Sunday, June 22, 2008

You're so vain.

Remember I said that I dresses up as an animal which was very close to me for the Nuffnang Wild Life party!

I was a peacock! 'Cause I am vain, haha. Actually the animal which bears the closest resemblance to me is hyena 'cause of the way I laugh. T__T

Ya, I know peacock is quite common. T_T But after brainstorming, coming up with a lot of costume ideas, making plans with people to go costume-hunting... I suddenly remembered that I was due in S'pore for my medical check-up, and would only be back 1 day before the party. So I needed something fuss-free-- and I have almost everything for a peacock costume! So you could say my fate was sealed. ;) Aiya, I know it's not like me, I am usually super obsessive with dressing-up, but I only officially put together my outfit 1/2 hour before I left house. T__T

Moving on straight to pictures from last night's party!

HAHHAHAHAHA when I looked at this picture I was wondering why was there such a huge gap between Suet Li and me, and I realized it's a black gorilla camouflaged between us HAHHAHA. Somemore the gorilla drinking beer through his mask! HOW CAN!!

Audrey the bumble bee, Suet the ostrich, Firdaus the gorilla with a human head, and me the peacock!

Like I mentioned, I have everything for my peacock costume! :))) I just bought the blue and turquoise fabric from Kamdar the day before, and stuffed it into my shorts-- voila, my peacock tail! :D

Admittedly, I wanted to find a big peacock feather as my headpiece-- but I had trouble finding one! T__T
I even went to the bird park with the boyfriend ok!!! 'Cause I remember from our last date (to bird park, stop giving me shit for it.. T_T), there was a souvenir shop selling peacock feathers! But this time we went, the shop was only selling expensive generic TY stuffed toys. T__T

But I improvised! *big shiny eyes* I took my sister's peacock feather earrings and tied it with wire onto my gold braid headband. :))) But the feather was a little small... and insignificant wtf. I was half-tempted to point it out to everyone I met-- HEY, I HAVE A PEACOCK FEATHER HERE! Hahaha, why am I so weird.

Cow and Chicken! HAHAHA. As you can see, I was positively mortified (and mildly excited wtf) by touching the udders, haha.

When we saw Chicken (which is actually JB underneath), Audrey and I laughed damn long and hard, 'cause in the midst of half-giving-up on costume ideas, we were like, "fuck it, let's wear fast food chicken mascot costume", HHAHA then really got people who don themselves up in it! :P

And when we found out JB's name...

Me: Aud! How can you ask him that! He must have people asking him that all the time!
Me: *turns to JB* JB, DO YOU WORK IN JB HIFI!

Haih, why am I like that. -_-

Suet, Audrey, Kelly the bunny, Cheesie the lioness, me!

Suet's skirt looked like a tutu, so nice! :)
And I was damn sad Audrey didn't have a sting on her bee costume, 'cause I wanted to see how she would sit with the sting on her bum HAHAHA.

Audrey and Vivien, the bumblebees! :)

With Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, unicorn, kangaroo haha!

Damn sad to see the unicorn, 'cause Teeny was supposed to go for the party as well (but don't know why she suddenly decided against it), and she wanted to dress up as a unicorn! :'( And Teeny will surely rock her unicorn costume wan, 'cause born in the year of horse WTF. No la, Teeny had all these great ideas for her costume. :(

Fellow peacock! Damn nice right her gown. :)))
But she is so tall! I felt like a baby peacock, haih. T__T

Oh, btw, I originally wanted to dress as a reindeer! 'Cause I know where to find the horns... And I was thinking of something flirty and short, red and white polka dotted... :P But then I was afraid it would be too common! It turned out that there was only ONE reindeer, somemore it's a male wtf.

I thought of Catwoman too, but it seemed as if almost every girl wanted to be Catwoman. I really wanted to wear this black satin corset with buckles that I have, rawrrr. I also thought of being a bat, but I would look really stupid in it, 'cause I was planning to wear this headband with bats on springs, hahaha.

And my favorite idea was... a skunk! Hahaha, like a really slutty skunk... I even had the name thought out... SKUNK THE SKANK, HAHAHHAHA. And I would carry stinkbombs wtf. But I had problem finding a nice bushy tail!

