Saturday, May 03, 2008

I am a teenybopper.

Thank you, every single one of you who tried to pick me up! I am much better now. :)))

And my stupid sister, she read my post and she was very careful with her words today, although it was obvious from my puffy eyes that I cried last night. Then finally just now she couldn't hold it in anymore, and she asked me "eh you all broke up ar?", and when I told her no, of course not; she said "CEH, then got nothing to gossip about!" and turn at her heels wtf.

Why is my sister so evil!


I wanted to make signs. *shy*

Haha, ya, pretty old news, and pretty unlike me, but I actually went for the MDG finals in OU! This is something big for someone who doesn't even bother to watch Malaysian Idol ok.

The stage and catwalk set up for the event.

Stupid Jing and Teeny who refused to take pictures with me 'cause they said only pure virginal white people can take pictures. T___T

Me being defiant and trying to self-camwhore, acting as if I didn't care that they didn't want to camwhore with me, but actually inside I was shrieking to belong wtf. T_T

I thought my eyes looked really luminous in this picture, and I was so happy!
Until I realized the reason why my eyes stand out in this shot is 'cause I was cock-eyed. T_____T

I really should stop scrunching my face in pictures. Wrinkles wrinkles!

With Teeny, our official photographer for the night.
We were scheming on ways to sneak her into the special 'photographers only' area. :P

And if you still didn't gather as much from the photos, we were actually peering over the stage from the 2nd floor. T__T The show was held at the first floor. T___T That's 'cause we didn't get any invitations for the show, so we were like second class citizens craning our necks to catch a good view. T__T I think Nuffnang actually offered some tickets, but at that time I didn't foresee that I would be that interested in MDG, but I guess I really got hooked onto the show. ;)

This is the VIP area where the people who got invites get to see the show.
Better view, better pictures, not to mention better opportunities to mingle around!


I met Victoria too! Who had invites to the show. T___T
So she watched it from the special VIP area, while I was segregated to the 2nd floor. T___T

And Victoria is damn funny! She was down at the catwalk area, while I was at the 2nd floor, and suddenly I got a text from her.
"Hello. haha so sad. I thought got free food down here. Lol. Sien. No diff whether I am inside or outside. Lolol"
HAHAHAHAHA what is this, only care about free food! :P

Speaking of that, the reason why we could banter through SMSes was 'cause the show started REALLY REALLY LATE. It was supposed to start at 6.30pm, but it only started very close to 8pm. WHAT IS THIS. Atrocious, really! This is taking 'Malaysian timing' a little to far!! And we were all getting increasingly grouchy, 'cause we actually wasted 1 and 1/2 hours standing there waiting for a show that would never start. PISSING OFF.

We even had to stomp off to buy food to replenish our energy, 'cause we haven't had dinner then. :(

HAHAHAHHAHA, Jing eating her Bread Pitt which was not very tasty at all.
Err, no, really, the bread she was eating is called Bread Pitt, HAHAHHA.

And oh, there was a mini drama before the show started! We were all leaning against the railing, looking over to the catwalk from the 2nd floor. And as time passed by, it got more and more cramped as more people huddled around. There was this old-ish Chinese woman who came and stood next to Jing, and she started sticking onto her! Like, placing her arm on the railing on Jing's hand, although it was obvious that there was no space, and she purposely squashed Jing (so that she would move away, I supposed); so Jing told her (rather politely) that she was squashing her and asked to please remove her arm. Then the lady started yelling that it was a public place and that she could be anywhere she liked and she could place her arm where-ever she wanted to! And she told Jing menacingly, "I am a old woman, I will vomit and cough on you!" and proceeded to cough really loudly into Jing's ears and hair and make regurgitating noises every few seconds.


