Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I am not a vintage dress"

Random pictures:

Emulating a bat wtf.
In this gorgeous ZARA silk low-back dress with ruched neckline and a braided belt... And ZARA wedges as well.

Is it just me, but whenever I am dressed head to toe in the same label, I feel that I am being boring. -_-

The back of the dress!
Pardon the fat arms, I haven't been going to the gym. :(

We tried out Wendy's!

This was just the medium set-- it was humongous. =/

I got confused, 'cause the Wendy's in Australia sells ice cream; but the US-based Wendy's is actually a fast food joint!

Teeny, who kept on singing the Wendy's advertisement jingle which is aired so often on radio. -_-

Hehehe, Jing looks like a monkey here. :P

I had the 1/4 quarter pounder, it was blah to me. Firstly, there wasn't any cheese in it!! How can burgers not have cheese! Nevertheless, Teeny said that the beef patty is more tender as compared to the ones in McD's. Besides that, I don't really see why it is better than other fast food places. =/

Accompanied Jing to get her driving license done-- her P-license has expired. Oh my gosh, how quickly time has passed, it seems like it was only yesterday that she took driving lessons; and now she is already full-fledged legal driver. T___T
(sorry, currently chatting with Audrey about our age, am a little emo now wtf)

Outfit! Wanted to wear red so that I could put on my new pumps. :D
And the area around the belt/waist is blurred not 'cause it's censored, but my mirror is just really dirty, haha.

Tada, my new pumps! Cream with red trimmings and red suede bows. *loves*
And I think I can wear them for work as well! :)))

Went for bak kut teh since the place to get the license done is in Klang, and we had to have our bak kut teh fix. :P

Yummy bak kut teh! :D

I swear to god, no bak kut teh in the world taste as good as the ones in Klang! Especially the bak kut teh in this shop that we always go back to-- I swear they put drugs in it, 'cause once I have tasted their bak kut teh, I could never go back to the others!!

Meeting up with Jia Meei and Suet.
We went out for loh shee fun! Not helping with my non-gym regime. T___T

This picture is shown because... I AM COCK-EYED IN IT!!!

Haha, wtf I can't get cock-eyed deliberately (y'know how some people can place a finger in the middle of their sight, and can get cock-eyed by drawing their eyeballs towards the finger?), but unknowingly I become this retarded cockeyed monster??? Haih. T_T

With Jia Meei and Suet.
We all took pictures grudgingly, because we were so happily yakking away that we forgot to take any pictures--It wasn't till the end of our day together that we decide to snap some shots for memory's sake!

Which is why I looked so oily in the picture, like a pisang goreng. T__T

Jia Meei, when you see this, have fun in Melbourne aight! :)

Remember you said you will buy some stuff for me? Well, all I'd like are some Red Rock Deli chips (honey soy chicken and sour cream chilli please), Tim Tams (original, thank you), Arnotts famous chocolate chip cookies (that will do), shoes from Bridge Road, waffles from Max Brenner's, hot chocolate from Koko Black, scarfs from Camberwell, mango smoothie from Boost, ox tongue rice from the shop right outside Melbourne Central, Wicked Wings from KFC, any nice clothes, cheap jewelry from Diva...

I'll update you if I think of anything else, HAHAHA! :D :D :D


Oh my god, this has been bugging me for sometime, I really want say something on it.

The term 'vintage' is so over-used.

I browse Malaysian shopping sites/blogs sometimes, and you can't believe the amount of people who claimed that they are wearing/selling vintage clothes! When in fact, they are only selling second hand clothes, or probably wearing clothes with retro prints.

Hmm, maybe the term 'vintage' is not so much over-used, but misused.

According to Wikipedia, vintage clothings are new or second-hand garments originating from a previous era. Therefore, it does not matter whether vintage clothings were pre-worn, the key point is that they were from a 'previous era'. Nevertheless, by technicality, some of the clothes worn/sold on those sites could be classified as vintage considering that they looked like they came from the 90's wtf.

Some interesting vintage clothings' trivia here (all from Wikipedia), generally, to be politically correct, vintage clothes refers to clothing from the 1920s to 1975. Clothing manufactured from 1975 to twenty years ago are called retro clothing, whereas clothing produced more recently is usually called modern or contemporary fashion. Clothes which were produced before the 1920s is referred to as antique clothing.

I have came across so many local shopping sites who sell clothes that I see in Sungei Wang or which could be found in any other mall-- yet labeling them as 'vintage' clothes. Some even go as far as stating that they only sell vintage clothing. -_- There is one site which even called itself "S#$*^%@* Vintage" or something, but surprise surprise, none of the things that they are selling are actual vintage goods. Maybe because the vintage clothing trend is slowly catching on in M'sia, hence these people need to manipulate the term to rope in unknowing buyers. Another phenomenon is people who mistook vintage as being second-hand, and claimed to be selling 'vintage pieces' when in actual fact they are just clothes that they have worn before.

