Monday, June 02, 2008

Rubber duckies and all.

*UPDATED with second day!*

Extreme picture overload, I'd recommend clicking on this entry so that it opens up in a separate page-- wouldn't want the page to get stuck! T_T




Yes, shopping ban is up again. T________T
But not a real one la, 'cause I still need to get a few pair of shoes I have been eying in Topshop, and err, I need working clothes! *shifty eyes*

Went to the Fashionista's Junkyard Sale and Bijou Bazaar over the weekend, which of course, are EVILLLLL.

(YES, we went on both days -__-)

Jing! And our dog, BB. Don't ask me, I didn't name it. o_O

Oh! Random, but have you ever wondered why in Hong Kong dramas, they always pronounce the word 'baby' as "BB"! So instead of 'I am having your baby', it's 'I am having your BB'!

Ok, finished already.

Teeny, with her vintage dress that she got from the last junkyard sale.

Jing and I were both salivating over this dress, but logically speaking it just wasn't feasible for us, 'cause it'd reach our ankles wtf. And it's quite a waste to cut/alter it, 'cause it's in this lovely chiffon pleated material!

At times like this, I really hate the fact that I am short. T__T

Me! My inspiration (haha, like real only) for the day was child-like and all things kiddy.
Ya la can you tell that I refuse to grow up wtf.

At Showpink...
(most of the pictures of the day are from Teeny-- my camera was out of battery, bah!)

Jing got these lens-less frames for damn cheap! I was really emo 'cause I got one a few weeks ago for three times the price. T___T

And Jing really looks like Stuart Little Chicken Stuart Chicken Little a duck right!!!
And she looked like some mad woman who sells spectacles wtf, 'cause got damn a lot of glasses hanging off her, haha.

Ok, not many pictures taken at Showpink obviously. As women, we are not that great multi-taskers wtf. It's shopping over photography! :P

Bijou Bazaar!
It's actually held at a boutique hotel, Jeumpa D'ramo, in Bangsar. The converted bungalow, facing the main road heading to Telawi, is gorgeous! Jeumpa D'ramo means 'berkumpul di serambi' in Acehnese, eek, I thought it's french, HAHAHA I am such an idiot.

Looking at my outfit, I felt like I fit in so perfectly, lalala!

Rubber duckies!!! :D :D :D

My sisters had to hold me off to not let me jump into the kiddy pool wtf.

I was holding a rubber duckie, if you can't tell. I think I was craving for roast duck HAHAHA.

Sigh, you know those inflatable kiddy pool tub?? I have always always always wanted one. :( When I was young, I really loved to swim (my love ended when I found out swimming makes your shoulders broad like a gorilla wtf), so it was my ultimate dream to have one in my house. My dad promised me year after year, but I didn't as much as see a glimmer of it. :(

Unfulfilled childhood dreams.. Is it why I shop so much now ar!!! Like, it left me emotionally scarred so I have to seek solace from elsewhere WTF.

What was supposed to be a picture to show the back of my pinafore dress (there's this really cute bow detailing), ended looking like a suicide in the making. -_______-

I think this picture is utterly gorgeous!
Our love story, haha.

Sigh, the place is just so lovely! I would love to have a party at the place.. Unfortunately, I share the same idea with both of my sisters-- knowing my dad, he will just let us have ONE birthday party, shared by the 3 of us. -__-

And I am trying to console myself that my legs looked short in the picture above because of how the light rays hit the pool; I can't remember the term, omg, I have totally forgotten everything I have learnt in Physics. T__T

Some pictures to showcase me in action, haha... I was unknowingly caught on film!

Imagine, there're actually more pictures than those shown here! Teeny was snapping pictures of Jing and of the place in general, and I was in the background, frantically snapping up buys. T__T Somemore my arm stretched out damn far, haha!

You have to take off your shoes to go indoors, but there are stalls/sellers outside as well-- as it was just a nuisance to put on/off our shoes, we just walked barefooted everywhere. The floor was burning hot, hence it was a relief to dip my scorched foot into the chilly pool water!

