Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last night.

*updated* I just had the most unfortunate morning today! Ran late for my appointment with HR, ; took a cab with the driver who didn't know how to get to my destination, but pretended to know how to; and my top split open at the zipper! Fantastic. By the way, I am safely in Singapore now.

Nevertheless, I am in a better mood now, 'cause everything went smoothly after that. :) And why all of you tried to cheer me up by asking me to go shopping in S'pore, HAHA! Okies, time to run, updates later! I am going.. err, shopping. *shifty eyes* :P

Wow, last post from KL. Will be off to Singapore tomorrow.
How quickly time has flew past-- 6 months of bumming (can you believe it!!!), guess this was inevitable.

Anyhow, before I go, there's a little something I want to leave for you all who are in KL; consider it a gift! :P

It's a restaurant that I went to recently, and I really, really enjoyed my meal, so here's a little recommendation from me, go try ok! :)

I had my bangs pushed up, 'cause my hair was kind of greasy-- no time to wash hair. Damn brave of me to do so k. T__T

Oh, this was before I dyed my hair, which is why my hair still looked dark.
And HAHHA why my index finger in the first pic so weird! Saturday night fever wtf.

Shoes. :)
Love this pair of shoes, but it's like 4 inches high, so in the end it's always one of my last options for footwear. T_T

Anyway, moving on to the place that I want to sing high praises about! :)

Wendy's Bistro!

And it is quite easy to find. I am sure alsmot every PJ kid has heard of/been to Yuen Yuen's steamboat at Sunway right (the area right opposite Sunway Pyramid)! Well, Wendy's Bistro is situated right opposite Yuen Yuen. :)

Wendy's Bistro specializes in grilled pork, can I hear a MMM! I have always been a big lover of pork, bak kut teh, siew yuk, char siew, sweet and sour pork etc, you name it. But it was only after I went to Melbourne that I was introduced to grilled pork ribs! If you have never tried it before, YOU HAVE TO. However, once I was back in KL, grilled pork ribs (western-style) could not be found, 'cause most restaurants are halal. Even Tony Roma, which is supposedly famous for its pork ribs in the US, do not serve pork in its Malaysian franchises. :( So needless to say, when the boyfriend told me that he knows somewhere which serves great pork, I was all "Oink!", err, I mean "Yay!" :P

Interior of the place:

Yay, Movenpick ice cream! :D

Open kitchen concept-- you can actually watch the chef grill the meat.

Paintings adorning the wall-- they are for sale.

I just had my facial before dinner-- my skin was angry, splotchy and red. T_T


My iced coffee with Movenpick vanilla ice cream, yum!

Cheese-baked mushrooms with bacon and ham topping.
This was good, but I felt that the stuffed mushrooms in Italianni's are a notch better! :D

The boyfriend's breaded pork chops.

My mixed platter-- grilled pork ribs and grilled pork belly.

As you can see, I am the greedier half in the relationship. :P
Aah, I totally recommend what I ordered! In fact, I can't decide which was better, the pork ribs or the pork belly! (you can order both of them separately) When I eat the pork ribs, I think that they are tastier, but when I shove a forkful of pork belly into my mouth, I think that they are better! SO GOOD. Thumbs up. :D

The boy that I will miss. :(

I was damn insecure of my accentuated round face ('cause no bangs to cover!), so had to use my hands to hide my cheeks a bit, haha.
But you agree or not! Once you have bangs, you feel so naked when you go without fringe!

Anyway, remember ok, must go try Wendy's Bistro! Maybe I'll see you there (I am already plotting for the boyfriend to bring me back there during my next visit home)! :D

Wendy's Bistro
No. 20, Jln PJS 8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: +603-5630 1699


My farewell dinner just now with the family and the boyfriend.

Me and my beloved shark's fin soup... And my parents also let me ordered Chinese pancakes.. T__T Is it 'cause it's my last night at home.. Or is it 'cause they are eyeing for me to pay the next meal with my salary. T___T

And sigh, I am all for conserving the environment, but I can't seem to resist the goodness that is shark's fin soup. :(

Ok, that's all for tonight. Following updates will be from S'pore, I guess.
No emo words, I don't need any reminders. I just need to stay.. strong.



Really strong.


vss3t said...

all the best, hui wen~

g®åc∑ land said...

wow i've tried pork ribs in aus too, really yummy & the serving is humongous... yay will definitely try out the pork ribs in wendy's someday!
& all the best babe!

Accyee said...

good luck yesssssssssss!!and 4 inches!! 3 inches already want to die..

Anonymous said...

all the best in singapore! and more updates k ;)

Anonymous said...

hey girl.. all the best:) anywayz wanna ask u .. is the price at wendy's pricey? for both ur meals.. how much was it?

Kathryn said...

u can do it babes! (: think of the shopping... hehe

jmeei said...

Byebye sayang have fun in Sg /boo

Eh I've been to Wendy's Bistro once looooong time ago I like the kitchen!

You and your boyfriend will be fine la =)

Suet Li said...

bye T______T all the best T___T

Anonymous said...

come find me lar imma teach u the zimbabwe dance so u wont miss 'em so much (-_- ")

Anonymous said...

