Thursday, June 12, 2008

Squeaks and roars.

I am doing this for the Nuffnang Wildlife Party! At first I wasn't planning to go, because firstly, it's on the 21st June, which is too close to my departure date to S'pore. T___T

And secondly, the last time I went to the Nuffnang Pajama Party, I felt a little out of place. :( While I was there, I overheard people actually having conversations about hits and advertisements' earnings and clicks per ad... And it isn't really my kind of thing. =/ In fact, I heard a few teenagers bragging about having 20 visitors a day, while the rest of the gang went "WAHHHH SO MANY!" and proceeded to ask him for tips wtf. -__- I can never really get the whole I-am-a-blogger-how-do-you-do thing. I am not really bothered by hits (though of course, I have to admit, it gives me a rush of pleasure whenever I see comments awaiting me, or seeing occasional heart-warming and sweet emails) or how much I get from my ads. It's just minor side income, while doing something that I enjoy. My mentality has always been: I am not a blogger... I am just me, and I happen to blog. :)

Anyway, the reason why I have succumb to the masses is 'cause I found out that there is dressing up! An animal-theme-- and everyone seemed to be really gung-ho in the whole costume idea; which is really really good, 'cause usually M'sians aren't as sporting when it comes to costume parties. Aiya, to cut the story short, where there is dressing up, there is me la, haha. :P

So! In my supposedly animal-inspired post, I am going to talk about...

.. who (or rather what) I sleep with each night, haha!

My seven rainbow bears.

Got them when I first moved into my house about 8 years ago! When I moved into my room, it was already plastered with blue floral wallpaper, much to my disappointment. I don't really like the color blue, y'see. But yet, one thing lead to another, and I found that my whole room was decorated with matching blue shades. -_- So in a futile attempt to bring in some dashes of colors to my room, I bought this bright-colored bears. :P As you can see, my affinity for bright multi-colors was stemmed from young!!

And I was super anal when arranging my bears on my bed-- resting against my propped up pillow. I had a specific line-up, and there was a specific reason for arranging the bears according to their colors. I can't remember the reason nor the sequence now. -___-

And I have a cocker spaniel at home, Choppy, which I detest!
And I shall divulge the reason now.


'Cause during Choppy's early days in our home, the stupid thing sneaked inside my room and chewed off the nose of The Purple Bear. T____T

Until now, The Pueple Bear has no nose. 'Cause I don't know where it dropped to. I suspect Choppy ate it. T____T

Until now I can't forgive Choppy. T___T

This is Elliot, my English bear.

Inspired by one too many Enid Blyton stories, I was determined to have a real teddy bear-- the stuffed toys who accompanied me to bed previously was Kitty the Hello Kitty and Donny the Duck (which was actually a penguin). I was convinced that I needed a teddy bear to be cool.

"Let Me Sleep" bear. When people try to wake me up, I just point dazedly to the hanging bear while my head is still buried in my pillow.

And moving on to the stuffed toys that I have received from the boyfriend! :D 'Cause they are about the only stuffed toys (other than those shown before this) that I will keep.

Speaking of which, I super hate it when people give me stuffed toys for my birthdays. T__T I mean, I am practically a full-grown woman now (though my height begs to differ wtf), obviously I am no longer into stuffed toys right!!! And I feel that giving stuffed toys to someone seems.. insincere. It's like, err, I don't know you well enough/I don't care about you enough/I don't care period--so I am going into the nearest Memory Lane. Unless the person is super crazy over stuffed toys, that is a different matter. And no, baby, you can still give me stuffed toys, you give me what also I like. *shifty eyes*

Oh, and followed closely as a second are photo-frames! Especially those which at one glance, you know it's from your unwanted pile from last Christmas.

Okok, I am digressing too much!

This is Lembu, the cow! I know la, I am so not innovative when it comes to naming things. -_-

This is actually the first ever stuffed toy I have gotten from the boyfriend. :)))
Aiya, make it the first ever present I got from the boyfriend. :)))
And you know what makes Lembu so much more of a sentimental gift? He gave it to me before we started dating. :)))
In fact, he gave it to me on our first ever outing together. *shy*

Haha, okok, let me recount the story!
The boyfriend (then only a boy friend wtf) asked me out on his birthday, so we did the whole movie/dinner thing-- but it wasn't a date per se, 'cause it wasn't stated beforehand wtf.
Anyway, he gave me Lembu on his birthday itself-- as a belated birthday present for me! (my birthday is 3 weeks before him; shut up la, I know I am older than him. T_T). And I felt so embarrassed, 'cause I didn't buy anything for him for his birthday. T___T

But anyway, to cut the juicy story short wtf, we remained friends for good long 7 or 8 months or so k! Before the lines blurred wtf. Haih, don't want to say anymore, shy la! :P

It was only until I took pictures of Lembu today that I realized that it has 2 mini dots for eyes. All along I thought that the 2 round gray circles were its eyes! And I was wondering why its eyes are wonky. Wonky like Paris Hilton's wtf.

