Friday, June 06, 2008

My red devil.

Remember I said last night that I'll update with something stupid that the boyfriend and I did yesterday? Haha, here it is!

And can you tell that I am very eager to blog more new entries so that I can push my ugly entries with those 'Bandwidth Exceeded' images to the next page. :( Damn ugly la. Aesthetics is everything ok! wtf.

Anyway! Yesterday afternoon while I was moping around the house with my chin sweeping the floor-- 'cause for the whole week my sisters have been hogging the cars and I have been imprisoned at home... suddenly, I got a call from the boyfriend!

The boyfriend's voice blared over my phone:
"BEEEEEEEEEE! Can we go to 1 Utama! Please please please pleaseeeeeee!"
--in a really excited, high-pitched voice, I might add. -_-

(Btw, the boyfriend has been on study leave for the past few weeks, in preparation for his professional papers this coming sunday!)

Me: Errr... oookay... But why?

The boyfriend: 'Cause they are putting the Premier League cup that Manchester United won in OU, RIGHT NOWWWW!!! Can we go see, can we go see! Please please please!

At this point, I couldn't help smiling. The boyfriend sounded very much like a little boy placed in a candy shop. :)))

And beyond that, I was under strict instructions to get ready as soon as possible, as he would be at my place in 20minutes. He obviously threw all thoughts of his examination out the window wtf. Of course, I did not dare to question him as well, I know better than to come between men and football! :P

Threw together an outfit in a record time of 3 minutes... I decided to wear red! For the occasion and all. :P

This is a retro-like top I got from Milk & Honey... On sale, of course-- I am all for bargains. :D

I love the back of the top-- cutesy red buttons dotting down.
I liked this top 'cause it's quite flamboyant, like me, haha.

A little red bow at the side. This picture was taken at the end of the day, which is why I looked so pale-- all my make-up melted off already. :(
And the boyfriend saw my necklace, and asked me why I wore a cassette on my neck wtf.

The minute I stepped into the boyfriend's car, he threw me the question:

"Should I go back to Subang to take my MU scarf and change into my MU jersey!!!"

While he was asking this question, he was already taking the way leading down to Subang. Haihhh. -____-

Fruit of the calculated trip back to Subang!

Excitable cheery boyfriend who has changed into his jersey. -__-

Forced smiles and faked enthusiasm wtf, HAHA.

At OU! The trophy was brought over to M'sia and placed in OU for only ONE day! It's part of a promotional stint with Air Asia (which is one of the sponsors of Manchester United).

They even managed to whip up a green football field! :D

Where all the action was.

I felt quite left out, 'cause a lot of the people were in MU jerseys/shirts, and if they weren't, at least they looked really charged and elated at the prospect of looking/touching the trophy. T___T

Foosball competition taking place as well!

The winner of the foosball match will win a signed Manchester United jersey!!! OMGGG. Although I am not a true MU fan, even I can comprehend the appeal and its meaning to the boyfriend! I would have so wanted to join, if not for the fact that I completely suck at it. -__-

I am the type who will use my hands to push or edge the ball to my advantage. T____T

What we were there for:

HAHAHHAHA he damn proud! And raised his scarf like a banner! While I was nonchalantly taking pictures, pretending to be photographing the general surroundings pretending not to know him wtf, HAHAHHA.

No la, I was actually super encouraging, so supportive that I actually coaxed him to queue up 3 times so that he could have his picture taken 3 different times. :P

The cup!

According to the boyfriend, it's really a major win for MU, as it has been the 3rd time they have won this title in 100 over years. I don't know la, or something to that effect. =/ In fact, just a few days ago, he was telling me that we are planning a trip to Manchester next year, so that he could go to Old Trafford and look at the trophy in real life. -_-

Baby, does it mean we are not going to UK next year!!!

The boyfriend and a football fan in disguise (scarf!). *shifty eyes*

Lunch/dinner-- because for the sake of realizing the boyfriend's life dream of resting his eyes on the Premier League trophy, I trudged loyally with him until 5pm although I haven't eaten anything. T__T

I HATE MY HAIR. I so need a haircut! :(

'Cause I looked horrible in all the pictures we took together. Darn my yucky bangs! T_T

How a real fan wears the MU scarf-- with pride and ease.

Fake fan.

The boyfriend said I look like an Arabian. -__-

And I after I had this picture snapped, I flung the scarf back to him, and told him jauntily, "It smells!"

What I meant was that the scarf has his cologne scent on it, which is pretty understandable, considering that he was wearing it most of the time.

