Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Outfits misfit.

Update: WAHHHHHHHHH this Blogger scheduling thing really works !!! (this is a scheduled post btw)
Anyway, guess what!!! I am in shock myself. -_- My mom just bought 3 Prada bags! *weeps in joy* One is for her best friend though. But wheee, the Hoe family's bag collection has expanded again wtf. More details on my S'pore buys when I get home k! :)

Because this was bound to happen, haha. Just a walk-through of some outfits that I haven't posted before. :P

They are random pictures since the beginning of the year or so, so you can actually see the transformation of my hairstyles!

It's a kitschy T-shirt dress with this white ruffled bib.

I remember wearing it for lunch with Jac the day before she left. Omg, has it been 4 months plus!!!

Emo. :(

Electric blue pinafore dress with white buttons.

I have since sold this dress-- but I have made a friend along the way!
Crazy girl who stays in the UK and is afraid of bombs hidden in trash cans, HAHAHA.

I wore this outfit to see Ranjitha, my high school best friend, whom I haven't seen for the past 2 years 'cause she left for Ireland. First time seeing my bestie after so long, it was like seeing a first love again ok! :P

Candid picture wiith Jing, who has just bought her Gucci bag that day!

Yes, the bag that Teeny and I chipped in also as part of her b'day present. -_-
Haih, why is my sister so materialistic wtf.

With this vintage-inspired chiffon dress in this very lovely shade of pink/lilac.
But it crinkles so easily though. :(

I do remember that the day I wore this dress, was the day before I went to dye my hair.
This means that it was the last day I had jet black, never-been-dyed-before hair ok! Milestone wtf.

Who said I don't wear my clothes twice ar!

I wore it once before when I sent my parents to the airport after my graduation in Melbourne! I remember holding back tears then. :(((

With my happy green patent platform shoes with wooden heel.

Can you believe it, my boyfriend actually complimented the shoes!! Damn shocking k, 'cause the boyfriend is super conservative in dressing. T__T We are damn un-matching in terms of fashion sense wtf.

And walao, I used to wear dresses so often! -___________-

In this Bettina Liano's white skirt with quite an indecent slit in front, haha.

Can wear for work ar! Then can get promotion quickly HAHAHAHA.

And in case you wonder what do I wear when I go over to the boyfriend's. :P

I found my old Gucci sling, and guess what, I am in love with it again. :D
In a Sass & Bide tank top and paperbag shorts. And Keds. I aim for comfort! Sometimes. :P

I. look. so. unbelievably. like. a. schoolgirl. -__-

Ok, that's all. Hmm, this may sound weird, but I can remember exactly what and when I wore the outfits, and who I was with during that time!!! Actually, I have always been like this- I associate my outfits with the day/outing. Sometimes when the boyfriend asks me, "Hey, do you remember ....", and I will quickly shoot back "What was I wearing!" to jog my memory. Usually if I could remember what my outfit was, I could remember the day's occurings as well. -_-

And I also have a scary ability of remembering people's clothes. I can remember everything that you have ever worn, and how you put them together. In fact, I have friends who call me for fashion advice, because I know their wardrobe better than them! :D :D :D

Haih, I think I am a very scary girl.

Oh, one more outfit-- something I wore really recently:

My new skinnys! :)

Unfortunately, once I start work, I am afraid that it will never see the daylight again. :( It really scares me, dressing for work. I won't call myself a fashionista or anything, but I think it's quite obvious that I adore dressing up, playing with dressing up. And the idea of being restrained by codes and rules and policies (in terms of dressing) scares me. A lot.

Yen the Hairstylist asked me what will I be working as in S'pore...

Me: Oh, I will be in auditing.
Yen: WHAT?? Means business formal???
Me: *nods depressively* Yes...


