Thursday, June 05, 2008

Skeletons in the closet.

*mildly edited my post! And thank you everyone, for being so enocuraging, HAHA.

ARGHHHH. Because of the petrol price surge, I was under my dad's order to fill up the petrol tank of the Avanza.
It took me a bloody 1 and 1/2 hour!!!
WTFFFF. I thought my leg was going to fall off from cramps-- 'cause stepped on the brake for too long. And no, putting on the handbrake/neutral gear is not an option, 'cause there were stupid idiots who would try to cut the queue!!! So I had to be very alert and ready to gun my engine any time. T__T

It was SO SO TERRIBLE, really a nightmare. There were cars who accidentally banged each other-- 'cause everyone was tail-gating each other (if not, some imbecile would cut into the line), there were cars who unintentionally took routes near to the petrol station and ended up being stranded in the pool of cars (no one was willing to budge to make space for these cars to leave); there was even a parked car whose alarm went blaring on and on. How not to feel super stressed and frustrated!!!!

Anyway, back to what I wanted to say; as I was really bored in the car, being all alone, 'cause my sisters were at home carrying out the noble cause known as examination revision; I started calculating how many pieces of clothing I have sold since I got back. Basically, I have started selling my clothes from end of January till now since I was back from Melbourne-- I have a sale each week, each sale consisting of averagely 7 items.

Doing a rough tabulation, from February onwards to end of May, that's 4 months-- 4 weeks x 4 months x 7 pieces... Plus the fact that recently I have been having 2 sales a week ('cause it's increasingly nearing my departure date to S'pore)... And I think so far, in all my sales, I have in total only about 4-5 items which I have yet to sold out... *mutters frantic calculations* I would say a conservative estimation of the total pieces I have sold since I came back is... around 120 pieces????


I didn't even know that I have 120 items!! I mean, I know I have quite a bit of clothes, but then, if I have sold off 120 things, how come the number of items I have haven't dwindled down? T____T

So I came home and started going through the clothes I have. T____T

One of the questions that I get the most after 'Where do you get your clothes?', is "How much clothes do you have/how big is your wardrobe?"

So here I am, revealing unseen footage of my wardrobe. Unseen, and forever cannot be seen by my mom WTF.

*starts out with chirpy tour guide voice, haha*

This is the view that greets you the moment you open my room door!

And shit, my mat is senget. *anal*

The big lump of clothes on my armchair.

I don't know why, I always dump clothes on the chair, even if I have hangers, knobs etc to hang my clothes, they always end up on the chair. -__-
Is anyone else like me!

Underneath the armchair-- luggage bag filled with clothes, and shopping bags as well.
'Cause my mom doesn't look under chairs! :P

Shopping bags which I haven't kept yet, and bags that I use more often. :)

And haha, these are bags hidden behind the door.

'Cause if my mom comes into my room, she would flip the door open, and tada! the door will hide these bags. I am so smart. :D

Moving on to my closet! Very very small and cramped. :(

Tada! My clothes. Uncolor-coded, uncategorised.

My dream is to have my clothes all hung according to their colors! But I am never disciplined enough for it. :( And haih, it's damn difficult to find clothes, because each hanger has minimum 3 or 4 pieces on it-- so I actually have to sift through the items on each hanger. Haih, even my hangers play layering wtf.

And oh oh oh, you see all the long sleeves peeking out at the right side! Those are my working clothes! :))) That's about 1/3 of this closet. I am really quite pleased, 'cause I haven't really started shopping for working clothes-- it's more like if I see anything appropriate, I would buy it, but I have yet to go on a major, purposeful work-clothes quest; however, I seemed to have accumulated a healthy amount so far! :)

And heeee, this closet has its secrets. :P

At the bottom of the closet, is where I keep some of my shopping buys! Mostly from junkyard sales though... There are huge bags after huge bags, which I just lump in, haha.

It's really quite smart, 'cause when my mom comes in for room inspection...

I just pull the clothes along the railing, and tada, all the bags are hidden!

