Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Once you go black, you can't go back.

Another set of Melbourne pictures again!

Because recently, I have found another new thing to be obsessive over-- I want to be fair!
Let me do a recap wtf: Since I have gotten my hair dyed recently, I have decided to take it a step further; I want to go even lighter! But I have came to a conclusion that light hair looks even hotter when you have fair skin.

I mean, if I have light-colored hair and fair translucent skin, I will look like that:

Angelababy. T__T

Janice Man. T__T

Lena Lena. T__T

To be honest, I can't differentiate between the three of them; but to hell with it, I don't mind having 15 identical twins if I could look like that wtf. How could anyone be this gorgeous, you tell me. T__T

And ya la, I have a Disillusionment charm smacked right in the middle of my skull to think that having fairer skin and lighter-colored hair will make me look like this, but one must never lose hope wtf. T__T

Anyway! I am sure everyone is familiar with how emo I am that I used to be fair, but due to one fateful day, my life was turned around.

Mornington beach in Melbourne. T____T

Back: Weng Soon, Andrew, Ti Cheng.
Front: me, Vic, Jocelyn, Jocelyn's sister, Joanne, Zi.

As you may have guessed, it really was bristling hot that day. I should have take heed of the signs and just packed up my mat and go. If I have done so, I wouldn't have turned black. T__T

Joanne and Zi (in pink) on the left side, me and Victoria at the back, and Ti Cheng and Weng Soon at the front; on our giant terry cloth towel and straw mat!
And look, I am a rockstar!

Totally candid picture of my snapping a picture of... something.
I have NO IDEA why I have my tongue out when I am deep in concentration. T_T
Maybe that's why I have a dry and flaky tongue during exam time WTF.

Haha, the infamous sampan pictures!
'Cause I have posted pictures of them before, hahaha.

Joce and I sneaking onto people's boats. Without permission, of course!

Mommy, look at me go!
See, I was going so quickly that the picture is blur wtf.

This was before the owners came chasing towards our direction, and we ran off quickly-- the owners picked up the boat and threw us dirty looks and moved the boat to another spot, hahaha.

And you may get confused, because it seemed that I had 2 outfits on! I was wearing the spaghetti straps (with my bikini underneath) and I later wore the white kaftan as my cover-up. No pictures of my in my bikini, because firstly, no one was willing to strip, and secondly, I was damn fat then la ok. :(

Err, no one stripped except for Joce la, who literally stripped down to nothing!! -__-
But this picture damn hot right! Not 'cause of me la, 'cause of Joce and the lesbo insinuations, haha.

Heehee, I am damn sensitive to the camera, I can always sense a camera lens on me. :P
And LOOK, the sun was already charring me to death, and I was so oblivious. T__T

The guys of the day!
Shannon, Cheang Kee, Andrew, Weng Soon, Ti Cheng, Ben.
Why must guys always grab each other's bits in photos. -____-

Whee, shiny happy legs in air!
Right pair is mine, left's is Zi's. Sigh, I should have painted my toenails, then my feet would have looked so much more appealing. -_-

Hahaha, why am I so cute!
I think I was pouting 'cause Weng Soon said that I was very dark.

For your information, Weng Soon is so fair that his nickname is 'pak cham gai', which is translated to 'white chicken'. So I think it's rather unfair for him to make such allegations about me! *defiant wtf*

Haha, picking up pretty sea shells and placing them on the napping Joce.
Joce is the grouchiest person alive when it comes to nature, the moment we reached the beach (with the sun beating down on us, and strong winds blowing sand into our eyes), she was like 'yay we have seen the beach, can we go now', HAHAHA.

I hope she didn't get any weird shell-shaped tan lines. *shifty eyes*

Sigh, look at the sky, isn't it so pretty!

Shannon's is teething wtf-- biting Frisbees as a past time. -_-

I like this picture, I looked so happy here! :))))

HAHAHAHA I told Joce she is too tall, so we planted her in the sand (her feet is completely buried!) so that she will be shorter HAHAHAHAHA.

And, I think that I have hidden photography skills!
These are the pictures I took of the boys while they were at a game of Frisbee... *eyes brimming with pride*

Ti Cheng.
This pic damn macho right, like straight out of a Milo ad or something wtf. You can even see the determination in his side profile! :P

Weng Soon.
Gosh, I love this pic, Weng Soon just looks SO graceful here! Like he is doing a ballet leap or something, DAMN NICE!
ANd got weird puffs of sand at the corner of the pic 'cause Ti Cheng was at the side throwing sand to 'create more effect la, bro!' HAHAHAHA damn sohai!

He's like completely horizontal! And ya, Ti Cheng at the corner again throwing sand. -___________-
You can even see the tips of his fingers HAHAHAHA.

He looks like he is free-falling here right, damn cool! Like dropped down from Heaven-- like Mr. Bean wtf.

