Friday, April 25, 2008

Pre-b'day dinner: Nagomi Shabu Shabu

Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments! And all the texts and calls and FB wall posts and whatnots... :)))
HEEHEE, this is like my favorite part, 'cause can act like damn popular wtf.

My pre-birthday dinner! Cannot blog about actual day 'cause cannot show Jing's hair WTF.

Outfit for the night! Don't know why my arm was sticking out in a weird angle. -_-
Old age spasms ar!! *still emo for turning one year older*

We went to Nagomi Shabu Shabu at Jaya 33.
Actually the boyfriend was supposed to bring me to another Japanese restaurant; but when we reached there we found out that the place has closed down, and it is now a Japanese bistro! -_______- In the name of fear of drunken rowdy men wtf, the boyfriend suggested Jaya 33 (a new mall in Section 14, y'know, where the old Jaya is) which was nearby.

When we reached there, he suggested this Shabu Shabu place; but by then I was damn grouchy and moody already, as I was starving (only had one bowl of tau fu far for the whole day, and err, a negligible amount of potato crisps wtf), and I was irritated 'cause I was dressed up and we had to eat steamboat. T__T

But I gave face to the boyfriend la, being the forgiving and noble girlfriend I am wtf, and turned out the place was really quite nice! In fact, I foresee more visits in the future. :)

Pity the boyfriend la, since I showed him black face for the early part of the night. T____T

I was amused by the long spout! Anything long also can catch my attention, teehee.
The waiter pouring the soup into my hotpot here.

Sigh, I looked damn pale right! T__T
I was using Jing's bag during the day, and then she took her bag out in the evening-- along with all my make up in the bag!!! She never even checked whether my stuff was in there!!!
That's why my make up was damn cacat that night, like I didn't wear any. T___T
And the eyes damn black right, 'cause I had no concealer, and had to use a pariah one I found lying in the house. T___T

Our snack-- temakis (Japanese handrolls)! 'Cause the boyfriend knew the only way to cheer me up was by feeding me, haha.

Soft shell crab handroll. :)))

But then when I attempted to take a bite, all the fish roe (the orange bits, if you aren't aware) dropped out and landed everywhere on me. T____T And 'cause it has a rubbery texture, the more I tried to swipe them away, the more they stuck onto me. T___T

The boyfriend's crabmeat and mayo handroll.

Sometimes I wonder why are we together, how is anything nice if it's not fried!! wtf.

My darling boyfriend!! :))) Who has rosier lips than I do. :(((

Our shabu shabu! Which is Japanese steamboat, in case you didn't know.
We ordered 2 sets:


The yellow thing in the middle is egg yolk, and it is actually used to make chicken balls with the ring of minced chicken in the middle! And there's chicken stock lightly dashed onto the meat, so that when you boil it, it is still very tasty!


I was so tempted to eat the salmon raw, instead of cooking it in the soup! SHASHIMIIIII.

Each set comes with:

A platter of vegetables.

A bowl of sushi rice.

Three different types of sauces.

How to shabu shabu your way to food heaven!

My spicy soup!

The spicy soup tasted like spicy miso soup, which was kind of weird at first, but it gets addictive after a while. ;) By the way, I used to not take miso soup 'cause I didn't like the taste, but after Melbourne, I saw that all my friends gulp down miso soup cheerily, so I forced myself to consume it too. Peer pressure. T_T

The boyfriend's chicken soup.




No pictures of Step 4 and 5, as I was struggling, because eating steamboat is the hardest thing in the world. T___T

I have a great phobia of anything raw or bloody-- I refuse to eat chicken which is not fully cooked or god forbid, has bloody bone marrow, UGHHHH. Usually when I have steamboat, I just dump into the pot the ingredients that I want, and wait for someone to tell me that it's cooked. But in Nagomi, you have your own individual pot (one for each set, and you can choose what soup you want), so there was no one to guide me wtf. So my tactic for eating the shabu shabu was to cook the food longer than is needed, just to be safe than sorry. But then I ended up overcooking everything, especially the vegetables. T___T

The boyfriend breezed through the dinner easily, like a wizard with his cauldron bubbling obediently at the side, all his chicken, fish and vegetables cleverly floating to the surface when cooked.

