Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy mail.

Guess what I got in my mail today from Monash University!!!! :D :D :D

An invitation from the Department of Business Law and Taxation for me (and two guests) to Hilton in Melbourne for the annual Student Awards Evening-- I am to receive the 2007 academic year award, and quoting the letter, the event is to "recognize and reward our highest achieving students in our units and courses"!

:D :D :D :D :D

This was a fabulous surprise, especially after receiving another "Top-scorer" award for one of my IT subjects recently. :)))

Please just let me revel in my pride for a moment!!! :P
This award is exceptionally meaningful for me, because for the unit 'Workplace Law', I actually went through a lot of shit. I was the only international student in the class, and I didn't exactly got favorable treatment for that.

I remember, for one discussion, we were split into groups to dissect some case studies and come up with arguments. Now, Australian-born students (I use this term, because Australian-born Asians are the same) are generally impressive in university, because compared to us international students, they are more vocal, and they speak eloquently. However, if you just listen to what they are actually saying, it's just all a bunch of smooth, nicely-strung words-- all fluff, no substance. Even in classes, usually you will see all the Aussies raising their hands to just propose questions or express their opinions-- however, what come out of their mouth are usually... kind of unnecessary, if not irrelevant. They speak just for the sake of speaking. -_- Which is kind of nonsensical to me, because I only speak when I have something intelligent to say, or at least something to contribute. Of course, I am speaking of the Australians I have encountered in my course in my uni, the situation might differ in other places? =/

Anyway, back to the topic, during the group discussion, I was grouped with a bunch of Australians, and alas, they were totally missing the point for the case study, and just holding a death grasp on some irrelevant minor aspects. So I tried to offer them my opinion, but they just brushed me away, indicating that I do not know what I was doing. -_-

Even my lecturer gave me pitiful stares, probably 'cause I was the only Asian in the class (and 'cause most of the time I just have a blank gaze in the class-- 'cause too bored and too busy daydreaming, HAHA). So take that, you people who looked down on me during the class!! Asian pride yo! :P

In fact, 'cause the class was set during Friday evenings for THREE HOURS, I usually skip the class (Friday city-shopping trips and clubbing are more important, hee). I think in total, I have not attended more than 5 classes. o_O Haih, why am I so smart wtf.

Besides that, as unimportant as grades are now that I am stepping into the working world, I am glad that I have proven myself once more. :) During my university life, I have always felt that I was short-changing myself, because I didn't feel that I have achieved much, academically, that is. All through my school life, I have been a straight-As student, have been the top student of my class/school... But come university phase, I was just a happy-go-lucky teenager. =/ Don't get me wrong, I still worked hard (probably not as hard as I should have to achieved for bigger things), and I still got better grades than most people; but I didn't really achieve anything, if it makes sense. I felt like I was just floating by.

In fact, sometimes I surf blogs of younger students, and I see them talking about applications to universities in the US, Ivy League universities.... Universities that I used to aspire to get into. The young hui wen told herself that she wanted to get into Harvard. Haha, young hui wen or not, I highly doubt that I am brilliant enough for Harvard, but sometimes I look at people who are studying in the US or UK with envy. Now now, I am thankful that my dad paid for an overseas education for me (in Australia), but I think that an American education would have been more.. well-rounded. And if I have studied in the UK, there would be all this fantastic travelling to places that I could only dream of going to now.

Back then, my dad was trying to coerce me into Medicine; and I was just so busy trying to get out of that rut, that I really wasn't picky about the university or the country that I would be going to. Yep, you got that right. My dad had been trying to brainwash me into taking Medicine for almost my entire life. He was convinced that I am suitable for Medicine ('cause to him, I am hardworking and determined -_-), and he wanted someone to follow his footsteps, I guess. My whole life was planned in a route that I would eventually step into Medicine. I thought so, myself. I took pure Science in high school; when I reached pre-university, I took all Science subjects, I went for medicine university interviews... Even when I submitted my university applications, it was always "Medicine" in the first choice column. But when it came to crunch time, I just knew that being a doctor (or more specifically, a psychiatrist; yes, I even had my specialization picked out already-- I wanted something that was as far from being a doctor as it could be) wasn't my true calling. I was probably like thousands of young teenagers out there, confused, not sure what they wanted in life, or knew what they wanted as a destination but not sure how to get there... But yet, I didn't know what I want, but I knew what I didn't want. And Medicine wasn't where I wanted to be.

