Friday, May 09, 2008



I have had my tetanus jab!
My dad did it for me, and LOOK AT WHAT THAT MAN GAVE ME:



What kind of plaster is this, you tell me!!
It even have two pink hearts as blushing cheeks wtf.

At first I was smirking inwardly 'cause I was wearing this dress with sleeves; but mana tahu, the sleeves didn't cover the stupid plaster. :'(


The nurse actually prepared a plain white proper plaster for me; but when my dad reached out for the plaster after giving me the jab, he took one look at the white plaster, and mumbled under his breath "Don't want this one"; and went off to retrieve THIS ghastly thing and stuck it on me despite my loud protests.

Why my dad like to bully me. T_________T

The only silver lining is that I didn't get my flu vaccine shot! Am going to do it with my siblings later, muahaha. 'Cause I begged my dad to not stabbed me twice in a day wtf.


I got bitten by my dog twice today!!!! &^&#*%$^*%$*&%
Once, when I was leaving the house for gym; but that was more a nip on my thigh, so fine.

But when I came home, the stupid thing actually bit me!!!! Around my knee!!!!
Thank god my gym pants are long and thick, if not, I do not dare to forsee how bad the bite would have been!!!

I have two bite marks now-- with the skin all scraped off and a little raw-looking. My dad said I have to go for a tetanus jab tomorrow, just in case. T___T

STUPID DOG. And my dad is damn bad, he was like "since you'll be going to the hospital, might as well take a flu vaccine jab too". And he even did the motion of taking something big and long and stabbing into his left arm, then into his right arm. Wtf why is my dad like that! T___T

And he was so nonchalant about the whole thing too! Of course, he is not the one with 2 needles stabbed into her body tomorrow. T_____T


Anyway, today, it's all about cupcakes! :)))
Haih, actually, I went to a Cuppacake event-- Neue Format Design Mart; it wasn't a junkyard sale or flea market, more of a get-together for designers (with stalls as well). After missing the previous Cuppacake event (with FREE cupcakes!!!) as I was in S'pore for my interview, we thought it'd be a good idea to drop by. :)

AIYA, ok la. I admit it. We went 'cause we were broke and we wanted free cupcakes, HEEHEE.

In the car, with the most retard expression. So retarded that Jing wanted to banish me to the backseat wtf.

And heeee, this is my crazy vintage dress! :P Jing said that it looks like a jailbird uniform, and 'cause the convict sat in prison for too long and got bored, so he made some papercrafts and stuck onto the jail uniform. T__________T

This is one of the designers giving a speech to young/aspiring designers!

It was my first time at Wondermilk (the cafe which sells the cupcakes), and it's really lovely cozy place!!! I didn't take pictures of the place, focused more on the event. Because I KNOW I'll be going back there soon! CUPCAKESSSS.

By the way, the cupcakes for my birthday party recently were from Cuppcake! :)


Some of the quirky stuff around:

Remember these name tags!!! We used to wear them in high school!! Either with our names on it, or with "Pengawas" etc printed on them... And when I pin my badge on (ya la, I was a prefect, I was a geek in school wtf), I sometimes jab the pin into my flesh, which means I stabbed my chest. T________T

But these tags damn funky right! "Indie Cindy", "Disco Pop"... I want one that says "Action Baby Lotion" HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Plastic bags. Who said 'I am not a plastic bag' is cool? :P
I like the one at the back, it has a vinyl record printed on it, SO CUTE! Then I can carry around with my matching boombox bag; not that I have one yet; but wouldn't it be such a cute image! :P

Raksasa! (monster) RAWRRRR!