He returned me a stricken look, "What? Sweat smell ar?" I thought his guilty face looked suspicious, and after probing him, he confessed that he hasn't washed the scarf since the first time he wore it for the first time-- in 2002.


When I asked him why didn't he wash it! He told me self-righteously,

"'Cause this scarf has blood, sweat and tears!"


This proceeded to a wrestle match where he tried to wrap my face with the scarf again, and me trying to wriggle out. T___T Why is our relationship so abusive wtf.

OHHHH, this reminds me! After our picture-taking session, halfway walking away from the faux football pitch, the boyfriend was talking passionately about some football thingy (to do with MU la), while I nodded with glazed eyes. Then I accidentally met the eyes of the DJ/host of the event, who was jabbering halfway about Air Asia/Manchester United; he saw me, and stopped, and went :

"Oh, HELLO! How are YOUU today!"
*short pause*
"You're looking finnnnee!"

Startled, I just smiled nervously at him, and quickly walked away, half-pushing the boyfriend. The boyfriend who was STILL talking about MU. -__-

Me: Beee! Just now that DJ guy tried to pick me up!
Him: Who? Who? Who? *swerves his head left and right*
Me: *points* NEHHHH! *proceeds to relay the incident to him*
Him: OHHH, is it.

... And he went back on to his chattering about Manchester United!


I am so unloved. T_______________T

Sighhhh. I am getting more and more emo as the days go by. The first week of June is almost gone, but the boyfriend's exams will only be done on the 8th; and only then will I have my boyfriend back. Though for the past month, he has technically been on a break, we haven't really been spending a lot of quality time together, 'cause of course, ultimately his studies come first. I will be going down to S'pore in mid-June for a few days-- which means effectively, we would have 1 week together after his exams (and he would ba back to work as well then). After my trip down South, I would probably be back for another week or so, and well, it would be the final departure to S'pore. :( This means that I will only have 2 weeks or so with the boyfriend. Two measly weeks. :(((

I don't even want to think of how it will be when we are apart. :((( What am I going to do, I can't even comprehend. :(((( I don't want to think about it, but it keeps cropping up in my mind. :((((

Because when it boils down to it, out of the 330millions Manchester United fans in the world, I only want this boy with his smelly scarf. :(


Accyee said...

HAHA why got a guy in a chelsea jersey there! so against his will his face.. sure his mu supporter of a gf force wan hahha boo

jeanchristie said...

o.O i won't see u till u come down at the end of June then

Ms Hoe, if I am booking advanced tickets for July/Aug or anytime for that matter for trips home over weekends, do you want me to book for u as well? They are $55 return, First coach, as opposed to $47-1 way Aeroline. drop me a mail!

Anonymous said...

Hey. Where do you sell your clothes? I would like to have a look, because I'm kinda interested in it... after I saw all the pictures you have put up in the previous entries. :) Do you mind to drop me an email?


Anonymous said...

ish i hate blogspot they don't have this function where u leave your email and it allows only the owner to see!!

my email ends with IE

Anonymous said...

(-________- ")

my attempt to write my email in the url blank failed *sigh* himitsu251atyahoodotie

Anonymous said...

eh football fans in uk damn annoying wan lose ady still can stand at the streets and holler at the top of their lungs so uneducated tsk.


alea amin said...

hahahaha your bf is so cute!

So they only display the trophy for a day?

WTF T_________T

Sophia said...

That's so funny lol.

Won't you travel back and forth from Singapore a lot? OMG why did you take the job if you have to be apart from your boyfriend? :( Will you be coming back soon then? Like after a year or something?

ally said...

YAYYYYYY TROPHY!!!!!!!! *runs around in circles*

i is totally understanding your boyfriends obsession <3

okok back to being a girl! dont be sad about leaving la! i will come down to spore to shop with you to make you happy wtf. and since i'm a man u fan too u can have a new red devil WTF

revel in me said...

accyee: HAHAHAHHA really ar!!!Why you so observant wan! :P HAHAHAHHA damn funny I think he rather he was in hell. :P Or maybe he was wtf.