A hugeeee relief.
Teeny calls this my 'orgy' face. -________-

A little too eager to shop wtf.

Met loads of people in the 2 bazaars that I went to! People whom blogs I read, people who read my blog, people whom I have sold my clothes to before... It was kind of fun to play 'who you can recognise'! :P

With Alea, who is OMG so hot!!! She is totally CFM, haha.

With this seller, with a really amazing collection of dresses! And she's so hyper as well, my most distinct memory of her is her flailing her arms and telling us to "buy more! buy more! buy everything!", hahaha.

Happy buyers! :D

My rocking horse necklace, it makes me so giddily happy whenever I look at it!

And I have a rocking horse story, haha, but I am not sure I want to share! :P

My love-bird brooch. It's so random, but aaah, it's dam cute right!

In fact, whilst browsing around, I can hear people pointing at me (or rather my accessories), saying "Eeee, so cuteee!". I felt like a zoo animal. T_T

At lunch after our shopping frenzy:

I was looking really disheveled and sweaty, it's a tough job jostling through throngs of women with a purpose!

Emo Teeny.
(who stole Jing's frames)

I took my birdie, and exclaimed "Let it play with the rocking horse!" before perching it on the horse's seat and rocking it cheerily away. Teeny gave me looks of horror and kept on shouting "Eee, stop it la! Damn obsceneeeee!" Haih, dirty minds.

Actually, lunch was god-sent. 'Cause we were so kancheong to go shop that we didn't eat at all before leaving house. At first I was surviving purely on adrenaline (shopping is a sport! :P), but after about 2 hours, I was weak and hungry.. On top of everything, I had period cramps (I suspect it was 'cause I didn't eat at all). T___T

But I persevered. :P

My buys:

Granny cardigan with floral brocade-like design.
I like how the faint brocade touch gives the oversize cardie look a feminine makeover. :D

Vintage double breasted shirt-dress.
I am thinking of cutting it shorter to give out a flirty feel, but Jing opposed to it; she said I could wear it for work! Cannot la, too funky!

This is for work. Layering, layering! :)

Vintage white top with gorgeous eyelet detailing.
I have to cinch it in with a belt, of course, but it's really pretty! :)

Neck..thingy. I wouldn't call it a necklace, it's more of a neck.. decoration? Haha.
Thinking of pairing this with a plain white tee! :P

Girlie floral cardigan, for layering purposes.
Am also thinking of how I can work this into my work-clothes wardrobe. :P

Vintage princess puffed sleeved dress with pussy bow.
This looks really good when worn, can't wait to don this dress! :D

Brand new DKNY swimsuit with cut-outs.
Am not really planning to wear this to the beach-- imagine the awful tanlines! But am inspired by Jade, who wore her swimsuit as a top, haha, brilliant! :D

Satin bustier corset with gold buckles, HOT.
My sisters said that this top is really S & M-inspired... I say, good for me! (and him WTF)

Plaid mandarin-collared dress shirt with ruffled detailing.
Will look so good with my tan Topshop pumps (which is still in the shop, HAHA).

Another beige shirt blazer, but this is a vintage one. :P
I would say the first one is more suitable for work, while this is more for my play days ('cause of the cut).

Vintage animal print victorian blouse (love those buttons!).
Will try to make this work for my work-clothes as well-- they look like mini polka dots from far, haha.

Impulse buy, this one. Will think of ways to layer it. :P

I love the frou frou collar on this vintage blouse! Unfortunately, it's too big for me, so an alteration is on the agenda.

I am actually thinking of altering it to make it a sleeveless top-- I think it would be really hot! But I am also afraid that it'll look like a top that I already have...

Satin collared halter top with ruffles.

Not to mention, the sleeves are too pretty to be removed! However, if I were to alter the sleeves as well, I think it would be quite difficult and tedious. =/

Give me suggestions k! :)

Vintage dress with ruffled bib and uneven hem.. Aah, so cute!
I want to go for a tea party now, haha.