And if you are asking how could I know that they are not vintage pieces-- well, it'd be pretty obvious from the design and the cut of the clothing. Vintage clothing from different eras have the distinctive features and styles of that particular period; and frankly speaking, nothing beats the touch of a piece that has so much history behind it. Some sites which showcase vintage goodies spectacularly are such as : Vintage Lover and SallyJaneVintage.

A quick reference to Urban Dictionary gives a good outlook on vintage items as well:

a type of clothing that is usually only found in vintage shops, goodwills, thrift stores, places like such. these are mainly the ONLY places you can find true 'vintage'.
just because abercrombie sells 'vintage wash' jeans and 'vintage tees' that does NOT mean it's vintage.
Platos closet is NOT vintage, as well.

Just for your information, Plato's closet is a site that sells second hand clothings; which, like what Urban Dictionary mentioned, NOT the same as vintage clothing.

Thus, I am very careful when I introduce my vintage items, or when I sell my clothings online. See here, here, here and here for examples. Only my real vintage goodies are termed so, if not, I will refer to them as vintage-inspired or vintage-looking items. As mentioned in the Urban Dictionary description above, just because certain clothings take on a vintage feel-- as long as they were not produced in previous era, they are not vintage items!

Then there are also people who claimed that they wear vintage clothes-- happily bragging about it, when they are not in anyway vintage! =/ It is a fact, that although people are generally more accepting to the idea of wearing clothes from eons ago, so much that it is becoming a rising trend in M'sia-- you can't deny that it is very difficult to get a hold on vintage clothes in M'sia. Which is why, in general, M'sians don't really wear vintage clothing/items unless they managed to source it from overseas, or they have secret joints which they can dig away, or if they got them online (Examples of some really good sites which sell authentic vintage goods (really gorgeous ones as well, le sigh!): Kuku Vintage and Anouk's Vintage). Some Malaysians who don real vintage goodies and look really good in them are such as Jade, Michelle, Ragga-Muffin etc. :)

Sigh, each vintage piece is truly unique, because not only is there a quirky flamboyance in most of these clothing, they just have so much history behind them, each one tells a story. Whenever I am in a thrift shop or an op shop, and am surrounded by all those beautiful pieces, each with a tale etched in the sleeves, the hem, a collar... There is this sense of curiosity in me, a quiet flame of joy. When I put on a vintage piece, I would imagine the previous owner, and how her story unfolded in the dress. And how my story will go. :) Each vintage piece is not merely a scrap of clothing, it is a cultivation of memories, of tales of passion, of life. Which is why it is quite irksome to me when I see people taint the term. :(

Oooh, wait a minute, another interesting tidbit, I remember reading from somewhere that vintage items could also loosely refer to items of 20 years and above...

If so, I am vintage as well, HAHAHA!


jeanchristie said...

i don't think you have to worry too much about what you can wear at the office.

even tunics or short dresses are allowed (and your pumps can be whatever colour as long as you don't look shabby) as long as they are paired with pants or something =)

look forward to hanging out with you here babe!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the vintage part :/ please dish out to me where to find real vintage goods in malaysia? & you need to bring me shopping :p

Anonymous said...

singapore has deli chips at candy empire where they stock aussie stuff does msia has candy empire too? the two outlets here in sg are at millenia walk and vivocity so u can satisfy ur cravings when u start working here!

Anonymous said...

I so agree about the misuse of the word 'vintage', it seems those Msian sellers think vintage=2nd hand.

I have a high waist vintage skirt -that was originally a dress belonging to my mum from the 60s- that i love to bits. I can't wait to go op-shopping after my exams.

Anonymous said...

agree! Klang's bak kut teh is the best, of the best :P

and here to mention that I'm from Klang and bak kut teh is like a weekly routine for me. and now my dad runs a bak kut teh restaurant too because we simply can't live without it!

mind to tell me that which restaurant you went to? :)

Anonymous said...

WAH hahahahahaha okay I'll try luv! And Fedex it to Singapore or personally bring it over *shiny eyes*

And eh eh I can do the cock eyed thing without using a finger! *blows on nails

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, I never mentioned I am worried about work clothes in this entry! :P No la, after talking to my friend who's working at the same place as I am, I am much more comfortable with the idea of working attire already, so no worries about it! :) And yaya, see you soon! <3

rg: Ya la, really hate it when people misuse the term! :( Erm, actually, vintage goods are not in abundance in KL... But you could keep an eye open for it! Eg. in the Curve's bazaar, sometimes there is this girl who sells old clothes, there are some vintage stuff there, though she's not there consistently... When you shop in KL , lookout for the racks at the back, sometimes they have vintage stuff! :) If not, blackjetta has a good selection as well! :)

joie: AAHHH that's very bad! Haha, do you know I can finish a packet in one seating!!! T__T Omg, I am going to be so fat when I am in s'pore. T__T

