Monday, June 09, 2008


I actually wanted to blog last night, but I was high on drugs.
'Cause I had runny nose, and I took pills. T_T

I had an out-of-body experience, like I felt very charged, but not really myself wtf.

HAIH, obviously the effects of the medication is still in body. -_-

Anyway, met up with Audrey and Tze Ching! :)))
The last time I met up with them was exactly a year ago! Did time really fly past us so quickly. :( Although I did have the pleasure of being terrorized by Audrey during her visit in Melbourne later. She showed me weird looking vagina in porn magazines. T___T

With Tze and Aud.

Tze Ching insists on taking pictures in every single toilet. -_-

And then while we were trying to smile gaily for the camera, someone farted in the toilet stall behind us, and Audrey and I burst out in wild giggles. We quickly tried to stifle them-- we wanted to be considerate, haha.

At Mizu (in Bangsar Village 1), where we had lunch.

The day past by in a blur, which is a good sign! 'Cause time always passes by quickly when you're having fun. :) But I distinctively remembered:

Audrey shaking and trembling out of hunger (and anger wtf), 'cause they were waiting me-- I was late. *shifty eyes* To my defense, they didn't confirm with me what time to meet! And I had an emergency errand to run. :(

Tze Ching scoffing at Aud and I, 'cause we drank our miso soup straight out of the bowl; she insisted on using spoons-- and she asked us why are we so low-class. T_T But that's the authentic way to gulp down miso soup what!

Tze Ching calling me a Grammar Nazi, 'cause I corrected her speech. T__T

Clutching hands with Aud and trying to compose ourselves 'cause Su Ann (pinkpau, who is coincidentally much younger than us T_T) was so refined and mature. T__T

Outfit! :)
I threw on a really old top of mine, with my new paperbag skirt! (You can see its matching gray sash tied onto my drawer handle in the background wtf) I tied it there, 'cause I was afriad I wouldn't be able to find it amidst the mess in my room.

I was really happy that I could find this paperbag skirt in Topshop! :))) 'Cause I first saw one in a Mooks ad in Cosmopolitan, and I couldn't justify forking out 129.95AUD for a skirt which might be unflattering. But yay, I have one now! :P

And someone commented on my blog that day that they recognized my new tan vintage-inspired shoes! Heee, yuppers, I was wearing it. :D

Some pictures of my top, 'cause I am still quite amazed that I am wearing something that I bought 3,4 years ago. :P

It has this pretty fabric appliques on the bustier-- kind of reminds me of a mermaid, HEE.

The back! Tie-up sash flowing downwards. :D


He is officially done with his professional exams, so now we are going to spend as much time as we could before we are forcibly torn apart. T__T

Wearing a sheer chiffon floral dress (which is kind of stretching it, 'cause obviously it is a top, haha), with this amazing rosette-like neckline!

I think I had that weird expression 'cause I was eying my big dog warily just in case it bites me again. T___T

We went to Pasta Zanmai, in OU. :)))
Which is recommended by some people for the good food, and by my sister for the hot waiter WTF.

Pasta Zanmai's interior:

Cozy booths!
(Incidentally, I feel that the giant lamp hovering over makes it seemed as if it's a mothership beaming its aliens).

Open-concept kitchen!
Reminds me of Hell's Kitchen for some reason.

The ceiling that was facing me.
Not that I am that tall la-- I had to look up, haha.

I told the boyfriend to show me a victory face for having his exams over and done with. -___-

I don't know why my arm was lying so lifelessly at one side-- like ready for a tabib wtf.

OH you know what! Aud said my eyes are very nice 'cause they are very dreamy. What is the meaning of dreamy eyes!!! Is it 'cause my eyes very small so I look perpetually sleepy WTF.

Then she justified by saying that Patrick Dempsey also has dreamy eyes, OMG how is that supposed to be reassuring! T___T

The boyfriend's pasta: Grilled chicken and Japanese mushrooms in cream sauce.

There was plentiful of mushrooms, consisting of shitake etc and this button-like mushrooms which I thought were too cute to be eaten.

The boyfriend thought the cream sauce was kind of bland, but personally, I thought it was just nice, it's light and flavorful-- I dislike cream sauces which are too thick and cloying.

A set of pasta comes with:

Salad (with a really nice sesame-ish dressing and shredded crabmeat).

Miso soup. Which I am proud to say that I drank from the bowl, haha.

My ebi tempura pasta in sesame sauce.

I liked this dish, 'cause I got to play with food, haha!

You have to grind your own sesame seeds, to be sprinkled over the pasta!

The correct way to do it is to gently move the wooden mound around in circles.

See the textured lines on the bowl? By grinding it in circles, the black bits of the seeds are removed.

This is a NO: you shouldn't pound the sesame seeds straight-down, 'cause then you would break the seeds!

As told by the knowledgeable boyfriend wtf.

Grounding the seeds. I asked the boyfriend whether I looked domesticated while doing so.
You know, like those ladies who mendulang timah in the rivers last time!

He replied me very a very decisive "NO". :(

Anyway, you sprinkle the sesame seeds onto your pasta after you are bored playing with it it is done!