And she will never know for the better. :D

Folded clothes. More leaning towards baby tees and mamak clothes.
And bottoms! I stuff my bottoms inside nowadays, 'cause my bottoms compartment is full.

Another part of my closet.
The lowest part is said bottoms compartment, which is mostly filled with jeans.

But nowadays, there are more and more version of bottoms! Like high waisted skirts/shorts, paperbag shorts/skirts, skinnys, wide-legged pants, leggings... So I need a bigger compartment to keep my bottoms. T_T

And the middle part of this closet has hidden secrets as well, haha.

This is where I keep my other shopping bags, usually slightly pricier buys, 'cause my mom freaks whenever she sees Topshop/Selfridge/Forever 21 plastic bags. She will start lecturing us on the value of money and threatens to cut our allowance. :'(

This area is stuffed, and it's insane; whenever I remember something new that I want to wear, I would have to throw everything out and slowly dig through. -___-

Moving on to other parts of the house...

Duffel bag filled with clothes and boxes in the study room.
The big box in this picture has some of my Melbourne shoes in it! :)

Box of clothes... Which I haven't unpacked yet, 'cause I really have no space to put them.

Big giant luggage bag (my check-in bag from Melbourne)...

... filled with some of my more well-liked clothes(all brand new!). I usually dig through this bag when I have a special occasion/if I want to dress up.

Jing asked me to specify that the bag measures at approximately 1.5m x 0.5m, because she wants "people to see how crazy you are". -__-

Bags of my clothes along the alley upstairs!
And that is my brother's bed-rack next to them. He broke it one night, hahaha too fat already hahahaha.

I took over my brother's room as well! Thank god I have a brother, 'cause men are so space-efficient when it comes to clothes, haha.

The top shelf are mostly my jackets, whereas the bottom shelf has mostly my bottoms.
Err, the pillow is obviously not part of my wardrobe WTF.

Two huge boxes of clothes in the corner of his room!

It's usually stacked on top of each other neatly, but they look really messy now, 'cause I just rummaged through them to look for something.

And this is another check-in luggage bag which my parents took home for me!
Btw, it's my dad's favorite luggage bag, 'cause it's made of oyster shell, haha.

It's filled with clothes that I have worn before in Melbourne, and which I intend to sell off soon (but I have yet to open since my parents brought it home. -_-)

And that's excluding clothes in my sisters' room 'cause they always steal my clothes, but never return them! *rawr* And also clothes in the laundry room. YES, anything that is sent for washing doesn't come back up!! I don't know what my maid does, she just leaves them in the laundry room. -___- So basically, once we throw our clothes to wash, we won't see them, unless we make the initiative to look for them in the laundry room. All these mountainfuls of clean, detergent-scented clothes. -______-

And I just remembered that I left 2 huge garbage bags full (HAHA, I put my clothes in garbage bags while shifting in Melbourne, 'cause inspired by Audrey the trash woman HAHAHA I am never going to let you forget it Aud) of clothes in Jac's flat! One bag of nice clothes, which I wanted her to look into to see whether there is anything that she wants to keep for herself; another bag of clothes which was supposed to be given to the Salvation Army. BUT, I heard that after I left Melbourne, Jac's housemate threw them away! T____T Is that really true, Jac! T___T

Ok, I am really panicking now, 'cause I have no idea how I am going to manage my clothes when I go over to S'pore!! Do I pack everything off to S'pore? Leave half at home, bring half to S'pore? Be really hard-hearted and sell as much things as I can (this is really not an option, 'cause I can't bear to part with a lot of my things T_T)? If I leave most of my things at home, I am VERY SURE that once I am in S'pore, my mom would throw them out or something! Unless I ask my sisters to protect them for me. T__T

Shit la. Now I wish I didn't take pictures of my clothes. At least I could stay in denial then. :(((

And hahaha, while I was running around taking pictures of my clothes (like scavenger hunt wtf), I found this pair of old-school plaid pants of my mom's!

