Saturday, April 26, 2008

The worst thing happened to me on my birthday. WORST.

Short entry here, 'cause I have to go get ready some stuff for tonight after this... Haha, what else, about my birthday again la, haih, narcissistic wtf.


Ooooh, guess what, I have decided to side-sweep my bangs again! I was playing with my hair one night, and I realised, with a revelation, THAT MY EYES LOOK MUCH BIGGER WHEN I HAVE SIDE BANGS!!!!

It's true, even when I look through my old pictures, my eyes looked bigger (luminous, hee) when my fringe was pushed to the side... And when I had my coconut bangs, my eyes... looked really small. And when you have eyes as small as mine, every little bit helps ok! So yea, it's back to the my old bangs for now. T__T

Went to Bakerzin for tea ('cause they both had classes during the earlier part of the day). We originally wanted to go somewhere else, but judging by how unreliable our cars were recently, we didn't dare. T__T

Teeny, who got stuck sitting on the chair, 'cause Jing and like to sit on the booths/couches.
Big sisters bully young sisters, haha.

My eyes got look bigger or not!

And I wore yellow 'cause I wanted a wear bright cheery color on my b'day... Auspicious!! Sigh, why am I turning so old fashioned. T_T
The dress I wore is so so pretty, it has floral embroidery all over, and little cutouts at the hem.. But it just wouldn't translate into my pictures!! :(

My iced mocha. I like how this picture seemed also black and white, and it's almost as if the spotlight is given to my mocha! Haih, I think I think too much.

No proper picture of Teeny and I in my camera, they are all in her machine-gun-like DLSR.

OHHH! Finally a picture which sort of shows my dress! :)))
But the embroidery is floral-like, it seems tribal-ish in this picture. -___-

And the hem of the skirt! Damn nice rightttt. :)))


Jing's pink penne with ham and bacon.

My sister picked her meal because it is PINK. Seriously bring bimbo to a new level. -_______________________-

My tomato-based seafood spaghetti.

Which I barely had a few bites, 'cause I was stuffed from our appetizers and stealing Jing and Teeny's food, heh.
But then at night just before I slept, I was craving for this pasta, and i wished I tapao-ed home. T___T

Teeny's breaded dory fish fillets.

I asked Jing how was it, when she was given a bite by Teeny.

Jing: Tastes like nugget!
Me: -____________-
Jing: Eh, no, tasting like nugget is a huge compliment coming from me!

HAHHAHAHAHHA ya we are all junkfood junkies. :P

Erm, sorry, we were so greedy and too busy yakking that i forgot to take pictures of my mood, so there are only the mains here..

Oh wait, I have one. Teeny pushed the leftovers of her dessert to me at the end of our meal, happily proclaiming "happy birthday!":


Scrutinise closely.


She actually drew out a heart shape with some strawberry sauce. -____________-

This was supposed to be a candid picture, but Teeny and I are just too camera sensitive. :P
Look at stupid Teeny, playing with her orange giraffe pendant. -___-

And here is she, looking damn emo, like straight out of a BSB music video, HAHAHHA.


I got cupcakes!
Which was finished by Jing in the end. -__-

Look at this cupcake, it's supposed to be a fish! Damn cute right!
But upon closer look, I realised that it looked less and less like a fish, and more and more like Jing...

Imagine ok?
The blue squiggly lines are the sideway bangs, the single eye is forced till damn enormous, and pouty red lips!! Exactly like how Jing poses in pictures, HAHAHHA!


Shit, my 'short' entry is not at all short. -_________-

And OHHHHHHHH... The worst worst WORST WORST thing happened on my birthday!
The absolutely worst. Catastrophic. :(((

Teeny found a strand of white hair on my head on the day of my birthday!


Is god trying to send me a sign wtf. T______________________T


alea amin said...

omg i like your yellow dress! so cute <3

wtf the fish cupcake does look like your sister.............*psycho soundtrack wtf*

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH wtf i thought what bad memang think too much la that's why got white hair *comfort comfort*

and your yellow dress is so pretty! i'm a sucker for lace, embroidery, eyelets and cut-outs! <3

Anonymous said...

I DON'T LOOK LIKE A FISH, HURMPH!!!! It's bad angle, realllllyyyy, hurrrrmppphhhhh! *stamps feet pace up and down corridor repeating under break i-do-not-look-like-a-fish wtf* :(

Anonymous said...

*breath wtf, damn i lost my ability to spell i'm becoming a fish! ='(

Sophia said...

I actually still like your straight bangs more... your side swept bangs last time always looked a bit greasy. Sorry, don't kill me! :P I think the reason why your eyes look smaller, or so you think, is because you never cut your bangs to the right length and they're always wayyyy beyond your eyebrows, hence covering the space between your eyes and eyebrows, making your eyes look smaller. You know how that space between the eyes and eyebrows are important right? That's why we put like highlighters and shape our eyebrows with an arch... I hope that makes sense.

