Sunday, June 29, 2008

Starting work tomorrow. Eep.

Cold feet? A little.

That flicker of excitement? A tinge of it.

A sense of remorse? Maybe.

A hint of longing for the my past freedom? Definitely.


So here I am. Opening another chapter of my life tomorrow. At the same time, this chapter would be closed.
And I am praying that I will stride through the pages with pride, poise and ease.

Hello, big-girl hui wen. :)

My mom's sudden revelation in regards to me working in Singapore:

"Oh my god, my daughter is a buruh asing (foreign labourer)!"



jeanchristie said...

have a great start dear! ;)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Aihhh...see la sit MRT also wear so nice!!! Hahahaha okla I was just teasing, all the best with your new job :)

Anonymous said...

good luck with work and bet you're getting used to Singapore already right? Eh i might be going down Singapore,you'll be there for a veryyyyy long time right? :)

take care!

Anonymous said...

all the best luv! catch up soon:)

teefernee. said...

good luck. :)

Chelle said...

Eh, can lar u!

goody lucky! Make sure u show those ppl that work clothes aint boring.....

k said...

how did you climb onto e bus wit such a short skirt! hahhaa

revel in me said...

jean: Thank you, dear! :) I am knackered. =/

faux fashionista: Haha, not MRT, it was the bus! And I need to take bus to go places what, HAHA! Thank you dear! <3

missycheerio: CHOIIII why you curse me!! I still can go home during weekends k. T___T When are you coming down! :D :D :D

aud: YAAAA you have loads to update me on k! :(

teefernee: Thank you, love. :)

chelle: Haha, at the moment, I am still boring-ish, HAHA! Need to test the waters first. -_-

skim: Haha, it's my paperbag shorts!! :P

Sheryl said...

awhhh, gd luck with work!! working in spore.....ok i wont wana say much :P
show us some of your work outfits ok? hohoho.

samantha said...

hahaha. your mum so funny la. anyway good luck in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

best of luck ok! try to sleep with someone to get high up asap WTF.

Anonymous said...

And how was first day? Did everyone play nice? If they didn't, let me know. I'll write a letter to your senior to make sure everyone is nicer :D

Miss you dearie *hugs*

Julie Ann said...

huiwen love,
all the best! and don't loose your fashion sense k!. haha
:) will see u when u come down to malaysia.

The Faux Fashionista said...

Eh? Haha I haven't been to Singapore since I was 4 so I have no idea how to tell them apart. At least its bus in civilized society, not like Malaysian public transport i.e. Intrakota (do they still exist?) or KTM. Those are packed with the REAL "buruh asing" *rolls eyes and snickers*

How was your first day of work? What did you wear? Haha ok I know the question makes me sound shallow but really, what did you wear? :D

saray said...

good luck dear :)

Adeline said...

i hate taking the mrt at peak hours. it's horrible. haha my pet peeve is when i see the sign 1 minute pasir ris and i wanna dash for the train and there's a lot of people walking slowly in front of me grrr.

are you working at raffles place? =) how do you like singapore? one of my fav parts of singapore is cheap bubble tea. 1.50 per cup.

do add me on msn! maybe we can meet up when i'm back in singapore =)

xytan87 at

Simon Seow said...

Wei. Look for you when i come Singapore.

revel in me said...

raggamuffin: Haha, what's wrong with working in s'pore! :P Actually, don't tell me, I know. T_T And haha, my work outfits are boring at the moment! Am still testing the waters. :P

samantha: Haha she damn sohai ok! T__T And thank you, dear. :)))

tzeching: Thank you, love! <333 And wahhh why you so extreme! I am only planning to wear transparent tops wtf, hahaha.

smalls: Haihhhh! Come online and I will fill you up on my first day! And my work in general. T_T I have officially joined your club-- the working women club. :'(

julie ann: HAHAHHA don't curse me ok, I don't want to be a boring dresser. T____T Thank you, darling! I hope to see you soon too. T___T

faux fashionista: Haha, actually I am not sure whether Intrakota still exists! *shifty eyes* I was really safe for my first day! Em, I wore a white dress shirt with a pleated bib and a high waisted pleat skirt in gray and black checks, black heels with a fluffy bow on them, and a strand of pearls! :D Haih, why my answer so bimbotic also. -_-

saray: Thank you, dear! :)))

adeline: So do you stay near pasir ris? :) I am telling you, the amount of people at the MRT station during peak hours, it's INSANE!!! =/ Are you back in KL now, when will you be back? :) And where is this cheap bubble tea! I need people to give me ideas on where to go and what to do here. :P Added you already! <3

simon seow: Haha, sure! When will you be coming! :)

Anonymous said...

hey girl, may i ask where can you get keds shoes in melbourne?

revel in me said...

elaine: OHHHH, you can get there practically anywhere! :) Some good places to look would be David Jones and Myer! And I remember that there were some sports shoes shops along Swanston which sell Keds as well. If you are looking for cheaper Keds (last season's), go to DFO! Look out for sports shops. :)))

Adeline said...

no i stay in NUS. so i take train from clementi or harbourfront.. and on the green line (east west) the direction i go in is to pasir ris since i'm usually heading to town. =)

bubble tea is everywhere! usually those mrt stations will have. raffles city basement has too.

i'm coming back next week for couple of days but i'll be back for sch in august! we can hang out then =))

take care and have fun! hope you'll like it in singapore. not everyone does. haha.

Anonymous said...

good one! i just added up tons of some other new emo backgrounds on my blog

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