Thursday, May 15, 2008

Top Hat.

Because my boyfriend asked me why I haven't blogged about the place he brought me to for my birthday. -_-

Then I damn syok sendiri, 'cause he told me that he searched my food tag (Revel in Food wtf) to find restaurants to bring his mom to for Mother's Day/her birthday. *big shiny eyes* Everyone knows how big a part food plays in my life right! T__T

Anyway, I totally recommend the place that we went to, Top Hat, because it's really charming and random, LIKE ME, heehee.

The boyfriend and I! And do you see that I have an almost-dimple in these pictures!!!!
God has finally heard my prayers for a dimple, hallelujah wtf.

Just a little history of Top Hat restaurant-- it serves fusion food: Western dishes infused with Asian flavors. It also serves local Nyonya food as well (which are also priced more affordably), so there really is a palette for everyone. :P And the best part is, the restaurant actually changes its menu every 3 months!!! This means that every time you visit the place, it's as if it's a brand new feasting experience. :)

Some pictures of Top Hat:


I couldn't quite place the theme of the decor in Top Hat-- you have this rich luxurious draping curtains, porcelain plates hung delicately on the wall, and marble stone tables with dark wooded chairs tucked carefully under...


But then, there are the brightly colored walls, a vibrant orange contrasted with the calming baby blues... The palmy fronds in the middle. The crystal chandelier casting a soft gentle glow, illuminated by the orange sheen bouncing off the walls.


The clean white sliding doors, leading to another eating area facing even more lush greenery. The kitschy frames encasing colorful pictures scattered on the wall. Then you see the old school air-vents on the top of the walls... All a delectable play of the new and the old, the now and the then.

Yes, Top Hat is housed in one of the old bungalows in remaining in KL. :)

Stairs leading upstairs, which I was so curious to climb up to! But the upper area was closed off for the day.

Chronological motion of how my eyes become squinty and tiny when I smile. :D

Really avant garde and over the top draperies right on top of us... If I have seen this color combination anywhere else, I would have screamed murder, but in Top Hat, it worked. :)

And ooooh, I thought of a way to seduce people with this type of curtains! Just hide behind the curtain and poke one leg out, and shake it to and fro in front of your seducee! HAHAHA.

Do you like the back of my dress!!!
It's this silk lake-blue dress with really pretty Japanese-inspired floral prints, and the back is just tied sash-style! :)

Clearer picture of my dress.
Nice or not!!! :P

Our food, oh sweet delicious food:


Appetizer: Smoked salmon salad, with pickled papaya, avocado, seaweed strips, and a dash of wasabi!

Oooh, the clash of flavors of the salad and the seaweed and wasabi was awesome! And there was a healthy portion of smoked salmon given. :D

Fried leaves in the salad as well! I am not sure what this type of leave are called (I think in one of the Thai delicacies, it is used to wrap peanuts and vege).

Damn interesting la the salad!

The boyfriend's cream sauce spaghetti and New Zealand Clams.

This was pretty decent, but I forgot what the Asian influence in it was. =/

My pan seared chicken fillet! With roasted potatos and baby bak choy. :P

Loved the sauce on this one, and I really really appreciate the fact that the portion was hearty. I always suffer when I visit fine restaurants, because I am never full from sampling little spoonfuls of starters and a tiny dollop of the main course. T___T


Visiting Top Hat restaurant wouldn't be complete if we didn't order Top Hats (pai tees) right! :P

Toothy grin from me and slitty eyes from him!
:D and -.-, HAHAHA.

Dessert: Peach and banana crumble with fresh cream and vanilla ice cream!

Originally, I wanted to try the warm chocolate cake, but the boyfriend was being very reluctant about it ("Too full la"). Which, obviously, was strange and fishy to me, 'cause my boyfriend is usually very accommodating, what more on my b'day right!!! And he knows I dislike peaches and bananas, yes, I am very strange girl indeed.

But anyway, the peach and banana crumble was GOOOOD! I loved the creamy sauce which the crumble was immersed in; and the warm crumbly chunks and the vanilla ice cream went so well together! :)))

And halfway gorging my way, I heard an off-tune warbling...

The silly boy bought me a birthday cake, and the waiters were singing "Happy Birthday".... One of which was an Indian woman, and hearing "Happy Birthday" in an Indian slang was enough to make me sink lower into my seat in horror... T___T

"Harrrrpeee birrrrth deiiii toooo youuuuu"

I so mortified, I thought the song would never end. T______T

And the stupid boyfriend was just giggling away at the corner, RAWRRR!