jean: Yaaaa! I will be down mid-June, but for a short while la.. I don't want to come down so soon also, I don't want to leave.. T__T OHHH, yes yes, I ma very interested! Means bus, leave on sat, reach home at sun is it? :)

sheaumun: Haha, mailed you! <3

rachel: WAHHH got such function wan ar! So canggih! Haha, okok, I got your email already! Like deciphering codes, haha. Whereabouts are you in s'pore now? Are you working there? :)

tzeching: YA LA I am sure my boyfriend will be one of those hooligans wtf. HAIHHH I damn wish I can go to UK too! But so expensive la, easily need to allocate 10k right. :(((

alea: Yaaaa, only one day! That's why the bf so kan cheong. -___-

sophia: SIGHHH don't say that la, I already feel so emo. :( Chose going to s'pore 'cause I wanted better exposure.. But sigh, such big trade-offs. :( And I HOPE to go home religiously, but I am not sure whether my working schedule permits it. :(

ally: YOU VERY BIG MU FAN IS IT!!! Then you'll get along very well with my bf wtf. :P Eh you sure or not! When will you be coming down to s'pore!! But you will be staying in melbourne long term right, even after you graduate. :(

Anonymous said...

i'm in the central area then again it's not like sg is that big larz mwahahhaha (-_- ")

yea, working here.

as for the email aiyakz die die want to act mysterious -_-

Anonymous said...

haha your hair looks fine what! i kind like it long and shaggy cos its shaggable wtf wtf

Cynthia said...

hey can i ask u something random.

Was the DJ/host guy... this indian fella.. Not a very dark indian, (fair indian, whatever), erm, not that fat la normal built, not wearing glasses...

Ok i know that description is like damn vague but does your DJ guy fit that vague description :p

Cos if it's who i think it is, then i know him. And gawd he's bluddy annoying like that.

jmeei said...

There there sayang *pats and sayangs

We'll create a new group ok Long Distance R Us wtf

But you guys did the LDR when you were in Australia and it turned out fine *encouraging tone wtf

And you HAVE to come back every weekend to see him (and me) understand!

revel in me said...

rachel: Hahaha, okok! I am quite pleasantly surprised, there seems to be quite a lot of m'sians working in s'pore! :))) (wait, are you m'sia? :P)

aud: I don't mind it shaggy!! (or being shaggable wtf), but my bangs quite gross, you will see when err, you see me wtf. Is tomorrow on!

cynthia: ERRR, it's an indian dude la! But I don't remember how he looks like! Haha, WHYYY! Is he a friend of yours. T_T

revel in me said...

jmeei: But you won't be in LDR for long right.. *droops head down*

And melbourne different, 'cause we get to spend my holiday breaks together. After I start work, I only get 14 days of annual leave A YEAR!! How to spend time together!! I am so sad.. T___T

Anonymous said...

to chor min: eyer, man u *cringes* =PPP

to hui wen: helllloooooo, you survived 5 months without the bf in melbourne in which it is further, and harder to come back. singapore will be nothing, i'm sure of it. i've faith in you =D

Anonymous said...

your skin is so nice!

and singapore really isn't that far away :) at least travelling to meet each other is still a viable option, unlike when you were back in melb! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

regarding your "skeleton in my closet" entry: MY GOD!!! that is a whole lotta clothes! how to remember what you have!!! and smart move hiding it behind the door hahahahha :D

Accyee said...

hehehehhee aloh aloh. can die.. i think he WAS in hell.. the red devils paradise ba. haha so lame omg! anyway hooiii i also wanna know where u sell your clothes. online shop? :)

i am a chelsea supporter boo

Cynthia said...

Should be same indian person, he does alot of emceeing jobs around here, always see him around. And i met him while i did an event once. Yea he's super hamsap ok he KNOWS i have a bf and who my bf is, and yet he still hits on me, and every other living creature with boobs.

Nah, when u described him in your post i immediately thought of him, haahaa :p

revel in me said...

jaclyn: Aiyo, why you taunt him! Next time how to be my bridesmaid WTF.

And sigh, but last time, I can come back , and spent 3months straight with him. But after I start work, I don't even know whether I can go home-- and even then, I'll probably see hi for 2 days each time I am back-- 'cause of work commitments. That scares me. :(

foongjin: My skin not nice! Got a lot of pimples now. T__T My facial lady scolded me. T___T And sigh, it's nearer, but I ma afraid that 'cause of work commitments, I won't be able to see him much! I only have 14 days leave a year-- that means I can only see him 14 days a year, do you know that. :(

And haha, I know! I damn smart to find places to hide my clothes. :P

accyee: Haha, then you mah damn angry to see this entry! :P Okok, I go email you! And no, not online shop, just an online community! :P

cynthia: Haha, i thought he is your friend or what! Then why he picked on me that day! T__T Not to say my boobs very big also. T__T Paling sakit hati is the bf don't care wtf, HAHA.