Vintage bag with colorful patchwork.
I would have really appreciated this if I was still in college... Unfortunately, I am not (don't use sling bags much now). But my mentality is 'buy now, think later' wtf. Haha, might give to my sisters! :D

Aaah, I love this pair of shoes! :))) Am just looking for something like that. :)))

Vintage tan bag, LOVEEE!



Day 2
Sunday, the following day!
Haih, we went back on the second day 'cause on the first day we blew ALL our cash (with a few dollar notes left for lunch wtf), so we reserved the items that we wanted, and promised to go back the next day.

And I think my sisters and I must have very trustworthy faces! *muka bangga (and muka honest wtf)* 'Cause when we told people that we have reserved stuff with certain sellers, they gave us a look of disbelief and asked us "What??? They actually let you all reserve things??"


Outfits! It's quite fun to dress for these type of events, 'cause a lot of the people there are really stylish! You won't really see people wearing a pair of leggings and a top and call it an outfit wtf, but the people there wear turbans and vintage dresses and funky belts and colorful opaques! Aah, especially the sellers I think, they are so adventurous with their dressing that I just feel like grabbing them to kiss them. :D

I was so gleeful when I put on this top and found out that it's long enough to be a dress! :D

I told Jing: "Eh, nice tights! Where you got it from!"

Jing: *gives me -_- face*
"It's yours, I took it from your bag."

OOPSS!! -_-
And if you're wondering, why she took it from my bag, it's 'cause a lot of my things are still in the luggage bags, I have no space to unpack them to. T__T

Teeny! Eh why got weird tong and bowls in my house. -_-

My layers of necklaces. :)

Showpink again, 'cause one of the tops that Jing bought has a stain on it, so she thought she wil go back to inquire about it.

HAHAHAHAHA look at Jing's gung-ho shopping expression!

Bijou Bazaar!

In resting mode, haha.
Look at my 'pei' face!

Teeny and Jing! I like how there is black and white, hot pink and electric blue. :P
And I kept on wanting to creep up to the balcony (as shown in above), but it was actually where they cooked food to sell in the bazaar. T_T

Ladies sit with legs closed!

It was really hot, what do you know wtf.

And my buys from the second day (I will not feel guilty.. I will not feel guilty...).. :)

One of my favorite buys of the day!
Vintage-inspired tan square-front pumps with lace trimmings, so pretty! :)))
The color is more tan in real life! Sigh, now I am confused, should I still get the tan pumps I have been eying in Topshop ar.

And I love this pair of pumps very very much as well!
Love the b & w houndtooth print and the pop of the red bow, MMM.

Braided rope bracelet with charms! I like the bow and ballet slippers charms, but I think I will remove the tusk charms, they are too tribal for my liking, haha.

Old school pearl strands.

Brooches! For work-- the best way to brighten any outfit; accessorize, accessorize! :)

And did you notice that the mother of pearl button brooch in the middle is a bird/dove! :P


The following 4 items are for work as well:

Black blazer with chinky wooden buttons, love the cut of this. :)

Gray and pale pink pinstriped blazer... If I can't work this into my working clothes collection, I will just wear it with suspenders and shorts/jeans and call myself an emo boy. :P

Yellow cardie! The boyfriend said that auditors don't wear colors.
If that's true, should I go back and exchange the cardie for black.. or gray... T__T

Pale pink bow belt.
Eh, I can team it with the gray pinstriped short blazer (above)!

Yellow shift dress with crotcheted/eyelet detailing around the waist! It plays actual skin peekaboo. :P

Sailor dress! :D

Yummy red dress, loving those pleats. :)

Well, what can I say, I love junkyard sales and bazaars. :D

And oh! When I was in Showpink, and chattering away with one of the sellers about shopping...

*bla bla bla*
Me: I am doing accounting!
Him: *mouth drops agape, tongue lolling, eyes wide*
Me: Errr.. *panicking 'cause I thought he is having a heart attack wtf*
Him: Cannot be!
Me: *apprehensively* Errr.. What do you mean?
Him: I have never heard of this before! I have never seen someone so fashionable and doing accounting!

