Sunday, May 04, 2008


Heeeheee, the boyfriend is on study break from work now!!! Means I can have my boyfriend back. :D

Of course, he took leave to study (for his professional papers), not to entertain me la.
Must. Be. Understanding. T____T

Friday movie date. We haven't done that in a bit!! Working people are scarily busy. Please don't remind me that in less than 2 months, that would be my fate. :'(

Outfit for the night!

I have NO IDEA why my legs were terkangkang-ed like that. -_-
It looked as if I wanted to pee really badly!
Or trying to brake while skiing, HAHAHA.

Japanese dinner at Hokano (blogged about it here before):

My teriyaki chicken set.

It's weird, but the normally carb-phobic me have been craving for rice and noodles recently! It is rather worrying, but I tell myself it's 'cause I need energy for my stitches to heal, HEEHEE.

The boyfriend's katsu don.

To be honest, I have never ordered katsu don (fried breaded chicken on top of braised rice with egg) before; the closest I have came to this dish is sneaking a few bites from my sister. Because I know if I take on this dish, I will just gobble down the breaded chicken, and call it a day wtf.

Err, ya, I damn love fried food. :P

Alaskan roll again! Fresh salmon and avocado and crabstick.

I used to eat this when I was on a diet-- like I only eat 2 pieces for a meal (1 piece is like the size of an average sushi)!!! Now I can eat 8 pieces (one plates comes with eight) and still be ravenous. T____T

For example, during our meal, there were still one piece left, and the boyfriend was looking at it warily, as I offered it to him. Then when he said "are you sure?" as his chopsticks hovered dangerously close to the sushi, my face fell. T__T
So in the end, he gave it to me. :D

Haih, my appetite really growing la.

Queuing up for Iron Man!

Usually I won't initiate going to watch action movies (especially those that involve robots, 'cause I find them stupid wtf), but everyone said it was, quoting them, "AWESOME".

Except for Smalls, who said that Iron Man looks like Ultraman.



HAHAHAHHAHA quite alike right!!

Halfway during the show, I did the Ultraman pose (refer to picture above wtf), and the boyfriend tried to press me into my seat, while hissing frantically "People can see you!!!" HAHAHHA. What is this, oppression!!!

Another picture of us in the queue, because the queue was very long. T_T

And the eyes of the boyfriend is cropped out in this picture! But aiya, no difference la, can see or cannot see, his eyes so small WTF.


Some random pictures of my sisters and I, after sneaking to the Curve. The reason being, Jing is on a house ban because her finals are looming close, but my parents were outstation over the weekend! :P

Good eyeliner day. :)))

And I am not sure whether you all think that I look different in my recent pictures (besides the fact that I have swept my bangs sideways); because I have actually switched back to MAC's gel eyeliner! I have been using Body Shop's liquid eyeliner after stopping with MAC's (both the gel eyeliner and the kohl pencil), but I have decided that MAC's gel eyeliner still works best for me. Somehow, it is easier for me to control my movements while I am contouring my eyes.

How! Got prettier or not my eyes. :P

Jing, whose arms are so long that she can capture full-body shots.
When I hold up the camera to snap pictures, I could only capture half of our bodies into the shot. T__T

Hmm, I have been wearing a lot of yellow lately.
Wore yellow to Mambo last week too... Maybe PMS-ing women are attracted to the color yellow wtf.

And if you are wondering why I only have pictures with Jing, it's 'cause Teeny refused to be in pictures because she was feeling "meh".

Haih, the Hoe sisters all PMS together wan.

The only picture that I took with her (after much coercion, I might add), I got laughed at. :(((

They asked me why am I so short; that when I take pictures with Teeny, my length is deficient both from top and bottom. T____________T


And oh, damn emo, during lunch I was dramatically exclaiming to Jing and Teeny that recently I have been observing myself, and Jia Meei was right, I do have smile lines! T______T

And Jing took one close look at me and told, "Ya, got la". T__________T

WHAT IS THIS. Am I destined to have crowfeet (wrinkles at the corner of the eyes) at the tender age of early twenties!

Actually, I think I was cursed by my teacher back in high school!!! 'Cause when I was in high school, I was damn noisy, and always laughing and guffawing damn loudly, so my class teacher, Puan Suryiani, told me,
"Hui Wen, tiap-tiap hari ketawa macam gila saja, nanti mata berkedut-kedut!!"
(Hui Wen, you laughed like a mad woman every day, your eyes would have wrinkles in the future!)