Then you have me, who puts in only 2 thin slices of chicken into the boiling pot, and then forgot that it takes 5-10 minutes for the meat to be cooked, but 3 seconds for me to scoff down the chicken slices, so I had to wait on average 8 minutes for 2 bites of chicken. T___T And I put in greens, but forgot about it, and just kept on adding meat into it at different intervals (i.e. boiled the soup for numerous times), and in the end my green vegetable looked like the Hulk melted into a pool wtf, GREEN MUSH. T___T

I was sweating bullets, and had to keep on strategize to plan what to put in each time I put the soup to boil, how much to put in, how much I could eat etc. TOUGH WORK ok.

But all in all, a very enjoyable dinner, it's really fun to play with food, heehee. And at worst, you could use it as an opportunity to sharpen the mind, what with all the plan-devising and brainstoriming. T_T And because generally steamboats' durations are drawn out (because you get to control the pacing of your food), you can just sit and chat and play with your fooood! :P

The aftermath of our dinner:

My boyfriend.

Me. T___________T
I told you it was like a battle for me. T____T

Anyway, one last picture of us. :)


Hmm, I noticed that in all my pictures of the night, my smile was very restrained.
OF COURSE LA, smiling lines and wrinkles!!! You think easy to be old ar. T____T


vss3t said...

happy birthday~~~

i might be the last person to know this, but can i have your link to your blog where u sell your clothes? i fancy your taste in fashion~

Suet Li said...

eh how much was the meal ar! i wanna go also when i go back wtf but must be cheap first lar kiamsiap suet is here wtf

Anonymous said...

i also emo about getting old *sniff* once you hit the 20s ah, birthdays are a mixture of dread and excitement, some more than the others depending which side of 20 you're on. *sigh*

David Cheong said...

wow, so nice... feel like going also now..

revel in me said...

vss3t: Thank you, dear! <3 Haha, I sell my clothes on a M'sian online shopping community:

Go have a look! :P

suet li: It's RM28 for the chicken set, and RM39 for the salmon one! Kinda ex, but hor, I think 2 people can share a set!! 'Cause the set comes with noodles as well... Just order an extra bowl of rice lor.. :P

foongjin: You don't have to be emo, you're still young, my little one wtf. What are you going to do for your birthday!! :P Or are you going to be in denial, like how I originally wanted to, HAHAHA.

david cheong: Haha, you should! It's quite an enjoyable experience! Especially if you're a noob at shabu shabu like me, haha! :P

Anonymous said...

harlows. :)
happy birthday once again,so many steps quite adventurous and ma fan ey?loves!

alea amin said...

Shabu shabu T__________T
long time didnt eat shabu2 i wanna cry..

haha why you eat so messy wan! nvm nvm you're not alone i also eat so messy also sigh.

aja aja fighting! wtf.

Anonymous said...

"You think easy to be old ar. T____T"

Hahahaha...damn funny la u.
But darling, age is just a number. So let yourself be controlled by the number ;)

Anonymous said...

DON'T let yourself be controlled by the number ;)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!

read your blog a few times and i didn't know that chor min is your boyfriend! send my regards to him. =p

happy birthday again! tata~

Anonymous said...

HHAHAHAH OLD AGE TWITCHING HAHAHAHAHA god this is a funny bitter post wtf.

HUI WEN WE MUST MEET UP WHEN IM BACK FOR SUMMER OK! let's eat and u belanja ok since u'r gonna work ady wtf

revel in me said...

missycheerio: Haha, not mafan la! Just that they split it into steps, I mean naturally you would cook the vege and meat what right! Don't necessarily have to follow the steps. :P

alea: Why you have eaten shabu shabu before wan! Has the whole tried it before me. T_T And haha, what's aja aja!!! Hahahha!

passerby: Haha, I am a drama queen mah!! An old drama queen wtf. Hahaha!

waterlily: OOh, I think I know you! :P You were his classmate right? :)What a small world! :))) And thank you so much! <3

tzeching: HAHHAHA stupid tze can buy prada wallet but one meal also want to cheat out of me! T___T When will you be back?? I am praying that our paths will cross, 'cause most likely I will be down in s'pore in late June!

vss3t said...

ah!! thank u thank u!!

jeanchristie said...

Japanese food <3<3<3

I had dinner with my friend yesterday at this Japanese place too! It was a-la-carte buffet..

sashimi was heavenly :P

nx time bring u there ok? haha

Anonymous said...

You and Tze can cheng me and Suet ok babaiiii

revel in me said...

vss3t: Welcome! Welcome! :P

jean: Haha, yes, please! :D

jiameei: Err, I am going to change my phone number and MSN soon bye bye!

Simon Seow said...

Japanese dip it in raw egg with soy sauce after they cook the shabu-shabu dishes.

nana said...

is this place any good? thought of trying it out this weekend. is it recommended?