Thursday, May 22, 2008


update: FUCKKKKKK, I called all the resorts in Redang, and all the good ones are fully booked! Shit shit shit.

My sister said I blog a lot about food. -__-

Hello, food is my greatest love ok! On par with shopping and Chanel. Err, the boyfriend is on a different ranking altogether wtf. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, this is all about where I brought the boyfriend for his birthday dinner! 'Cause he brought me to somewhere fabulous for my birthday, I had to return the favor! And I did all these research to surprise him with a great place...

... in the end, he drove. -_-

'Cause he didn't let me drive! He didn't want me to drive around (especially after I drop him home) alone at night. Damn potong ok! I had to get into the car, and tell him where to go. -______-

Oooh, and that night was a first for me!

I had my hair curled but in an up-do, and I had what was supposedly loose tendrils. T__T
Nice or not T___T

Where I brought the boyfriend to-- Cava! A small, cozy restaurant that serves Spanish cuisine infused with Greek and Mediterranean influences. :)

Interior of Cava:

View that catches your eye from entrance point.

With me wtf.

The bar.

Sangria which came highly recommended, for the boyfriend. :)

Though largely finished by me, teehee.

Birthday boy! Then la.
Now I can go back to bullying him, haha.


Our tapas: Prawn Pil Pil.
Damn cute right the name! :P
It was prawns in this chilli garlic sauce, yum!

But paying RM18 for 4 tiny prawns caused a bit of heartache la. T__T

Fretting how to pay for the food wtf.

The boyfriend's Trio fish pasta in cream sauce-- comes with smoked salmon, smoked tuna and smoked butterfish.

An interesting take on the normal pasta! :)

My chicken and seafood mix paella (Spanish rice)! 'Cause this is one of the recommended dishes. :)

I have had a foul experience with paella recently-- Marche (the Curve); frankly speaking, the food there sucks, meh. But this paella reinstated my confidence in this wonderful dish again! :)))

And can you believe it. I finished almost every bit of the rice. -___- That's one hefty amount of rice ok. -____-
I don't know why, recently I have been a big carb-craze. Which is very very very bad, because we are planning to a Redang trip! (more on that later)

The paella came with a tiny dish of 'chili padi', which looked like blended green bird shit. -_-
Needless to say, I was super skeptical when it was placed next to me.
But hey, it really adds a punch to the paella! :)

Couple who is at the same age now!!! :D
Sorry, I am kind of sensitive that I am older than the boyfriend by 3 weeks. *sniffs haughtily*

And our really yummy melted chocolate cake in custard sauce!!!
Which taste almost exactly as the molten chocolate cake in Chili's, but hey, it's all good! :D

Pictures for people who come to my blog to see what I wear: -__-

Can make it ar my hair! It was inspired by those Korean stars, who always have loose curls in a bun; creating an illusion that the hair is in a bob!

Eh now that I mentioned it, can imagine how I will look like in a short bob or not! :P

Outfit for the night: I LOVE this dress! :D

Anyway, I am in a very emo phase now. I got a call from Singapore recently, informing me that I have to be down mid-June for a medical check-up. Not only that, on 26th June, I have to be down again for some employment pass application. This really puts a huge dent in my plans, because all along I was in my own fantasy world that I'll only leave KL and move down South in late June (like 2 days before I start work wtf). But now, from mid-June onwards, I have to make 2 separate trips to S'pore-- this means I will have less time at home. :(

We were supposed to go on a family trip to Hong Kong/Macau or Bangkok before I start work, but it's canceled already. :( One, because my sister may be having resits for her examinations (she is convinced that she is going to fail -_-) during the period where Teeny is not having her exams-- it's just difficult to find a slot of time to suit everyone 'cause it's the exam period now; Two, my dad is going for an operation (a minor one, fret not), and he needs healing time. Sigh, and I really counted on the family trip too, I really want to spend some quality time with my family before embarking on the next (working) phase of my life, and before I leave. :(

But nevertheless, I am pouring all my heart and soul into praying and crossing my fingers that I'll get to go to Redang with the boyfriend sometime before mid-June (yes, thank you to all of you who have done the poll for me!); because I insist that going on a trip while you're working will carry a whole different set of sentiments already-- you'll be spending your own hard-earned money (now it's hard-saved, haha), you might have to worry about taking leave, you may have to bring your own along etc etc. And most important of all, I really just want to spend time with the boyfriend, to be with him, just us, before I start work. And for those reasons, this trip has to materialize.

So to everyone who has been to Redang, I would really really appreciate it if you could give me some tips/suggestions/recommendations for a Redang trip! Some of my main concerns are:

1. Transport-- It's definitely the plane for us, 'cause the boyfriend has limited leave, and we can't afford to waste time on the bus. Thus, what airlines to take? I have looked into Fireflyz and Air Asia, any others to recommend? :)

2. How to get to Redang- the island itself! Is there anyway to get from the airport to the jetty? What ways are the best?