Look where I am now. T____________T

Eh, since we are on the subject, I really hate girls who don't laugh out loud, or just, laugh. I am sure we have all seen those types right! The feminine, soft-spoken types, who cover their mouths and just smile underneath, you think you are born in the olden days in China where the girls wore dresses with sleeves as big as a temple ar!!! Or those who go 'teehee' lightly; seriously, I have heard girls laugh like that. -_- What is the fun in life if you can't let out your laughter!!!! I am super unfeminine when I laugh. Like I really laugh damn loud and damn ugly-ly. T___T

The only time when I don't laugh out loud is when the joke is so funny that I am just bending over with my mouth agape (but no sound coming out) and gasping for breath; and my face has turned blue wtf.

Eh, seriously, the more I think of it, the more emo I get. Isn't it bad enough that my eyes are small, so that when I laugh, my eyes become little slits? Now I have smile lines as well???

My eyes would look like this when I smile!!!




Anonymous said...

wtf how you survive eating 2 pieces of sushi for a meal!?!??! i think i will faint after walking 2 steps from the table lor :P and i damn love fried food and dairy products also. that's why need to go to gym...or else *shudder*

btw, your apetite increase may be because you're exercising? need more energy. :P

and i think you look nice when you smile! looks like this ^_____^ :D

why everytime i comment also damn long wan? -_-

Suet Li said...

katsu don omg T________T and the sushi damn nice huhuuhuh

Anonymous said...

Heya hui wen, Amanda here.

We have similar-ish hair, minus the fringe. I wonder why that is :P

Simon Seow said...

Did you stayed until the end of the Ending Credits? Read that there's a scene after that.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA i have a prime candidate of who laughs like that! one of your good friend's idols la wtf

or she just stone cock and dont even smile wtf

Anonymous said...

actually speaking of laughing i am also damn unladylike as u know the first time we met in melbourne we were rolling around in darren's room shrieking with laughter wtf T_T

somore angela said i very ah pek wtf cos when before i laugh i must clap my hands wan WTF or slap the table or my thigh wtf.

Anonymous said...

2 pieces a meal?!!?!? lo shu fun you're gonna eat

Hahahha same here whenever I offer anything to Tat he should take the flat tone of my voice as a hint to say no wtf hahahah. If he does it's the fist for him

Eh I meant smile lines as in the ones that err.. connects your nose to the side of your mouth haha

WTF teehee HAHAHAHAHAHA who laughs like that ahahhaha

alea amin said...

OMG OMG!! YAAA YAA I DONT GET GIRLS WHO LAUGH SO SOFTLY LOR! Some girls i know laugh so soft i'll be like "so is that fake or what?"
I laugh really like hyena wan T_T
but if the joke's really kaboom funny hor. I wont make noise but my mouth will be widely open and laugh silently wtf and my face will be red and will tears wtf.

Anonymous said...

I eat SIXTEEN pieces in a meal WTFFF! *rubs tummy* ;)

mustardqueen said...

I eat a set lunch meal and a roll *RAWRR* No one can beat me!! And T__T I look so preggers in that ONLY picture. I dun want you to post pictures of me in your blog already cause everytime it MUST be a bad picture. PICTURE BAN NOW!!! =(((((

revel in me said...

foongjin: Hahahaha just eat damn slowly and savor it! T__T But of course after half an hour sure hungry back, haha. Haih, my justification for eating fried food is that it's protein. T__T And hahahahha my smile where got ^_^, got so cute meh! wtf. And your comment always so long is it 'cause you love me. <333

suet li: Just a few more days! :D :D :D

anonymous: Is it 'cause we are both pretty! <3 Haha... Do we have different fringe? :P

simon seow: Are you serious???? I didn't! :( I usually do, but I was too busy doing the ultraman pose, so the bf yanked me out wtf. T___T What's the scene about!!

aud: HAHAHHAHA who is that!! Gossip with me later! *kan cheong* HAHAHHA and I remember in Darren's room!!! And you brought porn magazine into the toilet HAHAHAHHA. And what you mean you clap your hands before you laugh!! Cue ar!! HAHAHHA! Like sea lion wtf.