Lembu is made of the softest flannel! Very soft and cuddly. :)))
But the boyfriend confessed that it is actually a baby's toy-- for toddlers and below. T__T

Red devil, err, couple on cushion thingy!

Got this for our first Valentine's I think.

There is a button that you can press, and it will emit "I love you! I love you!" chants.

But it is spoiled already. It only makes this screechy short sound when the button is pressed. :(

When I went through this zebra craze!
So the boyfriend got me a few zebra stuffed toys. :)

This funky disco hot pink zebra came with a tag!
I scolded the boyfriend for getting the tag-- 'cause it's expensive, haha. I am the most turn-off girlfriend!

Zebra with its head hanging off a thread!! And it's actually made like this. T__T
I am always damn scared when I hold it-- what if its head drop off!!

It reminds me of Nearly Headless Nick from Harry Potter, HAHA.

This is Harry the Hedgehog! (I TOLD YOU I SUCK AT NAME-GIVING)
I never realized how cute it is, HAHAHA. It looks so tiny and innocent!!!

Anyway, Harry the Hedgehog is actually really tiny! Probably slightly bigger than my thumb, and it resides on my bedside table-- 'cause if it was anywhere else, it might as well be sucked into a black hole. It was bought on a whim during one of those visits to Ikea with the boyfriend! You know, one of those impromptu dates where we browse through the aisles and showrooms and choose things and designs and layouts that we would use as if we were really decorating a house. :)))

This is Ratzo the Rat! (I didn't name it, TY the maker did!)

It is one of the luckiest stuffed toys amongst my collection, 'cause it was the stuffed animal which followed me to Melbourne for my entire stay there. Ratzo was there to witness many of my emotional, homesick moments k. :(

Oh, and Ratzo was purchased simply 'cause I told the boyfriend that it has a cute nose!!! Why the boyfriend never buy me the bags in Louis Vuitton when I said the buckles are cute ar!

And this is the most recently acquired stuffed toy!

Phar Lap! From my boyfriend's visit to Melbourne last year. :)))

And we got Phar Lap from the Melbourne Musuem!

And Phar Lap is not any horse ok! It has a history!! It is supposedly Australia's greatest racehorse, and it is actually considered as a national icon!! There is a stuffed model of Phar Lap (supposedly its body was preserved and placed in the museum), and honestly, it is really quite a magnificent fixture. :)

I was trying to look for pictures that we took of the Phar Lap model in the musuem, but I can only find one which we took of its shlong wtf. T________T

I am sorry, I don't know why are we so childish. T___T

It is actually those stuffed toys which you can stick on walls/windows; hence the funny plastic thingies on its limbs.

Eh, some pictures from the Melbourne Museum! Since I have never posted them up before. :D

Being dorky in the 3-D glasses in front of the Virtual Room!

With a dinosaur display! At least, I hope it's a dinosaur. -_-

But it does remind you of the Museum of Natural History in New York ala Night at the Museum right! In fact, the Melbourne Museum is sort of modeled after it. Anyone who is in Melbourne, I actually quite recommend dropping by on one of those days where you have nothing to do! :) It's only 6AUD, and there are really a lot of things to explore and see in there. :)


And err, this isn't really a stuffed animal, but it's a mini lovebag which the boyfriend gave me! When pressed, it says things like "I love you" etc. I have a giant version too, but I can't find it. T__T I suspect it is still in one of my luggage bags (I brought it to Melbourne as well). That one says "I love you" too, but it also goes "PHOOO-WEET" and "You're gorgeous!". Obviously I damn love it, HAHAHA I need validation WTF.

Anyway, should I get the invites to the party, what should I dress up as ar! My sisters and boyfriend are of no help. T___T

While bouncing off costume ideas with each other, the boyfriend finally exclaimed (after suggesting fox, rooster [wear a red glove on the head -_-], and grasshopper T___T), "Mighty Mouse!"

Me: What is that?

This lead to an ego-bashing from the boyfriend, asking me why I had no childhood. T__T

It's not my problem that I only like cartoons with girls and pretty things ok! Like Carebears and My Little Pony. :)))

Anyway, the boyfriend convinced me that Mighty Mouse is a girl ("Trust me!"), that it has big boobs, and it wears a skin-tight yellow costume. And he told me confirmed I will look very hot as Mighty Mouse.

