Sunday, June 29, 2008

Starting work tomorrow. Eep.

Cold feet? A little.

That flicker of excitement? A tinge of it.

A sense of remorse? Maybe.

A hint of longing for the my past freedom? Definitely.


So here I am. Opening another chapter of my life tomorrow. At the same time, this chapter would be closed.
And I am praying that I will stride through the pages with pride, poise and ease.

Hello, big-girl hui wen. :)

My mom's sudden revelation in regards to me working in Singapore:

"Oh my god, my daughter is a buruh asing (foreign labourer)!"


Friday, June 27, 2008

Vroom vroom bus.


Yesterday, right before our trip down to S'pore!

Magazines are important props for long trips. ;)
Does this look like a paparazzi shot or not!

I found my ladybug necklace. A pop of color for my outfit!
Ya la, the colors of my outfit very bland and sad, to suit my mood mah. :(

Jing, who wore a skirt to sit in the bus!! What if people take upskirt pictures. T__T

Gangster Teeny, whose hair color is getting lighter and lighter as the days go by. :P
Every day I see her, she is like a new person wtf.


And HAHHAHHA 'cause I was afraid that I will dirty my white Miu Miu bag in the bus, I kept it in the dust bag, and my sisters kept on throwing me dirty looks, HAHAHHAHA.
What la, I haven't gotten a leather protector what. :(

Okies, that's all, there is a juicy mother-daughter talk going on now!! :P



Here are some pictures of our first day of shopping! *big shiny eyes*

With Teeny, at the MRT station; btw, are we allowed to take pictures in stations *shifty eyes*.

This is her new hair color! No more unsightly, bleached hair, much to my mom's relief. But due to her previously bleached hair, her hair color is fading as the days go by-- from dark auburn to purple-ish red-pink, HAHAHAHA. Whenever she makes any movement to go to the bathroom to wash her hair (it fades whenever she shampoos her hair), Jing and I will scream after her: "NOOO! THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING!!" Hahahahhaa.

And oh! I was wearing my new Aldo cream T-bar maryjanes. I wish I could insert a smiley face behind the phrase, but unfortunately all I want to say is: WHO SAID ALDO SHOES ARE COMFORTABLE????

I think my feet died yesterday. :'(

With Jing. Do you like the back of my dress! :))) It has a bow-like design at the back. :)))

Teeny who was miserable 'cause she is on a really strict protein diet now! No carbs, no sugars.. not even fruits! =/

My mom told me that I looked slim in this dress. -_- I think she thinks I am fat all the other times. T_T (Ya, my mom rarely gives us compliments wtf)

Resting our feet.

I am telling you, I am supposed to be well-rested for the commencement of my work, but at the rate we are shopping, I am going to be absolutely knackered and exhausted by the time Monday comes by. -___- I already feel like my legs are going to drop off. T__T

And oh ya! You guys were right, there are a lot of gladiator sandals in Singapore. ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last night.

*updated* I just had the most unfortunate morning today! Ran late for my appointment with HR, ; took a cab with the driver who didn't know how to get to my destination, but pretended to know how to; and my top split open at the zipper! Fantastic. By the way, I am safely in Singapore now.

Nevertheless, I am in a better mood now, 'cause everything went smoothly after that. :) And why all of you tried to cheer me up by asking me to go shopping in S'pore, HAHA! Okies, time to run, updates later! I am going.. err, shopping. *shifty eyes* :P

Wow, last post from KL. Will be off to Singapore tomorrow.
How quickly time has flew past-- 6 months of bumming (can you believe it!!!), guess this was inevitable.

Anyhow, before I go, there's a little something I want to leave for you all who are in KL; consider it a gift! :P

It's a restaurant that I went to recently, and I really, really enjoyed my meal, so here's a little recommendation from me, go try ok! :)

I had my bangs pushed up, 'cause my hair was kind of greasy-- no time to wash hair. Damn brave of me to do so k. T__T

Oh, this was before I dyed my hair, which is why my hair still looked dark.
And HAHHA why my index finger in the first pic so weird! Saturday night fever wtf.

Shoes. :)
Love this pair of shoes, but it's like 4 inches high, so in the end it's always one of my last options for footwear. T_T

Anyway, moving on to the place that I want to sing high praises about! :)

Wendy's Bistro!

And it is quite easy to find. I am sure alsmot every PJ kid has heard of/been to Yuen Yuen's steamboat at Sunway right (the area right opposite Sunway Pyramid)! Well, Wendy's Bistro is situated right opposite Yuen Yuen. :)

Wendy's Bistro specializes in grilled pork, can I hear a MMM! I have always been a big lover of pork, bak kut teh, siew yuk, char siew, sweet and sour pork etc, you name it. But it was only after I went to Melbourne that I was introduced to grilled pork ribs! If you have never tried it before, YOU HAVE TO. However, once I was back in KL, grilled pork ribs (western-style) could not be found, 'cause most restaurants are halal. Even Tony Roma, which is supposedly famous for its pork ribs in the US, do not serve pork in its Malaysian franchises. :( So needless to say, when the boyfriend told me that he knows somewhere which serves great pork, I was all "Oink!", err, I mean "Yay!" :P

Interior of the place:

Yay, Movenpick ice cream! :D

Open kitchen concept-- you can actually watch the chef grill the meat.

