Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bag lady!

Okies, no pictures at all from S'pore. =/ Oh no, what if this is a sign! Like, once I move to S'pore, I'll no longer be taking photos! T_T

Haha, no la, actually it's 'cause my mom and aunt don't want to camwhore with me wtf.

Hmm, so only my Singapore buys ya. :)

Can you believe it, the only clothing items I bought are work-clothes. T_____T
I am turning into a blah working woman already wtf. Haha, but THANK GOD they are actually pretty clothes-- i.e. things that I would actually wear for non-work purposes. Aiya, actually most of the things that I bought/reserved for work can be worn for my own dress-up days as well. -_- I am so going to break the dress codes man. -___-

Anyway, no pictures of said work-clothes (loosely termed so wtf), am going to move straight onto the more substantial buys! :)

This is my first baby from the trip! Shoes from Pura Lopez. :)))

Sexy black patent, slightly oxfords-inspired, with really high platform heels. Mmm.

My mom thinks the heels are too high (I think they are more than 4-inches high -_-), so while persuading her to buy them for me in the shop, I had to walk nonchalantly in these shoes while attempting to be graceful, haha.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. :)))

Next up, the Prada bags that my mom bought!

Which of course, we would steal, erm, I mean borrow. :P But then again, now that I would be in S'pore, I won't get to steal, erm, I mean borrow it. :(

Black evening bag cum sling bag with the gorgeous rosette in front!

This bag is really gorgeous, and I love that it could be casual (ala sling-bag), and it will look equally lovely as an evening/dress-up bag. :) It especially looks good as a sling bag, because it's still girlie! It looked really nice with the rugged shirt dress I had on that day in the Prada shop. :P

And oh! Remember my mom bought three Prada bags? She bought 2 of this rosette sling bag. -___- The other one is for her best friend. -__-
Haiya, I don't get these women la, what is this!! Friendship bag, instead of friendship bracelet ar!! -____- If my best friend uses the same bag as me, I'll smack her WTF.

OOOOOHHH I love this bag SO SO SO MUCH!

It comes with detachable straps (with goldware) as well, so you can wear it as a sling! :)

And you know what, my mom actually got this on her accord!! Haha, as in I wasn't with her when she bought it. Not because I usually pay for her bags wtf.
The story: we were in Prada, and there was this bag that my mom wanted, however they ran out of it in that shop, but there was one last one in another Prada outlet-- just a few streets away. So my mom braved the rain (it was raining cats and dogs) and walked to the other Prada outlet by herself. Now I know where my love for bags came from wtf. Anyway, my mom called me while she was at the other Prada outlet, and told us that they ran out of the bag as well, and that she would be coming back to meet us. So I was expecting my mom to be empty-handed-- but when I saw her she was carrying a big Prada paperbag already. T__T

Btw, now I also know where my impulsive shopping genes came from WTF.

And you know whatttt!! When we were in Prada, there was this lady who was holding a nice Prada bag on display. My mom liked how the bag looked, and ask the lady whether she could just take a closer look at the bag. THEN THAT FUCKER LADY TOLD MY MOM: Oh, you need not bother, I am buying it already. In a really infuriatingly superior tone somemore!!
ARGHHHH DAMN ANGRY OK. Not like my mom wanted to snatch the bag from her! She just wanted to see how the bag is like! Fucker. Some Singaporeans are such snobs, I am telling you. GRRR.

Anyway, on a more inspiring but terribly scary note! The bag that my mom wanted-- they only got the stock in the morning, about 3,4 of it. We reached Prada at about 12pm-- the bags were all sold out! Not to mention they were all sold out in the other Prada outlet as well! WTFFFF, this are not Bonia or Guess bags we are talking about!! Don't this people need to think before making such a huge investment!! (yes, buying bags is an investment *shy*) And everytime I pass by LV, you need to queue up to get in. -___- Is the purchasing power of Singaporeans so high???? So means me working in S'pore is a good move huh, HAHAHA.

And remember I mentioned before that my mom brings us down to S'pore to motivate us? Well, she has definitely inspired me to me gung-ho for work now. :P

It's my pleasure to share that I am now the proud owner of the Miu Miu Nappa Frame tote! :D :D :D

Sigh, isn't it gorgeous. :))))

And the key to lock the bag. :)

I almost didn't get the bag ok! T____________________________T

I saw it in On Pedder on my 2nd day in S'pore, and it was love at first sight. But my mom hated it (she thinks Miu Miu is cheap WTF how can she be my birth mom), and so we left On Pedder with me throwing longing glances at it. We went to Gucci shortly after that, and surprisingly, the first thing that caught my mom's eye was my ex-dream-workbag!

