Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just trying not to think about it.

Came back from the Nuffnang Wild Live party just now, am so knackered! Am too lazy to go through the pictures from the party, so just some shots I took yesterday for now. :)

And if you're wondering what animal I went as, let's just say it's very close to my true self wtf. :P

Jing said my legs looked very long her. *big shiny eyes*

If that is true, I am going to print this picture and laminate it-- anytime anyone calls me short, I am going to flash it as an ID wtf.

Btw, this my my new hair! But you can't really see it... Will show better pictures soon. :P

Cute ribbon bows and heart prints...

Happy green patent sheos with wooden wedges...

Vintage scarf...

All ingredients for a pick-me-up day, 'cause my sisters dumped me, and I had to run errands by myself. T_T

And let me tell you something really sad. :(

I went to buy bus tickets yesterday for my official heading-down to S'pore. Thank god though, my mom and sisters would be coming along, and we'll be spending a few days together before I officially start work.

It was really heart wrenching, because I bought 4 tickets for the trip from KL to S'pore, but for the return trip, only 3 tickets were needed. :(

They will be leaving S'pore (and me) on 1st July. I bought 3pm tickets for them-- I will still be at work then.

You know why I chose that time for them? 'Cause I don't really want to face saying goodbye. :(



Anonymous said...


ya your legs very very long like supermodel /shy

when are you going to singapore T_____________T

Anonymous said...

I. Am. Going. To. Cry!


Suet Li said...

dont emo T__T your legs very long!
eh where you bought that pair of shoes!

Tanya said...

aww babe :( i'm sure it won't be too bad, you've been in away in melb for so long so i'm sure dealing with goodbyes and being away from home will just take a bit of getting used to again!

i'm trying to console myself too, cos i've just accepted my job offer in singapore as well, especially sucks that the bf will be back in kl for good again soon! sigh. can come home on weekends rightt? :)

Tanya said...

btw, luuurrrve the buys in the previous post! imma drooling at the miu miu, my next bag splurge is going to be something of gorgeous yummy leathery goodness for sure! :P

jmeei said...

Sexy legs *salivates

Boohoo what about weekend trips :(((((

pj said...

hi.. are those wedges from Pura Lopez too? :) lovely....

mustardqueen said...

eh legs long but why like got cameltoe wtf!!! T___T oh you didn't tell me what time the tickets were I have to read ur blog to check what time we're going back.. whta is this!!! -__-

Katie ♥ said...

Eh omg damn long la your legs!

And btw the top from Cotton On right! I got exactly the same one (less cleavage to show la haha). Great minds think alike! :)

ps. isnt it meant to be a pajama top hahahaha wtf

Anonymous said...

Did you go as a rabbit? :D

Anonymous said...

Which company are you in?I mean your working place in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

It's only 1 hr by flight! I haven't seen my mummy for quite a while. It's 8 hrs flight and I can only afford once every 3 years!

Anonymous said...

haro :P

ally said...

<3 u look very nice in the first picture dear! (and yes your legs look long wtf)

Chelle said...

babe, on a brighter'll be shoppin like a madwoman in fun...

and spore aint too far away from no sob for you la....

alea amin said...


you showoff! show off you got better body than me is it! HUH?!! HUH?!! wtf.

youveryprettyandthinifeelsoinsecure T_T

revel in me said...

tzeching: Got cleavage meh.. *shy* And legs really long ar.. *blush* I am going off this wednesday OMG I AM SO SAD NOW.

jing: Please don't! I'll start if you do. :'(

suet: Haha, you try to take my mind off it by saying my legs long is it! :P I bought it from Melbourne! <3

tanya: Trueee.. But it's a little hard to get used to, because while studying in melbourne, there was a timeline-- when I graduate I'll be back. But now, goodness knows how long I will work in s'pore. :( OMGGG, you're going to work in s'pore as well! :D :D :D WHENNN! WHEREEE!!! :) I am crossing my fingers that I'll get to go home often too. :) And HAHA, must show me your splurge when you get it! :P

jmeei: Aiya, your legs are as long as a bench ok! T__T I dunno. :((( I am not sure how busy I will be! Everyone says that auditors have no life. :(((

plain.jane: Haha, no! They are from target in melbourne! But nice right! :D

mustardqueen: DON'T LA ATTRACT ATTENTION TO MY ****** la! 3pm on 1st July, we won't get to say bye 'cause I will be at work. :(((

katie: Hahaha yaaa! No la, it's too pretty to be worn as a pajama top. :P

smalls: HAHHAHAHA NO LA! That one jac does it better! :D

chimpanzee: Oh no, sorry dear, but I am not too comfortable with revealing where I will be working at... But I will be in an accounting firm! :)

anonymous: Haha, I don't think I can afford flights often! So it'd be 5 hours by bus. :D Aww, I know how it feels, I studied in melbourne previously. *hugs*

chris tock: HIII! Your name sounds familiar. :P

ally: But in the first picture I look like a ghost!!! Got a lot of white light around me wtf. Thank youuu <333 First time ever so many people say my legs long.. *emotional*

chelle: Haha, I hope not though! I am telling myself I need to curb shopping when I start working! :(
And sigh, I am not sure whetehr I'll have time to make trips back home, 'cause auditors work crazy ass hours.. Furthermore I only have 14 days leave! INSANE. :(

alea: HAHHAHA WTFFFF!!! No la, I am not thin ok! I looked thin 'cause: in 1st pic, got white light behind so censored my body a bit; and others all angle ok! T__T

Anonymous said...

yeahh that's true :/ yeahh i'll be working in accenture, my start date is quite flexible but i'm thinking around mid september? i'm only coming back to kl end july and i'll be off to melb for 3 weeks! but gosh quite scary la, i've no idea where i'm gonna stay, what i'm gonna do or how it's gonna be like but hehe i guess it can't be that bad! can't wait to hear your updates once you're there ;)

Julie Ann said...

i had pork burgers in UK. hehe. fantabulous
wendy's sounds good. will give it a try when i'm back.

gah.and u're going so fast :(
come back soon k. or i can go up and see u. *giggles*
btw, you look nice with your bangs up la. eee.. *envious* u can pull off all sorts of hair style.