Saturday, May 17, 2008

1 +1 =1.



The boyfriend's pre-birthday dinner!

Although I was running late, I could find leisurely time to take pictures, haih.

I like the braided neckline of my dress! :D

And this is the back of the dress! :)))

I think I lost a bit of weight, 'cause when I first tried on this dress in Melbourne, it was just a low-back dress for me; but now it's almost completely backless!! ('cause lost flesh from the back/CHEST????)

And I was damn nervous about wearing backless, just in case I make the boyfriend angry again wtf, so I brought along a cropped jacket... which I took off almost immediately after I reached the restaurant, haha.

I wore asymmetrical earrings. Can you see that it's a number 5!!! :P
The boyfriend almost got a shock when he saw it. WHY YOU WEAR NUMBER ON YOUR EAR!! He exclaimed. Loudly.

And Hui Ru asked me during dinner, "What are you going to do when you start work!! You can't wear any more funky earrings!"

I will still be a fashionable OL (office lady) ok. Oh god, just the word OL is depressing. :'(

Chanel No. 5 wtf.


We went to Yogi Tree in Gardens, Midvalley. When my boyfriend first told me, I thought it was called Yogitri, like a Japanese restaurant or something. But Yogi TREE is actually an organic restaurant, and my boyfriend actually chose it, 'cause he "felt like being healthy". -_________-

What's the point of being a birthday boy if you can't eat unhealthy greasy food huh!


Yogi Tree has a side-along yoga boutique as well; the place is all about promoting well-being and health. Oh, do you know I used to take up yoga! And I quite enjoyed it too, 'cause I used to be reasonably flexible. Now I am all creaky and stiff like a wooden puppet. Chucky wtf. In fact, my instructor (he has a yoga column in The Star-- dang, I forgot his name =/), he took pictures of me doing some yoga poses for an article of his!

Minimal amount of food pictures, 'cause everyone was so ravenous, I didn't feel like delaying them from digging into their food:

Yvonne's chrysanthemum tea, which fascinated everyone, 'cause it was warmed by a tealight.

Mocha! Organic coffee beans.
I really really liked this one, probably 'cause it was really milky.

In fact, I was upset 'cause the glass is tapered in at the bottom, so it means less of the mocha for me!!! I got cheated. :'(

The boyfriend's lemon tea.
I was mesmerized by the color of the tea, why is it so orange!!

The boyfriend's seafood aglio olio with chilli padi.

The portion was so small, and I could taste a funny toilet aftertaste!!!! But I didn't tell my boyfriend when he let me try it la, will hurt his feelings wtf.
Baby, now you know why I didn't steal your food last night.

My tagliatelle with Mediterranean roasted vegetables and organic chicken.
I thought this was good! Especially since I don't usually favor tomato-based pastas.

But I have an announcement to make!! Organic chicken taste the same as normal chicken wtf.

In the far corner, there was some statements on the wall, and one of them said: It's not work if you love what you're doing.

Everyone started going "It's definitely work then!!"

Haih, perils of dining with working people. T_T

Birthday boy with birthday cake!

This is like the 3rd year I got him a Manchester United- inspired cake already, haha. When Ken Hoong saw my cake, he asked me why am I so predictable. T________T

What to do, my boyfriend likes MU what. T_________T

But I was quite sad, 'cause I had a different vision for the cake in my head. :(
Next year, haha!

Now you can't call me old, 'cause we are the same age already, MUAHAHAHA.

Left: me, the boy, Mike, Yvonne.
Left (from front to back): Kimberly, Ai Ling, Ken Hoong, Hui Ru, Ben.

We went to Vintry (behind Victoria Station in Bukit Damansara) after that for wine:

Ben ordered a blue cheese dip...

I nervously sniffed my blue cheese covered- carrot stick ('cause I have never tried blue cheese before; everyone knows that blue cheese is damn smelly right!), and being the klutz that I am, I stumbled and shoved the carrot stick onto (luckily not into wtf) my nose so my nose was covered with a huge dollop of blue cheese. -____________-

And even after I wiped it off, my nose still smelled like rat's shit for the whole night. T________T

And may I introduce you to the best thing in the world!!!
Caramelised roasted pork.

It cost RM16 for one small platter, and honestly, I could be quite stingy with food when I am broke (and I am now T_T), but I felt like reaching into my wallet and take the only 100 bucks that I have in it and tell the waiter to just keep those roasted pork coming. T__T

We had like 5 plates, and I still wanted more. T________T


Everyone wish my boyfriend belated birthday now! :P


Click here for last year's birthday post, I couldn't have said it better. :)

I asked you,

What if when you were 12 years old, someone showed you my IC picture when I was 12, and told you that that was going to be your girlfriend in the future?

You replied me,

I will straightaway shave my head and go be sami (monk) ar!!!

Was I really that ugly. T____T


You: ... like the story of the toad who was kissed by the princess and transformed into a price... I want you to know that I am TOADALLY yours!



