Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are you glad?

I am really tired from packing (or more accurately, unpacking) all my clothes. Yes, you heard me right, remember my masses of boxes and mountains of clothes here? Well, for the past 2 days, I have been spending my nights unpacking clothes from boxes and my luggage bag (one only wtf)! And I am really proud to say that all my boxes are done. T__T I threw away so many of my clothes in my cupboard (am donating them, but let me use the word 'throw', it's more dramatic, haha). Yea, I have given up on selling them, 'cause there's simply too too too many. Just chucked them into big black garbage bags, and my mom will donate them appropriately. I still have my big red luggage bag, my oyster shell suitcase in the living room, and the clothes in my brother's room; but hey, at least, I am halfway there! T__T

Am really spent, so I am going to blog about something light wtf. Yes, about clothes la, or more precisely shoes, 'cause it comes so naturally wtf.

Anyway, sometimes it awes me, the power of fashion. I remember when I was younger (around 12-13), I would sneak through my mom's wardrobe, only to find this horrendous carrot-cut faded Levi's! My sisters and I will try them on while laughing giddily, laughing at my mom, laughing at the atrocity of the jeans' fit. A few years later, skinny jeans came back into fashion; however, I refused to put them on-- "How can anyone look good in this type of jeans???" I thought.

Look where I am now. Today, I steadfastly refuse to wear anything but skinny jeans. -_-

And now let's move on to one of the hottest trends currently-- gladiator sandals.

The Olsen twins.

Kate Moss. The boyfriend thinks she is a tramp (and so does half of Britain's population apparently), but hey, you can't deny she has got STYLE.

When I first saw such shoes (probably sometime around last year?), I shook my head inwardly, mildly protesting against the un-femininity of the design, the inconvenience of the shoes.. and of course, how unflattering it is. Look at all those straps winding around your ankles/calves/knees(???), it would shave precious inches off your legs! And not to mention, gladiator sandals are most commonly found as flats-- hello, short-legs-ville.


But aah, that is the wonder of fashion, isn't it. To make women covet for things that they don't want, don't need. Make women drool and crave for things that they sworn solemnly against.

I prefer to think of it as opening me to another world. :D


Haih, so now I am absolutely dying for a pair of gorgeous gladiator sandals.

The trend hasn't really caught on in M'sia yet, though signs of a gladiator-sandals heat are cropping up. Nevertheless, most places in KL have yet to really stock up on these Roman-inspired shoes. :((( Zara has started stocking on these sandals, but they are mostly flats. There are some in Promod and Topshop as well-- but they are flats as well.

I am hoping for something heeled ('cause straps + flat would really make my legs stumpy), and with goldware! I have also looked at US sites (who ship internationally), but the currency rate plus the shipping fees just make the shoes crazily exorbitant-- and I am not that keen to spend that much on gladiators yet, I think it's most likely just a flitting trend. =/ A trend that I am eagerly embracing, of course, haha.

Haihhhhh where to find laaaaa. T__T

And in case you're wondering, those are Jing's gladiator sandals! I have been stealing, err, I mean borrowing them. :P

In a frenzy of frustration and fury over my inability to find a nice pair of gladiators right now right here, I started looking for alternatives in my shoe collection, haha!

Below are shoes that I got from my trip to Gold Coast last year:

Leather thong sandals-- with these chunky silver metalware.

I can't shake off the feeling that they look like metal pliers though wtf.

This is one of my favorite flats, I think. :)


Love the blend of the tan leather and the braided ropes. Can replace gladiator sandals ar!! (cannot make it -_-) Unfortunately, they are ankle-strapped; I have an adversity towards anything with ankle straps. T__T They really make your legs look shorter wan!! :(

Tan dragonfly sandals with strappy ropes.


Hehhhh, cute or not the dragonfly! The straps are long enough to be tied up the leg; nevertheless, I have a problem with such shoes--- after awhile, the straps always fall, despite how much I knot and tighten them! Does anyone have the same problem ar. Or is it 'cause my calves are too fat wtf.
I always feel very whimsical when I wear this pair of sandals. :D

HAIHHHHH. But these shoes aren't gladiators sandalssssss. And I wannntttt nowwwww. :'(

Eh, I just remembered! I have also started packing my working clothes, and I am not sure whether this is a good thing or not-- I have only started officially buying office clothes this week; but however, in my bout of packing, I realized that I actually have quite a bit of working clothes! o_O Some collected from Melbourne, some which I bought offhandedly this year if it's affordable and nice... But omg, I didn't know that I have collected to much already. My mom is NOT going to be happy. -_-

In a horrible twist of fate, I am going to be doing my hair tomorrow instead of next week! SO RUSHED. T__T I have no idea what I want to do, no notion of what color I want... But I have to go ahead anyway, 'cause I am leaving for S'pore in a week's time. OMG.

Please give me your suggestions!!! I am leaving tomorrow noon, so I will check my comments once before I leave.. T__T Give me some ideas k!!! 'Cause I don't have the slightest inkling what I want to do. T__T I only know I want to look hot wtf.


Anonymous said...

shoulder length side sweep bangs dye it back to jet black :)


Accyee said...

DARK RED OKAY! omg someone beat me here by 1 minute or else i will be 1st and thus be revelinme's no 1 fan WTFFFFF anyway eh i can never wear gladiator thing sandals... i think i will look ugly and what more i am in miri sure people think im weirdo wear stuff like that that is big in the west. lololol. anyway. dark red k! donate to me lah sien =(

Katie ♥ said...

i think you'd look quite nice with jing's hair colour since you have same-ish complexions *envy*

and i do like you with bangs, shaves years off you (wtf like you damn old like that), heee sorry.

i know what you mean bout ankle straps! i am staying away from gladiator flats as well, short legs sigh. i can tell you where to get heeled/wedged ones online, but i'm sure singapore would have them right right! :)

oohhhh btw! donate to me! i'm needy wtf.