That's not all. She had a huge Jaya Jusco plastic bag filled with stuff, and she placed it ON Jing, so that it was squashing her!!! WTF right. And Jing just kept quiet, although she was getting really pissed already. And the old woman then yanked a nearby man (who looks quite dirty and touchy feely, btw) and pushed him against Jing, while claiming happily that "Come come, squash her! She doesn't let me stand near her 'cause her dress is pretty! Come! You go near her! Touch her! I give you chance!" WTF TOO MUCH RIGHT. And I tried to pull Jing away, 'cause I didn't want to create a scene; we have tried reasoning with her, but she just wouldn't listen; and frankly, it was obvious that the old woman is bonkers; but Jing refused. In the end, Jing erupted, and turned around and raised her voice, "STOP PUTTING YOUR THINGS ON ME!", and the old woman started screaming as well, saying that we are disrespecting her and all that. She then pulled a few teenagers and crushed them onto me.

I just had my stitches done on that day.

So I spun around and showed her my bandage (which was quite bloody by that time), and told her calmly that I just had an operation that day. To cut the story short, she got afraid, and started apologising profusely and ran away.

ARGHHHH. Such rude people! I mean, I know that we have to pay senior citizens a certain amount of respect, but she was absolutely all out to offend and even to hurt. BAH.

The starting of the show!

I thought the girls looked amazing, I loved their make up (very smoky, dramatic eyes and glossy lips)! And they all looked so good in their jeans for this segment, especially Ringo, who was SO HOT in her skinnys! I have always wanted skinnys that looked as if they were spray-painted on. T___T

And I am a Hanis Fan through and through. :))
And judging from the responses online; and the cheers and applause for her during the show, I really thought that victory was in the bag for her.

I thought that there were a lot of signs that night which pointed to her being the winner...
For example, the formation and choreography for the night was mainly focused on her-- Hanis walks in the middle, poses in the center.

And in the beginning, Hanis was the one who wore different outfits from the other 2 finalists-- as if to make her stand out.
(e.g: In this pic, both Adeline and Cindy wore something from the brown family, while Hanis wore black)

(Cindy and Adeline wore skirts, while Hanis took on a pantsuit)

And Hanis had such tremendous support!!!
This was the "Hanis corner", those are her supporters, all wearing shirts with Hanis printed on them! And they cheered SO loudly whenever Hanis steps out. :)))

Haih, but ended up, it was just another case of 'hui wen thinks too much'. :(

Adeline, in a really beautiful batik dress, but she tripped on it halfway down the catwalk, poor thing!

Jay, who was fierrrrrce on the catwalk! I finally understood what people meant when they said she had wind in her hair-- her hair was seriously whipping up and about while she struts her way!
Or maybe she installed turbo fans in her ears wtf.

This Women' Secret catwalk was this only one which required the first girl (Fiqa) to carry its name on a sign; usually the designer's names/brands were just depicted on the TV screen.
For this catwalk the TV screen went off for awhile, and only had static on it, so Jing was like "Eh got signboard 'cause the TV spoiled is it", hahaha, why are we so stupid.

And actually, Fiqa is my favorite girl! :)))
I was damn emo when she was eliminated earlier on, I daresay that she is one of the who has the most potential. :)))

She just looked SO SO SO good on the runway that night-- portraying different expressions and characters according to the different outfits she had to model, le sigh.


Pictures from

FIQAAAAA, so pretty! :)))

The 11 girls (one of them dropped very early in the competition).
I loved the dres Valerie (3rd girl from the front) had on, the cream tulle, so pretty!
I might even let the my bridemaids (in the future la!) wear a dress like that.. Tell me, won't I just be the BEST bride, 'cause I am so nice! :P

Hanis' supporters, and this picture was printed on their striking red shirts:


And then, it was time to announce the winners...

Me, like everyone else thought that Hanis would surely be named the winner.

I really rooted for her, I even voted for her. T__T

So when she was announced as the 2nd runner up, I was still stoning; and even asked Jing, "eh, why they announce the winners in reverse order? Shouldn't they announce the 2nd runner up first?"


