Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lapsap 2.

My hair is so shiny now. :)))
'Cause my mom treated me to a hairwash at the salon today, and omg, I have forgotten how nice your hair looks when you step out of the salon. What is it with hairstylists' blowdryers ar, my hair always look so magnificent after they are done with it. :))) I am sure everyone understands what I mean right! :D

So soft and shiny and nice-smelling (I wanted to say fragrant, but it sounds like nasi lemak wtf), I can't stop stroking my hair. :P

Anyway, as promised, the Lapsap sale at Palate Palette!


Jing. Spot my dove brooch! :P

Teeny! Who looks so cute with her caught-in-headlights look.

And BB the Big Dog is the most serene looking dog ever! (when it is not trying to bite me).

Me. HAHAHAH damn nervous whenever BB the Big Dog disappears out of my sight-- what if it nips me in the butt!

Because I have the fattest cheeks on earth.

You can see my hair regrowth already. :(

Am going to redye my hair soon (before I leave for S'pore)... Any ideas on what color I should try!

Posing in front of 'lap sap' (also known in Chinese as rubbish). All in the name of the Lapsap sale!

Although it is my second time at Palate Palette, I still couldn't get over how whimsical the whole place is. It's like, there are constantly new things to discover! And even the things that you have noticed before put a smile on your face. :)

Dragonflies! Fake ones, of course.
I was quite tempted to steal them home, as they match the color scheme of my bedroom, haha.

Hula hoops, and colorful windmill toys! And something that resembled a quail egg on the right side wtf.
I was tempted to play with the hula hoops too! Morning exercise. :P

Lifeguard chair!
I am still waiting for someone to dare me on the beach/in a waterpark-- to knock a lifeguard off his/her guard chair, and take over his place instead.
I am quite the daredevil wtf.

Pictures of the sale:

This is the paintbrushes' chandelier-like thingy that I mentioned the last time!

Loving the fantasy-like murals.

The boyfriend and I had a depressing conversation today about the seemingly nearing economic recession. But pray do tell, if the economy is really suffering, why is it that everywhere that I go to, women seemed to be shop-shop-shopping their hearts away? -_-

Black Friday-- it is a range of streetwear started by a young aspiring designer! :)

Funky caps.

You may notice that that there is a trunk with sunnies perched on it-- I have met the same sellers during the recent junkyard sale. However, they sold away this pair of vintage-looking sunnies (white, wide-brim, and with gold trimmings!) that I was eyeing!! So I don't friend them already. HARRUMPHH. :(

One of the sellers who had quite a few good selection-- although you really have to get digging as her clothes are just strewn in little mountains around her.

She is amazingly camera-sensitive though!

Look at the picture taken with Teeny's camera...
She has a camera, radar, I swear!

These sellers are the owners of this shop in KL that I visit sometimes. They threw me a special discount! :)))

With Jacinda, a seller whom I have met in every single one of the junkyard/Lapsap sales that I have been to! I've only mustered up the courage to talk to her (wtf, like pick her up -_-) during the last junkyard sale I have been to.

You would expect her to be really tough and cool, with her hair, but she is really so sweet and soft spoken! :) She has different color-ed hair everytime I see her-- and she carries them OH SO WELL. In fact, she is the reason why Teeny went and bleach her hair-- haha, now the cat's out of the bag! :P

Anyway, my buys! :)
Damn shy ok, during the sale, I met a few people who read my blog, and they asked me "So how? 20 items today?" or like "Are you going to buy the whole shop again!". T___T What kind of person do you think I am. T___T

I am proud to announce that this time I only have 6 items! :D

Men's oversized bright yellow tee with matte gold studs.

I have never really bought men's clothes to wear before, unless you count this oversized striped cardie that I acquired a few months ago. But this shirt would be so comfy to wear! Now that I would be commuting between KL and S'pore quite often, comfort is a must for those long bus rides!

OMG. I am already prioritizing comfort. Is this a sign of old age! I am turning into my mom!!!
Pretty soon I will be wearing Reebok sneakers and wearing trackpants wtf.

Tweed cropped trapeze vest. I think this would look awesome in layering. :)

Bright red/orange high waisted skirt with bow detailing.

I am getting increasingly obsessed with vintage styles. :P
I call this my traffic-stopper top, haha. My sisters said that the colors are too loud, but I like it, it's kitschy!

