Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have my arm back.

I got my stitches out already! :D

Warrior stance this afternoon, before heading off to lunch and subsequently the clinic.

And my mom was damn nice, she brought us to Bakerzin, and stuffed us silly. I suspect she knew that removing stitches would hurt. T___T

Very very little pictures of our food, 'cause my mom tsk-tsk-ed at me for snapping pictures of my food, and hence hindering people from digging in. :(

Crabmeat and avocado salad, one of my favorites in Bakerzin! With baked cheese and cream sauce.. MMMM.

Caramel ice cream with chocolate and peanut butter and rice crispies, how can you not love something like that!!
And creme brulee at the back. I want to learn how to make creme brulee! :P

Caramelized banana pizza with vanilla ice cream.
Didn't touch this, because I don't eat bananas.

I just don't like the fibre-y taste of it! =/

And heehee, removing stitches didn't hurt! In fact, it was over before I realised. I am so happy to get rid of the bloody plaster, I got a lot of weird looks from people whenever I was out. T___T

Victory sign wtf.
Look at the mini plaster I have on now! Barely noticeable right!

I should be able to take it off in a few days' time; I just have to diligently rub some scar-removing cream, and I reckon I should be as good as new. :)

And OHHH, I got my pathology report back!!!
I am OK!! No skin cancer or any malignancy whatsoever! :D :D :D

Seeing my stitches removed (not that I actually watched it being removed, I am too scaredy-cat for it, haha) has given me the confidence that the wound is healed. 'Cause it's just hard to imagine that my arm is ok when the bloody bandage was on it (I was not supposed to remove the bandage)-- in fact, I feel like a tub of lard now, 'cause I haven't been going to the gym for the fear of splitting the stitches. T__T

But HAHA, I went to Mambo the day after I went for the operation! :P
I am damn gung-ho to club, although I could only dance with one arm. T__T

And oh! Haha, damn funny, I wore this for dinner with the boyfriend right before Mambo:


The boyfriend asked me hopefully: Are you wearing that for clubbing later?
Me: Of course not! It's inappropriate for clubbing! *sniffing disapproving at my boyfriend's fashion sense wtf*

HAHAHHAA 'cause he's damn sour and sensitive from the dress which I wore for my birthday! Too revealing. T__T So now I am on probation wtf. I guess that's why he was hoping fervently that I would wear a puffed sleeves knee length dress for clubbing, HAHAHA.

But my dress quite pretty right. :)
BUT! Insist it's more suitable for high tea or a classy dinner.

Baby, maybe next time, haha!

At Mambo:


I stayed over at her place that night; because if not, my dad would start summoning me home at 12am wtf.
When in Smalls' room, I saw the dress she was wearing..

me: Eh we both wearing yellowwwww!!! *proceeds to jump around the room*
Smalls (to her mom): Mummyyyyyy!! Why my friend like that wannnn!!


With Jen Ai.

Jen Ai and Smalls are both 5 feet-minus-a-bit, but Smalls kept on insisting that I belong in the same group with them!!!! BOOO.

Jen Ai wears pretty falsies!

She's the sweetest thing, when I complimented her on her eyelashes and asked her where she got them from, she straightaway offered to buy them for me. T__T

By the way, I have given up on false eyelashes since I tried it once for my ball and I looked like an Arabian ah kua wtf.

Brian and his pet.

And we look like a 2-headed monster in this picture!!!! O_O

Happy juice brings out the best in us, haha!

Arvind has really loooooooong arm hair.

And haha, Jen Ai damn bad, she calls him "Ah Black"! And he answers, HAHAHA.

Me (you can see a little of my bandage on my arm), Shannon, Smalls.
YELLOW group!!!
And those are "Y" signs that we were forming, haha.

Brian, Jen Ai, Arvind, Jon, Ming Wei.
BLACK group.
Seriously, we were only dressed in yellow or black that night! :P

And whatever color Arvind wore, he would still be placed in the BLACK group wtf.

Yellow and black. Bumblebee wtf.

Petrina and Shannon!

I climbed onto the stairs to take this picture for them, and I was so proud and happy, and the next thing I knew, I have tumbled down and now I have 4 bruises on my knees. T__T

Andrew, who is as stoned as I remembered wtf.

"We live on the edge".

Although I won't go bungee jumping 'cause I have a fear of heights, I chose shopping over surfing, and the fastest I have ever driven is 140km/h; damn right, we do! :P

"Come come, 'no more alcohol' face!!"
HAHAHHA damn retard my friends.

Brian and a very akward pose from me. -_-

Haih, no matter how expressive I am, Andrew still gives me the same expression. T__T

My model-esque friend, Shannon. :P

My model-esque friend, Jon.