Surely I should have been smart enough to pick up the hint from Elaine Daly (the host for the night) right before she announced the winner; she said, "Don't blame us for the winner k, remember, this is based on SMS voting, you all voted for the results!"

Because Cindy won first place.
Sigh, I really really dislike Cindy. She is not striking at all, and is mediocre at best. And the worst thing is, her attitude sucks. When she won, there were sounds of 'boos' interweaving through the crowd, and from my view, I could see quite a few people showing the thumbs-down.

It's not a secret that Cindy's family voted viciously to keep her in the competition, and now, to win it. Even Elaine Daly told Cindy, 'you know you have a lot to thank your family for'.

And I find the scariest thing is that when they announced Adeline as the 1st runner-up (which was equivalent to announcing Cindy as the grand winner), Cindy looked so calm. There was no emotions, no tearing, no clamping hand over mouth to muffle screams of joys. She just stood there, cool and collected, almost.. expectant. Did she knew she was going to win already?????????

And look at how smug she looked after that.

SIGHHHHH. I can't think of a more undeserving winner.


With Hanis the Manis!
Who is SO pretty in real life.

In fact, after we took this picture with her, we planned to photoshop her to be as big as us, because she is half of our size. T___T

Hanis is so much more deserving! Even Andrew from Andrew Models said that she's his favorite; and professionals in the fashion industry were all rooting for her.


You are the true winner, after all! :)

And when I grow up, I want to be as skinny as you!!!!!


mustardqueen said...

Eh u damn drama la!!! T___T You took my stage pictures again before I posted it up SIGHHHHHH!!!! Why la you so kan jiong wanna post it up hahahaha/// I damn busy ok T_T

Anonymous said...

eh why i cant see most of the photos?? line slow or wat ha? the photos jz cant load :(

Anonymous said...

"Don't blame us for the winner k..."

HAHAHAHAHAH. priceless! elaine daly also don't support the winner.

and i hate senior citizens who think, just because they're old, they're entitled to act however they want to, as if the world owes them something, and give that stupid excuse. old doesn't mean you can be rude, ok. ish. poor hui jing. so geli man.

Anonymous said...

oh btw, fiqa looks better during the finale than the entire time in the competition. don't know why. :/

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Erm, I thought we agreed that the DSLR could zoom to take better pictures, hence we would be using your camera? And it isn't a competition of who posted first. -_-

anonymous: IS ITTTT.... :((( Hmm, the pictures load ok for me! And my photobucket bandwidth hasn't been exceeded (yet, haha).. Maybe it's just the connection? :)

foongjin: YA LA damn emo when she said that, Jing was like, "SHITTTT why would she say that if Hanis won!!" T___T And ya, I know we have to pay due respect to old people, and I am sure to some of the outsiders that night in OU, it looked as if we were bullying the old woman, but ARGGHHH, sometimes, you just have to stand up for yourself. And fiqaaaa! <333 I think she really grew in the competition! She is soooo pretty in real life! <3333

Adeline said...

fiqa looks amazing on stage! i think some people are way too mean to cindy, but she just doesn't give me a good vibe either. i don't know how to explain it. i liked jay though, and jean was one of my good friends back in college.

and that aunty is crazy. don't know what's wrong with her, threatening such things.

Anonymous said...

eh i think having side swept bangs was a good idea, i think you look wayy cuter now ok, not that you weren't before. :)

And that old lady damn crazy la, why abuse her seniority 'card' like that, i know we should respect our elders, but how to respect someone who acts like a 6 year old right?

alea amin said...


eww i hate that chao cibai cindy. i bet her parents voted her like crazy wtf.

I LOVE HANIS'S FIERCE FACE! but i hate when she opens her mouth and talks because its very gedik for me to handle T-T

wέι εяи said...

hope you're alright now! came too late to comment on the previous post. *huggies*
I expected Hanis to win alsooo. She's the real MDG in the audience's eyes. Cindy is freaking rich! She has a swimming pool in her own house!!! So, how can she not win this competition? Sigh...