It was definitely the first time I had pasta using chopsticks! (Though I can't say the same for my grandma, HAHA). Trust me, there is something utmostly satisfying in slurping pasta on wooden chopsticks. :P

And Jing saw this picture and said that she feels like slapping me because of my expression in the picture. -__-

I will blog about the Lapsap sale at Palate Pallete yesterday soon; before I go off, let me present you with the feline side of me!



Anonymous said...

ya thanks for posting that rather unflattering picture of me up but nvm la the whole day i look so swollen due to travelling haihhh.

hahahahah is that what you and aud were giggling about behind me and su ann! and u forgot to say how all 3 of us laugh at every inappropriate thing while su ann looks on haih. maybe we should take a class... how to grow up class wtf.

Anonymous said...

what's a paperbag skirt?

and your old top looks very nice, even now. good taste good taste, even since so long ago hahaha.

and the pasta looks yummy! ive heard so much about it! will definitely go soon! :D

Accyee said...

niceniceniceeee hehe i love ur posts why u always so interesting one hmph. ooooooooo ehhhhhhh ahhhhhhh eeeeeeee audrey! hehe where is suet

KITMEY said...

darling you lookin HOT! =D

revel in me said...

tzeching: Haih you so fussy wan all pics also say not nice! HAHAHHA ya we kept on giggling and kept a safe distance behind WTF. At least you're still young(er), can afford to be childish! Got no excuses for aud and I. T___T

foongjin: HMM, I don't know how to explain what is a paper bag skirt! Garbage bag is more accurate wtf. It's like, a skirt, with a lot of excess fabric jutting out on the top-- kind of pleated/ruched. Go google some pics to get a better idea! <3 And haha, thank you, me loves my stinky old top a lot too, haha. :P And faster go try ar! :P

accyee: Aww, you're so sweet! :D :D :D And haha, suet was in Penang! :)

pinkitmey: Omg, dear, don't flatter me! <3 Compared with your 40inches legs, I feel very lowly instead, hehe. :P

zulle said...

hello! wifey here. how was the lapsap sale? i remember that was where jade bumped into you (drunk) and asked if you were that blogger and at first you said no. haha. :)

Cynthia said...

ish best nye boyfriend habis exams -_- what professional paper he doing? :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah,you do have an awesome taste.I think I said this before ya.I like going to yr blog,maybe get insipired from what you're wearing lah.hehs.Anyways,the name's krishna,so that's where the nana came from.Lol.
Any chance knowing what junkyard sale coming up?Where did you update the news from?

Anonymous said...

i love your gladiator heels.... may i know where you got it from?

jmeei said...

So pretty the three of you *shiny eyes

(I'm younger than Tze does that mean I don't have to grow up :D)

revel in me said...

tara: HHAHAA YAYA I remember! I was just telling my friend that day about mt denying my identitiy, HAHA.. Damn shy! But HEYY I didn't know she was drunk at that time! Maybe that's why I couldn't hear her properly-- she was slurring, haha. The lapsap was not as good as the last one! Did you go? I was half-expecting to see Jade there, since she's back every other month. :P

cynthia: Haha, he did CFA! But he said likely he failed, so have to take again wtf. -_-

nana: :)))) You're too sweet! <333 I am an inspiration!! *bangga* Haha... Anyway, there is one coming up, Urbanscape or something like that-- 28th, go check it out online; I won't be going, 'cause I would be in s'pore by then.. :( And oh, I usually find out 'bout these sales online! Just random linking here and there.. :)

z: Aww, thank you, but they are not mine, they are my sister's! Perks of having almost same-sized feet. :P She got them from Bangsar! :)

jmeei: *big shiny eyes back* You're too nice to me.. <333 And haih, you look so young that I don't think growing up or not will help, HAHAHA.

mustardqueen said...

WALAU!! you thought pound on the chilli padi grandma used to make sambal belacan meh wtf and I add the sesame till my pasta became black colour cause, "sek dak" dun waste wtf I'm so cheapskate la hoho =3 and sesames quite expensive wan can!!

Anonymous said...

the paperbag skirt actually looks pretty good! oh finally after the long wait Chor Min's free. :)

oh yes you have nice dreamy eyes.

Anonymous said...

i missed the lapsap sales on Sunday! I am still quite upset when I think about it haha. Some thing always comes up when I really want to go & all i reaaaally wanna do is shop! Maybe God doesn't like shop :/

& your vintage heels are so pretty!!! :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha, I didn't pound la! That picture was a "DON'T" wtf. You know right, I don't like nutty things (but dunno why I am such a nut wtf), so i didn't dare put too much sesame seeds! And why are you so cheapskate! Haih, I belanja you one bowl of 'zi ma wu' la wtf.

missycheerio: Haha, yaya, I really love the skirt! But it's a little on the short side, haih. But now that he's free, it's my turn to be busy (with pre-departure preparation). T__T Dreamy 'cause I look sleepy is it! :'(

rg: Aiyo, why so bad luck wan! :( But you didn't really miss much, I thought the sale this time around wasn't that great. =/ And no such thing! God would want you to be happy! Haha. :P

Thank you! <3