I was really excited, 'cause I have been looking for a pair of plaid/checkered pants! So I eagerly put them on...

... to find that they have stirrups!

HAHAHHAHAHA omg damn old-fashioned and out! HAHAHAHA.
I was gasping with laughter, and while trembling with silent giggles, I went to look for Jing, and when she turned around, wordlessly, I just lifted my leg up, and she understood.

HAHHAHAHHHAHA damn kao funny! How could my mom have worn something like that, hahaha.

Anyway, I was still quite optimistic, I told Jing that I could cut off the stirrups-part, and with some mild alterations, it could be a pretty cool pair of pants.

She told me:

"Che, are you sure you want to cut off that part. What if it comes back into fashion!"

while throwing me 'I-give-up" look for even daring to contemplate wearing that pair of pants. T___T

Hahaha, why wor!

Can look quite nice what!


Me: I don't get it, I sell 7 clothing a week!! How come my amount of clothes don't go down at all???
Jing: That's 'cause you sell away 7 each week, but each week, you buy back a dozen.
Me: Oh.

Hahaha, damn stupid. Anyway, don't judme me for being messy k! T_T


Anonymous said...

WoW...u seriously have LOTSA clothes...and i tot i was pretty bad...when i moved house last year...i've to rent one big lorry just to ferry mie clothes to the opposite condo...but u definitely wins hands down!!!
u'll probably need a WHOLE aircraft to ferry ur stuff to Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol!had fun reading this post!I always thought that I had so much much much clothes but you definitely wins hands down.I am eager to buy more lothes after seeing yours!Lol.Anyways great taste in clothes and Jing looks so good all the time.She doesn't blog?

Anonymous said...

wow babe..serious madness with shopping n
Anyways it's a pretty obvious answer to my question but do u have more clothes or does Jing??? lol
And do you n Jing share the same bedroom..was juz wondering couz It's crazy I dunno how u gals can fit both ur clothes in the same room-_________-
Faster sell as much as possible online b4 u go to Singapore!!! After all u may not finish wearing them, as we all know u'll be shopping 4 more clothes in S'

Anonymous said...

where do u sell ur clothes?

Anonymous said...

arghhhh!!! *swims in pool of jealousy* so many clothes!!! i want! anyways, maybe you should rent a warehouse to keep all of your clothes while you are in singapore! :'D

Anonymous said...

Damn you are one of those people that jammed up the petrol stations with cars spilling out into the roads. I took a flipping 2 and a half hours to get home from KL sentral all because of this petrol price increase. I was actually calculating the amount of cars and multiplying it by Rm20 and considering giving ever car rm20 to GO HOME! And you are one of them. HAHAHHA!!!

mizzvickz said...


aih woman i wonder how much money have u splurged on clothes in a year. lol.

and oh i USED to always chuck my clothes on my chair as well. hahahahahah i try not to do it anymore because my mother damn bising.

.:Baby Gin:. said...

me lor *o* i throw clothes on the chair also

Anonymous said...

eh come look for me when u officially move to sg larz :)

mustardqueen said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHA why no one signs in under blogger?? IMMA TELL MUMMY YOURE DEAD MEAT!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA And stirrups are coming back can why are you so judgmental discriminate those who wear stirrups is it?? HUH HUH???

Ashleigh said...

Yeah!! Stirrups are coming back! And I was hyperventilating at all those pretty clothes of yours. I never could understand how you and your sisters could wear clothes once and then sell them off. Now I know why!!! T___T I think my entire wardrobe is like only 1/3 of yours!

Anonymous said...

omg, salute! for having so much of clothes :P
now i am interested to know about your monthly allowances haha.

Anonymous said...

is this what my closet would look like if i combine both my closets T____________T and lucky i gave alot of clothes away already (to aud and suet) before i left if not i would've come home to a very very huge closet. u know i was trying to give away some of my clothes to my mom wtf to save space! and my room is an absolute mess now! how hui wen how!

Joshua said...