Paintings adorning the wall-- they are for sale.

I just had my facial before dinner-- my skin was angry, splotchy and red. T_T


My iced coffee with Movenpick vanilla ice cream, yum!

Cheese-baked mushrooms with bacon and ham topping.
This was good, but I felt that the stuffed mushrooms in Italianni's are a notch better! :D

The boyfriend's breaded pork chops.

My mixed platter-- grilled pork ribs and grilled pork belly.

As you can see, I am the greedier half in the relationship. :P
Aah, I totally recommend what I ordered! In fact, I can't decide which was better, the pork ribs or the pork belly! (you can order both of them separately) When I eat the pork ribs, I think that they are tastier, but when I shove a forkful of pork belly into my mouth, I think that they are better! SO GOOD. Thumbs up. :D

The boy that I will miss. :(

I was damn insecure of my accentuated round face ('cause no bangs to cover!), so had to use my hands to hide my cheeks a bit, haha.
But you agree or not! Once you have bangs, you feel so naked when you go without fringe!

Anyway, remember ok, must go try Wendy's Bistro! Maybe I'll see you there (I am already plotting for the boyfriend to bring me back there during my next visit home)! :D

Wendy's Bistro
No. 20, Jln PJS 8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-5630 1699


My farewell dinner just now with the family and the boyfriend.

Me and my beloved shark's fin soup... And my parents also let me ordered Chinese pancakes.. T__T Is it 'cause it's my last night at home.. Or is it 'cause they are eyeing for me to pay the next meal with my salary. T___T

And sigh, I am all for conserving the environment, but I can't seem to resist the goodness that is shark's fin soup. :(

Ok, that's all for tonight. Following updates will be from S'pore, I guess.
No emo words, I don't need any reminders. I just need to stay.. strong.



Really strong.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're so vain.

Remember I said that I dresses up as an animal which was very close to me for the Nuffnang Wild Life party!

I was a peacock! 'Cause I am vain, haha. Actually the animal which bears the closest resemblance to me is hyena 'cause of the way I laugh. T__T

Ya, I know peacock is quite common. T_T But after brainstorming, coming up with a lot of costume ideas, making plans with people to go costume-hunting... I suddenly remembered that I was due in S'pore for my medical check-up, and would only be back 1 day before the party. So I needed something fuss-free-- and I have almost everything for a peacock costume! So you could say my fate was sealed. ;) Aiya, I know it's not like me, I am usually super obsessive with dressing-up, but I only officially put together my outfit 1/2 hour before I left house. T__T

Moving on straight to pictures from last night's party!

HAHHAHAHAHA when I looked at this picture I was wondering why was there such a huge gap between Suet Li and me, and I realized it's a black gorilla camouflaged between us HAHHAHA. Somemore the gorilla drinking beer through his mask! HOW CAN!!

Audrey the bumble bee, Suet the ostrich, Firdaus the gorilla with a human head, and me the peacock!

Like I mentioned, I have everything for my peacock costume! :))) I just bought the blue and turquoise fabric from Kamdar the day before, and stuffed it into my shorts-- voila, my peacock tail! :D

Admittedly, I wanted to find a big peacock feather as my headpiece-- but I had trouble finding one! T__T
I even went to the bird park with the boyfriend ok!!! 'Cause I remember from our last date (to bird park, stop giving me shit for it.. T_T), there was a souvenir shop selling peacock feathers! But this time we went, the shop was only selling expensive generic TY stuffed toys. T__T

But I improvised! *big shiny eyes* I took my sister's peacock feather earrings and tied it with wire onto my gold braid headband. :))) But the feather was a little small... and insignificant wtf. I was half-tempted to point it out to everyone I met-- HEY, I HAVE A PEACOCK FEATHER HERE! Hahaha, why am I so weird.

Cow and Chicken! HAHAHA. As you can see, I was positively mortified (and mildly excited wtf) by touching the udders, haha.

When we saw Chicken (which is actually JB underneath), Audrey and I laughed damn long and hard, 'cause in the midst of half-giving-up on costume ideas, we were like, "fuck it, let's wear fast food chicken mascot costume", HHAHA then really got people who don themselves up in it! :P

And when we found out JB's name...

Me: Aud! How can you ask him that! He must have people asking him that all the time!
Me: *turns to JB* JB, DO YOU WORK IN JB HIFI!

Haih, why am I like that. -_-

Suet, Audrey, Kelly the bunny, Cheesie the lioness, me!

Suet's skirt looked like a tutu, so nice! :)
And I was damn sad Audrey didn't have a sting on her bee costume, 'cause I wanted to see how she would sit with the sting on her bum HAHAHA.

Audrey and Vivien, the bumblebees! :)

With Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, unicorn, kangaroo haha!