Should I be flattered!
But what is this! Is the general stereotype of accountants so bad! -__________-


Rachel said...

I know I know !! the word is pembiasan !! lol

eggster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eggster said...

ZOMG you bought so much! somemore thats like what, from the first day only! eh don't alter the pretty sleeves away. prob you can wear it as an oversize top and pair it with a belt and tighten the pleated sleeves part (if its too big) so that it fits the wrist nicely and gives you the lantern feel. haha wtf am i talking about!

HAHA i like the starting part; on a shopping ban but not real one. wtf WHAT IS THIS? thats just an excuse la babe! : P

Joshua said...

*emo* I hate being broke :( Eh, I wanna steal the blue duck, wtf.

Jing: Kawan, the gladiator wedges are super cool!

Anonymous said...

My goodness! i didnt know Msia is so happening with all these junkyard sales! all the stuff were fab! in singapore, prob the best flea to check out would be fash bash and zouk flea...and the swirl swop swap something...u make me wanna go over to your country...but i am not too keen on facing the offence thou :)

Anonymous said...

How much is the gucci bag jing use?

alea amin said...

WHAT IS CFM?! eiyer i hate that picture of me i look so unfriendly wtf x_x summore i was tired wtf.

omg you bought so much?! This is the time i wonder when are you broke wtf T___T you need to open up your own stall wtf. are you going to palette palette on the 8th?! another junkyard!

I LIKE your mary janes!!!!

c r y s t said...

OMG! no wonder u said u shd just go to hell wtf o_O omg i did not buy anything.. i guess all left were really JUNKS -_-" waste my time and energy cizzz.. and oh! i love your shoes and that vintage bag!! so ah ma! HAHA!

btw u sisters are so gorgeous.. <3 and i think i forgot to say hi to hui ting.. aww~ forgive me, i'm rushing to 'dig' for treasures...

revel in me said...

rach-el: YOU ARE SO CLEVER!! I was trying to google for the word, but I don't know why the word 'cheese' kept on coming up in my mind. -___-

eggster: Hahaha, ya la, don't make me feel even worse than whta I am feeling now k! T__T So should keep the sleeves ar? II definitely want to alter it smaller, 'cause I want to wear for work (it will look so hot with a black high waisted skirt! :P), but it's really more of a matter of sleeves or not sleeves! HAHAHA you know me too well la. Eh no, but it's true! I need working clothes. :D :D :D

joshua: Ya la, what is this, after Jing called you, I expected you to be zooming over to bangsar! Tsk tsk, classes over shopping, what are your priorities in life, josh! HAHA. EHHHH it's a blue BIRD, it's love-BIRD, not love-duck! T___T

But yayy, let's play swap, my love-bird brooch fro your lightning-cloud necklace, HAHA! :P

joie: Omg, you are also damn well versed in all the flea markets in S'pore!!! The trend has just started catching on in M'sia-- in fact, the first ever junkyard sale was at the end of last year! :) COMEEE, aah, I know, there should be another one in a few months' time, we go to Kl together from s'pore! Although we don't know each other, haha wtf what is this. :P

ps: Customs is ok, really quick! But I usually take buses though. :)

anonymous: Are you jing's bf sent to obtain information ar wtf! It's 'bout 4k-ish.

alea: CFM, is come fuck me! Haha! Really wan, 'cause your lips, OMG! And ya la, you were damn cold that day ok, I thought you didn't like us or what wtf. Haha, I am DAMN DAMN DAMN broke ok, like seriously, (fake) shopping ban is up. And yaaa, that day, our car was FILLED with our buys! Really can open a bazaar of our own. -____-

Are you going to palate palette? I most likely am! :) And hee, thank you! Though they are not from marc jacobs ya! :D

cryst: Haha, shit, does that mean you think I should go to hell as well! T____T You damn gung-ho ok, come back from trip straightaway head to a sale.. :P Hmm, maybe the better stuff were gone, but possible also you were tired la, 'cause if tired sure lazy to dig wann... T__T And haha, are you referring to the vintage bag I was using yesterday? Ah ma meh! Quite pretty what.. T__T Haha!