Hahahah, wtf. Not a closet okay, more like a warehouse. With separate compartments (brother's room, hallway, luggage bags, etc.)

The last time I went to Jing's room was before you came back I think, and she was invading yours with her stuff. I wonder how theres enough space for all three of your clothes now's kennel, bathtub, above the ceiling, wtf.

Suet Li said...

CRAZY GIRL lemme lecture u when i see u wtf. eh do clothes sale at your hse la i'll be the first in line wtf

dy said...

my arm chair is always filled with clothes as well! even AFTER i cleaned it, there'll be on it the very next MINUTE! haha!! i thought i was the only one...

Anonymous said...

hi.. yea i was also wondering where do u sell your clothes online?

g®├ąc∑ land said...

hhaha i guess ur behavior isnt that uncommon among us girls, i'm guilty of all those too. nowadays guys' rooms are so much neater than girls -_-"
btw, where do you sell your clothes?
enjoy reading ur blog, more or less like a fashion blog :P keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I think you have more clothes than Paris Hilton! By the way, when you start working in Singapore, remember to hire and take along with you a maid just to fold clothes for you.

Nicky Hilton

rebecca_t said...

hahahaha and i thought i was bad !!!! but after seeing the amount of clothes you have, i feel MUCH MUCH BETTER cos it makes my amount look miniscule!! hahaha woman oh woman!

Miss Nobody said...

I think you really can open a shop already.

ally said...

u know i rarely say this to anyone, partly cause i believe you can have never have too much clothes but..



and here i thought my sister had a lot of clothes cuase she's got closets full in like 3 countries

Sophia said...

Do you never wear any of your clothes twice? :-O I could never do that.. I have such an attachment with my clothes, like I really only buy something I truly love and the idea of just selling them is sad!

How do you find anything, though? :P It's sooo messy and I would totally forget I even own some of the things in there haha.

And ps. Stirrups ARE back in fashion in Australia. But in the form of leggings. Maybe they'll be back in fashion for pants soon lol.

revel in me said...

joycezhi: EHHH what are you talking about, you needed a LORRY ok! Mine where got so bad! :P HAHHHAAHAHA wtf whole aircraft!! HAHAHHAHA idiot!

nana: Haha, glad that it was fun to read!I thought it would be boring to look at just piles of fabric. T_T Nopes, she doesn't! :)AndGOOO BUY MOREEEE! :D :D :D

anonymous: Hahaha, why you call me mad! And err, jing tells me that I have more clothes. -_- Haha, admittedly I have the most clothes now la, 'cause I bought a whole new wardrobe in Melbourne, but I am sure when she go overseas she would too, haha. We don't share the same room! Jing and Teeny share one, perks of being the eldest, hee. HAHAHHA eh you don't curse me ok, I go to s'pore to work, not to shop.. *determined* T___T

anonymous: I sell the online, at

Go see! :)

syahnaz: HAHHAHA eh you super exaggerate la! Where got need warehouse! :D

smallswong: It wasn't me! I was at stupid taman tun, BWARGHH. And honestly, I wouldn't have bothered to queue up, the RM20 isn't worth it for the turmoil I went through, but what to do, dad's orders. T__T HAHA, I was contemplating to pay off the drivers too! Either that, or pay my dad to shut him up, haha.

mizzvickz: I recently did a calculation-- I based the amount I spent on the number of designer bags I could have gotten... T___T I tell you when we meet up, HAHA. And my mom is damn bising too ok! Just that recently she has been nicer to me, 'cause I am leaving soon. T__T

babygin: Ya la, why are we like that! T_T

rachel: Haha, HOW TO LOOK FOR YOU!!! :D

mustardqueen: Aiyo, I know you recently bought something with stirrups, don't have to be so touchy, haha. EHHH don't tell mummy k! If not, we will all die together.. T__T

ashleigh: Haha, I know atirrups are making a come-back, but stirrups on pants! Cannot accept yet wtf. Haha, you'll understand if you see the horrendous cut of that pants. :P And ya la, I can never finish wearing my clothes, it's not that I don't want to wear them again. T_T And oh! 1/3 of that amount is quite a lot what! :P