I asked you what is your favorite sport.

You told me, BEDminton.



But above everything, you're just the best thing that has happened to me. :)


I remember, you asked me 2 or 3 years back, how long I thought we would have lasted when we first started dating.
And I told you sheepishly, 3-6 months.

It's true, commitments are a foreign thing to me. Friends of mine who were in relationships get together with guys and break up and get their hearts broken-- they get a pat on their backs if they last more than 3 months. Who would have thought that we are here now. :)


My golden boy, with a heart of gold. Who bought his dream sneakers during a sale (a 10% discount) with his harn-earned/saved money, and gave the discounted amount to a young man with polio who was squatting at a corner selling tissue. Who fetched his mom up and down without a single mumble of complain. Hard to come by nowadays, as most young adults I know would much rather be out partying and having their own lives than to lend a helping hand to a family member; I myself am guilty of that sometimes. I have never seen you withdraw assistance to someone who needs your help, never. Even when you lent your resume to one friend, and your resume got circulated around the whole university, and I started nagging you for being too trustworthy in the first place; you told me that at least you have helped someone.


How do I even begin to explain this feeling. This feeling that everything is just... right. Just perfect. :)

I have yet to find someone who could even come close to you. Whether I am referring to superficial qualities (like non-smoking, driven, ambitious, intelligent, sense of humor... ) or compatibility or to the way you love me, you come out tops every time. I think god made you with me in mind, and vice versa. :)))


With inspiration from the Littlest Elf, your new nickname is The Most Loved Boy in the World. Of course, that prompted you to start calling me The Littlest Elf ('cause I am short, what else). T_____T


Because you love me although I am a mad woman...

Chasing after birds.

Walking the plank wtf.

Happy 23rd Birthday, The Most Loved Boy in the World.


You will always be. :)))

All the love in the world,
The Littlest Elf/
The Luckiest Girl in the World.


Anonymous said...

Tat's a Man U fan too!!

I like your braided dresssss. You always have the nicest dresses /boo

And I've heard of Yogi Tree! But organic food doesn't seem like real food to me...

Sophia said...

LOL I don't think organic food is meant to taste drastically different but it's certainly good to be a part of a healthy movement and knowing that your body isn't absorbing all sorts of strange fertilizers and hormones that they inseminate vegetables, fruits and animals with these days to get the best profit. I also like the fact that organic is usually cruelty-free so I know that the chicken or pig I'm eating had a good life before it went to the butcher's. And you know, free-range eggs means the hens that laid them weren't in a terrible caged environment. I'm simply not willing to become a vegetarian but I figure the least I can do is make sure I eat ethically :) It's a lot more expensive but it's for my own good in the long run.

Btw, I think some organic vegetables taste better. I feel like the tomatoes are sweeter and the onions are a lot crisper - easier to slice but a LOT more tears produced than the normal onions.

I think it's strange how there's a stigma with organic food as bland, boring, different, etc when it's actually just the same thing, just healthier for you. It doesn't taste dramatically different at all! :P

Anonymous said...

organic is expensive wtf so i eat cheap food! chanel /boo

Anonymous said...

for some reason,i nearly teared while reading the post.perhaps the flow of such a romantic love story which I'd die to have,going through long distance relationship at one point is so tough and ahhhhhhhhh damn touching lah! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww you guys look so cute! And lol what's a toilet aftertaste? Have you eaten toilet before? lolol..And yeah, i think organic produce and normal produce taste the same, except that organics tend to cost way more, but i'm a poor uni student so i have to buy pesticide and chemical filled produce. T___T

But hey, i'm still alive and healthy sooo......

Anyways, happy belated birthday Hui Wen's bf, i dunno your name but i know you face so jeng jeng kidding.

Anonymous said...

After reading ur last year's bday post for ur boy and this year, I realise I had stalked on your blog for a year plus already ! time past... Anyway Happy Birthday to your boy and a belated one to you ! ha..finally you are catching up with me to the erhemm mid twenties gang..hee... =)

Anonymous said...

oh ya..I left out a very impt comment...I LOVE YOUR DRESS ! especially the back of it...I always have a thing for backless dress....why your dress always so nice one ?!


Anonymous said...

awee sweet! ^^ happy belated b/day to ur bf! ^^ hehe

revel in me said...