jiameei: HAHAHA ya la, thank god our bfs are well trained wtf. And omg, jam, you want me to die arrrr how could you break my heart like that!!! Now I have TWO types of wrinkles to worry about. T___T I am going to stab myself now. T____T

alea: Ya la. damn irritating right that type of girls!! And you KNOW they are being fake, they usually do it in front of guys, so infuriating! And I laugh the same way as you do for kamboom funny jokes as well. <333

jing: Haih those were the good old days! Now we eat 8 pieces already wave white flag. T__T

mustardqueen: Haha, but you're so broke, you can never afford set and roll wan! :P And err, I don't purposely pick bad pics of you? I can't say the same for you wtf. T_T I think you look nice what, why you so sensitive. T__T

Anonymous said...

hey you.
im on holidays,and i've been bugging alvin 359348613470912345901 times asking him to call chor min up,then he'll go you wanna meet chor min or the girlfriend?

then guess what i answered! :)

Ashleigh said...

Awesome! I <3 Hokano too! I used to go there with my family too and squeeze in that tiny but cosy restaurant. Hahaha!!

Yeah, I've to agree with you about those girls who laugh so damn softly, you're not sure she's even laughing. My mom herself said that I laugh like a hyena on heat. Don't ask me. T____T

fareezailyana said...

haha.i so get the whole laugh thing.

when i laugh it's usually the 'smack the table' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA thing. then last time in high school, during recess the whole canteen sedang bising and suddenly i will laugh while smacking the table and the whole canteen will be silent. and everyone looks at me. =__='.

like that one ok..

but if it's seriously funny then it's the silent laugh, tears streaming down cheeks while shaking back and forth. damn scary.

revel in me said...

missycheerio: Heehee, what did you tell him!! :P And haih, my bf now damn busy, studying for his papers. T___T

ashleigh: Omg, you go to Hokano too? :))) Do you stay near there? :P My mom was the person who discovered the place first! And now she and the boss are friends, whenever we go, she would give us a lot of free food! *salivates* And HAHAHHAHA why yours got hyena ON HEAT wan!!! Hyena already bad enough (I get called that a lot T__T), but on heat somemore, HAHAHHA! :D

fareezaIlyana: HAHAHAHA omg damn shyyyy!! Liek a scene out of a movie wan! :P Hahahha but now i am really intrigued, 'cause everyone does not laugh out loud, but instead just tremble with silent laughter for REALLY FUNNY jokes... WHY AR!! :P

Anonymous said...

eh u know how i laugh ah wtf sometimes when i laugh in the middle of the street ben says 'eh there are people here u know' wtf T_________T

i hate girls who are like that also! met damn a lot of them and instantly i know sure cannot click wan la sigh wtf.

who say ironman looks like ultraman! iron man look like robocop ok!

Anonymous said...

smile lines are the sign of happiness. =D

and iron man is cool, imma go marry him for his money -_____-

the name is jen ai said...

hey stranger. link u soon babe!! teeheee

revel in me said...

tzeching: Hahahha I am like that too! Laugh in the middle of the street, laugh while driving (and not pay attention to the road), laugh to my friends/sisters while next to each other's toilet stalls, in public toilets... T____T
YAAA I just KNOW I can't click with that type of girls! =/

jaclyn: HAIH it's the sign of old age la wtf. And I'll marry ironman 'cause he's so hot! <3 But not in the iron suit la wtf. Eh you know what chor min told me!! "next time if we role play, I wear iron man suit, want or not" -__________- WHAT IS THIS YOU TELL ME! Why is my bf like that! T_____T

jenai: OMGGGG, what a small world!! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

i called,more like Alvin sorta used my number to call Chor Min up,then he was with his mum at Carrefour or something like that. i was there yelling at the background asking where is your girlfriendddddd. lol! :)

then he gtg and told us you were out with your sisters. i shall try again!

eh u kena tag lah

Anonymous said...

I was going to say that it's because we have the same hairstylist, but what you said is better :p

I'm glad you're going to Yen now! I've been going to her since I was 12 and I have only introduced one other person to her!


revel in me said...

missycheerio: HAIHHH wrong timing now, 'cause he's DAMN busy with his professional papers. T__T

amanda: Are you amanda toh!!!! Heehee. Oops, why am I so self-presumptory, immediately assumed it's 'cause of our dashing looks, haha, having the same stylist didn't even occured to me, HAHA. Omg, if you have been going to Yen since you were 12, you must be really young now right!!! Since yen is quite young herself. :O And heeeee, this is damn stlaker-ish, but now I want to know how you look like! 'Cause I am curious to know how yen decided what hairstyles to cut for her customers-- especially 'cause we have the SAME hair! :D