3. Hotels- Any to recommend? Or any that I must stay away from? :P

4. What activities are there to do in Redang!!!

5. Food- I am a huge glutton, where to get food! Only eat at hotels ar. =/

6. Travel agents- The boyfriend suggested that I just get a travel agent and leave everything to him/her. Is it better that way? Will the travel agent get me the exact hotel that I want (I think I have a pretty good idea of my shortlisted hotels)? Any good travel agents? :)

Hmm, that's about all. Thank you, everyone, I really appreciate it! :)

Sigh, now I am all emo again. Looking at all those happy Cava pictures, I wonder once I start working in S'pore, how often it would be that the boyfriend and I could just stride into any restaurant and just.. revel in each other. :(


Nur Aziah Rahimah said...

Awwww. Don't be all emo, lady! The half-Singaporean here * cough cough * will pay you a visit during my summer hols, as I so owe my relatives there a visit :D xxx

Anonymous said...

hey you lost weight ar>???


Kathryn said...

love your dress ! : )
and u look awesome with ur curls : )
can make it .. : D

Anonymous said...

Just go and take advantage of Singapore Sale!!!

Anonymous said...

You look 3 years younger than the boyfriend... lol

Anonymous said...

hey! how did you do your hair? its noice :}

how did you pin the end??

Anonymous said...

Babe I'd say go with a travel agent, but buy your own flight tickets. The price won't be that much higher (maybe even cheaper lah cos when I called Redang Beach direct it was rm600 kisiao) and they arrange everything for you so you just have to get off the plane and wait for them to pick you up and send you to the jetty and boat and hotel wtf everything lah. Including snorkelling trips also I heard that the nicest one is Laguna, and Redang Beach is quite near Laguna, but cheaper.

walao damn long my comment.

alea amin said...

eh okay what! orchard road vroom wtf.
eh your hair. show your curls lah! you super young with that do'. :D

Hannah said...

hi! i've been reading your blog for a few months now and i really like it. redang is a really nice island. i went there a few years ago and i stayed at the laguna. they kind of arrange things for you. we got picked up from the airport by a van and they have their own ferry and jetty. i can't really remember the price of the whole stay ( i was there 4 days ) so i think you should check with your travel agent. you can a hop a boat twice a day and they will take you to a several small islands to snorkel around. they also take you the marine park. most of the time i spent there was very relaxing. you'll have fun i assure you!

Anonymous said...

hey where did you get the dress from?? it is pweetty!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, the best place to stay is Laguna. Buy their 3D2N / 4D3D package and book your own flight ticket.

The hotel people will get you from the airport to the island itself. The package is inclusive of F&B, accommodation and outings such as jungle trekking, snorkelling and scuba diving.

As for food, theres limited choices around the island itself. However, if you find urself at Kuala Tganu town (1 hour from Redang, theres plenty of good food that us, the west coast people has never seen or ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

stay away from Redang Bay! i just got back from redang and that resort sucks :S

Laguna is good, try google Holiday Beach Villa too :)

Redang is boring, serious. there's no activities to do at night except walking around the beach and buy some over-priced souvenirs from More More Tea Inn!

jeanchristie said...

When you start in July its mostly off-peak with exceptions of interims for listed companies only, so make sure you make trips home while you have the time! Trips will definitely be less once peak comes!

You should try to speak to the HR and the clinic (do you guys use Shenton also?) to see if you can get everything done at 1 go.

I did that because I had only 1 weekend (and a Saturday on the 2nd) before my first day. So I got everything done in 1 trip. Saves you money and time =)

Have you found a place yet?

Grace Myu said...

Hi, to answer your Q left on my blog:

For Redang, it was a tour package thingy. I traveled there by bus, and the bus sent us straight to Merang Jetty. I guess from airport, either the hotel you're gonna stay at is gonna provide the shuttle bus, or there is either bus/taxi that shuttles tourists back and forth from airport to Merang Jetty. Do check with the hotel you're staying at and ask for their opinion. Hope this helps ;)

revel in me said...

