Saturday, June 07, 2008


I cracked a joke.
Jing laughed.

Me: I am so pun-ny right! :D :D :D
Jing: No la. Just puny.


Harrumphh! Even if I am shorter than everyone in the family (when our dog stand on its hindlegs, I think it's taller than me wtf), don't have to throw it in my face right!


I looked like a ghost here, 'cause it seemed as if I have no legs!!!

And when I whipped out the 'top' I was wearing, I thought it was a dress! At least, that was my impression when I bought it in Melbourne.

In fact, it barely skims my butt!! I don't know how I thought it was meant to be a dress when I tried it on then. Then have to add skirt, if not it'd be too obscene... So potong! T_T

And haih, by removing my accessories, I could totally imagine myself wearing the same outfit for work. -__-

Anyway, Jing and I made a trip down to KLCC today, to check out the sales of some designer brands. Yes, you heard me, a lot of luxury brands are having their sales now! :)

Haih, not that we have money la, but it's just nice to go feast our eyes on all those delights. And it could motivate us to be more gung-ho in saving! :P

Actually, that reminds me, it's how my mom edges us on in life, HAHAHA. Every year, she will bring us down to Singapore, and we would go to Takashimaya and Ngee Ann City and Paragon on Orchard Road-- where all the big designer brands are; and she would shop, while we looked on. She would then justify it by telling us that it is to motivate us, so that we would aim for the great things in life, to strive to be someone, to achieve a better quality of life in general.

And it works!! Every starting of the year ('cause we usually make our way down to S'pore at the end of the year, i.e. Christmas season), I would be really motivated and all set out to work hard, because I know what I want in life. Haha. Omg, is this why I have maintained my grades all through my life!! 'Cause the motivation was sustained (and refreshed every year) for me to work my butt off!!!

I think my mom is on to something, haha.

Do you like my headband! :)))
There are some merits in digging through my boxes of stuff, after all. :P

During lunch: Jing being pouty 'cause of The Unfortunate Event.

Sorry, I can't divulge any details, lest it adds on to her pain wtf.

The more I look at my outfit today, the more I feel like I was dressed to go for a funeral wtf.

Haha, purely 'cause I am amused that my eyes are so intense!

Trying on shoes in Topshop.
You can't see it in the picture, but I was heaving my leg very unlady-likely indeed. T_T

Why do I looked like I need to pee really badly-- hence the crotch-grabbing. T__T

And I feel very fulfilled today!
Because I have found my (temporary) life goal already. In Marc Jacobs. :P


Accyee said...

fiu twice already iam first to comment! u post early in the morning one ha. like 5 am. hahaha anyway u all always wear so nice!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.Yeah I agree.Always wear so nice lah.I think I haven't intro myself also lah.I'm Krish,but u can call me Nana.I've seen you hanging in Curve for a few times d..Lol.Anyways,interesting blog.I likey.:)

Anonymous said...

You might be shorter than your two sisters but look at the bright side, you are the prettiest among the 3 of you!

Hmmm.... if I were asked to choose any one of you, I will go for you, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

haha your last post about all your clothes that you've hidden etc. made me feel immesnely better about my junk! lol. sell your clothes when i'm back! i'll help you decrease your load fo shiz xox

mustardqueen said...

I'm offended my the anonymous comment.... T____T That is my motivation to go for a nose job whee~~~

ANYWAY!! Eh what la you two, go for designer label sales, but makan at little penang again. Tak tau malu mehhh!!!???? -_- Like damn off lor, good bags, bad food -_-

Anonymous said...

sent u an email regarding that cute blue pinafore coz i am not a member of kl selltrade...sad

Anonymous said...

does jing blogs?

revel in me said...

accyee: Haha, ya la, my sleeping times are SO SO OFF. But why are you up so early! 6.27am, omg!

nana: Omg, you can recognise me???? SHITTTTT, was I very noisy ar. T__T And how you gte nana out of kirsh? :P 'Cause I think nana is a vey cute name, I want to give myself that name as well, HAHA.

anonymous: :)))))) Why are so sweet! :))))) But does that mean you're a guy ('cause you'll go for me), haha.. Nono, I think my sisters are very pretty! <3 I am more.. unconventionally pretty.. *droops head down* But thank you! :D

jade: Hahaha, you don't talk nonsense, I am VERY SURE that you have loads of junk as well. :P And when will you be back! You're always back, I half expected to see you at the junkyard sale. :(

mustardqueen: Haha, but you DO think that you're the prettiest! T____T HAHAHAHHA EH FUCK YIU LA why let people know we eat at cheap places wtf. That's why we went for designer SALES, if we are damn rich we wouldn't have bothered. :P

joie: I malied you back already, go read! :P

anonymous: No, dear, she doesn't! :)

Anonymous said...