Anonymous said...

I think yr hair looks absolutely fine now :)

Hoi Gi said...

i wanted to say black but emm, i think you're up for some other funky colours, like emm oh-well-i-dunno. :D

Anonymous said...

Don't do anything. You are already so HOT. I like exactly the way you are right now. Wanna ask you something... When you look at ALL the clothes you are going to donate, do you ever think about the money you have spent on them and how much you would have saved in your bank if it's otherwise?

sarah said...

Try dark copper and some highlights in your hair. Not those big chunky highlights but those that blend into your hair..sigh dunno how to explain lol..and maybe you can try cutting your hair a bit shorter but not too short and adding more layers. Side sweep your bangs too, will look nicer =)

About the gladiators..i dun really fancy those that go all the way up to your calves with sooo many straps..hahhaa..I kinda prefer the ankle ones..

and donate your clothes to me la..hahhaa..the other day I saw you selling alot of your tops in stkl then I was thinking to myself..hmm she must've started unpacking her clothes adi..hahhaa

p/s show pics of your new hairdo~!

Kathryn said...

copper brown as undertone and light brown for highlights .... side swept fringe (: and shorten ur hair length for maybe 4inches (:

mustardqueen said...

Eh u damn cheating lor. the clothes in the black garbage bags are all so fug can. Like the ones seriously from the 90s, so N hahahaha and u gave me the damn N got horse top wtf -____- gladiator sandals up to the knees are love love love, who cares if you have short legs but you look fab!!

Rileen Aya said...

wth u donated ur baju. donate to me plz

Chelle said...

Dye black, then highlight a patch of neon blue on the right, and a patch of emerald green on the left...

bring workwear to a whole new diff level, scare ur employers away...

for the fun of it?...haha, i would

Anonymous said...

haha luv are u sure your hair can change color first wtf. i like you with this hair now la! even with your overgrown bangs wtf.

alea amin said...

aiyoo lah you look very gorjess there very hot very hot wtf.

Fashion comes around like a circle. thats why i don't want to sell my vintage clothes cuz i know it will come again as a trend someday lol.

jmeei said...

Cut short so we can match /boo

Ashleigh said...

Donate your clothes to me!!! =D =D

i just wanna be happy said...

is such a waste you donating your clothes away.i really love each and every outfit you put together,you look totally posh girl!!! any chances of you donating them to me?? *wink*

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, I am only going back jet-black after I am bored with playing with colors! :P And shoulder length, I scared my face wil look round! Unless my hair now is considered shoulder-length. ;)

accyee: AHAHHAHAHAH WHY ARE YOU SO KIASU is it coz I am going to s'pore soon wtf wtf. Oh miri! People there don't dress up wan ar. :( And hoho, I didn't do dark red, but that's a good possibility in the future! :D

katie: Haha, ya, our hair color quite similar now! And sigh, I am thinking that I don't want to get from those online boutiques, too generic. See how, *might* really order from US. =/

anonymous: That's really sweet! :))) Then I think you will like my new hair, HAHA. :P

hoi gi: WHY YOU LIKE THAT WAN, make suggestion half-way then hold back, haha.

anonymous: OMG, you made my heart FLYYY! <333 Haha, thank youuuu! :D And haih, to be honest, I don't look that different now, haha. Oh! The clothes that I am donating are from a long time ago-- like early uni years + college + high school clothes... They were from a time when my mom still paid for my clothes, so I don't feel sakit hati WTF WTF. Haha, no la, it's 'cause they are really old clothes, and in no way I will wear them again. Furthermore, it feels quite sayang to spring clean my wardrobe (all the memories! :'( ), but it's something that has to be done. :(

sara: HMMM, I think my hair is quite close to what you suggested! :D But no highlights though, my hairstylist advised against it-- I have too-thick hair, which means that highlights can't be seen on my hair. -__-

And yaya, I cannot wear those gladiators which go up the leg!!! I have damn little inches of legs ok, can you imagine how horrible they will look. T)T And HAHAHA, omg you know me so welll!!! You know I unpacked my clothes already, haha. :D

babykat: Haha, your suggestion damn precise!!! Exactly 4 inches, haha. :P I can't do highlights 'cause my hair too thick-- it can't be seen (or at least that's what my hairstylist told me -_-)

mustardqueen: Haha, but you said you want that horse top wor!! The one from Bangkok right? :P And haih, must wear what suits your body ok, if you simply put things that are not flattering also no use.

rileen: Haha, no la, donating old clothes! Out of fashion already wan. :P

chelle: Haha, unless I want to look like a peacock la! :P Haih, I think they will fire me on the spot la-- YES accountants are prudes. T__T

aud: HAHAHAHAH OMG YOU KNOW ME SO WELL HAHAHHAHA OMG. How you know my hair won't change color wan!! /boo And thank you, love, did my overgrown bangs poked you in the eye ar why you purpoely pointed them out wtf.

alea: Awww, thank you! Is gorjes a legitimate malay term btw WTF. And haha, I can't sell my vintage clothes! 'Cause no matter how they will still be vintage even 50 years from now. :P

jmeei: Ya with the difference that your face size is siew long pau, and mine is big pau. Thanks a lot. T__T

ashleigh: Haha, no la, they are really old clothes! :)

seannxy: Thank youuu! :))) But I thought my dressing is more... err, fun than posh, haha. But thank youuu! :D And nono, they are old clothes, I don't think you would want them! :P