So here I am now, a few years down the road, and I am a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)/Bachelor of Business Systems double degree. I can't say it is what I wanted to do; I still believe that I would have done well in a more creative/social field. (When I told my dad that I wanted to going into Advertising, he told me "I'll disown you"!!) But at least this field of study warrants me more flexibility and freedom in pursuing some of my dreams and goals. And if anything, I think I'll look good in tight fitting pinstriped skirts, HAHA.

And that, is the whole morbid tale of how I got into my course; I haven't really divulge the details to people, I think the only people who are aware of the full story are my sisters, the boyfriend, and a handful of my closest friends. Yeah, not even my dad or mom knows. My dad still thinks that I gave up venturing into a medicine school because I am a coward-- he thinks that I just chickened out of it. It has put a little bit of strain on our relationship during the early years-- he giving me subtle digs on how easily I gave up or how I am just destined to be a banker; and me being angry at him for restricting my options for my future, for not encouraging and supporting me to do the things I love.

But all that is in the past now. :) Life has a funny way of making things work out for the best, that's what I believe in. But young people reading my blog, be sure that you think carefully and cautiously about the education/career path that you want to take k!

Anyway, picture relief 'cause that's a hefty amount of words there wtf:

Happiest moment ever-- frivolous magazine, iced mocha and cupcake! :)))

Contented face.
Although I have wheezing problems now 'cause I drank iced mocha although I was sick. T__T

We were at Wondermilk (Cuppacakes) again! For Jing to have a bite and study, but it's actually all a great big facade for us to dress up and go out.

Jing studying.
I found this picture damn amusing, haha- yellow dress, yellow passionfruit soda, yellow highlighter!
All that's missing is if she has jaundice as well WTF.

Teeny and her lovebird.

We found this bird figurine on our table, and upon further inspection, we realised it's a coinbox! So we wanted to pose while inserting coins into the bird, but we were damn cheapskate...

"Eh how ar if we pose with the coin, then we accidentally prop the coin in!!"

"Eh eh nevermind, I got 1 cent here, obsolete already, even if it falls in, it's alright!"

HAHHAHAH seriously we are so kiamsap, but HAIH see I told you I am so broke. :(

And a very normal occurence when it comes to me and food:

T______T Icing smeared over my face!
And it's not even as if I was halfway eating and someone pushed my head into the cupcake... T___T I am just naturally.. child-like wtf.

HOHOHO, one cupcake is never enough! Round 2 waiting patiently at the corner. :P

Series of pictures of my wrinkled nose. -_-

This is my school girl look!! Complete with peter pan/school girl uniform collar, heehee.

And no, I am not going to Melbourne for the Awards Evening (set on 29th May)). It's so so sad, 'cause it really is a grand evening, complete with cocktail reception and canapes and everything. And in Hilton! I haven't even been to Hilton in Melbourne. It would have been such a fun experience. :(

It pained me so much to send out my email just now informing the department that I wouldn't be attending the event. :'(


Anonymous said...

Why cant u attend the event?
btw i LOVE your shoeeee...its one of those LONDON-ish shoes right?
where u got them? n how much?

Anonymous said...

its a good thing you arent studying with jews in the US....you might develop an inferiority complex.

then your blog might be titled differently....

Anonymous said...

i see mary jane shoes.. and why cannot attend? = = wasted?

Schmae said...

haha, most parents in the medical field would try their hardest to divert their children into doing the same field as well. :p

drew had surgical tools as toys and medical encyclopedias as story books wtf when he was a kid! -__-

sad in a way, but if the kid likes it then good lor right? haha.

so cool lah you get top scorer whilst doing a double degree. :) congrats!

revel in me said...

jasm*ne: 'Cause the event is in Melbourne, and I am currently in KL! :( And I got the shoes some time ago, I think it was in Hartamas! :)

nick: Eek, are you studying in the US now? Are they really that bad? =/ But haha, I don't think I will get an inferiority complex, I am those type of people who like to prove themselves. :P

abcchin: I can't attend 'cause the event is in Melb, dear! And my parents are not going to pay for me to fly over just for an award. :'(

schmae:WTFFFF surgical tools as toys and medical encyclopedias???? HAHAHHAH omg, THAT is scary!! My dad didn't do anything of that sort, but when I told him I wanted to be a barber (I didn't know it's different from a hairstylist), he wanted to slap me. -_- And heehee, thank you! :)))

Karyn said...

why you so smart. can share some of your brains with me please?