... who insisted that I took a picture of his butt. T__T

Good enough to eat! :P

I look so thin here. *big shiny eyes*

Omg, the difference between guys and gays is only an alphabet wtf.

Jen Ai is a Hypertune model!!
So here she is, teaching the others to do the 'pop one leg' pose. :P

Jon, the pimp.

Brian saw our pose, and started waving his hands, "I want I want also!"

So we walked stealthily to his either side, and when he was not noticing...


This was supposed to be our 'wholesome, goody-goody' pose!
But for Jon, it was the same as his 'pimp' pose. -_-


And gosh, I love Topshop. T___T
I tried on 10 items today, and besides 2 which didn't fit ('cause my butt is too big), I wanted everything else. T____T
I am marching back there with some gift vouchers I got for my birthday; but I don't know how to decided in between the 7 ('cause I brought one home already, heehee). T___T

And oh, that reminds me! I was in ZARA with my mom today, and I showed my mom this working shirt that I wanted to buy (it's a crisp baby blue shirt with a white collar and cuffs).

mom: EEYEERRRRRRR!!! So uglyyyyy!! *scrunches up nose and looked at the shirt as if it's a dead animal*
me: Mummy, it's nice la! Working clothes is like that wan!
mom: You really have to wear this type of clothes mehh! So ugly!!

Haih, even my mom thinks working clothes are ugly and sad. T_T I have been slowly adding some items to my working clothes collection; but I guess there will come a time when I really have to do some serious working clothes shopping. =/

That reminds me, anyone of you can recommend me nice (i.e. HOT) COMFY high-heeled pumps for work? Emphasis on comfort (but HOT). I don't paying a bit more (but in the few hundreds ok, so Jimmy Choos are out of the question wtf), but it has to be comfortable. Thank you! :)


Tanya said...


umm i've been silently reading your blog for waaay too long now haha but i love your posts and seriously babe you're hilarious :P (i think i found you from jaclyn!) anywayyy uh just because i'm madly in love with my worky shoes i thought i should mention - i so recommend nine west! a bit pricey perhaps but sooooo comfy AND they have really hawt designs too, you should check them out :)


Cynthia said...

*big loud gasppppppp*

You're dramachinadoll arent you :D on STKL. i recognize your room background ;) and the LV bag hoho.

sorry, big revelation!

Anonymous said...

hush puppies isn't that bad afterall :)

alea amin said...

gimme gimme gimme wtf.

Anonymous said...

what happened to your arm?!!? why never tell me anything about it! *sulks wtf

Suet Li said...

eh aud ketinggalan zaman! she damn itchy went and poke the pencil lead into her arm now got mole edi wtf so had to remove!
and i love your first and 2nd dress!! damn chiffonish? and classy and nice!

Anonymous said...

agree-eth with tanya! nine west is the love. at least it is to me hehe and yes it maybe pricey but its definitely worth it. i got most of nine west at clearance and clearance is like everywhere and all e time here in the states.

you could check out aldo too. has awesome, lovely shoes so you may wanna check it out!

hope that helps, hon!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

she's all things nice. haha. dramachinadoll is hui jing and mustard queen is teeny!!!

revel in me said...

tanya: Haha, thank you, dear! :D Why you read for so long, now only you comment, boooo.. :P And I am so crappy, I have been noticing that I get comments that I am 'hilarious' (specifically that word wtf), so I googled up its exact meaning, haha! It's 'arousing great merriment; extremely funny', why got arousing wan, HAHA!
And you're my savior!!! I was contemplating Nine West myself (and Aldo); but I don't really know anyone who has Nine West PUMPS... But now I know! YAYYYY I am going to have a look soon! THANK YOU! <333

cunthia: HAHAHHAAH why you so cute! But no la, dramachinadoll is my sister! I sell things on stkl as well, I leave comment on your next sale k! :P

wanli: I bought hush puppies for my internship, but the leather stretched really easily! :( So within 1 week, I had a pair of shoes which were 1 size too big. :(
Damn sad somemore, 'cause I apid quite a bit for the shoes, and wore it for 5 days. T__T

alea: Haha, dear, I sold it already! T__T Why you never stalk selltrade wtf. T___T

aud: Do you read my blog! T__T *hurt wtf*

suet li: HAHHAHA why you made me sound like an idiot simply poke lead into my body! T__T And haha, ya la, 'caus eon probation now mah, so must wear girly and classier, HAHAHA!

yoursilentbigfanreaderofrevelinme: Why you so malu to show up! T___T And haha, your nickname it too long, I couldn't see what the whole thing said!!! :P And ooh, ok la, now I am confirmed believer in Nine West already! But you're damn lucky, you're in the states, I bet the clearance sales there are awesome right! :P And sigh,'s stuff, so cute!! but my heart broke a little when I saw that they only ship to US. T___T

PS: Don't be so malu already k! :P

supadupalongnickname: Hahaha, why you so observant! :P And your comment was too long too, I couldn't view the whole thing. :(

fei: Why are you so clever! :P Are you from stkl? :)

Adeline said...

cutesygirl ships to singapore via vpost =) but shoes very hard to buy online in my opinion.

i have yet to find any really comfortable shoes but scholl's gel cushions really work for me. charles and keith shoes are not comfy at all! but i've gotten used to them.