Unless I cut off BB the Serene Dog's tail WTF.


OH YA, I just realized you can check out my new hair color! :P

With Cynthia, Orang Utan girl and Octopus boy. Sorry, I am so bad with names. :(

And Cynthia was supposed to be a hunter, but she looked like Lara Croft instead, what is this! And I just realized you had peacock feathers on, Cynthia... Were you supposed to be a peacock-hunter hybrid. T___T

With Liang, the emcee of the night, who can also carry off a mean toga dress wtf.

Just some pictures of the more popular animal options that night!

Gorillas! Why these people so gung-ho to get big black furry costumes, not hot meh. T__T
And don't ask me why is there a gorilla with a tiger face at far left. -_-

Bunnies! HAHAHHAA got male bunny! A new height for gender equality, haha.

Tigers. And that's a white tiger in the middle. ;)

Bumblebees. HAHAHA look at Audrey! Everyone is so natural and candid, and she is all posed like a gladiator for war, haha.


I did toy with the idea of going as a butterfly momentarily-- I have this fuchsia and electric blue playsuit (yes, what a color combination right T_T) that I absoulutely could not wear out on normal days, so I was eager to use it as a costume. Was thinking of buying batik cloth to make wings... But haih, good also that I abandoned the idea, if not I will be a butterfly statistic. T_T

Elephants! And that is an elephant terrorist on the right. :P
He carries a sign that says : Elephant Terrorist. I only bomb jumbos. Haha!
Definitely the most creative costume of the night. :D

Elephant terrorist lurking in the crowds. T_T

And Suet damn stupid! While the emcee was picking participant from the crowd to play some games, the elephant terrorist was standing at the edge of the crowd. Then Suet said that he looked so sad, 'cause he wasn't picked. But how could she has noticed that he looked sad!! His whole face covered what, HAHAHA.

Another octopus. :P

Now I know how ugly I look when I kiss. T_T
But at least my peacock feather was obvious, haha.

Kenny Sia, as WINNIE THE POOH, haha!

When I first heard from Audrey that he was going as Winnie the Pooh, I couldn't stop laughing hahaha. And I immediately asked, "I hope he is not going without his bottoms!" HAHAHA.

With Su Ann the ladybug and THE BESTEST LEAF ON EARTH! Which I was captivated by, of course. :P

Jentzen the Shrek. Ogre counted as animal ar!
And Jentzen was my uni mate, btw, and he is damn secretive about his blog. -_-

Hanis! :) So pretty and ethereal. :)))

When I first saw her, after exchanging pleasantries, I asked her, "Are you here as a ghost?!" wtf
Hahaha, 'cause she was wearing a flowy long white dress what!
Then she told me she was a moth. SHYYYY.

I am sorry, I can be quite an idiot sometimes. :P

With the ever fierrrrce Hanis and Skyler! :)

With Rachel (I think) the bunny , and Debra the butterfly who sees stars. :D

HAHAHAHHAAH this tiger's make up damn cute right! HAHAHAHHA.

Some of my favorite costumes which I wish I have captured:

- A shirt saying "Stop Animal Abuse". Haha, so cute!
- Yee Hou, the rooster with the crown and the... red thingy dangling from the chin! And when I tried to touch it, he asked me to "stop touching the balls!" and that "it'd be better if I just stroke it". T___T
- Robb, who had a backpack-like thing on his back, with prickles jutting out! I asked him whether he was a durian. T___T Obviously he was a porcupine (which didn't occur to me). T_T
- A lioness-- who went on to win Best-Dressed!

... and so much more more!

Sigh, it was really fun, 'cause it's so NICE to see everyone so sporting! I swear to god, everyone had on amazing, creative costumes; I wish I took pictures of everyone. :(


One of the most painful memory of the night:

Suet was picked to play some game in which she had to act like a dancing hyena. In order to egg her on, Audrey and I let out non-stop hyena-like laughter (damn high pitch ok) as a soundtrack to her dance. T___T

I think we are like the most sporting people on earth. T_______________T


Schmae said...

i saw you there, but you were so busy. :( didnt had a chance to say hi. :(

oh, and you looked really good. :)

Sophia said...