And err, we have Shannon.

Doing some weird Capoiera move with the Frisbee. -_-

... and falling flat, haha!

Err, we stick to this Frisbee picture of him la WTF.

Girls underneath the towel, SHADE!
Too bad we only did this towards the end of the beach trip. T___T

Ben with his emo hair.
Damn stupid, I have only met him once before that, and all along I thought he has short neat hair, but he actually has this long strip of hair which he keeps pinned! And he takes it out to scare people! -___-
Attention whore, haha.

And actually the main reason why I got dark was 'cause we played Captainball around noon time, right under the blaring blazing sun. T__T
And apparently I was so ganas during the game, that I garnered the nickname 'Bulldog' from the boys. T___T

This is Shannon digging my slippers out.

Yes, this idiot hid my brand new pearly white Havainnas! Hid as in buried it in the sand!! My white Havainnas have this dull yellow-y tinge to it since that incident, RAWR.

He let me fret and sweat when I couldn't find my shoes, and after confessing that he was the one that hid my shoes, he couldn't remember where he buried the shoes. -____-
So everyone had to go around digging holes. -_______-

Sigh, this picture makes me so happy la!
Not 'cause of Shannon's 'abs' la wtf.

I would give anything to be lying on the beach and staring at the sky now. :(

Group pic! :)

And PROOF of how dark I became:


That's my arm in the middle, against Weng Soon's really really fair body. My arm was the darkest!!! T_____T

Oh my god, damn emo now.


Anonymous said...

once u go black you never turn back WTF hahahahaha

jeanchristie said...

HAHAHA, your title is damn hilarious!

And yes, can "progressively" see you go darker wtf

Its okay! Don't fret! Once you start work here you will be fair once again!


Because you will only see the sun if you are so lucky as to go home early. Once October comes, byebye sun. You will only have the moon to greet you wtf.

mizzvickz said...

weih joce's pic. better ask her whether she'd mind it being posted up!! abit 18sx. lol.

Suet Li said...

angelababy is the prettiest girl on earth and she's MINE wtf hahaha eh serious one she's mine

Sophia said...

Aww those 3 girls at the top are so gorgeous. Like those HK stars. Actually, prettier than those HK stars haha dammit.

I don't know what to tell you about being dark! I am getting too fiar now... you can actually see my veins. And apparently it's damn scary when I go out in dresses during the summer cos everyone else is tanned and I'm like whiter than white! I guess it's easier to get white here in Melb cos winter we just spend months under the cover of layers of clothes whereas you don't get a chance in KL. You should wear a shirt when you're in the car and wear sunblock! My face sunblock is SPF50+ :P

revel in me said...

aud: Hahahaha tell me I am good! *pats shoulder wtf

jean: Eh why you scare me!!! I am already so emo now.. T___T

victoria: AIYO woman now that you've mention it, make it lagi obvious right, now everyone will go see, haha! Okok, I go do some censorship! :P

suetli: HAHAHAHA damn funny why you act like joking that she's yours and suddenly you're so solem and serious hahaha!

sophia: Yea, they are DAMN pretty right! The first 2 are HK models, and the last one is from Japan. T__T

Sigh, I know, my sunscreen protection is measly, I tell you! I don't protect myself from the sun. :(

alea amin said...

i hate going to angela baby's and those kinda pretty pretty blog or else i'll get jealous and refuge myself from the world and will save my money for surgery sigh.


alea amin said...

EH EH just went to angela baby's blog then i saw her old posts and realized she's the hamsap girl that gropes my Jay baby on stage. i dont like already. SHE'S VERY UGLY NOW!!! UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!


mizzvickz said...

nolarh coz i remembered last time joce mentioned dun post up mar... hehehe

Anonymous said...

Even white a4 paper looks dark beside Weng Soon

revel in me said...

alea: I don't go to their blogs too! Teeny is the one who stalks them... I can't go la, my ego can't take the bashing.. T___T

And HAHAHAHA at first I was like who is Jay baby, the first thought in my head was Miss Jay (from ANTM) I DON'T KNOW WHY! HAHHAHAH damn cute la you why you so possessive, hahahaahhaha!

victoria: IS IT! She didn't tell me, muahahaha. But ok la, I still haven't got to the censorship. T_T

smalls: Ya la, that guy shouldn't be allowed on the streets, give women inferiority complexes only, harrumpphhh!

Rileen Aya said...




i'd willingly go lesbo for herrrr!! :P

revel in me said...

rileen_aya: Yaaaa! I'll totally do her! WTF. T__T

Anonymous said...

hey, i like this set of picture you took. very nice :) i like the colour and the sky. hehehe

revel in me said...

vvens: YAYYYYYY finally someone appreciates the beauty of my pictures! <333 Damn nice right, whenever I see them, I feel so happy. :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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