*waves hand goodbye vigorously


(u said no emo stuff wat wtf)

(good luck ok u've made it through to australia being a student u will make it through to singapore being an independent adult :))

hiddie said...

heyy i really really love your white shoes, the ones that you wore to wendy's ;)

mind telling me where did you get it?

Mei said...

Been visiting your blog quite frequently. All the best and hope to read entries from SG soon! Take care~

Anonymous said...

have fun in singaporeland! land of great shopping and singapore mega sale which i don't think you've missed! good way to spend your new salary!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..I wish you all the best and just have fun.Life's a journey so why not have fun along the way?Lol.I will still continue to read ur blog,it'd be a fun read as always,I know it will.

Joshua said...

It's near my college! I pass it daily during the semester, always looked down at the food places there, lol. How come you so adventurous wan?

EH KENNY SIA'S POOH DAMN FUNNY! How did he find that outfit!!!Lol!

ally said...

good luck deaarrrr :) i'm sure u'll settle in fine! orchard road will become your second home in no time!

wah :D that rhymed.

The Faux Fashionista said...

All the best in Singapore :) Think positive - shopping shopping shopping :P

Yummm...pork!!!! Finding a proper restaurant that serves pork in Malaysia is like digging for your lost diamond earring in a knee-high puddle of mud (errr weird choice of metaphor I know). Must go try when I'm back!

And yes, I agree with you I feel so naked without my bangs especially since I have a really high forehead. Thats why I don't take that many pics when I don't have my bangs down....

Me likes your white dress! In fact, I like even more the fact that you so semangat to dress up for every occassion. I'm superduperextremely vain but also lazy. If I dress up 2 days in a row on the 3rd day I'll dress like a slob...

revel in me said...

vss3t: Thank you, dear. :)

graceland: Haha, why am I so glutton ar, I feel that the robs portion in aussie very small! T__T Go try k, and thank you! <3

accyee: Thank you! :D And haha, I KNOWW! But I am quite used to 3 inches already. T_T

wanli: Thank you! And I will. :P

melisa: Thank you, love! =) It's not pricey at all!! I personally feel it's quite affordable for ribs/grilled food.. It was about RM20-ish for the pork chops and the mixed platter! Like about RM23.90. GO TRYY! :D

baby kat: Haha, gambateh! wtf. Haha, why you use shopping to make me feel better! :P

jmeei: I am not sure worklife will be fun. T__T And haha, nice right, wendy's bistro! How are you in melbourne! /boo

suet: Don't make it sound so final.. T__T Thank you, love.. T__T

rachel from zimbabwe: HAHAHAHA why your dance got therapeutic effects wan is it! :P Recommend me places to go! <3

tze: WHY YOUR COMMENT SO SOHAI BUT YET SO SWEET! :)))) Yes please, you all faster come down and visit me. T__T And I hope I will survive, I don't have a choice anyway wtf.

hiddie: Oh, I got it from Gossips! :) But it was a really really long time ago, like last year? :)

mei: Awww, is it 'cause you love me wtf. <333 Haha, pray for me that my work will be easy so I can update!! :D :D :D

jade: Hahahaha stupid woman stop enticing me to throw my salary away! :P SIGHHH what is this I hear about you buying Gucci pony skin bags and Miu Mius in s'pore huh!!!

nana: Why you so sweeeeet... T___T I will berusaha wtf. :P Thank you! <3

joshua: HAHAHHAHA why you look down upon people!! Eh it's very nice ok, and it's not expensive, go eat!! :P And HAHAHA damn stupid right his costume! He rented it. -_- And oh ya, go Urbanscapes and if you see anything nice get for us k! :P

ally: HAHHAHA why everyone curse me to shop a lot. :P And boo, you are so poetic, haha. :D

the fauz fashionista: Haha, eh I am praying that I won't shop so much ok! T_T AND I SO AGREE WITH YOU on the err lost diamond metaphor, hahaha! Are you a pork lover as well... *big shiny eyes* And hahaha, I just really love dressing up la! If I don't dress properly I will feel naked. T___T

jeanchristie said...

aiyaa.. just go home next weekend laa :P

Anonymous said...

welcome to singapore!
:), i hope you had lots of fun here in singapore.

btw, i love reading your blog entries. :)

g®åc∑ land said...

really, i tried the one in bondi beach, & 1 serving is enough for 2 person... anyway enjoy ur stay there & the shopping!! ;-)

Sophia said...

Your feet look scary in those shoes. It's like there's a bunion popping out of the sides :S

Good luck in Singapore! :)

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, I am going home em, in 2 weeks' time, hopefully! :P

ifidontunderstandit: Aww, thank you, I feel the love! :P And hee, it's really sweet of you to say that! :)))

graceland: OHHHHH is it Hurricane Ribs!!!! I wanted to try it when I was in Sydney, but it was closed! T___T Haih, I think I ma just a very big eater. T__T

sophia: Haha, yaaa, I have a mild case of bunion! =/ But I think it looked worse in the picture 'cause of the angle! :P Thank you dear! :)

g®åc∑ land said...

yeah, thats where i went! was lucky enough coz it was almost full hse that day.
p.s. only real girls eat! :P