leandra: EXACTLY! It's just pathetic on how misinformed they are. =/ Omg, your high waisted skirt sounds amazing! oh no, do you have a blog or somewhere that you show your clothes! I would love to see your buys! <3

wanli: YESSSS!! Although I stay damn fare from Klang.. It's always Klang for bak kut teh for me, I just can't settle for anything else! <3 And hahaha, so cuite la your dad! Love bak kut teh, thus open bak kut teh shop! Actually that's my dream as well.. *shy* Learn how to make fantastic bak kut teh and open a restaurant and spread the love to everyone! :D :D :D Oh, the shop I go to is in.. bukit raja (I think), where the school is? And it's the second shop of the row! Forgot the name though... But got this boss who always wear batik shirts, haha! :P

revel in me said...

jiameei: Hahahaha but that's a very long list worr, are you going to satisfy all my wants and needs! Shit sounds so wrong, haha. Please come see me k! :D

And well, I can become cock-eyed without realizing it, does it mean I win!!!! WTF

alea amin said...


Like i go to websites and saying the clothes is vintage and i was like.... what? and go to boutiques and said their clothes are vintage wtf i wanna cry. wtf the only vintage i see are their old faces. The stuff that sells in Showpink today, now THAT'S vintage.

you're taller than me not fair!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your weight loss is pretty noticeable. Looking good babe ;) And Poppy was lacking without you

revel in me said...

alea: YA LAAA I always get so angry, boiling mad wtf when I see those people making false claims as such! RAWRR!!! Eh, the stuff at showpink today damn nice horrr, did you get anything! :D And aaah, your vintage LV epi is LOVEEEE. <3

smalls: Omg, I didn't lose THAT much weight la! =/ In fact, I still weigh the same.. T___T Aaah, I saw the poppy pics, I feel so sad! :'(

Anonymous said...

your zara dress and wedges very pretty!!!!!! why uk dont have fuck this shit wtf

Chelle said...

Nicely said....

but i guess its a learning process.It didnt take me one day to learn wat vintage is either, plus its still a new flow back in kl.but i think we'll get there soon,and hopefully turn msia into vintage paradise......hoho

and hell yeah with those honey soy delis!Wats with ppl and their salt and vinegar chips. errr....EW?

and ZOMG.....i just found out.......ur sis's car and my sis's car bercolide quite crazily!..-___-. I duno which sis, but i just found out! how crazy is that...hope ur sis's car is all good tho..

mustardqueen said...

michelle: IT IS ME!!! =A= I am so so so so so so guilty about that your mom was telling me your sis Melissa was like kinda shocked kao kao after the bump... damn hard summore T______T haha hope she's feeling better and it is SUCH a small world!!!!!!! And my car is now nicely fixed like a new car haha :P

anyway back to topic: hahaa *sniffs my buys from yesterday* hoho nothing beats the smelly smell from vintage dresses which acts like a drug... hahahahaha I tertagih to that smell already wtf and yalah especially that ******* always claim she damn yeng *PTTUUIIIIII*

"wendy's fresh food made fast"

gwen. said...

okay lah.
later go for bak kut teh for breakfast lah!

klang pride lol.

Anonymous said...

Oh i don't blog anymore but i think i'll start a fashion blog soon, so that would 'force' me to dress up everyday and not just be a I'll give you the link when it's started ok? :)

Accyee said...

i dunno why n how u came to my blog but im glad u did cos i saw from nuffnang n then checked u out, and i love ur blog :) and i have linked u!

revel in me said...

tzeching: What nonsense, how can Zara not have the same things in UK!!! You got damn a lot of nice things there ok.. And you have ASOS.. T__T

chelle: Haha, yaa, I understand that it's still some time before the vintage mania catches on, but still, it infuriates me so when I see how people misuse the term! =/ And omh, YAA, I hate salt & vinegar! It's not real food! And honey soy ones are, haha. And eek, so sorry about the accident... I understand that there were some complications during the negotiations for the repairs, but glad that everything worked out! Say sorry to your sis for me and my sister, pls! :(

mustardqueen: HAHHAHAHA you damn random! And my whole room smells of old clothes now, haha!

gwen: WHEEEE!! But I can never wake up early enough for breakfast in Klang though... Lunch can ar! :P

leandra: Haha, I know what you mean, part of the joy of blogging for me is posting pics of what I wear, HAHAHA.. Looking forward to it, dear, and good luck! :D

accyee: Hmm, I think I was blog-hopping and clicking all over! :D Thanks dear! <3

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, first time commenting heehee! Side note: one of the owners of the online shop you mentioned, 'S******* Vintage', is this year's Miss Malaysia Universe :0

Looking forward to your future posts! Teehee! <3

revel in me said...

claire: Hi claire! *waves* Thank youuuu! <333 and HAHA I KNOWWW!! I was so surprised when I found out, haha. But oh well, it is the truth, she mis-used the term! :P

Anonymous said...

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