Cassettes stuck onto caps! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
It's not something I will wear, I would be looking over my head every 2 seconds for the fear that some UFO will beam me back to outer space or something like that; but it's DARN creative! :D

HEEHEE, yellow mouse pin! HEEHEE.
It's like the cutest thing everrrrr, and it's actually really really tiny in real life, which just adds to the cute factor. :)))

When I showed it to my sisters, they thought it's a mobile phone WTF. -______-

Clothes! *heart*

Jing damn stupid, she took her pencil eyeliner and drew a mole at the outer corner of her eyes. -________-
We went through so much trouble to remove our moles, and she went and add one.

My iced mocha! 'Cause it was just so cramped and tight in the shop.

And I ordered a cupcake!! Which was this really pretty colorful covered-with-sprinkles cupcake.. :)))
As the salesgirl handed it over to me, there was a glow upon it-- all beautiful and goddess-like, in its full glory...

And when it reached my hands, I tripped.
The whole cupcake toppled over in the paper plate, and the fluffy marshmallow on top went "PIAK!" against the paper walls. T____T

My cupcake died. :'(

Teeny and Jing with their unblemished, perfect meals. :(((

Lomography! :)))

I really want a lomo camera!!! Every year, I tell myself that next year, when people ask me what I want for my birthday, I'll just answer purposefully "a lomocam" ('cause I can't find it in myself to fork out the money to buy one, for some reason), but every year, I forgot. -__-

Very very cute scribbles!!! So cute I would have stole them home.
If not for the reason that they were stuck on near to the ceiling. :(

Wooden badges! Very very cute, and you don't see any of these lying around right. :P
I am a big sucker for anything unique and uncommon la. I wanted to get a fairy one! And a cupcake one which had a bite taken out of it. But I was broke. :(

Teeny! HMMM. Her camera lens are probing rather obscenely onto my body WTF.

I love love love love the background of this picture! :)))
With Sailormoon here wtf.

And this brooch is SO ADORABLE until can die!!
It's a black cloud, with a lightning bolt across it!

Imagine the uses I have for it!


Whenever I am PMS-ing, I can just put this on top of my head, and the boyfriend will know to steer clear of me, HAHAHAHA.

And 'cause I was hungry even after devouring my smashed cupcake, I ordered a cupcake necklace from one of the kiosks there. I can't wait till it's ready and I can go pick it up! :P

And another random thing, I was shopping in OU one day, and I was feeling hungry, so I bought this:


I am a hazard with shopping when I am hungry! T___T


jeanchristie said...

haven't you had a tetanus jab before?

actually ar.. flu jabs you need to take every year if you really want prevention etc ... cos the viral strains change rite? i know they offer it every year before winter to the hospital staff in melb.

but i didn't take it cos there's a possibility that you might actually get a flu if your immune system is down ahaha..

u should go get the cervical cancer vaccine done just as a precaution :D *am not implying anything here okay ^^*

c r y s t said...

eh jing looks good with that mole! can consider to ask that surgeon to add one for her HAHAHAHAA!!!!!

and oh, my badge was in orange last time! :D :D :D

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, yeps, I have had a tetanus jab before, but my dad said it's quite long ago, so it's time for a re-jab! :) And yesssh, I have been taking flu vaccine shots,courtesy of daddy wtf. I believe my dad knows what he is doing. :) And I have done the full course of my cervical cancer vaccine shots! Courtesy of daddy too wtf. And haha, nothing to imply, you SHOULD take charge of your own health. My sisters and I have completed our course of shots! :)

cryst: HAHHAHA I'll go tell her!! And pay rasuah to the surgeon to plan a mole with hair in it HAHAHAHA!

eggster said...

i got bitten by my friend's dog two years back. wtf bloody dog! i wanted to pat on his head then all of sudden he jump and bit my hand. my friend rushed me to the clinic to get a jab because my hand was bleeding and the dog hasn't been taking any regular/yearly jabs. i always thought you have to get a jab immediately once you get bitten by a dog, no?

jing's mole damn nice can! but according to the chinese beliefs that if you got a mole somewhere next to your eyes then it means that he/she likes to cry a lotttt! HAHA wtf : D

mustardqueen said...

eh i think our dogs go for injections every year... T___T that reminds me I haven't gotten my flu vaccine this year no wonder every 3 months one serious flu and 1 month mini flu wtf T__T

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering why tetanus shot and not rabies? Thou I doubt ure dog has rabies hehe......ooh, you're quite protected by all those shots...even cervical cancer vaccination!! I'll have to take those later I suppose.

