Saturday, May 24, 2008

Emo and high at the same time.

I think I am a big baby.
I just cried, because it's kind of official now.

The Redang trip is cancelled.

All the good resorts are fully booked up till July, by which I would already be working my butt off in S'pore. And nah, it's not worth it to stay in a less than satisfactory hotel, because I like to enjoy my holidays, thank you very much. Not to mention, the boyfriend has no more leave for the rest of the year. And no, it's not because I am irresponsible and last-minute that I seek out to book for the trip so close to my intended departure date, but there are a lot of concerns that we had to settle before finally giving the all-go on the trip.

So yea. All my enthusiasm, my anticipation, my planning, my whirlwind of calling/emailing/blogging to seek for advice... All down the drain.

First, Macau trip. Now, this.

I should really learn to not get excited about things so easily. Makes disappointments easier to swallow.

Oh well. Looking on the bright side. At least I can stop saving now. No more starving myself eating maggi sup when what I actually want is nasi kandar. No more stinging and constant calculation of my bank balance.


Maybe I should go get a designer bag to cheer myself up wtf.


Moving on to happier things; I am really keen on just pushing it out of my head. Because when I don't think about it, I don't feel that bitter taste of being let-down in my mouth.

ANYWAY. Guess what. I bought 22 items in a single outing yesterday! o_O
Maybe I could foresee that the Redang trip wouldn't materialise wtf.
And the items aren't like a hairclip or a earring ok wtf; my smallest item is this lovely pair of Wolford-like tights. :)))

Actually, the whole reason why I haven't broke down from having all my hopes dashed is 'cause I am still on a shopping high. -_-


I think I was halfway talking to Jing while camwhoring, which is why my mouth was agape. Damn miang looking. T_T

And when I first stepped out of my room after getting ready, Teeny asked me, "Why are you wearing a dog-shaped pin in your hair!"

WTF. It's a bow ok!

Mat Rempit wtf.

HAHHAHA why Jing pouted!!! Was she posing or what!!!

Dah lah so short, somemore want to half squat/half bend. T_T

AHAHHAHAHAH! Kanye West's frames! HAHHAHA!

And I went to Jen Ai's daughter, A-Vys' birthday party recently...

May I introduce you to the happiest cake in the world!!!

:D :D :D :D
The cake is completely made out of jelly, and it has all these really cute things on it: sunnies, lips, flowers, butterflies...

And the pony on top! SO CUTE CAN DIE.
Will it be too childish if I have the same cake for my birthday next year ar wtf.

A-Vys (who just turned 4) is so cute! She is not afraid of strangers at all, which is really rare in kids. The moment I stepped through the front door, she came bouncing up to me and hugged me around my knees. *melts* She saw my long strand of my pearls, and touched it curiously, so I wanted to take my necklace off and let her play with it... Mana tahu I got tangled up in it. T____T Story of my life. T__T

She is so camera-sensitive, destined to be a model, like her mom (Jen-Ai is a hypertune model)! :P

Look at her! She automatically turns to cameras, and she always have a new pose for it. :D

A-Vys lavishing my camera with due attention! :)))

And Jen-Ai was so incredibly kind! She offered to buy me falsies the last time (incidentally the first time) we met, and guess what! She really bought me a set of fake eyelashes! :))) And refused to hear of it when I wanted to pay her back! :))) Thank you, Jen-Ai! :)))
Now now, don't you all be surprise if I turn up in pictures looking majorly va-va-voom with fluttery broom-like lashes. :P

And damn scary that night!!
Smalls: (while looking at A-Vys jumping around) When is it your turn?

Smalls: (to Jen-Ai) When are you going to have a second one?

Smalls: (referring to another toddler hanging off one of the guests' arms) Whose one is that?

WTFFFFF those are questions that my MOM asks ok!!! Why has my friend aged 20 years overnight. -___-

Outfit for the night:

I was going for a French Riveria look, haha.

Caught mid-jig. -_-

I like big butts and I cannot lie. WTF.

Bored 'cause Brian was late.
I need a haircut soon!!

Haih, money is not an issue la, since NO MORE TRIP ALREADY. T__________T

Sigh, happy thoughts happy thoughts. *brave face*

Anyway, here are some of my buys! I don't usually post up my buys, if you have noticed, unless I went to a flea market/junkyard sale... But I got some really cute items, I must share!!!! Just a few of the more interesting items here, the rest of the items are leaning more towards the girlie/pretty things I am patial to usually, meh. And it's damn tiring to post 22 items k. T_T

One of my top favorite buys of the day, a biker jacket!!!