Thank you, my love! <333

Anonymous said...

hahah,no la,i'm not..i like that bag she that bag urs?

Accyee said...

allah onitofo u buy so many things ah O_O

Anonymous said...

i like the vintage bag with colorful patchwork. how much does it costs u? if u wanna sell it off, u have a buyer in line..hahahah

mustardqueen said...

GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO ME!! the patchwork bag... DONT SELL IT TO ERR WHOEVER THAT IT ABOVE MY COMMENT!! DO NOT!!!! Sisters also mou ceng gong ar...

and HELLO CRYST =D=D I smiled at you la you were busy talking to my sisters then then we chao-ed -_-

And err... T_____T I am fated to not get my cells near palate palette T___T EXAMS WUUWUUWUUU T_________T

mustardqueen said...

oh and I am damn surprise that someone didn't response to this post eh hohohoho

Anonymous said...

It's MY bag, MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! *hugs bag tightly* :D Josh, we had a long convo in the car about YOU! :D Why you so not resilient, i had 4 other shopping sprees since that day!!!! Ting somemore achieved another life goal after that WTF and you still recuperating! -______________- How to be friends now you tell me? *flips hair*

Anonymous said...

wow. i love jing's gladiator shoes!! where did she get it from? it's so pretty~!!!

Anonymous said...

wheres palette palette on the 8th?? I want to be there. haha!! i love the lens-less frames!!!!!

Tanya said...

eeeee SO NICE STUFF!! :) i love those brogue oxford flats so sooo very muchhh!

how do you find out about all these junk sales, so awesome! i'll be coming back to kl in july (finally graduating hohoho) and it's time to unleash to shopaholic once more!! teehee how exciting.

(btw i just remembered i forgot to reply your comment about 20 posts ago haha yeah my bf's in monash but don't think you'd know him as he just transferred to melb this year! his name's weiwen anyhow :P)

Anonymous said...

apparently, people who shop too much are indeed fulfilling a void in their lives, according to all the psychoanalysis reports online. -____-. i DISAGREEEE! we just like pretty things ok. what's so hard to fathom!?!?!?!

Cynthia said...

Whee so many pretty buys! your vintage animal print victorian blouse, too cute <3 and vintage tan bag! i got one too, i love it. lemme guess, you got it from the first shop right at the entrance of showpink? the lady in grey ;)

and i love jing's gladiators, it's da shit maaan.

palattepalatte on the 8th? awesome. i got exams the very next day.

Cynthia said...

oh and about that last comment on accountants, YALAH i always get that, at first it was flattering but nowadays i dunno i cant seem to see it as a compliment anymore. Like the closer i get to working, those remarks make me feel like, err, i am not professional and should not be trusted with other people's money HOH. blasphemy.

revel in me said...

anonymous: Haha, OH! Sorry, I was being cautious, in case the bfs sent spies, HAHAHA. Anyway, nono, the bag is hers! Damn nice right! I really wanted it, but unless I sell BOTH my kidneys, I cannot afford la. T_T

accyee: Haha, why you so cute, fusion gods wtf. Err, a lot ar? *shifty eyes*

nunu: Thank you, dear! Damn cheery right the bag! *beams* Haih, cannot sell la, I think my sister will kill me! T__T

mustardqueen: I am bringing it to s'pore, LADIDAAA! :D And haha, who's that someone! Gossip later wtf.