Anonymous said...

Hello Hui Wen, been a silent reader for a while now.
Just wanted to say you look gorgeous in that candy coloured dress :)

revel in me said...

adeline: Ya, Fiqa was absolutely breathtaking onstage! It won't be exaggerating to say that she stole the show. :) And I personally quite dislike Cindy.. She is just... meh. And is Jean nice in real life! :P

leandra: T______T Thank you so much.. Finally someone notices the difference of me with side bangs and my coconut bangs! :P And yaaa, I was damn pissed with her... And y'know what, this isn't the first time I've met pissy elderly people... Maybe I'll blog about them one day! :P

alea: I KNOWWWW she makes the rest of us look bad, damn that fiqa.. T___T And HAHHAAH chao cibai cindy has a ring to it!! Alliterasi wtf. And got damn a lot of evidence that her parents voted for her kao kao ok... Even her dad didn't dare to show face during the night of the finals, he kept on hiding although the host asked for him a few times. GOT SOMETHING TO HIDE, MR. TEY?? wtf. And errr, not too bad la the way Hanis speaks-- considering she's only 17!! :P

wei ern: Thank you, dear!! I ma much better now. :))) And gasp, do you know cindy in real life, hgow you know she has a pool i her house!! I was so disappointed when she won ok, really regretted not bringing rotten eggs and tomatos; YES I WAS THAT PISSED. T___T

mel: Thank youuuu!! You're too sweet. <333 And don't be silent anymore! I am a closet comment whore, HAHA. :D

Schmae said...

i would've slapped that old hag. >(

(i'm actually a VERY nice person)


Anonymous said...

eh i swear if got auntie rude to me ah... i will just swear at her and call security wtf. or just talk to her in a very patronizing voice wtf.

anyway ya i like hanis she very sweet! but i think cindy is a bit misunderstood la due to her lack of maturity and she herself also damn stupid dunno how to act in front of a camera!

revel in me said...

schmae: Haha, I think the most angelic person would slap that woman!!

tzeching: My sister was going to call her gangster friend, HAHAHA. And I don't know la, I genuinely dislike Cindy! =/ It's like, she's seriously lacking in charisma.. and just plain unlikeable. BAHHH. Damn angry that she won.

Anonymous said...

hi, another silent reader here (but not so silent anymore, hehe)

love reading your blog, you and your sisters have such great taste in clothes

this may sound kinda weird but i have a white dress that's similar to what jing was wearing and the top part is sheer so not sure whether i should wear a slip or something underneath, any advice?

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, thank you! <333 Well, yaaa, she wore a slip underneath! Her dress was completely sheer as well.. =/ I TOTALLY recommend getting slips, I have 2 myself, one white V-neck one, and another skin colored one (which is made of lycra). The best would be V-neck, tight and skin colored! So that you can match it with more outfits. :) It's quite sakit hati to spend money on slips initially, 'cause it's something to be worn underneath wtf, for example, jing refuses to get her own, and always steal mine; but you'll find it's a really worthy investment! A whole new world of outfits will open up to you, HEEHEEHEE. :D

Anonymous said...

haha, i also feel damn sakit hati to spend on slips, which is why I have a few unworn sheer tops and dresses hanging in my wardrobe, but I think it's time I get one, I've been looking high and low but it's almost impossible to find a nice one, any recommendations of places that sells reasonably priced slips? :)

Hanis Zalikha said...

Thank you oh so mucho mucho! Your fashion sense rocks! I'll keep updating, and please, you too sweetheart.

revel in me said...

brenda: YAAAA before I got slips, I always steered far far away from sheer tops/dresses, even white dresses! But, now, everything is easy breezy cover-up for me, HAHAHA. Hmm, I got mine from Melbourne, but I reckon any proper lingerie shops/brands should have!!! Just try Triumph or something like that, I am very sure they will have! :)

Hanis: My loveeee! <333 Aku sayang pada mu. :P

Unknown said...

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