A whole chocolate brownie cake from Westin. And those are marshmallows on top! :)

I told the boyfriend that the cake looks like the Buddhist god, Kuan Yin's lotus flower seat.

... and was greeted with a -_- look.

Top Hat from the outside! The old mansion in full grandeur.

Happy and stuffed, I would recommend Top Hat if you're looking for a place that you could just relax and devour some good food-- as compared to some of those rigid haughty fine dining places that I have been to. :)

Top Hat
No. 7, Jalan Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603.2142.8611
Fax: 603.2141.3611

And I was damn silly, I received a bouquet of beautiful lilies for my birthday from the boyfriend via delivery right before the dinner...


... and it comes with a mini bouquet of a single stalk of lily tied to the it:


I thought the boyfriend meant it to be a corsage-- like I was supposed to wear it around my wrist or pin it to my dress (I was thinking to myself, wah why he so romantic, haha), and I huffed and puffed trying to tug that stalk of flower out. -______________-


Me and my prom date wtf.


Anonymous said...

your dress VERRRRRRRRRRRRY NICE!!!!!!!!! <333

and how many dresses do you have exactly!!? 70% of the reason why i read your blog is to look at your pretttty!! (i still read every single world you type apart from eyeing the dresses! =p)

where do you sell them! i wanna stalk! *hee* :)

S h e r v e said...

sooooooooooo sweeeeeeeeet!!!
argh.. i'm still in an LDR...
cannot do together-time like that :S

Rileen Aya said...

top hat is that one opposite the convention center parking, no? didn't know they serve awesome food. i always park there for the cheap parking :P

your boy's so sweet la hun. does he have clone or sumthinggg =D

Anonymous said...

Hello Hui Wen, u've got so many nice dresses. And u look good all the time. How do you achieve that? :)
Anyway, love browsing your blog. Give me the inspiration on how to be a fashionista.
And what's more, you r a top scorer.
Talk bout substance. :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
revel in me said...

anonymous: Thank youuu! :D :D :D Hehe, I was just going to merajuk on whether you just read my blog to see the clothes... T__T I have too too too many dresses!!! It seems like it's all I ever wear, 'cause too hot in M'sia. -_- But I just bought this really hot pair of jeans, I am going to wear jeans more, neyehehe! :P And OHHHH! I sell my clothes at:

Have fun browsing! :D

sherve: But he went to UK that time find you, visited all those wonderful places, I was so jealous k. T__T When are you coming back! :)

rileen aya: YAAA I think so! It's opposite the UOA building! :P Hahaha, why so ngam wan! And I am not sure you would want a clone copy of him after you are aware of how lame he is. -_________-

jing: OMGGG, I don't look good all the time! T___T Wait till you see me in my ratty old pajamas, haha. Mwahhhs, thank you dearie, that was so sweet of you! :D :D :D Beauty with substance, I like that! :P

anonymous: Sorry that I had to delete your comment, hope you understand why I had to do it. But thank you anyway for your words, though I can't say I agree with you. Substance is all I am after. :)

Ivan Liaw said...

哇... 好美的蛋糕喔。当然,女主角也很棒!

Cynthia said...

Top Hat looks exquisite! might be dragging the boyfie there soon ;) after my exams lah sigh.

revel in food wtf! i love food too huge part of my life thats why i look the way i am today wtf roar.

mustardqueen said...

haha why got chinese comment wan wtf.

AND YOU'RE WAY MORE THAN 23 YEARS OLD ALREADY WTF!! you're 23 and 22 days old already!! hahaha Now only you post about ur birthday dinner/// pfaaah hahahaa

Anonymous said...

hahaha LOL got chinese comment.
do you read chinese?
cause it says: "you are very old. you are aging. and you are old.".

no i'm totally kidding. hahahaha

woman you are my favourite bimbo blogger.
except after your mustard sister. cause her blog layout nicer heh.

alea amin said...

meh i always pass by that place. it looks scary at night. i dont dare i scared rabbits will pop put from the hat wtf. T___T

Anonymous said...

the flowers are sooo lovely! i wish my bf would get me flowers like that >.<

Anonymous said...

elllo!!! yer why your dress so nice one you want to sell or not >___> hahahaha.

im taking a plane down to kuala terengganu (but its fireflyz damn scary i duno nice or not, bought it cos it was zero fare hurhur) and then i got this agency to book for me at redang beach resort for rm468. I heard laguna is nicer and more happening wtf but a bit more expensive.