Btw, I'm still using nametags like those we had in school! Have to wear everyday in hospital! Blergh!!

revel in me said...

eggster: EEEEKKK what a tragic story! T__T My bf's friend got bitten by his friend's dog as well, btu the dog didn't let go, so he lifted his arm with the dog dangling from it with its teeth sunken in, HAHAHAHA!!! And I guess I didn't need a jab immediately 'cause it wasn't really an open wound, but my dad saja wants to torture me with injections. T__T

And how you know wann!! Jing really cries VERY VERY easily. God left out the mole near her eye la. :P

mustardqueen: Daddy is bringing home the flu vaccines soon.... T___T And he said it will hurt a lot.. T___T

ran: Haha, my dog no rabies la! I hope. -_- And yaaa, thank god, for the first time I've perks of being a doctor's daughter wtf. Go get the vaccine!! Better be safe than sorry! And YEERRR why need to wear name tags!!! -_____-

Anonymous said...

hello, silent reader here. hehe.
the jailbirduniform actually looks quite nice la! unique! :)
and jing didn't wear anything pink? hehe.

Suet Li said...

eh i also drew mole before cause wanna be rainie yang wtf

revel in me said...

anonymous: I LOVE YOUUUU! <333 Haha, ya la, I love my jailbird dress, no matter what people think. :P And haih, that was her alter ego that day, that's why no pink, but got mole WTF, HAHAHA.

suet li: HAHAHHAHA why you so sohai!! But rainie young is damn pretty! So skinny! <333 But I don't like her new haircut, jellyfish cut, BOOO.

jeanchristie said...

i had to pay for my last cervical cancer vaccine jab because i was out of australia ;((((( 400 bux wtf

Anonymous said...

love jing's outfit. where is it from? I have something like it. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

Okay I don't. But where is it from? :)

Chelle said...

haha, i just had to give a big HAHAHAHA to small's comment....

smalls this is for you....-_____-

alea amin said...

HAHA i also draw mole sometimes cuz i wanna be marilyn monroe and edie sedgwick wtf.

revel in me said...

jean: OUCH, 400 is a lot! =/

smalls: HAHHAHAHA idiot!!! Haih, not possible for you to have the same outfit, it's vintage! :P

chelle: HAHHAHHA ya la it's some stupid scheme we learned. :D

alea: Haha, why are you so cute! Where else you draw your mole ar, got draw on your forehead ar wtf.

Anonymous said...

your dad's so cute! smiley face plaster! i want! hahaha...

Anonymous said...

hahaha the plaster very funny lah so sunshiney. reminds me of fresh grass wtf duno why also. my grandma's do bit me last time cos I fed him and he thought I wanted to sabo him or something hmph.

Anonymous said...

the plaster can be a statement okay wtf = = and horribleteribblevegetable.. i hate jabs. = = but i guess i need to have some soon lol

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, my dad is a paediatrician (i.e. child specialist), that's why I guess he has a huge supply of smiley plasters. T___T

michelle: HAHAHHAHA what fresh grass why you so random wan, hahahah! And haihhh, dogs damn fierce when they are eating wan.. T__T One of my siblings got bitten before, 'cause he/she (can't remember wtf) tried to play with the dog while it's eating, and the dog thought he/she wanted to steal its food. -___-

abbcchin: HAHAHHA that would eb a horrible fashion statement! T__T Unless print on tees ar wtf. And haha, this sounds really sad, but I have gotten used to jabs! -__-

Alison said...

at least ur daddy tried to be funny put that simley plaster on you! ;)