Thursday, May 29, 2008


Can someone stop me please, I can't stop binging these 2 weeks. It's meal after meal, snack after snack, and I don't even feel mildly guilty for it. T_T

Went out with the boyfriend for a last-minute nice dinner outing recently. It was a late congratulatory dinner for my success in getting a job offer! Never mind that I was offered the job 3 months ago, I am not going to reject a free meal am I! :P

Now now, I love the mary-janes I had on, but when the boyfriend saw my shoes along with the opaques I was wearing, he said I looked like those padfoot cats. Y'know, those cats with snowy white paws.

WTFFFFF. -_______-
Men and fashion! Sigh.

Just want to show this gorgeous satin cuff I got recently. Love those gold links on it!

The boyfriend, when he saw the gold cuffs on the bangle-- "is that a lizard?"
WTFFFFF. I have to repeat myself, men and fashion!! -_____________-

We went to Moussandra, which I first read from -- it turned out that the place is really really near to the boyfriend's workplace; in fact, he has been there during his lunch break! Since the boyfriend is much much better in navigations than I am, he brought me there-- I would never have been able to find the place on my own. :(

Pictures of the place:

Authentic-looking heavy wooden menu plate. Emphasis on heavy!
If I had to lift this menu everytime before I eat, I would never put on weight, 'cause all the fats will burn away just from the act wtf.

The interior of the place is slightly rustic, with knick-knacks strewn all over. It has this endearing rickety sort of charm, which keeps your eyes wandering to see what else would catch your eyes. :)

Like this thing on the ceiling, for example.

I was skimming the place up and down, trying to absorb the sights, and I saw this random racket-like thing on top of me! It turns out that it is used to to grill meats-- simply put the meat inside and start hovering it on top of a fire. :D

Really really creative candles bedecking every table-- as each freshly inserted candle melts, its trickling wax will create an entirely unique canopy of colorful wax! No single candle stand looks the same.

It's rather mesmerizing to watch each drip of wax making new forms on the candle stand. :P

Watching art in the making, haha.

The boyfriend said that we should do this candle thingy in our house next time; I just nodded layan-ly. Deep down, I knew it wasn't possible, because knowing how clumsy I am, if we have candles lying around, I would knock them over, and burn the house down. No more house left. T_______T

The boyfriend with his new Hugo Boss glasses, the vainpot went to 10 shops before he found one that he could 'settle for'. -___-

Hello, I am your neighbourhood sexy librarian!

Sigh, actually, I need new glasses. My current glasses are all bent and out of shape because I slept on it recently. T____T In fact, it is perched all wrong on my nose-- I see things lopsided now. T___T

By the way, the power of my shortsightedness is really really bad-- I am nearly blind without contacts/glasses. :( It's all my fault, 'cause when I was 10, when I first started realizing that I couldn't see the scribbles on the blackboard from afar, I just ignored it and refused to tell my mom. I was convinced that I would be super ugly with spectacles, and I'd rather die than get one. Over the years, my eyesight just kept on deteriorating, and in the end, I couldn't put it off any longer. By then, my eyesight was already... let's just say I am blind as a bat. :'(

Moussandra is most renowned for its tapas-- in fact, it's the oldest tapas place in KL, and it serves arguably the best tapas in town. :P


Deep fried mozzarella cheese sticks with special anchovy sauce.

Grilled prawns on a stick with asparagus and olives and garlic mayonnaise dressing.


My chicken souvlaki.

Check out the handle of the kebab stick!!! I felt I was a Roman gladiator wtf.

I really couldn't resist!
And with the ribbon and my hair in a bun, I looked like those olden days Chinese Hero brandishing a sword, HAHAHA.

The boyfriend's moussaka-- baked cheese with layers of eggplant and ground lamb underneath.

I don't take lamb AT ALL, I can't stand the smell/taste of it, but the boyfriend kept on threatening to kiss me as he steadily ate his dish. T_____T

The boy with the smallest eyes in the world.