I really like this dress! Very colorful, kind of flirty ('cause of the ra-ra hem), a little on the whimsical side.. I think it's quite me. :D

Charcoal gray tuxedo shift dress with chiffon flares. I like how there is a twist to the dress, brought on by the geometry-print chiffon flares at the side! :)

Ok la, that's all! Six items only, sorry to disappoint wtf. But firstly, I felt that this time around, the sale was a little more lacklustre compared the previous one; and secondly, I am saving for my Marc Jacobs bag. :P

Pictorial evidence of how kancheong I was during the sale:

Disappearing in a blur wtf, to get to the other stalls upstairs.

And I maintain that the heart-shaped light-bulb formation is a signification of my love for shopping.


Accyee said...

your dressing style is so quirky :)

jeanchristie said...

the photo taken in front of the real lapsap - is it the back of wisma sime darby? hahaha..

c r y s t said...

that rara dress!!! T___T u bought! T________T i was so attracted to it but my frens kept persuading me to put it down T______T and today i saw it h.e.r.e. T___________T my love~

mizzvickz said...

ahahaha well, it's a known fact that women shop all year round irregardless of how the economy is doing.

economics is based on alot of theories and assumptions and if the economy is bad, a rational person would cut down on his or her spending...

some women may cut down on their spending but maybe initially, they were just spending way too much. hahahaha

alea amin said...


oii! The tweed trapeze vest! I wanted to buy that but then i put it down first cuz i wanted to buy belts before i ran out of money, then i went there again and it's gone. SO IT WAS YOU!!! GRRRRRR.


hahaha i said the "so how? 20 items today?" wahaha im so sarcastic wtf. woe is me.

Anonymous said...

nope, I'm not M'sian working in SG, I'm actually from Zimbabwe (-_- ")

come to sg and I'll teach u how to do the Zimba dance -_-

teeny looks so cute in tht photo!! hehe

revel in me said...

accyee: Quirky good, like sarah jessica parker!! Or quirky bad, like clown. T___T Haha, thank you! <3

jean: Err, wisma sime darby is where we interned right? Nono, it is not then! :) We wouldn't dare camwhore so openly on a main road!

cryst: Omg, we have the same taste.. T___T Damn nice right.. T___T Jing didn't like, and told me to give it up too... T___T Luckily I was strong enough... T___T

mizzvickz: Haha, I fully agree with with your theory that women shop all year around irregardless of the ecomony/war/disasters wtf. And I have never thought of it that way-- they did cut down on their spending, but they were spending way too much in the first place, HAHA! :P

alea: Hahaha, OOPS. *shifty eyes* But it is damn nice right! <333 And yala, you were so sarcastic, I felt like a worm wtf.

rachel: HAHAHA why you kept on -_-!! Nvm, I go learn the zimba dance from you ok! *consoling* *shufty eyes* HAHA. Omg, then do you understand all my BM slangs and Manglish???

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Do u seriously believe that I'm from Zimbabwe *faint*

(-__________- ")

Vivien said...

haha heey! how do you get these bazaar notices? if i'm asking a bimbo question, im really sorry :( but srsly! your fashion tastes are amaazing! i love yr clothes.. so cute (:

revel in me said...

rachel: Why do you want to lie to me.. T_____________T I didn't want to be racist, just in case, HAHAHA!

penguins: Aww, thank you so so so much! :))) Well, to be honest, I don't get notices, but I usually stumble upon the information while surfing, haha! And sometimes they put up events in Facebook as well, so keep a lookout! <3

k said...

i totally lol-ed at mustardqueens face.
sorry haha.
i know your so sick of ppl telling you i love your skirt/top/shoe/bag/jean/shade/shorts
but your skirt is to die for.
its so versace i love.


babe... i love evrything OMG!!! major envy here... i wanna go shopping with u guys...

Anonymous said...

that jacinta chic is so cool

Anonymous said...

hi babe! haven't been here in a while and loving your outfits LOTS esp this one and your flowery romper. x

Anonymous said...

how old r u and ur sisters? what are you guys doing now? as in studying? working?
love to see u 3 happy happy siblings :) jing shud blog too!

mustardqueen said...

EH!!! I thought it's JACINTHA!! WHy you get her name wrongly everytime wan.