Damn sad to see the unicorn, 'cause Teeny was supposed to go for the party as well (but don't know why she suddenly decided against it), and she wanted to dress up as a unicorn! :'( And Teeny will surely rock her unicorn costume wan, 'cause born in the year of horse WTF. No la, Teeny had all these great ideas for her costume. :(

Fellow peacock! Damn nice right her gown. :)))
But she is so tall! I felt like a baby peacock, haih. T__T

Oh, btw, I originally wanted to dress as a reindeer! 'Cause I know where to find the horns... And I was thinking of something flirty and short, red and white polka dotted... :P But then I was afraid it would be too common! It turned out that there was only ONE reindeer, somemore it's a male wtf.

I thought of Catwoman too, but it seemed as if almost every girl wanted to be Catwoman. I really wanted to wear this black satin corset with buckles that I have, rawrrr. I also thought of being a bat, but I would look really stupid in it, 'cause I was planning to wear this headband with bats on springs, hahaha.

And my favorite idea was... a skunk! Hahaha, like a really slutty skunk... I even had the name thought out... SKUNK THE SKANK, HAHAHHAHA. And I would carry stinkbombs wtf. But I had problem finding a nice bushy tail!

Unless I cut off BB the Serene Dog's tail WTF.


OH YA, I just realized you can check out my new hair color! :P

With Cynthia, Orang Utan girl and Octopus boy. Sorry, I am so bad with names. :(

And Cynthia was supposed to be a hunter, but she looked like Lara Croft instead, what is this! And I just realized you had peacock feathers on, Cynthia... Were you supposed to be a peacock-hunter hybrid. T___T

With Liang, the emcee of the night, who can also carry off a mean toga dress wtf.

Just some pictures of the more popular animal options that night!

Gorillas! Why these people so gung-ho to get big black furry costumes, not hot meh. T__T
And don't ask me why is there a gorilla with a tiger face at far left. -_-

Bunnies! HAHAHHAA got male bunny! A new height for gender equality, haha.

Tigers. And that's a white tiger in the middle. ;)

Bumblebees. HAHAHA look at Audrey! Everyone is so natural and candid, and she is all posed like a gladiator for war, haha.


I did toy with the idea of going as a butterfly momentarily-- I have this fuchsia and electric blue playsuit (yes, what a color combination right T_T) that I absoulutely could not wear out on normal days, so I was eager to use it as a costume. Was thinking of buying batik cloth to make wings... But haih, good also that I abandoned the idea, if not I will be a butterfly statistic. T_T

Elephants! And that is an elephant terrorist on the right. :P
He carries a sign that says : Elephant Terrorist. I only bomb jumbos. Haha!
Definitely the most creative costume of the night. :D

Elephant terrorist lurking in the crowds. T_T

And Suet damn stupid! While the emcee was picking participant from the crowd to play some games, the elephant terrorist was standing at the edge of the crowd. Then Suet said that he looked so sad, 'cause he wasn't picked. But how could she has noticed that he looked sad!! His whole face covered what, HAHAHA.

Another octopus. :P

Now I know how ugly I look when I kiss. T_T
But at least my peacock feather was obvious, haha.

Kenny Sia, as WINNIE THE POOH, haha!

When I first heard from Audrey that he was going as Winnie the Pooh, I couldn't stop laughing hahaha. And I immediately asked, "I hope he is not going without his bottoms!" HAHAHA.

With Su Ann the ladybug and THE BESTEST LEAF ON EARTH! Which I was captivated by, of course. :P

Jentzen the Shrek. Ogre counted as animal ar!
And Jentzen was my uni mate, btw, and he is damn secretive about his blog. -_-

Hanis! :) So pretty and ethereal. :)))

When I first saw her, after exchanging pleasantries, I asked her, "Are you here as a ghost?!" wtf
Hahaha, 'cause she was wearing a flowy long white dress what!
Then she told me she was a moth. SHYYYY.

I am sorry, I can be quite an idiot sometimes. :P

With the ever fierrrrce Hanis and Skyler! :)

With Rachel (I think) the bunny , and Debra the butterfly who sees stars. :D

HAHAHAHHAAH this tiger's make up damn cute right! HAHAHAHHA.

Some of my favorite costumes which I wish I have captured:

- A shirt saying "Stop Animal Abuse". Haha, so cute!
- Yee Hou, the rooster with the crown and the... red thingy dangling from the chin! And when I tried to touch it, he asked me to "stop touching the balls!" and that "it'd be better if I just stroke it". T___T
- Robb, who had a backpack-like thing on his back, with prickles jutting out! I asked him whether he was a durian. T___T Obviously he was a porcupine (which didn't occur to me). T_T
- A lioness-- who went on to win Best-Dressed!

... and so much more more!

Sigh, it was really fun, 'cause it's so NICE to see everyone so sporting! I swear to god, everyone had on amazing, creative costumes; I wish I took pictures of everyone. :(


One of the most painful memory of the night:

Suet was picked to play some game in which she had to act like a dancing hyena. In order to egg her on, Audrey and I let out non-stop hyena-like laughter (damn high pitch ok) as a soundtrack to her dance. T___T

I think we are like the most sporting people on earth. T_______________T