I believed him, and even spent a good part of the day thinking of yellow outfits in my wardrobe.

Yesterday, he sent me Googled images of Mighty Mouse.

THIS, is how Mighty Mouse looks like.


WHY HE LIE TO ME LIKE THAT. T___________________T

And he even dared to maintain that he didn't lie! He dared to say "SEE I SAID THE IT HAS BIG BOOBS WHAT" -__-

Then after merajuking and scolding him for playing with my feelings, he suggested that I go as Mighty Mouse's girlfriend:





And when I asked my sisters for suggestions...

Sister: Go as hyena la!
Me: ...
Sister: You can just go as yourself, and if the bouncer/guard/usher stops you from entering and asks you what are you going as, then you just need to laugh. Then sure he will go "OH! YOU COMING AS HYENA IS IT".



O9 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Accyee said...

HA hui wen i am always no 1 i should win an award for this wtf, anyway ahhaa so many stuffed animals! if i did a post like this, i think until forever ah :( and i had a cow i called cowy so u r not the only not-good-name-giver hahaha! haih i think thats why they created those baby names books or else ppl like us end up naming the babies "small eyes" or "big nose" or "baldie" like those enid blyton books where the pixies and wizards are like that (read wide eyed goblin LOL) hehehehhee. anyway so fun i hate the fact that i am in east msia T____T i shall go cry in a corner haih

haha, go as a hyenaaa! so cute. dont lah! hmmmmmm go as a racoon hehehhehehe... or as a furball. ok i dunno. :S go as a frog!!!! :S TURTLE! eh so dodgy hahaha

=p lame comment haha

that was me T_T i guna salah acc

Anonymous said...

whats with all these people asking if my gf blogs or not?

R said...

so many animal soft toys!!

Anonymous said...

i hate it when ppl give me soft toys too ok no use at all do i look like i would appreciate soft toys!!! give me something useful la like makeup. or money in a packet wtf.

so funny la this entry hahahaha especially the one about mighty mouse (i also dunno who mighty mouse is!) and hyena but i think my laugh is definitely more hyena-like than yours =(

Anonymous said...

hey,the names you gave damn cute times i really wonder why are soft toys the ideal gifts for girls,like seriously man. As much as its damn cute,adorable just like us wtf, i'd rather go shopping with the money LOL.

show me ur hyenaaaa laugh soon promise okay.

jmeei said...

HAHAHA GOOD JOKE SISTER wtf you didn't state if it was Hui Ting or Hui Jing wtf

What happened to hunter and HUNTEE (prey) wtf

Kathryn said...

omg... i dam love the collection of bears (: where is it from? *excited tone* hahahah...
why your sis and bf so mean to you wan???
you should tell them, you dont feel loved by them. wtf hahaha
go as cat woman? (:

revel in me said...

accyee: Haih what award you want, award for being awake at the most ungodly hours ar wtf. WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS UP AT 4-6am!!!! Anyway, HAHAH WTF COWY, I think you might be worse at name-giving, HAHA. But your whole comment damn funny la, HAHAHAH wide-eyed goblin HAHAHHA. You want to go for the party too? So sad. :(

And how to go as hyena!! The only props for it I have is my laughter wtf. FURBALL quite cute! But it is not really an animal right. :( And FROG AND TURTLES! Do I look like the type to dress up as amphibians wtf. :P

sam dang: Haha, 'cause blogs with pretty girls behind the screen are much sought after! :P

robb: Not a lot la!!! I think there are many girls out there with much much much more stuffed toys.. In fact, I am kind of a stuffed toys' scrooge, I haven't been buying/accepting stuffed toys since sometime ago. :P

tzeching: YA LA exactly my point! Rake one look at us also know we won't like stuffed toys right. Unless it's the Gucci bear wtf. Hahaha thank you dear, you know how much being validated for my sense of humor means to me WTFF. And YA LA normal people won't know what Mighty Mouse is right. T_T And you know what, I think my laughter might be worse than yours. T_T When I laughed, suet closed her eyes and scolded me "WHY YOU LAUGH SO LOUD WAN! AND SO PIERCING!" :(((

missycheerio: Haih why you like the names Lembu and Donny is it! Do you want me to help name your kids WTF. And ahhaha cute and adorable like us HAHAH you go girl! wtf. I KNOWW, I will take money anyday!! And are you sure won't be scared fof by my hyena laugh. :'(

jmeei: HAHAHA 'cause I couldn't remember which sister it is! I always get bashing from them, too much to take already! Abusive childhood wtf. And HAHAHHA WTFF DO I LOOK LIKE THE TYPE TO DRESS UP AS A LION!!

baby kat: I got them from... Lovely Lace I think! But it was 8 years ago, so I don't know whether they still have it. =/ And HAIH, I memang unloved wan la *sniff* Nvm, I'll make sure I get compensation in the form of Chanel and LV!!! :P And got a lot of people going as catwoman; I was thinking of it originally. :(

mustardqueen said...