Oh I look so sohai I love *fly kiss* SEE I AM SO CUTE!! EVERYONE LOVES ME!!!!!

themichbitch said...

i love fresh-out-of-salon hair toooo :D:D:D so soft and shiny yes is know what you mean :D:D

Vivien said...

ooh okay! thanks btw (: i've been craving for a shopping frenzy o______o hehe, go shopaholics! ;D

Anonymous said...

its jacinta lar :)


KITMEY said...

my department head was just commenting today that at such tough economic times (banks and companies alike), women still line up until tsim tsa tsui outside LV/Gucci..

what is recession compared to owning discounted luxury goods right? Lol.

revel in me said...

skim: Haha, is it very Versace? I wasn't aware of it! T_T But thank you, dear! :D

jezmine: Haha, thank you! :D On the condition that you divulge some of YOUR shopping hunts! :P :P :P Or if not, you could always throw over some of those designer bags that you borrowed for Marie Claire, HEEHEE!

anonymous: Oh yes, she is! <333

cass: Is this cass from Melbourne or cass from s'pore! :P Thank youuuu! :))) And it's not a romper, it's a top which I tried to pass of as a dress, haha! :P

new reader: I can't resist to say welcome! wtf, haha. So many questions! Well, Jing and Teeny are currently studying, unfortunately I can't say the same for myself. T___T I have graduated, and I am starting work in s'pore next month! T_____T And my sisters are 4 and 5 years apart from me, can you tell!!! I don't want to reveal my age, sensitive subject WTF. In denial, HAHAHA. :D And thank you so so so much! Hearing you call us 3 happy happy siblings made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, for some reason. :) My sisters are the bestest things in the world! I wouldn't trade them for ANYTHING. <3 but can't let them know, 'cause they will come steal my clothes wtf.

mustardqueen: Apparently it's jacinta! Why are we so out of the loop wtf. And haha, I think only kim and I thinks that you're cute. :P

michelle: YES WHY AR??? Is it their tools? Or their skill!! I just can't recreate the same effect myself! And when I ask my hairstylist, she tells me mysteriously, "Aiya, you can never do it wan". What is this!!!

penguins: Haha, I know what you mean! Some days I get hit with PANGS of shopping cravings! That's usually when impulse shopping takes over. T___T Oh ya, there's one event coming up, it's called Urbanscapes, go check it out! :)

kellster: Haha, oops. I always forget! 'Cause I know a jacintha and jacinda. T___T

pinkitmey: YESSSS and in s'pore, women QUEUE UP to get into LV right! Sigh, is that why they say that it's easiest to make money out of women. :(

Anonymous said...

the stall that gave u discount.. sold tees right? where is their shop? tell moi pls...

Vivien said...

i crave for shopping everyday! lol. i wanted to look for these kinda events that sell local & not-so-famous-but-hot apparel! hehe, some are damn cuuute! ooh, i will (: but i heard no more tickets T.T

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL. At 1st glance, I thought you were an old fren of mine XD

Anyway, love ur blog!!! It's so happy and colourful!! ^.^

Have a nice day ahead~

Anonymous said...

Hmm..I love that last two dress.So quirky I like!:)
U won't be here d?Haih.I thought maybe we could run into each other if I so happen to be free on that day.
Hehs.But,anyways when you're leaving?

revel in me said...

jess: Ya, they sell tees! :) Hmm, I know they are near Sungei Wang/BB plaza! But exact location, I am not really sure.. T__T

penguins: Crave for shopping everyday, GOOD QUOTE WTF. :D Oh, don't worry about the tickets! The tix are for the concerts-- the fashion markets are open to the public! :)

yian: Haha, is your old friend pretty wan or not! :P Thank you, my dear, happy and colorful is my identity wtf. Mwaahhh! <3

nana: YAAA damn nice right the 2 dresses! <333 and YA LA damn sad ok. I am leaving on 25th, if everything goes to plan. I AM SO EMO AND SAD you can't believe it. :(

Jaclyn [Yian] said...

LOL. U r so cute!

My fren is pretty ^.^ That's y I tot u were her cuz I didn't see her for a long time already!

Yea, happy and colourful brighten up a person's day. Keep it up and will keep supporting u ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for letting me know..
but one more q... inside the Sg wang/BB plaza or outside?

revel in me said...

wan yian: HEEEE why you so nice to me! Mwaah, thank you! <3

jess: It's outside! :)))

electronicfly said...

I read all your posts from the latest one until this, and FINALLY I realise that your sister Jing was from Taylors too!

Not sure if she remembers me though.

btw, hope you're having fun in SG!