wanli: EHHH why no one believes me when I tell them my month allowance is RM300??? -_________-

tzeching: Haha, I gave away 3 large garbage (neh, those large plastic bags that aud is very familiar with wtf) full of clothes in melb, before I left! And also I have gave away my clothes before at home... And actually, there are still places in the house with my clothes.. T___T

joshua: HAHAHHAAHA warehouse with compartments, HAHAHAH good one! *shifty eyes* YA LA that stupid king tried to put her things in my wardrobe, but I have threw them all out already, each woman for her own, HAHA. Err, our celing got bats now, but the dog kennel is a good idea! *rubs chin thoughtfully*

suet li: Haha, yaya, next week k! And I can't have sale in my house la, though someone suggested before, my mom will kill me! :(

dy: HAHHAHA, YAAA! Why are we like that ar! I always tidy it up, only to find myself throwing clothes onto it the next moment. -_-



graceland: Haha, ya la, I don't think I am that bad! -_- But dunno why everyone said I am crazy. T__T Oh, I sell it at:

And hee, thank you! :)

nicky hilton: HAHAHA, eh no la, the only maid I am going to have in s'pore is myself. T___T

rebecca: Which rebecca is this! :P HAHA wtf, how can make yours look minuscule! I don't believe! ('cause both rebeccas that I know also damn shopaholic wtf :P)

miss nobody: That's not the first time someone told me that. :(

ally: I LOVE YOUUUU!! 'Cause I believe you can't have too much clothes too! :D :D :D *ignores what you say about me having too much* And eh, having closet-fuls in 3 different countries is a lot what! :(

sophia: Well, even if I wear the same item, I never wear it the same way twice! :) It's sort of me wanting to be experimental, like a little challenge to myself, haha. And well, the things that I buy are split into a few categories: things I really really love, things I want to try out, things that are good bargains etc etc. I never ever sell things that I truly love! :D As for experimental things, they are usually things like high waisted shorts, rompers etc. Things that are good bargains are pretty things that come at a good price! Though I may not love them until I can't live without them, but at the price, I CAN'T justify not buying, HAHA.

And ohh, I know stirrups are making a come-back, but on pants, still look a bit weird. And you'll also understand why, if you see my mom's plaid pants, haha! :P

jeanchristie said...


Hui Wen, its amazing you even have space for those clothes!

Btw, good idea to keep some items at home so that you don't have to lug clothes around. Its always handy heh.

When are you coming down babe? I'll be back this weekend!

Anonymous said...

wats ur nickname in d forum u r selling ur ur sis selling there also?

alea amin said...

ya allah bersepah nyer bilik.

i wanna live in under your clothes!!

and hire me as your part time maid!! i will colour coordinate your clothes! u dont have to pay me anything, just give me 10 or your clothes wtf.

Anonymous said...


you have more clothes than i ever had in my life.

i <3 you still. haha.

Gwencws said...

Wah Wah Wah WAAAAHHHHHH!!! Its obvious from reading your blog that u have a lot of clothes but I never would have imagined THIS MUCH! I feel so much less guilty now x). Many girls would envy u. Oh, and leaving clothes on chairs and all...I do that too, heee!

U got more than enough to open a big garage sale already lar, open shop also can...I'll definitely be there if u do haha!

eggster said...

imma gonna show my mom this post that i'm not the only one who hides my clothes around the house too! haha wtf. you know i've got a luggage bag in my room that i always keep all my new buys inside and when my mom ask whats in there i'd always answer "oh, its the all clothes that i want to sell" lol

EH, another secret place to hide is under the bed! seriously no joke! i bought those plastic bins from ikea specially to keep 'em under my bed so that i can throw my clothes and shoes in there to hide from my mom's sight. but once in a while she'd spot check and there goes the nagging.

still, the amount of clothes i have can never beat yours la! T_______T

Falcon said...

what a long post...