Just imagine it in pink (yes, it's from the same family as Jing's bag)! Had trouble finding a picture of the bag-- I think the one shown in this picture is a fake. -_-

Anyway, my mom thinks that this Gucci bag is more "worth-it", quoting her. -_- And she kept on putting down my Miu Miu bag, saying that it's too simple, that white dirties easily etc etc. I still quite like the Gucci bag (it's really gorge in real life), but I don't know, lately I seemed to not like monogrammed things. =/ And I really really love the Miu Miu one. But HOWWW my mom was willing to pay for the Gucci one, but she hates the Miu Miu bag. :(

But with some light persuading, we stepped back into On Pedder again, for us to "see the Miu Miu bag more clearly", quoting me. :P

So while I was in the shop, tenderly stroking the bag and lovingly admiring my reflection with the bag on me...
My mom told me, "Go la!" I gave her a blank stare.
The she told me, "Take it to pay la!"
T_____________________T I was so shocked ok. Why my mom loves me so much. T____________T
But I felt so guilty (and shocked wtf) that I told my mom that I will think about it first.

WTFFF RIGHT. Even now when I think of it, I think I was damn stupid!! Mommy offering to buy you a super gorgeous bag?? You don't say "See first" or "Let me think about it"!!! You just GRAB AND GO. T___T Somemore the sales assistant told me that it was the last bag, and he warned me to not think too much. T___T

When I chatted online with my sis on the same night to sought for her opinion on whether the bag is a good buy, she called me"STUPID! WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID!" T_____T

Then the next day when we went back to Orchard, my mom told me she has thought over it clearly, and she thinks that the Miu Miu bag is too expensive, and she doesn't want to get it. T______T I was beating myself up inside ok. T______________T

Thank god, in the end she relented. T____T 'Cause I kept on showing her sad faces, HAHAHA.
And also because the Miu Miu store was right above Prada, so it was easy for me to pull her in. :P (So I didn't get it from On Pedder in the end, got it from Miu Miu itself)

I told my mom I will be using it for work... *sheepish* I was originally considering getting a Coach leather bag or something for work-- something subtle and simple; however I was really reluctant in getting Coach though, I have a teeny weeny bit of a bag snob in me. :( But haihhh, confirmed I am not sampai hati to use this bag for work wan! -_-

And I have to thank my aunt (whom I will be staying with in S'pore) for it! My aunt is a super duper practical woman from the olden days; she doesn't own anything designer, and her priority is comfort and affordability. But even she thinks that my bag is damn nice. T_T And she helped me begged my mom. T___T

And you know what, I suspect my aunt has been reading fashion magazines since the last time I have seen her, HAHA. 'Cause her taste is damn expensive and good now ok! All the bags which she thinks are nice are from Bally, Yves Saint Laurent etc. Then she scolded my mom, "Seeee! You bring me to all this expensive places, how can I ever go back to using my pasar bags!"HAHHAHA why is she so cute. :P

Anyway, me loves my new bag VERY VERY VERY much. :)))
But how can some people now know what Miu Miu is! T___T

Bless the ignorant people around me.

Me: Bee, I am eyeing a Miu Miu bag!!! :D
Bf: Huh? Do you mean a Meow Meow bag?

WTFFF what is a meow meow bag! -_____-

Me: I got the Miu Miu bag today!!! :D :D :D
Bf: Are you sure it is spelled that way?
Me: Errr, ya. Why?
Bf: 'Cause Miu Miu sounds odd.


Jing told her bf, Samuel, that I am scheming to get a Miu Miu bag.
Sam asked her was she calling him MUEL MUEL.


On MSN, when I told the boyfriend that my mom bought 3 Prada bags.

Bf: sigh I feel like I am staring into my future


While he was still lamenting on his impending future...