jiameei: Haha, I knowww! I saw his jerseys since damn long ago. :D Our bfs would click very well! :P And thank you, dearrr!!! <333 I am trying not to wear so many dresses now, HAHA. But it's so easy la, just pull one on and call it a day wtf. And I am ok with organic food, it's diet food (bran, wheat, oats) that give me the shudders! *brr*

sophia: HAHHAHA know the animals have a good life before it went to the butcher's, heehee, soph, you have a way with words. :P Ya, I know that organic food do not taste differently, but I was under the impression it taste better though! :P 'Cause my mom buys organic fruits sometimes, and they taste wayyy better than normal fruits (hello, organic grapes! <3) And I think the issue is more on organic food cafes? 'Cause a lot of places which positioned themselves on doing organic food; they usually serve vegetarian and soy burgers!!! Which was why I was so nervous when my bf suggested to go organic for his b'day dinner. :P

tze: Haha, same here! But I hope one day I can afford organic food AND many many chanels! /boo

missycheerio: Haha, this post not touching la!!! Maybe last year's one. :P 'Cause I wrote the juicy bits in the bf's b'day card already, didn't want to repeat myself in my entry. ;) And our love story not romantic k.. T___T Like very caplang.. T____T

leandra: WHY YOU MAKE FUN OF ME LIKE THIS! T_T The bf also always ask me, "you ate toilet before ar", "you ate rubber before ar" (the answet to the latter is YES wtf). T__T Haha, btu can imagine how a toilet will taste like right!!! Just convert the scent.. into the taste. Ok, too disgusting a topic. =/ Wahaha, whack him up if he mistreats me k! :D

yanping: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I am not joining the mid-twenties group, NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Long time more k! *sniff* And haha, I love backless dresses too!!! Ever since I got my backless bra, backless dresses are accessible to me! <333 I am s'pore has a lot of nice dresses right!! *hopeful*

revel in me said...

abcchin: Heee, thank you, darling! :))

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hi it's Joyce, the (not so) silent reader again!

This post is so so SOOOoo touching! I've got tears in my eyes once I reached the end of the post. :( You guys look like you've been through it all! And even though I personally do not know you (but I am a very close friend of Aziah - small world, I know!), I am touched at how two people can be together and stay happy for so long! :)

ps: I LOVE the braided dress!

Sophia said...

Hahaha you're too funny. I think those cafes are Vegan cafes which is a whole other kind of food movement that I definitely do not condone. I mean, what the heck, give up dairy AND meat?!?! LOL so not for me.

But a lot of chefs believe that the way an animal is raised and killed affects the taste of the meat which is why they're all such strong advocates for organic food. There's a saying, not sure of the exact terms that, "A happy cow makes a happy meal" or something like that!

Why your post edited to become so sappy! :P

alea amin said...

omg why you make me cry!! okay i didnt cry lah but damn touched while reading your post that you dedicated it to your boy.


no i want boyfriend wtf. Happy belated birthday, hui wen's bf!

revel in me said...

joyce: Haha, omg, what a small world! So are you in UK with aziah now? :p Very touching meh this post... Is it 'cause you read last year's post as well! 'Cause I taught I only made lame jokes in this entry, haha... But I read YOUR comment, and I felt touched! Like, wahhh, we have been through so much and we are so good for each other. T__T Why am I so crappy!! -_-

sophia: YAAAA there's absolutely NO WAY that I will give up meat!! *crazed at the thought* And HAHAHHAHAHHA a happy cow is a happy meat HAHAHHAHAHHAHA I can't stop imagining this happy bouncy cow, HAHAHAHHAHA. Is it very sappy!!! I don't know how else to express my love, HAHA.

alea: Why very touching!! Is he 'cause he still together with me although I was fuck ugly when I was 12. T___T Thank you, darl! <3

vss3t said... cute of u 2!!!


Anonymous said...

sigh so sweet *melts*

ally said...

<3 chanel chanel chanel chanel chanel chanel chanel chanel!!!

ok enough.

revel in me said...

vss3t: Haha, thank you! But I like to think i am the cuter half, HAHAHA.

jaclyn: aiyo you think you chocolate ar!

ally: HAHAHHA when are you getting yours! :P

Anonymous said...

Lol. I did wish him happy birthday! But i also threatened to hantam him if he mistreat you...haha Don't emo, i won't hantam you (Hui wen's bf) la, i'm very very nice. :D

Simon Seow said...

You should give him ticket to the Champion League final in Russia. Man U v.s. Chelsea.

5 plates of the roasted pork? Gila meh.

waterlily said...

happy belated birthday cheah chor min! hahaha

you are such a sweet girlfriend!! =)

revel in me said...

leandra: I'll drill that message into him, nyehehe!

simon seow: Wahhhh, I am not so rich la! :( When I can afford it, I'll spoil him rotten. :) And GO TRY the roast pork first! I am sure you'll eat more than 5!! :D

waterlily: Haha, I hope so, hee! :P

Eunice said...

ah babe i didn't know you're THE revel-in-me!!!! i replied your comment at my place but i'm not sure you've seen it....

why lah semi celeb blogger met me and I DIDN'T KNOW IT!??


haha sorry dear bout the cake. go read my comment explaining!! <333

Anonymous said...

I just read your reply!

Been very very busy! Just finished exams and my best friend came here for a holiday so we're in London now! I'll be seeing Aziah next week! We're going to Paris! :)

revel in me said...

eunice: AAHHH what is this, what semi-celeb blogger! :O Haha, thank you sooo much for the cake!! :D

joyce:Omg, PARIS!!! You lucky girls! Have a lot of fun k!!! :D :D :D