Last week, my mom and I finally got a set of black suit (blazer + skirt) for me. When I put it on, I nearly cried. It finally seemed real-- the forlorn girl staring back at me, clad in a boring black suit. Its implications not so much refer to what I am going to wear, but what I am in for. Sigh, don't want to talk too much about it. But oh well, guess a black suit is apt, considering the sombre, morbid affair work is.


mustardqueen said...

I DUN WANNA WEAR BLACK AND WHITE EVERYDAY!!! like "yut yu can pin" T___________________________T

i dye my hair red then wtf so my life not so dull T_T

Anonymous said...

Speaking of unfashionable boyfriends, you know when i told Sam abt THE Miu Miu bag, he went 'You calling me Muel Muel for fun or is that some cat bag?' WTFFFFFFFFFFFF!


Accyee said...


anyway hui wen omg dont be so depressed lah! u can be cilf (instead of mum its collegue) or something lah! ok.

:) and... u know u seem to have gained weight from the 1st pic :S. or just OPTICAL ILLUSION lah.

how was singapore! or is?

Anonymous said...

I am not that rachel from selltrade.

i am rachel, the one from zimbabwe (-___- ")

c r y s t said...

ya working life is THAT boring T__T the only time i can dress up is like during the weekends but sometimes i'm too lazy and ended up with shorts and sandals T__T and all dresses remains untouched in my wordrobe and ended up in selltrade T__T *sigh*

and oh, where dya get that denim paperbag shorts? i've been looking for sth like that for ages!! ;(

how's spore? did u shop a lot!!

Katie ♥ said...

omg i love your paperbag shorts!
where you bought where you bought!

eh woman you made me buy a paperbag skirt already and now you making me want to go buy paperbag shorts =.=

btw eh singapore a lot of blogshops usually have sprees for US websites, and its a lot cheaper than malaysia so you can shop your heart out :D

Anonymous said...

Omg i'm also so sad ok, for my last semester i have to do several internships for PR companies and i hate office wear! Everything is stiff and boring. And if i'm wearing a skirt i have to wear hosiery ok, even in the summer. T__T

So my ultimate goal is to get a job in fashion PR coz that's the only PR job were you have to wear trendy clothes. Oh and good luck with the job, move and everything!!

Anonymous said...

add in: try to break the rules *shrugs* i'm in an traditional jap company but I wear one-piece dresses, sometimes (above) knee length pants u know those Jap OL type -_- then my colleagues were so shocked and they were like ARENT U AFRAID but my boss never say anything~ just wear and test the water if get scold mar dress in funeral wear again (-_- ")

ally said...

hahahah tell u something thats gonna make u think i'm the most bimbotic person on earth...

last time when i thought about my career, the reason i wanted to work in an office environment was cause of the REALLY nice suits i get to wear :P

work clothes dont have to be boring la! try edmunser in kl or GG5 in singapore. there's this place in wisma atria that starts with S which SOMETIMES has nice work stuff and the basement level in wisma also got a lot of nice work clothes!

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: HAHHAH yut yu chan pin wtf. Lou yeh! wtf. Ok! I think it's time you redye your hair wtf.

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHA! Haih the bf also thinks that it's meow meow bag/ T____T

accyee: Why are you always with such encouraging and uplifting comments! THat'd be my new goal wtf: CILF! Though I doubt my bf will be happy wtf. AHAHAHAH no la, I think that pic is angles la! 'Cause that was in January/Feb, I was definitely much fatter then! T_T

rachel: Hahaha then why you asked me to email you! Are you secretly my pen pal!! Not that I have one, of course! *shifty eyes* And HAHAHHAHA WTFF HAHHHAHAH your full name is: Rachel, the one from Zimbabwe (-__-"), inclusive of the (-___-") is it! HAHAHAHHA

cryst: I hope I on't become like that.. T___T If I don't dress up, I will DIEEE.. T___T And I am aiming to still be myself in in my workclothes-- add a little bit of 'me' in it. :P Oh, I got the shorts from Gold Coast! And hahaha, shopping in s'pore is, quite satisfying. :D