Bf: (next time) my money got feather DNA wan i think
Bf: when it grows up it will have feathers and then it will fly away... to prada and gucci and lv

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA. We will have a good future together, baby! :P

[Exclusion cause: Just for the record, this author does not spend her bf's money at all, and she's proud of it. But if married already, then things might be different wtf. Hahaha! *consoles the boyfriend's weeping self*]


alea amin said...

one rule you HAVE to remember as a girl that loves fashion:

Never EVER decline an offer of luxurious goods! except the ones that involves sex lah that one you can decline to save your reputation wtf. omg you were so lucky lor your mom bought you the miumiu bag or else i think you would still be thinking about it. i still remember my mom offered to pay for a Stuart Weitzman nude pumps which is beautiful but nude pumps wasn't a trend yet so i said no need and now i regret i wanna so badly T__T

wtf why people make fun of Miumiu! it's miuccia prada's nickname roar.

vss3t said...

hey hui wen!

there's a thing about white designers bag -- they don't get dirty!! no matter how kanasaily u treat them. i've got this DKNY (yalah, nothing compared to the rest but wad the heck..small designer mar)white bag for my val'z day pressie, then hor i'm so not careful oso won't get dirty one.

tat miu miu bag is a chic!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your miu miu bag so pretty T__T and I think the black Prada bag also damn pretty. And that's your working shoes ar hahhaa the heels so tall are you sure you can walk in them for a whole day! But it does look good

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the lovely miu miu!!! I love miu miu. (I think it is a better choice than the gucci) How can your mum say miu miu looks cheap... it is the baby sister of prada....they are anything but that.. lol but now that you are going to be working in singapore you can introduce her to the wonderful world of miu miu. (I am trying to do that to my mum with gucci. She thinks gucci is cheap cause there is too many fakes. >_<)

Lol and yeah, never ever decline an offer to buy luxury goods... U will regret it at some point. Although soon you will forget about it when you find a new bag love... lol

Btw, your mum has great taste... I love the rosette bag... I was persuading my mum to get it in prada KL as a great evening bag excuse.... but i failed.... oh well

good luck in singapore!!

Anonymous said...

Oh regarding white bags... they are like normal white bags.. they do tend to get dirty... I have a ivory LV epi leather bag... and it is not so much of ivory now... but plus point it is very easy to clean... and I have a miu miu white doctors bags.. it does get a bit dirty now and tend.. But with a bit of leather care conditioner.. everything is great once again

mizzvickz said...


i so love the red prada bag.

anddddd i love ur miu miu bag too! your mum is SO nice!!!

must let my mother read your blog.

Anonymous said...

*ahem* i recall a conversation between us just two days ago where we agreed our friendship has reached that point where we will buy each other designer bags too! nyehehe. since you're older, you have a head start so in five years time i anticipate my bag.

and i'll be fair, six years time you get yours. i buy you the LV bag we both coveted for, okay? ;) LOL

psst: i'm too materialistic for friendship bracelets *flips hair* oh unless it's from cartier. =D

revel in me said...

alea: Hahaha, no la, I felt really bad 'cause... I don't know, such an expensive gift, and so sudden! T__T It was my conscience.. T____T But OMGGGG you said no to stuart weitzman shoes!!! T___T

vss3t: Haha, really ar! Eh that's FANTASTIC news!! 'Cause I am so worried about my bag, I even want to carry it around in its dust bag.. T___T And thank you! <333

sarah* Thank you.. T__T And haha, can wear for work la, but like you said, it's too high! Unless my job is just to sit at the desk and look fashionably stylish,, HAHA.

j: YAAAA I think my miu miu is a better choice than the gucci too; like I mentioned, I starting to feel a little meh towards monogrammed bags! Besides that, jing also has the same bag in a smaller size.. :P And HAHHAHAH YES I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU, very quickly you'll forget about it when you see another new bag that you covet.:P And oh noo, why didn't your mom want to get the rosette Prada! It's damn nice.. T__T And oh ya, what leather care do you use ya? The miu miu people told me that I should go to a leather expert if anything, but is there anything I can do DIY? Like to maintain/protect.. :)

PS: The miu miu white doctor bag is GORGEOUS! <3

mizzvickz: Yaaa the red bag damn nice right! :D Sumore the color is really unique, very vivid! <3 HAHAHA, I want to consult you ya, after start working can still ask mom to buy bags for us wan ar.. T___T

jaclyn: Haha, and since you're working in aussie now, your purchasing power is so much higher than mine! So I should expect a bag from you in. 3years time? :P You'll get one from me in 5 year's time. :D And HAIHHH JACLYN WONG!! Why you only want cartier bracelets!! Very hard for our friendship to fluorish wtf.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH is your exclusion clause inserted because of my entry!