I recently decided that I want a black leather one, but at the moment I don't know where to go look for one, not to mention it's temporarily out of my budget; but I love this white one!!! It's way more gorgeous in real life, and the best part is, it's made of fabric; but as the fabric is texturized-- it actually looks like leather! But it won't be too warm to wear here! :)))

And I wanted to get this tartan trench coat as well, but Joshua (Jing's bestie) gave me THE LOOK, and said in THE VOICE: "You can't wear it in M'sia!!!!"

Whaaaaaat. You think I won't go overseas in the future is it! *hurt*
Not to worry, I will be back to get it soon! :D


Another tee! A great feat for me, 'cause I don't usually get tees. :P
I LOVE this tee, because honestly, it is the most random thing ever! Haha!

Features (a whole lot of it!):

Orang Utan and fat bird wearing chef hat wtf.


And Prince Charming, hahaha.

Prince Charming won't be complete without a fiery dragon, HAHA.

Bird impaled on cactus.

Ugly robber stuck in wheelbarrow wtf.

Coy cow, stick out tongue wan.
Btw, I was born in the year of Ox! :P

Reminds me of my brother, 'cause the head damn big, and teeth damn sharp-- last time when we fight, he'll try to bite me wtf.

Pinocchio, I told you, no more lies!!

Looks like Popeye right the guy! With a cheeky tiger wtf, 'cause it also has its tongue sticking out.

Time waits for no one, haha!

Bird wins first place WTF.

Smoking toad!

HAHHAHAHA really damn random right this shirt! I am treating it as an investment, 'cause it also doubles up as a comic book wtf. I could just look at it for ages and still discover new random things on it! :P

And yaa, you might have seen the same shirt on Teeny's blog-- you got it right, we each got one! 'Cause after I move to S'pore, all of us can't really share clothes and stuff anymore. :(

And hahaha, another wtf item of mine!!
Asymmetrical hemmed tee...

.. with crocodiles printed on it!!! Eh, I think the crocodiles look very kindly la wtf.
New additon to my Lacoste polo, HAHAHAHA.

And moving on to another two of my favorite buys!

Vintage bag. *heart heart heart*

LOVE the goldware and the tassel! :)))

And look me in the eye and tell me this isn't a really hot pair of shoes!!! :P
I can wear it for work as well!!! LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH. :)))

And oh! That reminds me, I asked Bing-- who is currently working at the company that I'll be joining about the dress code in the company.
She told me that we could wear anything we want!! Of course it still has to be professional, but the KL branch only allows skirts ok!!! The feminist in me will not allow it wtf. But I breathed a huge sigh of relief, 'cause I bought a few adorable vintage blouses to wear for work-- I think they are subdued/professional enough, but still funky/fashionable... We'll see how it goes. ;) Speaking of which, is anyone interested to see the working clothes I have lined up ar! Or will you all be bored to death wtf.

Anyway, back to the topic, Bing told me that I can wear open-toed shoes!!! Which is a big thing, because for accounting firms, it is strictly fully-covered dark-colored pumps.

But on one condition though, Bing said.

You have to have a pedicure!!!
HAHHAHAH WHAT IS THIS!! I couldn't believe it when I heard it! Now I have a reason to pamper myself wtf. My kind of company wtf.

By the way,

I am going to name this shirt Ally!
Ally Gator wtf.


alea amin said...

22 items in one outing?!

WTF THE WORLD GONNA END TOMORROW MEH?! and you bought all of it in Sg Wang area? WHERE!!! Tell me where!!!

eh you and Jing posed infront of my friend's shop wtf.

Anonymous said...

show all your working clothes~! hehee..wanna look at them..and I like your pony shirt damn cute..

like you said, accounting firms in malaysia only allow the ladies to wear covered dark colored pumps..damn boring ok..i see my sis wearing the same type of shoes everyday T__T You're lucky you can wear open toed ones =))

And my dream is to be the trendiest girl when I work in the future (still a student)*dreaming* wtf

Abt the cake..does it taste nice? Jelly wor..hmm I still prefer cheese cake..

Anonymous said...

hahaha man you are my shopping inspiration, confirmed.

Anonymous said...

I love your new shoes!!!! can you please tell me where you found kanye west glasses? cuz my bf likes them....*shy* hahah

Anonymous said...

Awww issokay I s'ppose my redang trip's cancelled too *pats

Maybe we'll go Singapore instead! And visit you heehee!

Anonymous said...

aww don't emo, another opportunity to go on hols with your bf will come up ok. But then i also emo now coz my bday trip with my by bf might get postponed. T__T

But i'm praying that it will go as plan, i really want to go on hols on my bday and cun2 it falls during the uni break so i will be damn free.

