Saturday, April 19, 2008

Upteenth Makeover 2008.

Remember I said Jing is going for her hair makeover today!

Well, guess who else got one too! :)))



And to my attention whore of a sister...


HAHHAAHA look like passport photo. Or those mugshots HAHHAHA.
Actually I asked her to put on a more sombre expression, like all those 'Before' pictures! :P


No 'After' shots of her, because she is going to save her new look for the moment when she picks up her boyfriend (back from Canada after EIGHT months)at the airport! :)))

Ya la, Sam, all 'cause of you, Jing will not be featured in my blog until after you're back. :P

I love her new hair, and I really think Yen is a genius! ;)
Yep, we went back to Wenawave in Times Square. I was so surprised when Yen told me she actually got a few new customers who went there after reading my blog! :)))

Then I asked Yen whether she can give me discount, since technically I have recommended her to potential customers, and she told me "Like that, very hard wor". -___________-


Err, just a sneak peek of Jing's new hair. ;)
Once again, I have the darkest colored hair in my household. T____T
Even my mom's hair is darker-colored than me. T____T

And oh! I found the best place to camwhore!
Jing and I noticed that everytime we camwhore at this same spot on Jalan Sultan Ismail, the pictures turn out damn niceeee. :P


See, we always look damn fair and rosy and radiant in the pictures taken at this spot!!
It's on Jalan Sultan Ismail slightly less than 100 metres away from Concorde Hotel(facing the hotel), with Renaissance hotel being at your 10 o'clock; and a tree at the North-East direction wtf. I swear to god, rain or shine, the pictures turn out good! Try it! Tested and proven wtf.


pinkpau said...

yen! my stylist's name is yen too. hahaha. dont tell me we have the same stylist!!! from wenawave?

Karyn said...

have been following your blog for quite some time.

you look really nice in those curls. :)

Anonymous said...

Your sister Jing, looks alot like su ann of
and you look gorgeous in the curls :)

alea amin said...

OMG YA! Jing does look abit like Su ann. HEH.

eh i like your cute little curls! so flirty! Your bangs are like edgy and then the curls so feminine. <333

*clap clap clap wtf*

revel in me said...

pinkpau: OMGGGGG yaaaaaaaa it's yen! Yen cut the whole world's heads wan is it! Hahaha... She cuts jovan's head too right! :P

karyn: Oooh, I have been to your blog before! :P Thank you, dear! <333

mel: Hahaha is it!!! It has never occurred to me!!! I go tell her now wtf. :P Thank you darrrrl. :)))

alea: What are edgy bangs! T_____T Haha, edgy + flirty/cute, won't I sound like a confused soul. :P

Anonymous said...

Curls!!! Is it permanent?

Last pic no curls?!

Anonymous said...

sorry =(

pinkpau said...

hahaha ZOMG! how you know jovann!!!!

revel in me said...

jiameei: Haha, 'cause the picture was taken on the way to the hair salon! :P

sam dang: Buy me lunch when you're back. :P

pinkpau: Haha, he's jing's classmate and ponteng buddy in IMU! Damn small world righttt!!

Anonymous said...

looking fab hun! i love your curls :)


Anonymous said...

hahah,from the pic u put crown on jing's hair,i can see she have bangs now and caramel coloured i right?

Anonymous said...

The crowns make me look like an idiot! -_________________________-

And and and it's not really caramel, stay tuned wtf! ;P All i need is a new face and i'll be rocking this hair, LOL! ;)

Anonymous said...

so i'm right about the bangs :D

revel in me said...

michelle: THANK YOUUUU! <3 But you don't feel I look older ar? :(

anonymous: OMG why you go and observe the pic... T___T My photoshoping skills damn cannot make it, some more you scutinise the pic... T____T Haha, I can't confirm whether you're right or not! Watch out next week wtf. :P

jing: I AM SO SORRY.. T____T I thought I damn smart, cover your head with crown, crowning glory wtf, but mana tahu actually it's damn obvious... T___T Sorry my skills not good.. T____T

Ya la, not caramel colored, where got so delicious sounding, haha! And yaaaa, yen doesn't provide plastic surgery services, don't worry k, I will ask daddy to recommend WTF.

anonymous: Why you determined to get me into trouble.. T________T

Anonymous said...

sorry about the mum's a hairstylist so i know by just looking ;P

revel in me said...

anonymous: Hhahahha are you serious!!! Omg damn shy wei, you must be laughing your head off over my 'crowning glories'.. T__T Hahaha, do you get a new haircut every 2 weeks? *kepo* :D

Anonymous said...

hehe,not really new haircut.i trim my hair every 2-3 weeks.