seriously ok :)

hope u liked the cookie book. bwahahaha. i know it's s quite erm..a boring gift but sorry la..i think i am becoming a practical aunty already :P

c r y s t said...

WOAH your mum so luxurious!! o_O

haha and eh yr dress a lil same like the white dress jing wore on her bday rite? i like :D (but my bf will kill me if i ever expose myself like this T___T protective bf wtf)

revel in me said...

thelostgal: I got it from Melbourne! :) It's from Ladakh. <3

jaclyn: You're a MANNNN. :D :D :D Sigh, it should have you there, then flat hair flat would be complete!!! And hahahahha smalls damn bad that night, she said Ihave curled hair, I don't belong in flat hair flat anymore! T__T

joshua: HAHAHAHHAHHA! Haih, I forgot to award to soap, HAHHAA. Yaaa, I know! Smalls told me she was coming as Gossip Girl.

leandra: Haha, it was pretty good!!:D And omg, finally someone who compliments me on my newfound bangs. <333

alea: Thank youuu! <333 HHAHAHAHHA damn like Jay Z right! And ya, she did! You remembered! :P

mizzvickz: Haha, I love it, it's even pink! :P But it's impractical, 'cause if I were to eat all 500 types of cookies in there, I will turn into a beach whale. T___T

cryst: HHHAHHA I know! I was damn shocked when we found so many furs of hers. -___- I even wanted to bring her Coach gloves as props for people to wear, but I scared people would dirty it. =/ And yaaaa, same concept! :P I love this type of cut! <333 And ya la, my bf damn angry at me now. T___T

mustardqueen said...


I havent even finish editing them yet you made an extra copy ar?? O.O

Oh and some of the pictures I purposely crop it, like the cake one, supposedly got 2 legs but I cut one out haha cos the shoe matches the theme wtf and you cut jing off now size UK 2 wtf!! hahahahaa

k said...

wtf i am so cheesy. being 16 is the real shiz yo.
(actually its not cuz u cant drive but thats besides the point)
so mustardqueen i know. or sumthink liddat la. haha
yea anyway i love ur dress i want to die its so sexy and girly.
i want to rob you

hope you had a good one!

love, your blog stalker reader who only comments when she feels like it,

♥ ling said...

i lurve tat dress too!!!
so spicy red! likey it!

Anonymous said...

eh i have a black dress which looks like your dress! jsut that not as short and it's not chiffon!

hui wen if i was there would i have been invited /boo

wέι εяи said...

wow! your red dress is amazing! btw did you use the double side tapes from topshop?

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hee, sorry la, you know I didn't have much pictures! T__T But mwah mwah, my personal curler. :P

skim: HAHHAHA I wish to be 16 again! T___T And aah, bah, if I am in the states I can drive when I am 16 so ALL IS GOOOOD. :P Thank you soooo much, and you're so hyper I can't keep up! Old already mah wtf.

lingling: Haha, yay, I really really love it too! Which is why I saved it for my birthday, despite buying it last year. :P

tzeching: ARE YOU SERIOUS? :))) Damn nice right, please tell me it's not slutty! T_T Anyway, my dress very short meh wtf. And of course darling, do you think there would be any other outcome!!

revel in me said...

wei ern: Thank youuuuu so much, sigh, makes all the efforts for taping myself into the dress worth it wtf. I didn't use double tape from Topshop, I bought heavy duty tape from bookshop, hahahha, according to the bookshop staff, can be used to stick things on car wan, HAHHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Hey i think u look really nice with curls! better than straight hair :)

and happy belated birthday! :)

mustardqueen said...

looking at the curly hair comment I should feel so damn proud why am I always taking credits on the things I do... T__T Maybe cause I have not much achievements in my life *sniff*

Cynthia said...

whoa. Shannon dresses up damn good wei hurmm.

revel in me said...

adz: Haha, thank you dear! But I think I look older with curls. :(

mustardqueen: There there, of course you have had loads of achievements; you have ME as your sister wtf.

cunthia: I KNOWWW!! I was so impressed with his outfit that night! :P BUt he's damn metrosuxal la, he wears skinnys!! :D