jing: Eh why you so possessive ar wtf. But haha, ya Josh, we were all tsk-tsking you in the car! :P

mich: Ya la, she damn lucky! She got the last pair.. Damn frigging emo.. T___T Anyway, she got it from Gossips! But if you're really looking for a pair of nice glads, try YC/blackjetta! She has really lovely gladiator sandals for sale, a tad pricey, but really really gorge! :)

rg: Haha, palate palette is a place! In KL! Just google for the address! :) If you see me on sunday, come say hi k! :D

tanya: You're the first to comment on my shoes! Damnnnn niceeee right! It's like SEX, heehee. Oh no, when are you coming back? I think I would be in s'pore by that time. :'( And you bullshit la, in UK cannot unleash the shopaholic mehh, you have Harrods and Selfridge and ASOS, and designer bags at lower prices... T___T

ps: Hmm, I don't think I know a wei wen! Girl wei wen I think got la wtf. :P

foongjin: Haih, all those psychoanalysts are PSYCHO la wtf. Either that, they are sore losers, 'cause they can't find good shopping buys like the rest of us, HAHA. Aaah, I love your quote-- "we just like pretty things, what's so hard to fathom?" Haha! :D

cynthia: Haha, nono, I got the bag from the pretty ladies and err good-looking lapsap men at the back of the shop! They sell the MOST AWESOME vintage bags! A tad pricer than the other bags in the shop, but oh, it's the SHIZZ yo yo yo wtf. Will you be going to the palate palette thingy? Eh we were supposed to dress up lapsap one day, remember! :P And haha, you get that comment as well? I don't really feel anything when I was in melb, 'cause my accountant friends dressed so well omg, so I felt like I belonged wtf; but back here, when that guy told me, I felt like I was singled out-- like I felt all kekok for being an accountant. -__- But haha, god be damned if I have to dress frumpy/ugly/unfashionable just to fit the mold of an accountant. :P

Simon Seow said...

Sapu gao gao.

jeanchristie said...

dont wear colours meh?

my firm seems to have all colours hahaha..

btw, for some reason, u seem to see a LOT more pretty girls and some with really nice outfits in banking haha.

check out the big banks at the south tower okay! ^^

i love those pumps with the lace on them, so pretty!

Tanya said...

yeahhh the shoes are damn nice laa slurp slurp! hahah can unleash but everything's generally quite expensive here :((

oohh i might be working in singapore too! hehe have a job offer there and am currently super torn trying to decide between another offer in KL and going to sg! sighh was it this hard for you? i love home to bits but sg is where all the moolah's at! :P

ps: haha yeah weiwen tends to be a very girly name -___-

Anonymous said...

Hui Wen!!! I had to miss both the events cos i had to study for exams *wails wails wails*. =(

Good buys u have there...i feel so emo after seeing all the nice thgs u have bought haha! But if u ever plan to sell the "Vintage white top with gorgeous eyelet detailing", please please leme know! Will be ever grateful xD

Anonymous said...

Eh, tambah lagi...if Jing wants to sell her white top she wore on the first day also bagitau me ok ok ok ok??? x)

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha hopefully one day we will know each other , in any case, there is this bi-weekly lime flea in singapore at our cineleisure. however i prefer zouk flea but it's usually so packed you can hardly move but darn cool stuff la and people also darn stylish sometimes our local celebs sell their stuff there too! The last time i went KL was 5 years ago and didnt help that i was fleeced by an unsavory cabbie ;p

i like reading your posts always so happy so chirpy and so pretty!

revel in me said...

simon seow: Haha, yaaa! :P

jean: That's what HE said! :P Anyway, banking girls usually dress 'more stylishly' 'cause they are less restrained by professional restrictions-- auditors are professionals, hence there is a certain standard of professionalism that they need to uphold. :) I hope you like my working outfits next time, haha!

tanya: Damn nice right, le sigh! But I would have preferred something heeled, so now I have to find another pair, HAHA. Omg, that's awesome! Have you graduated? Sigh, it wasn't really THAT difficult wth making a decision, 'cause I knew I didn't want to work in KL, but as the days loom closer to starting work, I really don't want to leave home. :(

gwencws: Aww, that's a pity! You should have still went! I knew of friends who had exams but still went anyway, even my sister as well, haha! And I don't think I will be selling my top, but Jing most likely is, watch out for her sale soon! :)

joie: Do you know that once I am in s'pore, I'll always be searching back for these posts where you left me helpful comments on s'pore flea markets?? Like a shopping bible, haha! And yes, maybe we shall meet! But don't judge me if I am short ar! And hee, thank you so much, I am a very excitable person in general. -_-

c r y s t said...

eh yr 2nd day buys so awesome! i love both pumps omg where u dig one!! o_O

and oh the previous comment i'm referring to your new vintage bag la.. but the one u used the other day also very pretty! ei... sell laaaaaaaa~

where's palatte palatte?!! i'm available on the 8th!

