Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'll have it sunny side up.

The boyfriend's cousin, Chin Leong's, birthday at Italiannies'-- with some of the cousins here!

Yes, my boyfriend has a massive extended family!! Fifteen uncles and aunties yo! o_O

IF I marry my boyfriend, in the future, every Chinese New Year, we would go brankrupt wtf.

Damn stupid the pictures below, you could almost see my train of thought, haha.

"Happy smile for the camera!"

"Eh, the camera still on me???"

"OI, gimme back my camera!"

The restaurant crew making things difficult for the birthday boy: he had to blow out the candles from a distance using a straw!!!

And he did it in less than 5 seconds!!! Obviously he got a lot of digs about blow jobs after that, HAHAHA.

And I wore jeans for the second time since I came back home!! (besides the first day I was back and went to Genting)

First time wearing my Bettina Liano's jeans, which fit like a dream!
If you don't look at my love-handles spilling out wtf.

Heh, sorry, very proud of my jeans. :P

M'sia is just TOO TOO HOT for jeans! Especially skinnys, which are the only types I wear now. =/


Random pictures from today:


Because we had a 'good face' day, haha.

I hate to take pictures with Jing nowadays, 'cause the color contrast between our hair is so huge! :(

Why do I looked like I saw a naked man streaking across the street! -_-

Got kutu in my hair wtf.

And for people who tell Jing and I that we look alike (thought slightly less now that she has short hair)..



Same pose (unplanned! *heart*), same side bangs, similar sunnies, same tongue wtf.


HAIHHH, I love these pictures, we looked so fair and pretty! <3

Am I the only one who is not at Tiesto now. :(


Anonymous said...

why your leg 'terkangkang' again when you take pic in front of the full-length mirror? =p but..but... love the jeans!!! =)

awww. adorable pic on the photo frame! <3

jing's top sooooooooo nicee! and and.. both of u look really really pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you hardly wear jeans. You look so good in them! :) OH DAMN, we wee suppose to have lunch yesterday. I forgot to plan!

alea amin said...


im not at tiesto too! let's make a rave on who's not at tiesto tonight wtf. i like your photos with Jing. Natural Sunlight is the best :D

Anonymous said...

2 days of freedom is over... nah didnt go as well .. muahaha u look good in skinny jeans!! wear more don't wear so many dresses okay.. sell it lollll *EVIL*

Anonymous said...

Haha...Alea, my exact sentiment. Not used to seeing Hui Wen in jeans. :P

Eh who's the eldest sister? I'm guessing it's Jing (not to say that she looks the oldest) but just from the fact that she's the one who's already working? Haiya dunnola, you 3 sisters all look so young and youthful.

Simon Seow said...

Nope, you're not the only one.

ally said...

omg i hate u guys u have such nice weather to wear dresses and shorts while i have to be rugged up all the time in like 10 different layers of clothes T________T


Anonymous said...

LEANDRA, I DON'T WORK! T________________T If you count shopping as a profession, then yeah work really hard! :D AND NO, I'M NOT OLDER! T____________T YOU MEAN I LOOK LIKE I'M 25 ARRRRRRR COS THIS HUI WEN IS DAMN OLD WTFFF! ;Pp

I'm sooo emo nowwwwww! T___________________________________T

Anonymous said...

Hey! yeah you look good in jeans! btw, are u close to ur brother? u seldom mention about him though. have a nice day! =)

Anonymous said...

lol....Jing don't emo la. You don't look old ok!! I tarik balik what i said, Hui wen is the oldest and she looks older than you times 10. all seriousness, so hard to tell you guys punya age la, you all look damn youthful ok, like teenagers.

revel in me said...

Haha, I was hoping no one would notice! Haih, I think it's a subconscious movement to appear skinnier wtf. And hee, why are you so observant! My bf made me the photo frame err, damnn long ago, haha! :P


smalls: Damn hot ok in kl!! I feel like melting whenever I am in skinnys. T__T And YAAA, I remembered, but I wasn't sure you were still keen on it, 'cause I remember you told me that you're going for the french film festical! :( HOW LAAA, when only will I see you. :(

alea: HAHAHHA why so shocking that I am in jeans!! Haih, our rave sure damn cool, hee. :P And yaaaa, I fully agree!! All my pictures under sun usually appear flawless (which obviously I am not wtf)!! :D

abcchin: Hahaha, so do you really mean the compliment or not!! Or is it an evil plot to get me to sell all my dresses.. :P

leandra: HAHAHHA why is everyone so shocked to see me in jeans??!!!! Is it a good thing ar. =/ And no la, jing is not working!! We are 4 years apart in fact, though you can't tell, NOT INDICATING ANYTHING JING wtf. :P

simonseow: Haihhh why are we so sad. :(

ally: WAHHH melbourne so cold already?? But I like cold (sometimes wtf), 'cause I like playing with layering! :( I miss wearing gorgeous jackets and boots! :(

jing: Eh fark you la, people thought you were a teacher when you told them you're still a student, HAHAHAHA. *sayangs* Don't emo k, we shall be forever young. :D

melissa: Thank you!! Haih, now got incentive to wear jeans more often, haha. HAHAH I showed my brother your comment (are we close?), and he told me to answer NO so that can create drama, HAHAHAH. Err, anyway to answer your question, my brother is a computer geek wtf so he is more interested in his games than us. T__T Haha!

leandra: T___________________T What is this about me looking older times 10. Do you want to see headlines tomorrow: Girl throws self off 20-storey bulding. T____________T

Haha, Jing and Teeny are really teenagers! But yayyy, thank you, I would love to remain a twenteen forever. :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

u're very pretty :)