katie<3: Haha, I got it from Gold Coast! :) And aww, you mean you got your paperbag skirt (and now bottoms) 'cause of me?? Does it mean I am a fashion inspiration! :D :D :D And haha, I definitely hope I shop much less after I start working. :P

leandra: Yaaa, everything is so stiff and boring! It's like dress shirt after dress shirt.. *stifles yawn* And haihhh, I am damn not used to anything with (long) sleeves-- my inner slut speaking wtf. And ahh, you're damn lucky ok, fashion PR is a viable option for you!! No matter what, I will be stuck in accounting frot he next 3 years at least. :( And thank you, dear, I hope so too. :)

rachel from zimbabwe (-_-"): HAHHAHAHHAHA I still think your full title is DAMN FUNNY HAHAHAHHAHAHAH. Oh! You are working already? In s'pore? Sorry, I am getting confused with my readers who are in s'pore, haha. YAAAA OMG YOU SPOKE MY MIND! That's my plan exactly! I am going to start off safe first, then slowly push the limits, push the limits... But knee length pants are really.. adventurous! But of course, it's damn stylish la. <3 I hope my boss is as open-minded as yours! :D

ally: Haha, no la, that's not bimbotic! I tell you some of my bimbotic thoughts (work-related) next time k. T__T And haih, I am not a suit-type of girl, I am more of a vest-only plus cigarette pants type of girl. :P And WHAT IS THIS, do you think I will dress boring! T___T Hmm, I know which shops you're talking about in S'pore, in fact I just went i today, haha! But I don't really like the stuff there ler, a bit lala. T__T And Edmunser is not really my style too, but I will go take a look. T___T

You're very skinny, that's why you'll look MWAHHH in suits. :P

Anonymous said...

hi. may i know how to use the scheduled post? many thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Hui Wen, may i ask where did u get those cute shoes u wore with the paper bag shorts? Been looking around but duno where to get =(

Oh and i love love love the schoolgirl outfit lehhh...sold the pinafore and yellow bag already??

~LiYinism~ said...

i'm sure you'll be a very fashionable lady during work despite the fact that its only a black suit. Look at Victoria Beckh.! :):):)

oh yea (info from Josh :) wanna ask you @ which website do you sell your clothes?

revel in me said...

anonymous: Oh! It's pretty easy actually, there is a 'Post Options' link underneath the page where you blog, just click on it, and enter the desired date/time you want the post to be published! :)

gwen: Erm, I mentioned in the entry! It's Keds! :) I got them from Melbourne, but you can get them from Pedder Red in KLCC! :) And haha, I don't sell everything la! Nopes, never sell the high waisted pinafore and bag!

liyin: Why are you so inspiring and nicee.. T__T I want to look as hot (but less robotic wtf) as Vicky B!!! And oh, I sell my clothes at:

But I don't think I will be having many sales once I am in s'pore-- difficult to ship things! =/

alea amin said...

HAHAHA to jing's comment wtf man my guy friend also think like but he thought i have a cat named miumiu wtf.

Eh formal working clothes okay what. i kinda like formal working clothes..... you should watch Ugly Betty! Some of their working clothes damn fashionable. u can get some tips there :D

Anonymous said...

come on la, if I was gonna name a brand, id check what's the meaning of the word in every single language. I mean come on la, why would one name a bag MiuMiu. My cousins always call me "muel muel" hahaha.

Anonymous said...

i reread my previous comment and realize there was two "come on la", please disregard one of them. You pick which one to ignore. Haha

Anonymous said...

Hmm.I know how you'd feel!I am sometimes stuck too.Lol.
Anyways,nolah you look nice too from the front.But the back nicer,LOL.Jk jk.And hor,faster post yr singapore grabs.I wanna seeeeeeeee!And,no I will still be reading to see how boring you'd be(if the dress codes are strict)

ally said...