Anonymous said... so freaking jealous le..all ur shopping!!!
its so PRETTY!!

i SO agreed with joie...there's no nice junkyard sales in Singapore...

damn sad wei...cant wait to come back KL this weekend..just in time for palette palette!!
*jumps around the room*

and oh...u sisters make me feel like dressing up...ALL THE fun!!!!

Joshua said...

Jing: Dead broke la, I don't have the same income as you, wtf :( Definitely can't make it for Lapsap either :( Bloody camp.

If you see anything you think I'd really like and it's cheap, buy for me! I'll pay you back, together with the rest I still owe. *emo sigh*

Hui Wen: Eh the cloud lightning thingie is still at your place, I would've expected you guys to steal it from Jing already lor, since you three borrow each others stuff. Haha, you can return it to me when you're done with it, hopefully soon, I haven't seen it in months, wtf.

alea amin said...

i sometimes wonder how big is your closet T____T

Cat in the Bowl said...

eeee! 3 of you sistas are so bubbly & cute!! LOL. wanted to take pictures with the 3 of you but u all seemed so busy with shopping. hee.. next time yeah. :D

Anonymous said...

ok sure i'll say hi to you :) now i gotta go con my friend to drive me there....haha!! :p

k said...

i know maan you girls have SO much clothes.
where do all 3 of you keep your clothes?
i want to be buried there. O_0

revel in me said...

cryst: Hee, nice right the shoes! Damn happy with them la, I want to put them at my bedside so I can stroke them absent-mindedly wtf. And heee, cannot sell la, I love my vintage bags too much!<333 Go google for the address k, I'll see you there! :P

joychezhi: Haha, thank you! <3 Where are you now!! And are you all serious, s'pore really don't have good junkyard sales ar.. :( I remember reading on a blog that there was this CK Tang flea market! The stuff there were AWESOME! And eh, if you see me this sunday, come say hi k! :D (you will find me by following this loud boisterous voice.. T__T)

joshua: EHHH are you serious, the cloud necklace is with Jing??? Why is it with her! She holding it ransom till you pay her back ar, HAHA. Hmm, I shall go think of outfit sot match that necklace now, whee!

ps: Eh very hard to buy things for you la, remember last time, have to bargain for 1 buck for you. -_______-

alea: Haha, I really hate how this will sound-- but yea, it's superbly humoungously insanely huge. And I am not proud of it. :(

cat in a bowl: Eee, thank you! We are all damn hyper when shopping! And when faced with food. Or cute guys. HAHAHA. Why never take picture with us, camwhoring is another fave activity of ours. :D Next time! (and can give more discounts ar, HAHA)

rg: Hee, good luck with the conning! And remember, must say hi ar! But if I looked crazed, don't be afraid, it's a side effect of shopping, HAHAHAHA.

revel in me said...

skim: Haha, I highly doubt you want to be where my clothes are! Am going to take pictures of my mess of mountains and mountains of clothes soon... Maybe you can check it out, and contact my real estate agent, HAHA!

jeanchristie said...

i'm sure i will love your outfits hahaha..

i'm not sure about main aabs, but my team seems to dress without adhering much to codes wtf -_- ITS A GOOD THING ! haha

btw, pls book ur tickets for july/aug already.. they are running out fast. for cheap tickets at least

ally said...

T_T why are u leaving for singapore before i go back to kl.

Anonymous said...

i''ve been working in Singapore for the past 4 years..and no..the only junkyard sales that i went before were only the Lime and the Zouk ones...not as much vintage stuffs as the ones in KL...not sure bout the Tangs one tho...
hey...when u come over Singapore lets go junkyard sales hunting ya!!

Unknown said...