Anonymous said...

HOW CAN LIKE THAT HOE HUI WEN!!???!!! I disagree!!!!!! Miu Miu is loove.

Anonymous said...

hey i have the same bag, bought also at on pedder, damn good buy i say!!

Anonymous said...

*drools* i usually hate the prada nylon bags, but your mom HAS GOOD TASTES!!! very very pretty! :D

and the miu miu bag also! :D gorgeous! i loveeeeee hobos!!!! :D what a good "harvest" ah your sg trip :P

Anonymous said...

sigh we are no longer friends hoe hui wen T______________T u have just reminded me that i cannot satisfy any of my cravings in the next 3 months because i am under my parents' watchful eyes wtf. but OBVIOUSLY get the miu miu la the gucci not nice also! and i think gucci monogram especially the shiny reflective one wtf looks very cheap (albeit cute) la dunno how they can have a price tag of 1500 pounds wtf (the new baboushka or sthg collection). anyway good choice /boo i love all the bags /boo oh one thing bout miu miu white leather right chui san said it scratches very easily cuz she has the miumiu bow bag and the white leather not very good so becareful ok! i personally dont have the same problem with vuitton la but i think cuz it's epi so it's very sturdy and the miu2 leather is quite soft right! so just becareful la dont put it near anywhere sharp ok! like.. durians wtf.

mizzvickz said...

AHAHAHA working can ask parents to buy bags. WHY NOTTTT. but whether they want to buy is another story. AHHAHAHAHAHA

Katie ♥ said...

Girls who don't use their boyfriend's money unite! Sigh that's why wallet always empty, damn sad :(

Eh my sister and I used to say we'd open our own brand of inexpensive desginer bags for the general public to enjoy.

Named Woof Woof wtf -____-

Anonymous said...

OMG..I so love your miu miu bag ! U came at the right time...The GSS now is such a craze...I went to Gucci like 2 times in a week...and prada too...ha...but...I din get anything... =( I love the pink prada bag your mum bought...damn nice ! Anyway I really agree on the part where u got to queue up to go in LV...and when I went to buy my bag the other time..they din even bother to entertain me..there was such a huge crowd in the shop and I waited like 10 mins to go into the shop...

Btw did u see a white working bag at Gucci ? I saw it yesterday and I thought if I am in the executive line, I would invest in one...u can take a look when u start work next mth...quite classy and nice for work... =)

Accyee said...

WHY U SO LOADED CAN GET 3 PRADA BAGS! WHY UR MOTHER SO NICE. I am so jealous. I'd rather Prada than Miu Miu tho :P

Anonymous said...

hey, saw u buying tickets at one-u today. love the way u dressed!

revel in me said...

aud: HAHHA why you so paranoid!! I didn't even think of that, haha!

sofia: Disagree with what! But I think Miu Miu is love too wor. T_T

anonymous: Omg, are you serious!! Bag buddies, YAYYY! :P Oh, I didn't get it from On Pedder though, I got it from Miu Miu itself in the end! :)))

foongjin: YAAA I fucking hate those ugly prada nylon bags ok, PTUIIII look damn fake. But the pleated bag so pretty right! <333 And the rosette bag, I picked wan! :D And oooh, it's not really a hobo! It's square-ish... And can't really carry on shoulders.. Hahaha, I show pic next time! :P

tzeching: Haha, what la you! Buying a designer bag in 3 month's time is perfectly acceptable k! You want to buy every week meh. T__T And haha, the gucci one is actually very pretty in real life. :) but not really my taste now wtf. And haihhh so now I not only have to worry about stains, have to worry about scratches also!! T___T And durian wtf, HAHHA.

mizzvickz: I am supposed to pay back my miu miu bag ok! T__T Which is why I am not answering any calls from my family, HAHAHHA.

katie: Haha, ya la, I damn ber-principled when it comes to being fair in relationships! And haha, if it's inexpensive, it won't be designer at all, I think! Part of the appeal of designer goods is that they are so disgustingly expensive WTF.

yan ping: YAAA the GSS sales not bad!! But I didn't really get anything besides working clothes. T___T And these bags, haha. And why must be executive only can use that gucii white bag! You can too white, white matches your uniform! <333 And OH YA do you know anyone with rooms to let in S'pore. T___T You want to take me in or not. T____T

accyee: Haha, not I am loaded la! Just that my dad, in order to bribe my mom to accompany me on the trip, told her to shop WTF. And hmm, I love both Miu Miu and Prada! :D :D :D But Miu Miu bags are really gorgeous ok, and I think more suitable for my age/style! <3

jas: OMGGGGG really mehh you saw me!! My face damn black right, haha, 'cause it was so hot and stuffy in the queue! :P And THANK YOUUUU! *shy* <3

Anonymous said...

this is too much...