And che, I think if I post liddat hor I sure win lor. I have like err 30 stuff toys sleeping wiht me everyday T_T still got wedding hello kitty 2 pairs summore T_____T

AND WHY LA MUST U MENTINO CHRISTMAS!!?? you wanna remind me of my traumatized high school life I receive christmas stocking for birthday present is it wtf!!! T___T

Anonymous said...

go as a coyote, just dress very sexy & hot and whatever lar then if they ask u answer U NV WATCH COYOTE UGLY MEH!! huh huh huh!! -_-"

*cold wind blowing...

ok bye (-_- ")

Anonymous said...

Go as a Bee!

Ashleigh said...

Go as a leopard!!! MEOWRRR!!! I'm sure you'd totally win best costume hands down against the other unoriginal cat costumes! =D

alea amin said...

EH I HAVE THE HEDGEHOG! its not mine lah but its my sister's then it got destroyed by the monster, his son. wtf.

alea amin said...

eh btw go as a turtle. damn interesting wtf.

Anonymous said...

Wild Boar? wtf

Anonymous said...

i'm going as bee already T______T nobody steal my idea ok wtf.

and i know mighty mouse! they used to show him on tv1 on tuesday evenings at 5.30 pm WTF

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Ya la, so many stuffed toys, I always get runny nose when I am on your bed. T__T And haih, ya la, we have the same type friends! Give sucky presents WTF.

Zimbabwe girl: HAHAHAHA WTFF EH GOOD ONE GOOD ONE! HAHAHHA I LOVE YOUR IDEA!! but unfortunately my tummy not flat enough to go as a hot coyote ugly member. T__T HAHAHA YOU VERY FUNNY LA coild wind blowing AHAHHA. Zimbabwe not hot ar WTF.

anonymous: Haha, my dear friend audrey 'chupped' already! And she will STING me if I steal her idea HAHAHA wtf.

ashleigh: Haha, actually, there's going to be MANY MANY leopards that night!! Everyone wants to be a sexy cat, HAIH. So anything feline is out of the question for me. Except hyena WTF.

alea: What did her son do to it!!! Swallowed it ar wtf. And how to dress up as turtle.. T__T If I fall down on my shell, I will just be spinning crazily, who is going to pick me up. T___T

anonymous: HAHAHHA I thought of that! And I suggested to my sister to be pig wtf. Chair siew and siew yuk wtf.

aud: WHY ARE YOU LIKE THAT. T___T I just no normal people will know what is might mouse! Then now you come and say that you not only know what it is, but you can recite its schedule. T__T How are we going to remain friends now. T____T And HAHAHA I want to see how you orchestrate the sting part! :P

vss3t said...

wahahha! seriously, ur boyfren and ur sisters have damn gud sense of humour wei!


p.s: i only realized that ur sisters have the same last name as my sister and me t________t.
im 'Ting' as in 婷 and my other sis is 'Jing' 静。
I better ask my dad whether he has a twin or what (after all those coincidences)...

mustardqueen said...

to vseet: omg u got same name as me!!! the same way or writing it as well!! But my sis's Jing is 菁 instead of quiet (shhhhh haha) and WEY u where got suggest me to go as pig I suggest myself cause my nose is bulbous woohoo

revel in me said...

vss3t: WHAT ABOUT MY SENSE OF HUMOR, GOO AR. Haha, attention whore. :P Omg, these coincidences are starting to get freaky! T__T You got one more sibling with WEN ar WTF.

mustardqueen: I suggested you to be pig also, 'cause of the resemblance HAHAHAH. :P

vss3t said...

mustardqueen/ revel in me: yalor.sama nama. my other sis is called 'ching' as in 清。 luckily no Wen. or else all of us will start freaking out now (though all those have been freaky enuf.) eh yalor, ur sense of humor oso gud wad. or else i won't be reading rite? (haha! nah, giv u credit laio)

Johnny Ong said...

wow, yr blog posting on this topic is really long. did u get the ticket then?

Unknown said...

ok this is going to sound a but wird PHAR LAP was a legand one of the best race horses to live if you dont know any thing aboout him there is somthing wrong if you cant belive what you read about him at the musiam dont right a blog bout him the red terror i whish i was alive to see big red run when he did so please respect the dead hero. sorry

Anonymous said...

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