Anonymous said...

Haha..your clubbing pics damn funny. Were you super drunk or just extremely happy? :P

And damn girl, i am soo jealous of your collection of dresses ok! haha...i love love dresses and wear them all the time but now that its almost winter i cannot la cause its getting too cold and i hate tights/leggings so i think i have to start wearing jeans but i hate jeans so i dunno la its a lose lose situation. T_T

lol sorry for rambling.

alea amin said...

!!!! sold already?!?!



Sophia said...

There is no such thing as a comfy pair of pumps :P Seriously! lol

Are you moving to Singapore when you start work? What about your family and your boyfriend!

I loved your lace puffy sleeved bubble dress. That's so cute hehe.

And I can't believe you are friends with Dawg Face/Ming Wei and Arvind! What a small world :)

Anonymous said...

ZOMGGGG!!! its me.. its me.. the one who bought the dress fromm yaaa lol... omg next sale when? @@!! I lupppp luppp your blog.. omg i sounds like a stalker n lunatic = =

eggster said...

eh sweettss! i was at KLCC's Isetan 2 weeks back and they're having 50% clearance sales for Nine West shoes and bags; if you get 2 items you'd get additional 10% off somemore. STEALLLL righhtt? not too sure when it ends but def worth checking it out! : )

get all the 7 piece of kainssss from TopShop baybeee! : D

Steph Tee said...

Try Aldo =) Nice shoes with reasonable price =)

jeanchristie said...

wheeeeeeeeee! i'm back online!

yeah, speaking of shoes, its so difficult to find good ones ;( no fun when you have to walk around in them day in day out damnit.

aldo don't look very comfy though >.<

is ninewest cheaper in KL? i'm making a trip back (again) nx weekend for a week heee xD

mustardqueen said...

hahah omg If i wanna find shoes they recommend me nine west imma slap e hoe outta them... BECAUSE THEY ONLY MAKE UP TO FRIGGING SIZE 8 BITCH!! cibai nine west... Kisses big feet... T_T

revel in me said...

adeline: Haha, serious???? Yayyy means I can stalk the site with peace in my head and heart now, haha. But yea, I wouldn't dare to buy shoes online. But em clothes? *hopeful* haha! And hmmm, gel cushions won't help if the pumps pinch your toes right.. T__T

And I know what you mean, Vincci shoes haven't gotten any comfortable, I have just used to them! :'(

leandra: Hahaha, I am extremely happy(hyper more like it) when I am sober, can you imagine when I am tipsy!! :D :D :D And thank youuu! My dresses thank you, haha! <333 But I quite like the look of dresses teamed with tights/opaques! Unfortunately it's a look that I can't afford in KL now (too hot).. T__T I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole trenchcoat/jacket + dress + tights/opaques + hot pumps look! <3 And I hate jeans now too, haha. Can't wear jeans in M'sia, I always feel like I will melt. T_T And yaaaa, I'll never never never wear jeans with dresses, FUGLY! Oh ya, whereabouts are you now? :)

And seee, I ramble too! :P

alea: Pleeaaaaase forgive meeeeeee! T______________T

sophia: Hahahahah why must you burst my bubble!!!!! There must be ONE pair out there for me!! T___T

And heeee why so many people like that dress! And I only met ming wei that night!!! *is he called dawg face, HAHAHA)

And ya, I'll be moving to s'pore. :( I am damn emo now myself now.:(

abbyc: Hhahahah, yaaaaa I remember youuu! :P Too bad I didn't get to meet you that day! And my sale is on now, faster go seee! :D And heehee, thank you! <3 *sayangs*

eggster: T______________T You're like my life saviorrrr!! Thank you thank you thank you! And if really got nice pumps there, I think my feet will kiss you in gratitude, hahaha! And cannottt, no moneyyy. :((((

babysteph: Is nine west or aldo better ya?(in terms of comfort) :( I personally feel that Aldo is more CFM, whereas nine west is classier! Either works for me, HAHAHA!

jean: You've found a place to stay already? :) Help me keep a lookout PLEASEEE! T__T And haih, what to do, for the sake of looking good, have to suffer *a bit*. Now trying to mitigate the discomfort by buying better shoes, haha. And I am not sure where is nine west cheaper, but if I am not mistaken, the prices are comparable after conversion. :)

mustardqueen: WTFFFFFF are you serious????? Then jing also cannot wear wtf. How can they discriminate like that!!!!

