Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was all impromptu, though we have talked about it offhandedly. Then on Saturday night, it was more a simple matter of:

... and hence on Sunday you see us rushing in and out of our rooms, realizing that we weren't prepared for a trip to a water park at all. -__-

Firstly, we realized we didn't have any waterproof make-up!! God be damned if we are going to Sunway Lagoon bare-faced wtf. Haha, actually, when I was Gold Coast's water theme park, I didn't wear any make-up; but I got influenced by my sisters who were aghast when I suggested that we could just do without it.

Then we found out we didn't have any sunblock! Except for this really sad looking expired bottle with has white liquid-paper looking gunk in it. And I have had plenty nasty experiences with having a tad too much fun in the sun, and ended up looking like sakai's favorite sister ok. T_T

This was rectified by making a swift trip to the nearest Guardian's, retrieving the sunblock with the highest SPF (130) we could find. As for the waterproof make-up, we decided to make-do with my allegedly waterproof smudgy (coincidently it's supposed to be smudge-proof) MAC gel eyeliner.

And not to mention, I had to make a frenzy-like trip to the facial place to look for my necklace! =/

By the time we reached Sunway Lagoon, it was wayyyy past lunchtime, and it was drizzling. T_T

Rain or shine, we were determined to have fun. :P

Discussing strategies to not let the sun get the better of us wtf. I told myself, NEVER EVER would I let myself become dark again!

Remember those waxy paper wristbands we used to wear in theme parks??? Now we are forced to strap on these grotesque rubber watch-like bands, yucks.

However, when we were striding through the entrance, it turned out that by beeping the watch thingy on the sensor scan, the barrier would open and allow us in, so we were like "WAHHHHH, so clever!" Hahahaha.

Stupid Sunway Lagoon mascot. Why is a bird a water park mascot anyway!!! Shouldn't it be a dolphin or a turtle???? Unless it's a kingfisher wtf.

The reason why I am so pissed at Sunway Lagoon is 'cause the place is a freaking rip-off!! I remember that Sunway Lagoon used to have entry passes for single parks-- i.e. water park or dry park. Now you HAVE to purchases passes for both parks-- even if you only plan to visit one! So stupid. They just want to cheat money, RAWR.

Dancing on the escalator, hee. Why does my face looked like that, I feel like slapping myself. -_-

Getting overexcited with my dance moves wtf. I was wearing bikini bottoms underneath, so it really isn't anything! But I like to practice censorship for fun. Just like the government wtf.

Sisters! :)
I am sorry that my nostrils are so big you could even see what I am thinking in my brain.

Plotting to squeeze everything into one single locker, 'cause we are cheapskates like that (those are paid lockers). :P
Of course we should have known better to bring 4 big bags then. -___-

Trying to close the locker door after squashing everything in HAHAHAHA.

OMG why do I look so short here!! T___T
I am barely 2 inches shorter than Jing, but why is the difference so glaring here. T____T

I was wearing a top over my swim suit, whereas Jing had shorts on with her bikini-- Teeny: "eh why both of you yin and yang", hahaha.

Halfway through the day I felt like ripping my bikini off 'cause Jing told me that I have worn it before on NYE. T___T I don't want to sound like a brat, but I have quite a few bikinis sitting at home, all brand new with tags attached, I wish I could have given them a chance. T___T

I bought that bikini for Teeny! It has her favorite SKULLS on it. :D

In fact, it has this really adorable skull applique on it (sorry la, I don't like boring things), but she covered it with her babydoll, boo.

Oh gosh, I never realized how fair my body is! T__T
So now I need to get a tan job which only involves my body-- sans limbs and face; what kind of fate is this!

Haha, it's a sisterly thing-- we both had that ugly puckering thing going on. -_-

Titanic wtf.

I think my mom would fly off the handle if she realized we spent precious time in the wet park camwhoring. =/

Disregarding the fact that I wished I wore another bikini that day, I still absolutely love this bikini from Milk and Honey. It's damn adorable right! :D

Hahaha, I felt like I was in Sports Illustrated wtf.

In the car park, after refreshing (read: pounding on the make-up, haha) ourselves in the car.

The car was a whirlwind of activities k, us dolling up using the rearview mirror, sideview mirror, compact mirror... Sharing make-up, and asking to pass the nearest eyelash curler, haha!

But not bad right, my efforts despite doing up my make-up in the dark ('cause we were in the gloomy car park) and in a cramped confined space? :P

HAHAHHA stupid Teeny! Why was she cracking her knuckles!! Bodybuilder. Weightlifter. HAHAHAHA.

All in all, I had happy fun. Trying to avoid our make-up melting an all, HAHAHA.
BUT, my whole body is damn itchy now. T___T
I suspect the water in Sunway Lagoon is horrendously filthy (I should have gathered so from the murky-looking water T_T), and every part of my body has been itching for the past 2 days. T___T
Even my butt is itchy ok. How I miss those days when I was 5 and I won't get dirty looks for scratching my bum WTF.

Ending with my favorite picture of the day,

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH damn retarded this pic!
(Teeny blissfully taking a picture, while an innocent bystander like me saw a ghost (i.e. Jing wtf))

update: Jing herself also damn scared by how she looked like in the pic, she said like saw ghost. HAHA!


Kathryn said...

u look hot babes.. and u lost weight ????

Anonymous said...

lol i think the mascot is a duck, duck=water? :oP

Aww..you guys looked like you had heaps of fun, i wish i had sisters. I have 3 younger brothers so i have never done all the fun sisterly things.

mustardqueen said...

hahahahahahaAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAhahahahha cibai... why u censor ur cheebye!!?? wtfwtf i cannot tahan la, if only we have jessica alba's body and our faces ya allah T__T ok I got nothing to say here -_-

Suet Li said...

why u go sunway lagoon never play anything one wtf

revel in me said...

baby kat: Haha, thank you! :D Err, I started going back to gym 2 months ago, so I toned up a bit I guess? :P

leandra: HAHAHAHHA duck??? I nver thought of that. :P And eek, THREE younger brothers??? I have one and he drives me up the wall most of the time. -_-

mustardqueen: Wth why are you so crude.. -_-

suet li: Hahahhaha of course got play la!! But how to take pictures of those, I don't have an underwater/waterproof camera.. =/ You think we just go there to take pictures ar wtf.

k said...

yea haha i also thought like how come you ppl go there and din do anything except take pictures hahaha

alea amin said...



envy envy wtf.

revel in me said...

skim: Haha no la, we are not so crappy! :P

alea; Omg, I am not skinny at all ok! T___T

Anonymous said...

our Sports Illustrated pic is super hot lorr!! You look so natural yet modelesque.

You look hot dear. You look so thin omg!

revel in me said...

erin: Dear, you flatter me too much! <3 And haha, I am nowhere near 'so thin' ok! I have been eating so much fast food lately, it's obscene! :'(

Anonymous said...

hey hui jing's bikini is soo cute!! may i know where she got it from? :)

revel in me said...

kaising: Haha, the bikini she was wearing is mine! :) Got it from Melbourne, Forever New! <3

xiao said...
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xiao said...

oh oh oh so sexy