1 and 1/2 hours..kesian you..

♥ ling said...

omg so messy =)
so much clothes! lol

Cynthia said...

Hehehe. I used to be horribly messy (like you) hhahahaha until one time some of my guy friends came over to my place to chill and they saw. my. room.
Quote unquote, "why do you have a big pile of clothes right in the middle on the floor. And is that your bra and underwear peeking out from under there?!"

Hahahaha i almost died of shame :D and they still remind me of that incident until today.

But these days im pretty anal with my clothes, cause they tend to get dusty when left on the floor for too long! :( and then they'll need some ironing too, and god help me i hate to iron.

Now i color code them, categorize them, re-fold them every few months, hahahahaa where did that old messy Cynthia go :) i can help you, im good at color-categorizing!

:D *excited face*

Anonymous said...

i didnt know you sell your stuff , can gimme the url??? i wanna be yr customer coz i like your style! LOL.when you are in Singapore, feel free to email me and i will give u the lowdown on shopping Haji Lane is a very good spot to start off at!

Anonymous said...

i didnt know you sell your stuff , can gimme the url??? i wanna be yr customer coz i like your style! LOL.when you are in Singapore, feel free to email me and i will give u the lowdown on shopping Haji Lane is a very good spot to start off at!

Anonymous said...

hey.. u gave the url but seems like it's not complete.. it ends at selltrade_k .. wats the full wan?

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, ya la, thank god my house got space! :P And yaa, I definitely would have to leave some clothes at home, it would be impossible for me to bring down to s'pore! o_O

anonymous: Hey dear, I prefer to
keep my blog separate from my sales... Do keep a look-out at the site, it's very easy to recognise my sisters and I! :P Alternatively, leave me your email, I'll mail you personally ya! :))

alea: Yeerrr, really very messy ar.. :( Hahaha, eh I don't mind! When you want to start work wtf.

jaclyn: UTTER NONSENSE! You have damn a lot of clothes as well, and I love you too! :P

gwencws: Haha, actually I have more clothes than what is showcased here.. But lazy to take pictures.. :P And sighh, everyone also asked me to do garage sale! o___O

eggster: Haha, nonsense la you, you shop damn a lot too k! :P And are you sure you want to show your mom that I hide me clothes too!! Wouldn't she know that you hide your clothes, and she will be become very suspicious.. T__T And haha, I can't hide my clothes under my bed, 'cause I have Ikea drawers there as well, but filled with my bags and miscellaneous items! T__T

falcon: Haha, ya, my entries are usually quite long. Verbal diarrhoea wtf

cynthia: Really very horribly messy meh.. T___T Why you all so critical wtf. Haha, eh, quite shy ar let people see your underwear, haha! Actually, if you peer closely at my pictures, you would be able to see my lingerie peeking out.. T___T And sigh, it's not that I don't want to keep my clothes, but I really have no space!! My mom told me I can go get some wardrobe/cupboards from Ikea to put my stuff, but I have always procrastinated, not to mention that there isn't any space in my room to put wardrobes. -_- So even if you color-code for me, they will still have to sit on the floor. T_________T

Oh oh oh! Are you going for lapsap? :)

joie: Heehee, I sell them at:

My style not too weird/kooky right! T__T And ohhh, YESSS PLSSS, I have heard a lot about Haji lane! <333

melisa: It is complete, love! :) If it fails right, just go to livejournal, and search for a community called selltrade_kl!
Let me know how it goes! :)

k said...

i think i just died a little.
im going to be buried in your clothes.
and you wouldn't even know hahahaha

Anonymous said...

ehhe..thanks babe! will be checking it out soon.. love reading ur blog as u keep it updated everyday:) keep it up!

revel in me said...

skim: Haha, you are so long! Obviously I would notice you. :P

melissa: Hee, thanks! :D But does it mean if I update less frequently you won't like me anymore! :( Haha, 'cause I am all gung-ho in updating now as i want to push my ugly bandwidth exceeded posts away from this page, HAHA.