I initially wanted to book with this site but then my bf suggested another pfffft. but the price is the same. :)

cheers!! faster book lah later finish already teehee.

Schmae said...

woot! i've been to Top Hat!
and i love their appetizers very very much. :D

Sheryl said...

hey hey whats this!
all that food n pics not doing lilhomesickme any good!

revel in me said...

tian lang xing: Xie Xie! :P (sorry, I wanted to type back in chinese, but I don't know how to.. T_T)

cynthia: Good luck for your exams! :P And what are you talking about, you're really skinny! With boobs! Sigh why is the world so unfair. T_T

mustardqueen: Haha, dunno la, international appeal wtf. And FARK OFF laaaa.. T___T This is a food review post, not b'day post! :'(

skim: Haha, I read chinese!! Took chinese up till SPM. :P It says: 'The cake is pretty! Bu the female lead is great too!' OK, it sounds way more pariah in English. -_-

And haha, why you compare the both of us! Our styles of writing and everything different what! :P And booo, I like my layout more. She did it for me anyway HAHAHA.

alea: You stay near KL ar!!! Why haven't our paths crossed. T__T And HAHHAHAHHA rabbits pop out of the hat HAHAHHA good one good one! *pats your back appreciatively wtf

syahnaz: Haha, go give him hints!! Like leave magazines with pages open to "Why you should always give flowers to your girlfriend" etc etc, heehee. Haih is there something wrong with me, 'cause I scolded my bf for buying such expensive flowers. =/

michelle: Haha, not selling la! But I have another similar one, might sell that. =/ And thank youuu my loveeee, you gave such informative.. information wtf! I checked out fireflyz, they still have the zero fare promotion, but they only fly in the morning! 'Cause we plan to leave on fri, and come back on sun-- but if we fly back on sun morning, like damn rushed right!! :'(

schmae: You're so clever!!! How did you even find Top Hat in the first place!! 'Cause if it was left to me, I would never have been able to find the place. =/ Oooh, what appetizers do you recommend! <3

raggamuffin: HAHAHAHA you posted up so many pictures of melbourne shopping too and made me sad too k! Let's call it a truce. :P

mustardqueen said...

eh kim what are you doing here are you trying to distant our relationship wtf??!!! hahaha YAH!! Can't you see the similarities of the header?? It's pink and it has swirls!! and i like to err, stroke e words!! hahahaahahaha

AbbyC. said...

yummyyyy.... the banglo is yummy. i mean the food T_T. excuse mt glutton over there. ermmm andd u look gooorrrgeous! *drama*

samantha said...

i want your dress! OMG. so nice wei.
and top hat looks awesome enuf to eat. hahaha..


Anonymous said...

hi there. i browsed thru ur blog from my fren's.
im stayin around kl but nvr ever been to top hat >< sob sob. anyway do u knw there's this SMOKE HOUSE behind avenue k or corus hotel (somewhere behind), u may check it out, the so called bungalow- restaurant is gorgeous! where r u staying btw? oh ya, hw much does it cost u at top hat? i might drag my bf there one day if it's reasonable. hahaha. take care

Anonymous said...

i terlupa to tell you. my flight from kl to terengganu is fri morning and sun afternoon, if that helps. :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Hahaha, it was my vision k! :P

abcchin: Haha, the bungalow is gorge, and the food is indeed yummy! :P Thank you, love! I am a glutton myself. :P

samantha: Thank youuuu! <333 And aiya, don't go chomping on bricks and cement, pergi makaaaan real top hats. :D

mandy: I would have never been able to find the place myself k! =/ KL has a lot of these hidden charming places la, I want to go all!:D And thank you, dear, for re-introducing smokehouse to me-- I found out 'bout it some time ago, and told myself that i want to go, but I forgot. Now I have a new item added onto my list! :P But I heard that Smokehouse is very exclusive, and you need to make very advance bookings. =/ Anyway, Top Hat's mains range from RM20plus to RM50over-- but they have set meals (very extensive choices) consisting of starter, main course, dessert and coffee/tea. We ordered one set and a single ala-carte ('cause frankly, the portions are quite huge!), and it cost us about RM120 only! I would say it's quite reasonable. :))) Go visit, and tell me how it went k! :D

michelle: AAAHHH, those are the xact times that I want!!! but they don't have zero fare anymore. T_______T