my second week of my 1st sem and i'm struggling a bit already.

still dunno what im gonna major in lar. :(


sorry bout that, heh. congrats on the award thingy! :)

Anonymous said...

totally agree with u on the Australian-born students thingy. I guess it happens everywhere (in aust at least and i am in melb u)! the ang moh just talk crap and all the international students will go ??? HAHAH

anyway CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

aaarggh! i agree with u on the aus student thing..i've had my bitter sweet experiences. still going thru it though. imagine a chatterbox like me being all quiet in class... :( i thought i was the only international student in aus feeling so.

anyways, congratulations on ur achievements! :) u should really attend the event! u deserve it! and that part on being a doctor and stuff...kinda reminds me of myself. i had medicine marked down in all my course applications..got a conditional offer from a good uni in the uk but gave it all up. me dad is a doc too...lol. whatever it is, i think u made the right choice and u would do great in life.

all the best!

Anonymous said...

why aren't you coming? =(((((

*stands in a corner and sulks*

but congrats dear, you know as always i'm proud of you. ;)

Anonymous said...

hows ur gym coming along
well congrate woman!


Anonymous said...

congrats huiwen! :)



Chelle said...

OH...those air-headed commentaries by ozies....everywhere.....

and i know wat u mean, they come up with the SWEAT-est comments. It's like u dun even know how to respond

allaboutattitude said...

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ally said...

congratulations deaaaaaar :D

yah u should come back to melbourne for the holiday/shopping trip :D whee!

revel in me said...

karyn: I am not very smart la, I am just.. nerdy, HAHA. What course are you doing now? :) Nah, it's natural to struggle a bit in university during the early stages, because it's a new phase of life, and there are new things to adapt to and to learn! :) Mwahhh, thank you! <3

jocelyn: OMG, are you serious???? I thought it was only in monash. =/ They seriously just talk crap for the sake of having said something, and I would often be inwardly rolling my eyes, hehe. Thank you, love! :D

lilbirdinsyd: I am seriously kind of surprised to learn that international students in aussie encountered the same problem too! I feel quite sad for studying in aussie sometimes, 'cause I feel that there was just too many Asians (especially M'sians), and I find that Asians ended up hanging out Asians. I would have loved to mingle around more. :(

And haha, you dad is a doctor too? Did he try to make you go into medicine? :P And weeeellll, sometimes I do wonder how things would be IF I had done medicine, but like you said, I think I made the right choice. :) Heeee, here's to us for taking the right path and making it big, nyehehe! :D

jaclyn; Haha, my dad won't purposely fork out money (a few grand? =/) for me to just go on stage and take some pictures la! T__T And thank you, dear! <3 Study hard!! :P

yee: HAHAHHA why you checking on my gym status! *emo* Ok la, admittedly, I haven't been religiously going for the past week... *shifty eyes* Thank you, darling!!! :)))

michelle: HEEEE, thanks! <333

chelle: HAHHAHA I knowww!! And I am kind of pleased to know that a lot of people encountered the same scenarios with aussies!!! I thought I was the only who faced that. -_- And yesss, sometimes when they speak, I am just like, "HUH, you could even come up with THAT???"

ally: Thank you, dearrr! :D And HAIHHH, do you know how stingy is my dad wtf. But I would have LOVED to go back to Melbourne for a holiday!!! <333

Anonymous said...

my turn to congratulate you love!!! so proud of u! i think we have to attribute our achievements to our hideous past as nerds wtf T_T

and don't listen to nick la i know a lot of perfectly normal and nice jews! they pale in comparison to the chinese nationals ok kiasu like dunno what wtf. and i think it's a Western-born thing la cos a lot of Americans are like that too. I just roll my eyes at them whenever they make senseless statements wtf.

alea amin said...

oh you smart girl lah now HUH?! Smart, pretty, funny and fashionable! WHY YOU WALLAP ALL FOUR AND NOT LEFT ME SOME! HUH?! HUH?! HUH?!

kia su. wtf.

congrats! *clap clap clap*

Tanya said...

wow congrats, that's so awesome! :))

about the aussie-born students thing, i think it's an international phenomenon! i face those kinds of situations aaall the time here, doesn't help that like you i'm doing a business course (accounting & finance) which consists of TOO MUCH group work with these kinda people! annoying :P ang mohs in general somehow think they're superior just because they kick ass at spewing bullshit. sigh.

awwh i feel you about wanting to be in ivy leagues and stuff! aaahh my life long shattered dream :P but hey i always thought aussie was a great place too (i almost ended up in melb, but here i am in the uk now while my bf is in monash. stupid! :P), the lifestyle is so chilled and fun whereas in the UK it's just a lot more hostile. esp in london, it can get quite miserable!! but like you said, being able to travel around europe and stuff IS awesome lah i gotta admit ;) everywhere has its pros and cons i guess!