nur aziah rahimah: Aziah, is that you!! :D :D :D Haha, summer hols in september right? :P Eh, I will really be expecting a visit from you wan ar! :P

yee: <333333 Heeeeeee, whyyyy! Does it looked as if I did.. :))) Haha, no la, I have been going to the gym, so though my weight is still the same (let me kill myself wtf), I think overall I toned up a bit la! :D Haih, but this week, I have been craving for carbs, how to wear bikini to redang now.. T___T

baby kat: Thank you, darling! And hahaha, you gave me confidence in doing my hair! T__T

anonymous: Haha, it is in late may-june right? But I will willingly give up shopping just so that I can spend more time with my loved ones! :(

anonymous: Haha, ya la, I tell him that sometimes too! but he acts like a little boy a lot! -_-

anonymous: THANK YOUUUU! I was so insecure of my hair at first k, 'cause I curled my hair myself, and I think it's been sometime since I did my hair in a bun! Basically, I just loosely curled my hair-- no need to be so perfect 'cause it would be tied up anyway. I didn't pin it up, 'cause my hair is too too thick for it, I just used a pariah back band to know my hair up! ('cause of the curls, you couldn't really see the band) But if you have normal amount of hair, just know it, and pin it, it will stay up! :)

michelle: Your comment is long 'cause you're always so informative and helpful! <333 Seriously babe, my trip is materialising because of you. :D Yaya, I have shortlisted to Laguna too! Looks the most decent. :) And wtf, RM600 for flight?? What airline is it??? RN600 return?? Quite ex right? But if I take airasia, it will be about RM500. =/

alea: Haha, how can you not know!! I thought I always mention wtf. HOW YOUNG DO I LOOK!!! If less than 18 I am going to do that hairstyle forever wtf.

hannah: Thank youuuu! <3 Haha, wow, you made me feel like zooming over to Redang right now! :D yeps, laguna is actually my top shortlisted hotel! Cross your fingers for mme that the trip will work out k! :P

anonymous: Heehee, thank you! I got it in KL, sometime ago, when I just came home from melbourne! :)

kampungboycitygal: Aaah, great to know, 'cause Laguna is on the top of my list! (based on hotel pictures la wtf) You mean the package includes snorkeling and scuba-diving, so we don't have to pay extra for them anymore? :) And eee, if we west coast people dunno those good food places, how to go ar.. T__T

wanli: Eek, now I know what to stay away from! =/ HAHAHA, more more tea!! Mor mor cha!!! The movie!! I remember!!! :D :D :D

jean: Can make it one trip ar? I scared to ask la, like cause a lot of trouble for HR.. :( And yaaa, I am hoping to make more trips back home. :(((

And I haven't found a place to stay yet, damn scared! T__T

grace oon: Haha, thanks a bunch, love! :)))

Anonymous said...

redang pelangi serves the best food among all the resorts :P cheap too

then u can walk over to laguna to use their swimming pool. XD

ive been to redang.. 3 times. twice to pelangi because their food is the best. XD

get a travel agent. is really cheap compared to the rest. i went for a full package for less than RM300 2 years back *o* so worth it okkk

anywaes. pelangi dont serve those fancypancy food la. its buffet style. but seriously so sedaps. XD

Anonymous said...

Here are some info about going to redang. I've worked there for a season. hope this info can help u.

If u want nice,cozy,relax enviroment,...go for berjaya redang. stay in their new wing seaview room. its fabulous. i went there last year august.U can take berjaya air / air-asia to terengganu airport-40mins drive to the jetty-40mins boat ride to the island.Berjaya redang is away from others of the chalets.

If u want something to enjoy at night,..go for Laguna redang or redang beach. its more crowded at nite coz there are 10chalets in a row. for food,..redang beach is better. especially the seafood is fresher. majority of the staff are chinese. if u want a nicer room,..go for laguna redang.Dont take the cheapest package which offer from any agency coz those rooms are at laguna jetty beside the diving center. the room are smaller and only single its abit smelly at that area.

If u have any questions, me at

hope the info is good enough for u to enjoy ur trip with ur boy.heheh...

Anonymous said...

all i can say is, welcome to Singapore! hope you will like staying here as you work.

Anonymous said...

perhentian maybe ? im going monday :P will let you know how is it hehe

Nur Aziah Rahimah said...

LOL! yup it's meeeeeeee. actually summer hols are from july onwards ( well... june! ) but i'll only be back end of july. mum's family in singapore have been hinting me to visit them soooooo i shall visit them AND YOU :D xxx

revel in me said...

rileen: Thank you, darling! Although the trip is off now, your information is still damn helpful! <3

wennice: Heeee, thank you for your reassurance in your email, I feel slightly better about the cancellation now! :)

joie: Thank you, love! :))) Will you recommend to me all the best places to shop and eat! :D

rileen aya: AWWW, that's be wonderful! :)))) And ooh, have a GREAT trip ya! <3

aziah: HIIII AZIAHHHH!!! Haha, cross pinky ya! We shall paint s'pore red. :D

Anonymous said...

hi just saw ur reply, sure will do,sg has nice food liek msia! for a start , this blog is pretty good his food blog is quite popular in singapore! otherwise can email me at, i can recommend u nice ramen places! next time will be me asking u abt nice food in msia! much cheers