Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost and found.

Drama of yesterday: I found out I lost my Tiffany and Co. necklace!!!
The silver heart pendant that I always, always have around my neck... The one that my boyfriend gave to me as a farewell present when I left for Melbourne...


And the thing was, I actually did know where it was!!! I went for a facial the day before, and I remembered taking it off (usual facial policy), but I didn't remember putting it back on. I reckoned it would either be in the changing room, or in the pocket of the fluffy white robes that I had to put on.

I only realised it at about 10 at night, so it was too late to call the facial parlor to check. And what made my stomach sunk even lower was the fact that it was more than 24 hours since I have lost the necklace-- if the facial people have found it, I would have gotten a call long ago. :(

And the boyfriend was really upset when he heard that I lost the necklace (he tried to restrained himself from sounding too sad/disturbed, but I could tell. :((( )

Anyway, to cut the story short, I have found it! *biggest sigh of relief* I went back to Cellnique today, and it was still it the bathrobe that I wore! It barely took the lady 2 minutes to retrieve the necklace and pushed it into my trembling hands. Hallelujah! :D

Of course, now I have no excuse to get the other Tiffany & Co. necklace that I have been eyeing WTF.

And in case you are wondering how could it take me 1 whole day to realise that the necklace was gone when I have been wearing it around my neck everyday.

I wore this on Saturday (lost the necklace on Friday night):

Scarf around my neck!
So I didn't get to notice the disappearance of the heart pendant from my d├ęcolletage. -_-

The boyfriend: (jokingly) You lose your things so easily! How am I ever going to buy you more Tiffany & Co. !!
Me: Ceh, I don't want want Tiffany & Co. already! (acting macho/don't want to lose face, 'cause err, I am PMS-ing)
The boyfriend: Fine, then how am I ever going to buy Bvlgari !!!

Aah! Why is my boyfriend so well-educated, haha.

And in case you're wondering, this conversation took place after I found the necklace. If I haven't found it, he wouldn't be so kind and friendly with me wtf.

My mom came home today...
... sporting a short chic bob ala Posh Beckham!


I can't believe it!! My mom!!! Who has had long hair as far as I remembered!
Who screamed murder a month ago 'cause the hairstylist cut her hair 2 inches shorter than what she wanted!
OMG. I still can't believe it.
But she looks mighty great in her new hair! Really sophisticated, and she looks much younger (my mom's everlasting quest wtf).

Sigh HOW LAAA even my mom has tried out a short-do; but I will never ever do it. Because my face is the shape of a mantau; size of a giant mantau.

And heehee, we went to Sunway Lagoon today, and I didn't turn black!
*pats myself on back*


Anonymous said...

ok, the starting of your post quite scary, but thank goodness you found it!

and you wore heels to sunway lagoon?!?!

Simon Seow said...

Why is your boyfriend so rich?

Eri Peng said...

hello morning huiwen~~

found your blog~~ ekekeke :D
nice meeting you the other day ...


revel in me said...

foongjin: Yaaa, I know!! I think my bf will kill me if I have lost it. =/

And haha, NO LA, I went to sunway lagoon on sunday! The outfit was for saturday! :)

simon seow: Are you saying that my bf is rich because he bought me a tiffany necklace? Please check the price of the necklace before you make such assumptions. And he saved for a mighty long time to buy me something I like for a special occasion. If you are referring to the bvlgari, I was merely kidding that he is educated, not rich. And we were joking, we do a lot of that. Couples do that a lot. Gosh.

eripeng: Haha, hi dear! It was my leasure! :)

Anonymous said...

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Thanks and take care,

Anonymous said...

At first i was like 'Oh Noes!!' but then luckily you found it, otherwise you would've been mighty upset.

OHOHOH i might(actually confirmla) get that necklace for my birthday from the boy! Yay! I was looking for a necklace for a long time but then i saw you wearing this one and i was sold. I like how it's really simple yet chic. So yes, thank you for making up my mind.:P

Lol mantaus are cute ok.

Anonymous said...

omg i love your style. and your bag is so vintage me loikee. you should join chictopia!

p.s: you and your boyfy make such a cute couple =)

Anonymous said...

heyy beb,

which cellnique do you go to? my aunt owns (partly) cellnique/cres. hahaha.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! That is like your "Carrie Moment"!! Remember in Sex and the City, when Carrie lost her necklace and then found it in the hem of her handbag. You have your carrie moment now!

My carrie moment will come by finding a hot boy in my room....

Anonymous said...

oh i LOVE ur bag! where did u get it?
btw, ur bf looks alot like a senior from my high school back in hometown. LOL

Anonymous said...

u def lost weighT!!!\\


revel in me said...

leandra: Omg, that is awesome!!! It was the same with me too, I knew I wanted a heart pendant, but I just couldn't find one that was... classy and simple enough, something that I would want to wear all the time-- 'cause you know hearts have a tendency to look cheap, but when I saw this Elsa Peretti one, I was like, yow-zaa, this is it! Heehee! Good luck with getting it! :P

rachel: Hee thank youuu! <333 And eee, the people in chictopia dress so well ok! I am just a girl who likes a lot of pretty things, haha. Thank youu again! <3

michelle: Are you serious!! I go to the one in Aman Suria!!! Which one does she own! Can i go right up and ask for discount ar, HAHAHA.

smalls: <333 I have a carrie moment!!! *proud* And haha idiot, hot boyyyy!! You got KETAM. :P

em: It's actually my sister's!! Perks of having sisters-- sharing things! :P And omg, where are you from! My bf is from subang! :D

yee: TEEHEE you want me to be happy until I cannot sleep is it! :P Haha, no la, I don't think I lost THAT much weight, I chose pictures which made me look slimmer also! Haha! :D

Anonymous said...

Who cares whether it's a big or small mantau... important thing is you are a sweet mantau!

Michelle Chong said...

my aunt owns (partly) the sole distributor of cellnique. the one that you go to is not under cellnique, just one of the dealers :) but you can get better deal at cres wellness because its under cellnique.


revel in me said...

anonymous: Awww, why are you so sweet! :D The sweet calling the sweet, haha. Actually, if I am a mantau I'd like to be a red bean pau! Or mantau with those braised pork. Or with yummy cheesy crabs! H*salivates*

michelle: OHHH, is it? I didn't know that it would be more expensive with the dealers. I went there 'cause it's nearer! And ooh, do you use Cellnique products by any chance? This lady is trying to sell me their sebum gel, but I personally am not too keen on it. =/