Clappy said...

ps: ahahaha shopping always helps you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hello hui wen, where are your red pumps from? The one you wore to the party? And how much were they?
Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

well, to cheer you up, how about a trip with me year end? =PP

and oh, super loving the comic tee. so cute-lah! and i miss you!


revel in me said...

alea: Haha, actually right, it's quite a normal occurrence for me. During my usual peak shopping seasons, I normally will get around 20 items in one single outing, be it in Melbourne or KL (or singapore wtf). And no la, i went to a few places that day! :D Omg, are you serious, it's your friend??? Come, add me on msn so that we can gossip! :P

sarah: Haha, I know what you mean, I plan to be fashionable/stylish while working as well, god forbid if I have to wear boring clothes and look frumpy.. and common. =/ Haih, actually, I am not sure I'll wear open toed shoes as well, 'cause I think covered pumps look more professional, but see how la! :P And are you sure you want to see my working clothes! I think I'll show them soon, haha. :D

And the jelly cake is very nice! It had 3 tiers-- each of a different flavor! My favorite one is the fruit layer-- jelly with real fruits in it: strawberries, kiwi, mango, dragonfruit... SO NICE! :)

jadeg: Haha, I am not deserving of that! Sigh, I loveeee your black pumps with the straps, how much did you get them for in Bridge Road ya? I am contemplating whether to get the ones in Topshop. *hmm*

rg: Thank youuu, I love them too! <333 HAHAHAHHA so cute la you! And your boyfriend! *shifty eyes* HAHAHA... :P Mail me at, I'll give you directions k! :)

jiameei: Why is yours canceled!! I told suet already, she said she will book soon-- I think end of july still got rooms... :))) But can I be selfish and pray that you a;; will come to s'pore! :P

leandra: Oooooh, so nice!! To get on a trip on your birthday with your bf, taht's just awesome la. <3 But why will it be postponed??? I will pray for you ok.. Even if my trip didn't work out, I still hope for the best for other people.. T___T

mel: I got them from Bridge Road, Melbourne! :) They are made of red suede.. <333 OOHHHH, are you looking for CFM red pumps! :P

jaclyn: Ehhhh, serious ar!!! I am really really keen on it! :))) Am thinking of bangkok/hong kong, what do you think? :D I miss you too.. T____T

Adeline said...

why don't you consider going somewhere else?

bangkok, hong kong, tioman, bintan...?

Anonymous said...

Called my boyfriend who's in Australia to tell him i found kanye glasses!!!! but he told me he already found them, & is buying it soon =|. haha maybe I'll email you to ask if he hasn't got it when he comes back :)

Anonymous said...

LOL LOL LOL kanye west glasses! coolll.. 22 items.. omg.. sometimes i walk for like 10 hours.. i cant even find something i like.. so lame T_T *salutes to hui wen*

revel in me said...

adeline: Because we would face the same problem no matter where we go-- ie fully booked/packed with tourists, 'cause it'd be the school holidays.. And like I said, there are other restraints, eg. my bf doesn't have any leave, so we can't go anywhere too far, we have to go on this specific weekend, and the most time we can afford is 3D2N.

rg: HAHAHHAHA your bf is so random! :P Sure sure, you know how to get me! :)

abbchin: Haihh, if I got mood right, I can really shop wan.. T____T But now I am trying to save money again, 'cause although my trip didn't work out, I am thinking of getting a luxury item to pacify myself. :P

Anonymous said...

omg all your buys are sooo adorable!
where did you get them from??
tell tell!! sharing is caring :P

Anonymous said...

Aww thank you, that's really nice. :)

The trip might need to be postponed cause of work related issues. You know la, once you start working, you job always comes first wtf.

Anonymous said...

sent a message to your facebook... it's regarding redang trip

revel in me said...

passerby: Haha, I got them all around! Went to a few places that day! :P

leandra: HAIHHH I know that too well. The trip is canceled mainly 'cause of the boyfriend's work commitments. :( Ok la, I will try to think of it as more of postponing than cancelling. :P

gillian: Yaya, dear, I saw your msg! I can't take up your offer, but thank you so so so much, it's really sweet of you! :)))

Kathryn said...

you look hot in the outfit u wore to the party : ) :)

.:Baby Gin:. said...

for the same price as redang u can go to bali =D

or a cheaper alternative perhentian island.. the big island for a mroe relaxed atmosphere and small island if ure more of a party person but the pretty resorts are on the big island..

two of my fav places of all time.. definitely much recommended =)

revel in me said...

babykat: Eee, why you always puji me! *shy* :P Thank you, dear! <3

baby gin: Aah, I wish i know of your suggestions earlier! T__T It's too late for me to plan a trip now, but I will definitely visit those places SOON, hee! :D Oh ya, were you at Jen Ai's house that day??? :) 'Cause I thought I saw someone who looked like you, but I wasn't sure! =/