Monday, May 19, 2008

15 random things!

I had my bangs straight down recently, for a change!


And no, the RM50 note didn't magically appear. I think Jing paid me pack the fifty bucks she owed me halfway through my camwhoring, and I absent-mindedly took pictures with it without realizing it was in my hands all along! Maybe it was a subconscious effort to not let go of money wtf.

In Topshop, the day I got my zipper jeans! :)))
I love it so much, I promise I will wear more jeans now. :)))

HEEHEE wig-stealing taking place!



Beyotch stole my look HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!

Anyway, I am feeling random tonight, so here goes, 15 random facts about me!!!
I have done 8 sometime ago.

1. I had my first ever piercing only when I was 16 years old. My dad completely disallowed piercings of any sort, because he was convinced that you'll get Aids from the needle wtf (paranoid doctor -_-). But when I was 16, my mom gave us the green light to get our ears pierced (she said our dad wouldn't know even if we smack our ears in front of him wtf). Currently, I have 2 piercings each on either earlobes, and one at the high curved part of my ear. My secret dream is to get my bellybutton pierced, but I doubt my tummy will ever be flat enough for it. T__T

By the way, my dad still haven't realized. -___-

2. I've only known how to put on make up since about a year ago!!! In fact, my sisters (4 and 5 years younger than me respectively) put on make up wayyyy before I did-- they were the ones who prompted me to!!! Before this, I only had concealer and blusher on; nothing else. o_O

And I only started putting mascara 3 months ago!!!!

3. When my SPM results were announced (9A1s, and an A2 for Chinese), I teared. My headmistress saw me crying and came up to hug me whilst murmuring words of congratulations-- she thought those were tears of joy. I actually teared 'cause I felt as if I have failed myself-- it was straight A1s for me or nothing. Yes, I set very high standards for myself.

4. I used to take strawberry-flavored Sugus (remember those old school sweets!), chew it up and flatten it against my tongue, and gently slither it between my lips and pretend that it's my tongue. And I will keep on flickering the sweet in and out like a giant pink tongue, while exclaiming, "Look at my tongue! Look at my tongue!" to my sister and giggling inwardly 'cause I thought I was damn smart. -_-

5. My boyfriend is my first boyfriend. We are each other's first loves. :)

6. Sometimes I feel a little claustrophobic for getting into accounting; I am not sure how well I'll do... Excluding the fact that I really am a huge nerd inside, I am about as un-square as they can get.

7. My favorite accounting joke is the "double entry" joke.

An example:
Why should you marry accountants?
'Cause they are experts in double entry.

HAHAHHA quite funny what!

Wait a minute, I have a favorite accounting joke? I am so doomed.

8. Before going over to Melbourne for my studies, we had to go for a medical check-up which includes a urine test. When in the toilet, trying to pee into the little plastic bottle given, I pushed a little too hard, and I pooped instead. T_________T Super embarrassing. T______T

And it's damn hard for a girl to aim into plastic bottle k! T____T

9. After I did a crucial oral presentation during my pre-u course(when I was still supposed to be doing Medicine), the feedback slip that my English teacher passed to me had this scrawled at the bottom corner:

"You'll make a great psychiatrist, because you make people around you happy"

That made me smile. :)

10. I love dressing up! Especially for themed parties/events!

Going green for St. Patrick's Day 2007.
That's Jac's pucker btw, haha.

Hat party cum picnic at the Botanical Gardens! Such ladies we are. ;)

Harry Potter's book launch of the final installment-- y6es, I dressed up as a young witch for it.
Complete with the Hogwarts crest, wand, black loafers, tights, and even a pet (stuffed) rat! :P

Smalls' birthday last year: Spring Race theme.

Kit Mey's costume party! I was a slutty senorita, HAHA.

11. Once, my cousin brother tickled me while I was chewing gum, and 'cause I was laughing and protesting so hard, my gum fell out... and got stuck onto my hair. T___T I couldn't get it out no matter what; my maid trying rubbing cooking oil on it to ease the gum off, but to no avail...

... so in the end I had to cut that chunk of my hair off! It was right in front somemore. T___T

12. I need a facial badly. I was due for one before my birthday, but 'cause 2 cars of the household went to the mechanics then, I had to cancel my appointment-- I have not made another one since.

13. Contrary to what some of you might think, I am actually pretty good with my finances. Even the boyfriend grudgingly agreed, and he doesn't really approve of my shopping habits!! The boyfriend is super practical, so it's a big thing coming from him k. :D :D :D I can be really disciplined when I am saving money-- for example, I get RM300 in allowance, and I have a little side income from selling clothes, but I have saved enough for the boyfriend's b'day present (cannot tell yet!!) and aiming to pay for a trip for the the boyfriend and I!!! I shop smart ok. :P

14. I called the boyfriend just now, and he hung up on me. A minute later, I got a text from him saying that he has a mask on and he can't take calls. Yesterday he had a back-cial (think facial!). WHY IS MY BOYFRIEND MORE VAIN THAN I AM. -________-

15. I secretly harbor a wish to have thick, luscious lips. Shu Qi or Angelina Jolie, here I comeeeeee!!!

Not a good idea, since I'll look like that:



Ok la, why am I so weird. I could actually go on about more random things about me. -_-
Am I really that random! T____T


vss3t said...

omg, hui wen! As scary as it sounds, i have the nearly the same random stuffs as you! i have to post this up on my blog. omg omg omg. o.O

yishyene said...

You know.. if you chewed about..say 25 pieces of Sugus you can get a really BIG tongue and POKE people..and it would go with big lips too!