Anonymous said...

congratssss babe! :D

and on another note, you lose weight huhu!

Anonymous said...

You could make a successful businesswoman with your degree.... wanna open a cupcake store?

Simon Seow said...

wah, so envy, skip class also can be top scorer.

revel in me said...

aud: HAHHAHAH if you didn't bring up our ugly past, I wouldn't have remembered it! Try to forget that part of my life wtf. Is that the only thing we have common, BOOO. But hahah, I think being a nerd is embedded within us. T_T

And I have to say it again, CONGRATSSSS!! <333 And ya la, that nick dunno why so judgemental wtf; ask me to rename my blog haha. And OMG the Chinese are the WORST! Super kiasu in melbourne too! -__-

alea: <3 <3 <3 Do you honestly think all those nice things about me!!! *tears* Haha, you don't be silly k, if I am any of those things, you most definitely are ok! We short girls have to stick up for each other, HAHA. Thank you, love! :)))

tanya: You're referring to the international phenomenon of them thinking that they are are better? Or that they spew crap wtf. But yaaa, I was in a business course too, but thank god I haven't encountered obnoxious aussies in my group projects... In fact, I have tutored a few aussie-borns, HAHA. And eeee, why you and your bf separated wan! Who is he, what is he studying! :P Maybe I know him. :D But yaaaaa, you just can't beat travelling in UK, all of my friends in UK have been tho all these wonderful wonderful places... Places which would cost a bomb for ME (or anyone not in the UK) to visit. :(

You lucky girl, better go travel more k! :P

joise: Thank youuu! :))) And HEEHEE, thank you saying I lost weight too, HAHA. <333 Noticeable ar?! I think it's 'cause I have been going to the gym, so I have toned up a bit!!! Aaah, I am damn happy now. :D :D :D

anonymous: Hahaha, I hope to! (become a successful businesswoman) Why so random, cupcake shop? You finding partners? :P I don't mindddd! ;)

simonseow: Haha, ya la!! Am I a bad example. :(((

k said...

beauty, brains AND great taste in shoes...
you just can't ask for more.

estherlauderlyn said...

oh hellooo hee hee my boyfriend got was invited too! (god knows why since he left monash 4 yrs ago). but the bugger's not coming EVEN WITH THE EXCUSE TO VISIT ME HERE. bloody hell. anyway congratulations, wouldnt have thunk you were THAT big a nerd! Put all the stereotypers to shame har har! :)

Sue Lin said...

Congrats! =) Its such a shame that u cant show ur ex-classmates that u won the award

On the contrary to ur case and what Schmae says, my father, also a doctor discourages all 3 of us siblings from the profession. I guess it is cuz he struggled and he knew i would have struggled too if i went into medicine! I was one of the three international students to take Employment Law in Peninsula. Unlike u, i am stuck with a credit, no awards for me!

And i totally agree with you on this : "I feel quite sad for studying in aussie sometimes, 'cause I feel that there was just too many Asians (especially M'sians), and I find that Asians ended up hanging out Asians. I would have loved to mingle around more. :("

Even in Peninsula, there was enough Malaysian/Sporeans around that i gave up making an effort to befriend the Aussies after a while. And to be honest, i never once thought that i was the only one experiencing this. I immediately knew it was happening to everyone of us. Well almost everyone, my bestfriend has no problem getting along with them. She's dating a Greek guy now.

revel in me said...

skim: Hahaha, what bout my impeccable taste in clothes! And in food! And my wit! and my ...modesty, HAHAHA! Thank you, love! <3

estherlauderlyn: Haha, your bf is joel right!! Your bf super high-achiever. T_T And you mean he got invited recently??? After he graduate 4 years ago?? HAHAHAHH why like that! :P And what do you mean, am I too pretty to be studious, HEEHEE. Make him go find you! :D

sue lin: Haha, my dad insisted that I am suitable for medicine, I guess 'cause I the never-say-no type, anything people can do, I can do better. :P And yaaaa, I feel like aussie got too too too many Asians! But good on your best friend! :P