Anonymous said...

haha..I thought u staying in Aunt's place ? ha...well...I am in the making baby period... -______- so if u dun mind to hear funny noises every now and then...erhemm i can consider..haha...

*shameless me*

And dun buy coach doesn't suit u ! ha... I am also such a bag snob !

Sophia said...

I LOVE those pumps :) I'm on a bit of a shoe craze right now hehe and I'm a big huge fan of Pura Lopez. So underrated but so lovely. And the shoes are so comfy! I have a suede pair of pumps from Italy when I was 16 and it's soooo amazing :) It holds up pretty well too so worth every penny hehe!

And when you said your mum bought some Prada bags I thought she bought a Fairy bag haha :) I love the red one though, it's pretty. And Miu Miu is fantastic isn't it? I think they're really addictive! The leather is sooooo soft and amazing. My Coffer is my favourite bag ever, best purchase :)

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, honestly, did you even read my entry? All the bags except for the last one are my mom's, and I think my mom's perfectly entitled to buy anything she wants. :)

yanping: HAHAHAHHAHAH WTFFFFF HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Eh so does this mean if I accept your offer I am *shameless me* as well, haha. And means I have to buy biy thick earmuffs.:P

sophia: Omg, it is comfortable AND it lasts? :))) I bought it 'cause it looks nice (haha), but I was really worried about whether it'd be comfy ('cause of the height)! But this is good news, hoho. :P And yesss, Pura Lopez is not given enough credit! Even my sister hasn't heard of it before. -___- And hahaha, if it's the Fairy bag, my mom can't wfford to get a FEW Prada bags! :P Though the fairy bags are indeed very gorgeous. *slurps* And yessss, the Miu Miu leather is really nice! But precisely for the same reasons-- white and soft, I am really nervous whenever I use the bag. T_T

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you meant 'This is too much... BAGS' issit?


AND WHERE IS MY BAG? T__________T I kept singing 'Nobody loves me, i should jst go & eat worm' the whole time!

Sophia said...

Hehe yeah it's quite a lesser known shoe brand like Chie Mihara, Pedro Garcia and Maloles. But European shoe designers are lovely! :) Well my pair is comfy cos the heel is like 2" only lol but it's 100% suede and been worn out in rain and all but still holds up very well, no stains or anything. I do use a leather protector spray on it, though.

As for your Miu Miu, I wouldn't use it everyday :P Miu Miu's light coloured bags are kinda infamous for catching stains and dirt, and even the colouring from your jeans! My friend has a white Coffer and she says she can hardly use it cos she's so afraid it'll stain. Because they use lambskin (is yours lambskin?) on some of their bags, it's just very very delicate and quite prone to stain. I'd invest in some AppleCare Leather cleaner just in case your bag ever gets dirty and just keep spraying the leather protector over the bag. Before your first use and just maintenance probably every month?

Sophia said...

Oh yeah, wanted to say, Pura Lopez is actually available in Melbourne too :) It's all over Zomp, but they're charging like $400-600 per pair of pumps there, I think. I'm not sure what the usual price is to compare, though.

Anonymous said...

hey there lovely! :D since you love shopping, i thought you'd want to check our new site out! :D


those black heels are completely gorgeous *swooon.

and how could anyone not know miumiu! *shakes head.i think this one's gorgeous AND I NEED TO OWN IT

JB said...

hey gal, nice knowing you in the party.

Do keep in touch! you got my mail.

aka "The yellow Chicken" at nuffnang animal party

revel in me said...

jing: HAHHAHA good joke good joke wtf. I pray for you that your saving scheme works k. T__T

sophia: Oh no, I am afraid I don't know half of the designers you mentioned. T_T And mine is calf leather! :) And oh yaaa, where to get AppleCare products ya? :) I really want to protect my bag now, you scared me! :(

catchingflies: Thank you! <3 And that bow satchel is GORGEOUS. :D

jb: Haha, I will, CHICKEN! :P

Anonymous said...

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