Sophia said...

Nine West makes up to size 11 but naturally because Malaysia is the land of the tiny midgets, they only import up to size 8s there. Silly, right?

Well I heard the comfiest pumps are from Ferragammo and Louboutins but they look so painful and high! I think Gucci is supposed to be good too. But obviously all those are in the thousands of Ringgit.

Haha Ming Wei and his friends came up with the name Dawg Face for everyone when we were in college so it's kinda a form of greeting for when I see him lol.

Anonymous said...

I know right! Whoever made that jeans + dress trend should've been fired. And seriously, malaysia is way too hot for jeans. When i was visiting home i wore shorts every single day. Cannot tahan la!

I'm in Queensland now, haha no need to be specific la cause people usually don't know the town where i'm at. But i'm close to brisbane and the gold coast. I'm still at uni but i'm graduating soon and i am so dreading the 'look for a real job' phase. :( I'm probably gonna apply for PR, i think malaysia is too small for me. :)

/end ramble.

Anonymous said...

i heard louboutins are very comfortable! 4-5 inch heels and u can stand for like 8 hours on them (quoted from gwyneth paltrow wtf) but haihhhhh so expensive! and seriously no such thing as comfortable super high heels wan la! i got this pair from aldo which is like 4 inches and it's relatively comfortable as in i dont wince with every step i take wtf but i walked for 4 or 5 hours in them and had a blister la wtf. but all's good la because after you break them in it's fine wan! either that or my legs have no more pain receptors wtf.

Tanya said...

haha shy la! like some random stalker. 'arousing' huh! interessting :P

oh yeah nine west (and aldo and just about any other non-msian brand) IS kinda pointless in msia if you have big feet (like me boofreakinghoo) which is why i've to shop for shoes here in the UK! imma stock up like crazy before i head back in july :D

aaahh sweet louboutins, there will come a day i own thee. :))

Anonymous said...

T____t the food is so sinful looking I just died because it's the middle of the night already

revel in me said...

sophia: Oh goshhhhhh I would love to own a pair of louboutins! :'( And I've been lusting over this pair of ferragammo ballet flats, prettiest thing ever. <333 SIGH, unfortunately, I don't think that's my parents' idea of a 'practical' pair of working shoes. :P And HAHAHHA, next time when I see him I am going to call him dawg face, nyehehe! :P (so he's from du?)

leandra: Haha, I was in a 'shorts-only' phase when I first got back, and now I am just wearing a lot of dresses, AIRY, haha! And boo, so lucky, you get to apply for PR.. Sometimes I still wonder hwo it'd be like if I have stayed in Melbourne. Sigh. :(

tzeching: HAIHHHHH how to afford louboutins nowwww. Even if you tell me I could fly in them, I would have to tell you, "There there, maybe next time" WTF. T__T And ey, to be able to walk 4,5 hours in a 4 inches high shoes is DAMN good ok!! Should I get aldo now. <333

tanya: Yaaaa, my sister is always damn emo 'cause it's really difficult for her to get shoes here! But BOO, I hate you, you get to be in the UK. *sulk and bitter* :P YESSHHHH, one day! Nothing less than louboutins for us. :D :D :D

michelle: I am so sorry.. T__T I hate seeing delicious food pictures in the middle of the night too.. T__T

Sophia said...

Oh do you mean the patent pastel coloured ballet flats with the big grosgrain bow on it? I love those Ferragammo flats! I'm a bit of a sucker for their things cos it has bows on them :P

LOL sure you can call him dawg face. No he's not from DU, we became friends in college. I think he's from Subang, like Arvind. But Arvind was from SU and Ming Wei is from SJ, if I'm not mistaken.

jeanchristie said...

teeny: i think shopping in aussie would suit you perfect because of of the shoe sizes ahaha, at least they're REALISTIC! ... I suspect Msia is still in denial that people actually have bigger feet sizes than just 7 or 8.

hui wen: yeaa .. finally got my internet up etc :D there's actually an extra room but the owner didn't seem keen to rent it out cos i asked before.

revel in me said...

sophia: Is it the one with the gold plate and the bows???? I LOVE THAT ONE!!! And so many delectable colors to choose from! <333 Haha, wow, I didn't even know Arvind is from SU although I was pulling his arm hair the whole night-- my bf is from SU as well! :P

jean: Aiyo, that's so sad! :( I still haven't found a place to stay yet, damn worried! :(