Why your birthday got so many celebrations one! When's the proper dinner :P

Anonymous said...

hey sweetie, chanced upon your blog from a friend's link. it's a very interesting read! and you have the prettiest dresses (and bags). stay beautiful and happy belated birthday. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Nah Dont worry about the white hair in this modern world there is this thing call dye.

WHeeeeee!! And Happy Birthday !!! Hope you had fun! Besides the white discovery


Sue Lin said...

Happy Belated Birthday

revel in me said...

alea; I knowww I love it so much too! <333

Hahaha, I told jing so many times that the resemblance is STRIKING, but she is still in denial, bah! :P

foongjin: Ya la, usually only smart people get white hair right, 'cause think a lot wtf... *self reassuring* And heehee, we are suckers for the same things! :D

jing: Hahaha as long as it's not ikan paus wtf. And it's not a bad angle, it's ALL angles! :P

sophia: Haha, I hink my bangs looked greasy last time 'cause it was cut in a thick-ish way, so it's easy for it to look lumpy and greasy? And the fact I ahve oily hair la. T__T And I've tried having my bangs cut way above my eyebrows, but I just look like a retard. :( Haih, currently I am rotating between side and straight down, will see how things go! ;) And heehee, more celebrations means more opportunities to dress up, HAHA! :D

shermy: Aww, thank you so much!! :D :D :D And only my dresses are pretty ar, what about tops etc, haha.

nat: HOW CANNNN.. T___T Got white hair means got white hair, cannot deny wan la.. Even if I dye it, it'd still be white underneath!! *drama* Haha.. Thank you, darl, I DIDDD! <3

suelin: Thanks love! :)

emmanuel said...

happy belated birthday!..oh yea ur sis cam sure looks like a machine gun!lol

jeanchristie said...

wash ur hair in the morning then wont have greasy looking hair lo haha

don't make your bangs so straight if you say they look stupid if its short haha.. that should help.

"making" your eyes look smaller is .. probably cos it pokes into your eyes if u open ur eyes too big only la..heee..

so nicee so many celebrations! mine gets more quiet every year wtf especially since i left KL!

mustardqueen said...

whatever that is happen to "Kong Rong Rang Li" huh??? Why must I always sit in normal chairs?? You better becareful ar who knows I might put voodoo on you you'll have MORE white hair on ur next birthday!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *evil grin* Eh can post jing's picture already ar? Sam on e plane wtf?

revel in me said...

emmanuel: Haha, thanks! And she's real protective over that monstrosity, haha!

jean: Nah, I don't wash my hair everyday, 'cause you're not supposed to, it dries up your hair! :) And haha, it's 'straight' 'cause I wanted to try thick blunt bangs. :) And err, what do you mean open my eyes too big? =/ The reason why I think that with my bangs straight down my eyes look smaller is 'cause it covers my eyeliner-- one of the key points to accentuate/enlarge my eyes. :) And no, cutting my bangs short (way above my eyebrows) is not an option, 'cause I don't like it! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, ok la, next time let you sit... And err, I am hoping that he won't read my blog now, I mean, shouldn't he be packing? ;)

Ashleigh said...

Love your yellow dress! Very chic at the hem!

PS: Sorry about rushing you yesterday, was gonna miss my movie.

The whole day was rush to UH then rush to 1U then rush to the cinema...

I'm loving the houndstooth dress! =DDDDD

Anonymous said...

yellow dress very pretty wat! and babe u look so thin esp your arms! tell me your secret! wtf

Anonymous said...

Hey i've been a silent reader for a while, and ireally enjoy your posts. :)

Can i just ask where you got your heart necklace from? Yours is perfect! Please don't say malaysia. I want one for my birthday and i've looked everywhere but nothing is even remotely appealing. I love the ones are Tiffany's but they don't ship to Oz. Everything in the jewellers are just blah, or maybe i'm too picky. Anyways, sorry for the novel.

revel in me said...

ashleigh: Yaaaa!! The hem is my favorite bit! :P And NO WORRIES, not rushed at all! Did I make you miss any part of your movie? =/ And glad that you love it! :)))

tzeching: You're half of my size, what are you trying to insinuate.. T___T But eh my secret is when you take picture right, you just slightly angle your arm to the front, look slimmer wan wtf!

leanna: Thank you! <333 Are you referring to the tiny heart pendant one that I always wear? :) It's from Tiffany's!! :) Omg, I was the same as you, I've looked through all heart designs, but this one just seemed the most timeless and chic... I am sure you can get it in Tiffany's in aus! But word of caution though, I know for a fact that Tiffany's is more expesive in australia. :(