OMG I need shopping lessons from you guys, yo!

and soooooooooooo many many many many many many many amazing stuff until cannot say many!!!

Anonymous said...

hey you said once you're a pretty good shopper cause you can get lotsa stuff for not so much money. roughly how much do you spend on so many items?

revel in me said...

jean: Eee, what are your dress codes like? My friend siad that my company is quite chill wtf. And oh! You're referring to plane tickets right? Shit, now I am damn panicky! T_T

ally: When are you coming back! T___T For long ar? I think I will be down in Kl for weekends! :)

joycezhi: WAHHHH!! I dunno, I read your blog last time, I thought you're in the UK! *sheepish* Then you can give me a lot of useful tips on places to go/sho/eat at s'pore! :P

gwen: Haha, eee, you make me bangga la! Really damn happy with my buys! :D And hee, you can ask Teeny to plan shopping trip with us! :P

anonymous: Are you my dad sent to check on me! Haha! Hmm, I haven't really tabulated my total expenses (in denial wtf), but I did a quick calculation, I spent 400over! The high side, of course. :P Not really sure of the exact amount, 'cause I was haggling the whole day, haha. It's 'cause a few of the working items I got are from actual boutiques (i.e. brand new and still selling), so they are normal boutique prices! :) And my vintage inspired shoes and the red pleated dress, all brand new! They are one-and-onlys. <333 I admit, I paid slightly more for certain things (like my vintage bags, they are pricer compared to those RM10 ones lying around), but I insist on getting some thing gorgeous and that I love. <333 Err, can't remember what else I got, but how, pass or not! :P

Cynthia said...

Well im sure singapore allows their accountants/auditors to dress decently fashionable! Unlike msia where fashionable accountants apparently equates to bimbo unprofessional money spenders T_T or at least we'll look like we're out-dressing our frumpy seniors OH no! Lose-lose situation roarrr.

Eh one day must grab lunch together and listen to me complain about the accountant's career in msia, or at least fashion-wise T___T crycry.

When are u leaving again?

jeanchristie said...

Oh..our dress codes are quite strict, yes,yes - the ones they teach during orientation at least.

Out we come from orientation, and out the window the code goes HAHA :P

Plane?!?! My dear, I'm referring to bus tickets. Do you know a trip home via flight can buy you 4 trips home via coach? Money is a scarce commodity (and I am stingy yes :P)!

jmeei said...

Yala I'm on some shitty plan with lousy download rate but issokay since I love you (and your photos) I shall wait it out...

... and it was worth it wtf

HAHAHAH is Sam Dang the spying type

revel in me said...

cynthia: Haha, ya, according to my friend who's working at the same place as I am, you can generally wear what you want! But oh no, I didn't even think of upstaging my seniors! -_- Damn. But I did remind myself to not use my designer bags in office la. Haih. T__T Haha, I think if we get together, sure damn a lot of rants and tears about accounting wan! T__T

jean: Wah, you damn patronizing right. -_- Haha, no la, I am already planning to take bus; but it's just that the way you phrased it-- cheap tickets, booking etc, I thought you were referring to air asia/jetstar, too much hanging out with my dad wtf. And yes, dear, obviously I am aware that plane tickets are much much more expensive than bus tickets. :)

jmeei: EEEE, did I suck out your bandwidth ar! Now I feel so bad! Maybe I should blog with less pics the next 2 months to cater to you wtf. *big shiny eyes* HAHAHA he is not the spying type, but he's the ignorant ladida type, so I thought he was faking ignorance,, but actually he spies, HAHA! *untrusting wtf

Anonymous said...

hahah i dunno if you passed anot la my dear but am trying to be budget shopper myself lately. things are so ex these day =/

revel in me said...

anonymous: OMG, I so agree la, everything is so expensive! Petrol la, food la, shopping la.. T__T But I think my spendings that day quite ok la, I spent 400-ish for 30 items (excluding my knick-knacks), quite ok what! :P Erm, if you really want to shop, go look out for certain online boutiques, they might be cheaper! :)))