EH i just realised we have the same pair of keds!!! <3 great minds think alike wtf

i'm thinking of getting another pair la...its even cheaper at smith street now

Sheryl said...

you're such a crazy ass shopper! i love it haha :)

Anonymous said...

I just randomly click here and there and ended up I read your blog. I realised that you stay at South East Flat which is just across the road from my house. Haha... such a small world. Nice to meet you =)

Anonymous said...

im a new to australia. i heard u studied there before. i was wondering if u could give me some tips on where to shop?? i need new clothesss!

revel in me said...

alea amin: Haha ya la damn wtf man her bf! Haha, I am not concerned about how I will dress up for work-- it's more 'cause of the workclothes restrictions that I am worried about! :(

miu miu dang: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA WTFFFF!! Sigh you don't appreciate designer!! Jing is going to whack you later wtf.

nana: Haha, wait, I am confused, what do you mean stuck? EH YOU BETTER BE JOKING ABOUT THE BACK PART NICER AR. Haha.. And thank yuo for your support wtf, I will try not to be too boring. T____T

ally: Hahahaha the keds damn nice right!! Sumore got helicopters! <333 But why would you want to buy an exact same pair! -___-

raggamuffin: Hahaha why you say that! I never mentioned my buys in this entry also! *shifty eyes* :D

anonymous: WOWWWW what a coincedence!! Means you stay at err Blackburn/wellington (I forgot, haha) and study in Monash Clayton? :P Oh, but I have graduated already though! Have you see me on campus last time ar. T__T

anonymous: Haha where you heard from! :P HMMMM got a lot! Bridge Road, Chapel Street, Camberwell Market (can try Prahran market as well), even Melbourne Central! And Swanston Street... Haha, you can mail me at if you want more info! :)

Anonymous said...

If you can remember there is a bus stop opposite South East Flat, the 703 bus stop to Clayton town. I live 2 houses away from the bus stop. I stay at Clayton but I study at Caulfield Campus. But then I finished my exam just yesterday and if everything go well, I am graduating as well. But then I will be here to work and applying my PR next month. I don't think I will go back that fast. I will be here for few years to work and if possible might settle down here for good because I more prefer Melbourne than S'pore or M'sia.

By the way, from South East Flat to Camberwell market is very convenient. You can catch 8am bus to the K-Mart at Blackburn Road and the catch tram to Camberwell market. You can reach there before 9.30am. The first 703 bus to Blackburn is 8am for Sunday. Haha... so you can actually easily reach there without going to city and change train =)

Have fun in the kiasu island.

Anonymous said...

i love dressing up for work la! pretty pencil skirts, nice blouses with ruffles, pretty coats and the whole corporate lady look! not nice meh or am i just weird!

revel in me said...

anonymous: Waahh, your directions so detailed! :))) I hope the other anonymous sees it, it will help her a lot! :D And I wish I read it earlier too, then I would have known how to go down to Camberwell from Clayton itself! T__T Thank you, dear! <3

tzeching: Haha, it's nice, but I like to wear different looks, so just sticking to ONE look is going to be really boring for me. :( Furthermore, auditors have really stringent dress codes-- very neutral shades, very boring cuts. HAIHHHH.

Anonymous said...

You can always come back here then you will have the chance to go again =)

You make me feel like giving up the idea to apply PR and go back to work in the kiasu land. Maybe because of family and friends back home but I just can't stand the kiasu land's cultures =( Even though I have family in the kiasu land but still I just don't like it there.

I more prefer Melbourne but it seem to be so hard to get jobs here =(

Good luck for your work!

Anonymous said...

You can always come back here then you will have the chance to go again =)

You make me feel like giving up the idea to apply PR and go back to work in the kiasu land. Maybe because of family and friends back home but I just can't stand the kiasu land's cultures =( Even though I have family in the kiasu land but still I just don't like it there.

I more prefer Melbourne but it seem to be so hard to get jobs here =(

Good luck for your work!