*salivates* awesome pictures... aweee *SLURP* okay that sounds so wrong. but you both look fab with the natural sunshine piccies

k said...

omg you got crazyguy/stalker/admirer!
where is MY crazyguy/stalker/admirer?!

mustardqueen: i need nose job too. T____T. but boob job first. priorities are priorities. haha

Anonymous said...

i emailed u earlier regarding the cute white dress u were selling on kl selltrade...but how come no reply le!!! i want that dress!!!
*sob sob*

Anonymous said...


I found my (not so temporary) lifegoal too, in CHANEL and PRADA! :D :D :D I'm going to stand under the sky the whole of today in hopes of 10k falling down wtf! -.-

And Ting, i was planning to forgo eating after discovering new goals in life, but we needed a spot to discuss our strategies WTF! =P

ka~chan said...

i found mine as well !! @ Gucci ><
but i'm still hesitating~
on de other hand,
i think Marc Jacobs is definitely smnthin worth investing
in ^^

good luck on ur goal (@^0^@/〜)

Anonymous said...

hey.. i saw you and audrey and 2 other girls at bangsar just then with your damier alma :) and ur new shoes


revel in me said...

abbyc: Aww, thank you my dear! :))) Haha, ya, natural sunlight makes people look very flawless, hee. :D

skim: HAHAHHAH wtf that is not a stalker/admirer la! And gosh, your priorities are ALL WRONG! 'Cause in no way do you need a nose job OR a boob job k. <333

joycezhi: Omg, are you serious? But I didn't get anything from you in my email! :( Maybe you try again? And if not, leave your email, so I can mail you back! <3

jing: Haih, your goals all very high up there. T___T Marc jacobs. <333

kachan: Haha, you're the only one who noticed my goal. T__T Marc jacobs damn good investment right. <333 You're a omwan after my own heart. <333 When are you going to achieve your goal then! :P

siaolee: OMG damn shyyyy!! Was I very loud! *shifty eyes* Haha, the 2 girls are pinkpau and tze chig! :) And you're so observant, you noticed my bag, and remembered my shoes! <3

Anonymous said...



vss3t said...

Ooooo!!! Marc Jacobs! I likey too!!!! drools....

to those who loves LV and Monograms, dont kill me k -- how in the hell this marc jacobs guy able to design such ugly thing and such gems at the same time????????? he's such a genius! making me hate LV but love his design.

Anonymous said...

babe...could u pls email me at let me know that the dress is available...pls??
and oh...went to Palate Palatte today..din get to see u...din get to buy anything...damn wasted wei...

Anonymous said...

where did jing get her dress from ! love the chain link detail! :)

revel in me said...

jing: HAIHHH why you so LOA. So ar, how are going to get 10k to achieve your goals ar! Which bank you plan to rob ar! What are you having for lunch tomorrow ar! Warm enough or not wtf. :D

vss3t: Haha, but I like some of the monogram bags! :P Aaah, my marc jacobs. Pray for me k! Pray for perseverance and strong will for me! And money to drop from the sky. T_T

joycezhi: Oh no, dear, I am sorry, the dress is sold already! :( My clothes tend to get sold out quite quite quickly, and my buyers were asking me to close the deals.. So sorry! :( And haha, ya, I didn't get much things at palate palette as well!

anonymous: Haha, keep a lookout for her sale in selltrade soon, she is selling it! :)

Hanis Zalikha said...

I LOVE YOUR SHADES! I used to have one just like that, I bought from Jakarta. Then terpenyek piyak(!) dekat my car seat vjfnbisjdmkcvm. Eh my mom's car seat. Lol.

Anyway I still prefer Hanis Zalikha. Haha thanks.