Monday, May 12, 2008



"Are you tired?"

"Hah... Not tired ah? You must have very good stamina then... 'Cause you've been running in my head since morning!"

HAIHH why my boyfriend still give me lame pick-up lines even up till now!!! T_T


Recently the boyfriend exposed me to the term "action baby lotion", haha. In fact, he was pretty much aghast when he found out I haven't heard of that phrase before. -_- Anyway, I was so amused with it!!! Here are some other meaningful phrases that we have coined up:

- My love for you is so power, baby powder!
- I miss you too, baby shampoo!
- With you I am so happy, baby nappy!

HAHHAHAHHAHA aren't we the most brilliant and creative couple! :D :D :D


The boyfriend: Ok, I have decided, your new nickname is 'rhinoceros'.

Me: WHYYY?????

The boyfriend: 'Cause you're
thick-skinned (both to which I nodded grudgingly to),
... and horny.


Sorry, lashes damn short here, 'cause I didn't wear mascara.

Although you make false accusations of me!!!
I know, we have a great thing going on. :D

Happy 53 months, baby. :)


alea amin said...


wtf baby shampoo? baby nappy?

you're worst than my parents!! wtf.

Anonymous said...

hey woman.
action baby lotion made me laugh like crap man! im on holidays alreadyyyyy.

c r y s t said...

u always have perfect eyeliner! what's your secret! do you just stamp it on!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see you guys are really COMMUNICATING with each other. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu. Hehe

estherlauderlyn said...

hahaha! I thought I was the only one cursed with a boyfriend who still uses lame pickup lines :p doesnt seem to get the hint when I dagger stare him. haha oh dear why lah.

Anonymous said...

hello rhino ;)

revel in me said...

alea: HAHHA idiottt!!! And what do you mean worse than your parents! In the lame department is it wtf.

missycheerio: HAHAHAH ya la, my bf damn idiot!! And he insisted that EVERYONE knows of that term!! -__- You tell me, you have heard of it before or not! -_-

cryst: HAHHH, perfect meh??? *big shiny eyes* I always thought I cannot make it, 'cause my eyeliner always so thick. :P And oooh, have you heard of stamp on eyeshadow!! Newly-released-- you just have to stick it on your lids, and all the eye-shadow is done for you! o_O

jo: HHAHAHHA ya la damn retarded our form of communication. Is that why we are perfect for each other wtf. And hahaha, don't say that, I am commitment phobic, heehee.

esterlauderlyn: YA LA WHY ARE THEY LIKE THAT AR. -____- Somemore they are so proud of the lines! The lamer the lines, the prouder they are! -____- And I have stopped with the dagger stares, nowadyas I just bang my head on the wall WTF. :P

jaclyn: BOOOOO! You're supposed to be on MY side!

mustardqueen said...

cryst you dunno she uses a cardboard everytime she draws one meh wtf!! Michael jackson action busyen(i dunno what in the world is that) JOhnson and johnson baby lotion. YOU NEVER HEARD BEFORE AR?? Our childhood favourite riddle wtf... T____T

Anonymous said...

aweee sweetttt! rhino! lmao!shit ..seems like i need to visit ur blog everyday now. So nice.. i'm poisoned! =_= gimme gimme more..action baby lotion lol

Anonymous said...

so sweeeeeeeeeet!!!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Huhhh what are you talking about, what cardboard? o_O And haha, I have never heard of what action busyen Micheal Jackson!! Is it 'cause we are from different generations wtf. T_T

abbchin: Hahaha,why are you poisoned! :P And BOOOO I am not a rhino ok. :(

joise: Heehee, but he bullied me! :'(