Self-indulging pictures! Am trying to play-up my outfits recently, am bored with wearing dresses non-stop, meh.

Eee, the boyfriend's car is filled with litter! =/


Kathryn said...

you look gorgeous babes! where u bought ur top ? : )
and i so agree with u about men and fashion ! : P
i think secretly men are jealous of us women because we got much more choices of clothes..
men can only wear shirts, t-shirts, polo.. and only jeans ..
whereas women can have a variety of shorts, high waist shorts etc.. hahaha... *proud to be a women look* HAHAHAHA

c r y s t said...

HAHAHA padfoot cats!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!! yr bf is damn humourous la wtf.. and babe u looked good with yr bangs swept to the side ;) so adorable! *smooches everywhere*

Anonymous said...

eeek why are you always blog about food! im hungry haha.

Julie Ann said...


i just ate, but when i read this post, i immediately went hungry again. *haih*

and i eat wrecklessly like there's no tomorrow. :):):)

Joshua said...

How much was spent for that meal? The food looks super good wei!

Haha, making full use of the "investment pieces" you bought that day right :P

eggster said...

eh babe you look like your mom with your bf's glasses. i was like reading through all of sudden i was like "eh what your mom doing in this post" haha shite : )

i like how your hair is tied up like that! my hair takes forever to grow! : (

mustardqueen said...

eh tha tthing hanging on the ceiling hor, grandma used to use that to burn unripe papayas and burn her leg to release the err, air wtf. SERIOUS!!!! hahahaha and she used papaya summore so Mediterranean hor wtf haha

revel in me said...

baby kat: Thank you, dear! :) I got the top from Melbourne! <3 Hahaha, I so agree! Whenever I see my boyfriend's wardrobe, I feel like pulling him in for a sympathetic hug wtf, the poor thing, got nothing to dress up! Gosh, what a terrible fate, HAHA!

cryst: Haha, please don't enourage him ok, later I kena even more from him. T__T Heehee, you kiss me everywhere I don't know what tos ay already, haha.. :P How was s'pore! :D

wanli: 'Cause I have to introduce new/nice places to eat! But I suffered too, I blogged about this at 3am, and I was gulping down my saliva the whole time. T_T

julie ann: Teehee, food is love! :D When are we going to meet up! <3

joshua: It cost about RM140 for 2, but that's because we got charged a bomb for still water-- they didn't serve normal (free) water! *#@% The water cost RM20plus. -____- And yes yes yes, the tapas is super good there!!! <3 Haha, are you referring to the opaques. ;)

eggster: Why do you know how my mom looks like! And HOWWWW I look old with glasses ar. T_____T My hair is actually too layered to be tied in a bun ler..=/ Are you growing your hair long again? I actually think you look smashing with your short hair! <333

mustardqueen: HUH??? What do you mean burn papayas and burn her leg??? She burns her leg?? HUH??? Educate me later wtf.

eggster said...

i saw your mom's pic from your graduation post le! : ) i'm bored of it now and i have never ever had long hair before. the longest was what shoulder length! T_____T so sad can die.

eh not old la! if you're old then what is 35 yrs old? fossil? : P but the hair where u tied up ala korean style which gives u a bob feel; i personally think it looks superb on you! maybe u should chop chop chop and try bob style? : D

jeanchristie said...

omg i so hearts that top of yours!! <3<3<3

ally said...

eh this is damn random and completely unrelated but i voted on ur nuffnang thing and apparently i'm one of the 10 percent of people who thinks u look good with straight fringe!!!

revel in me said...

eggster: OHHHHH, then you should really try growing it long! I think you'd look good with long curls, mm, I can imagine it already! :D And WAHHH I will never ever cut short hair ok! My face too big... T__T

jean: Haha, thanks! <3

ally: Ehh you really like me more with the coconut bangs meh!! Side bangs my eyes look bigger wor.. T__T