Although.. someone might bite your tongue off and actually eat it!!

Anonymous said...

eh i think the lips suit u WTF

c r y s t said...

HAHAHAH!!!! i love your last pic!!! and eh! Can't believe u can read chinese o_O

mizzvickz said...

fact number 8 is so crappy! pun intended. ahhahahhaa

Anonymous said...

i think tht it's so sweet to have your first love as your one and only love, and pray tht it will stay that way. *winkwink*

Anonymous said...

hahaha why are you so funny!
and you don't look like you know mandarin :D

Anonymous said...

haha...your thick lips pic a bit geli la! be thankful for your lips now.

Oh and i guess the thing we have in common is that i'm also good with my finances. I might shop a lot but if there's something i need to save up for i just cut down on shopping. But my brothers are so mean coz they call me the boros one in the family. T__T

ally said...

u know the best way to get chewing gum out of hair?



i kid you not.

revel in me said...

vss3t: Omg, I read your post, and really that similar! =/ From the percing at the top of the ear, to rhythmic gymnastics to bf, WOWWWWW. SO SCARYYYYY!!!


tze: Eh thanks should I go book a botox appointment now WTF

cryst: HAIH why you so bad, you like the way I look when it's as if I ate 500 cili padi! T__T And why don't I look like I speak chinese!! I get a lot. =/

mizzvickz: HAHHAHAHHAHA I love the fact that all my friends are so witty! :P

shahnaz: Hahaha, it's nice, but don't you think it's scary to date ONE person for the rest of your life! o_O

wanli: HEEHEE, thank youuuu! And why why why everyone said I don't look like I know mandarin!

leandra: Does this mean I should cancel botox in lips off my to-do list wtf. Ya laaaa me too! And I always insist I shop smart-- I won't simply spend money ok. T_T Although most of the time I wear my clothes once only, but I sell them off-- so it's called business-savvy wtf.

revel in me said...

ally: DON'T BLUFF!! How can!!!! Chunky or smooth!! wtf

Rileen Aya said...

eh. you not banana! :D me too ~ altho i didnt get an A1 for it la. hahaha

i love you cuz u update frequent enuff but i always cannot manage to buy ur dresses as it vanishes damn cepat wtf.

Joshua said...

Really random, and err, you have balls for posting fact number 8, wtf. :P

Gwencws said...

Hi there Hui Wen!

Came to pay u a visit here. I wonder how u even found my blog out of no where...u're damn good haha! and I love your blog...very funny and entertaining hehe. And your clothes too!!! *screams* *envy*

alea amin said...

you have your own accounting jokes?

HAHAHA omg you pooped?!?! HAHAHA damn.

i prefer you with straight down bangs lah! more prettier!

vss3t said...

it is really freakish! coz we're 2 different ppl at 2 diff place, and we don't know each other! but, haha! =D

oh yeah, i get that 'banana' thing alot from my friends as well. Plus, nearly everyone i know never knew I can speak and read chinese, and had a mis-concept that I'm a christian. but I'm actually a buddhist.

btw, dint know u took gym as well!! o.O haha!

revel in me said...

rileen: haha, you know chinese as well? :P And does it mean if I don't upate so frequently, you'll dump me! T__T And hee, you stalk selltrade? My stuff usually sells off within a day. :(

joshua: Haha, is that a compliment! :P

gwencsw: Hee, I linked through cryst! :) And haih, is it 'cause I wrote 'bout my shit that's why I am entertaining!!! :P

alea: It's not MY accounting jokes la! T____T I am not THAT geek yet k. T______T

I like side bangs more wor! Eyes look bigger wtf.

vss3t: YA LAAAA, so ngam! Are we long lost sisters!! Or many our dads are long-lost brothers. o_O 'Cause they both don't let us pierce ears and learn ballet WTF.

And can't you see I am more muscular nowwww! *flexes muscles* TEEHEE

Suet Li said...

i really don't need to know the poop thing, i really don't need to know the poop thing, i really don't need to know the poop thing..............................

Katie ♥ said...

eh eh the skirt you wearing on st patrick's day is from supre right right. when you gonna sell when you gonna sell!

wtf when i get excited i repeat everything twice. twice.


btw you, jing and teeny all have the same size feet ah? if not how come i see you guys can always share shoes. i also want T_T

revel in me said...

suet li: Sorry laaaaaa, HAHA!

copykatie: Haha, yaaa! Why didn't you buy it from Supre then???? Err, I don't think I will be selling it, these are all my investment pieces, hee. And my feet is the smallest! But Jing's feet one size bigger than mine, so I can sort of wear her shoes (but she can't wear mine, too tight, teehee); but teeny's shoes are too big for me! =/ jing wears teeny's shoes la. :P And teeny shares shoes with my dad WTF.

Anonymous said...

hey but you have a credit card! so it doesn't matter when you have short of cash to shop right? hehe.

revel in me said...

melissa: Sigh, I wish so! But my credit card is only meant for business purposes-- like toiletries, groceries (for the family, not food as in eat-out T__T) etc. My dad is very strict with money, and similarly, my credit card spendings. :(

samantha said...

fuiyoh number 6. how sweet. =)

ally said...

wtf hahahah it doesnt matter whether its chunky or smooth la! its the oil in peanut butter that matters!

but i'd suggest smooth la. u dont wanna clean peanuts out of ur hair T_T

revel in me said...

samantha: Haha, you mean no.5 is it! :P

ally: Hahaha, if I have peanut butter on my hair, I sure feel like eating my hair wan wtf.