LOL the Cow & Chicken totally cracked me up. It was one of the best cartoons on Cartoon Network! "Cow... and chicken! Cow... and chicken!" hehe omg

Anyway, thought I'd respond to your bag questions here. Calf leather is still pretty delicate, I think :P But anyway, I got my Apple Care products from here: but I got a US forwarding service to send it to me cos the shipping costs is crazy. Maybe if you can get a group of friends to go in on the order with you, it'll be better. Alternatively you could try searching on eBay. The annoying thing is that they can't send you the Rain and Stain protector spray cos it's against the US postal rules :(

Anonymous said...

Yr previous post was a little too sad for me to read too,cos I know what'd it felt like abt leaving and saying goodbyes.Anyways,yr hair colour is nice la,and I love yr costume la.Hehe.Yr sis didn't go to the party?

g®åc∑ land said...

u guys looked really good, glad to know m'sians are sporting to dress up & not afraid of looking silly....
it's pretty sad to have 2 leave ur loved ones behind, i'm sure u'll get used to it sooner or later, u can always persuade ur bf to go there & work as well :-)
dont stop blogging, all the best!

mustardqueen said...


Yeah imma be a horse yaw... Horse Hoe wtf Sigh, i think i can actually join the gorilla group without e costume, cause I'm hairy like that I jst waxed my legs on friday, today in front of mommy i was sweeping the hair already T__T so fast la the hair grows... -_-

Ganymede said...

Male bunnies R Us~~~ :P

jmeei said...

I wanna meet the elephant terrorist hahahahahahaha

You Aud and Suet so pretty /boo sexy animals nyum <3

I also like Pinkpau's and Hanis' costume oh and also Cow and Chicken AHHAHAHAH my favourite cartoon ever

So fun!

Cynthia said...

I killed your cousin and wore her as a prize (on my ears) wtf. GAAAH i gotta start packing soon roar! :p

§pinzer said...

haro u also had fun pulling my titties. so now u shall have to pay :P

Unknown said...

*teeny wave*

so nice 2 see u at d party!
can i link u up 2 my blog?

the failed panda.


Accyee said...

awww nice nice costume! so nice nice nice. hehehehee hope u had fun!

Anonymous said...

hhehehe girl my name spelled as
kel li
hehehe :)


Mrs Chong said...

i read ur blog one...but i cannot remember ur i know who are the way, what were u and audrey saying when you saw me ar?? I was the hunter. Sorry for the blur face at that time cause both of you were talking so fast, I cannot get it. T.T

Nice meeting u though...

Eunice said...

great party, everyone looks happy :D and nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

i swear to god hui wen we were the most uncouth and hysterical girls at the party don't u realize everyone was very cool and sophisticated! whereas we volunteer to supply the hyena soundtrack i think hanging out with u brings out the worst in me WTF HAHA

Suet Li said...

i cannot hear the hyena laugh from u all also wtf which is surprising cause ur laugh damn loud one wtf bye T__T

Alex said...

hey there :)This is Alex, the octo pus guy. Lol. I`m just glad you didn`t call me a sotong :)

I`m reading everyone`s blog to get their name. :)

Ohkulala said...

hey, its the other peacock dropping by to say hi :)

revel in me said...

schmae: I saw you too! But I wasn't sure it was you, 'cause it was really dark in Modesto's... It was only in Burger King (bright light!) that I recognized you!! I wanted to go say hi, but then I was momentarily distracted by my friend, and when I looked up, you were gone already! T_T

sophia: HAHAHHA we purposely made them take pictures together! :P Why is the 2 things against postal rules! -_- Do you think other leather care products would work? =/ Getting from US is quite mafan. :(

nana: SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME. T___T Damn sad right! T__T Thank you my love! <3 But I still think my hair color is not light enough, haha my inner lala wtf. And she didn't go, the idiot ffk-ed me! :'(

graceland: I know! It was super fun to check out everyone's costumes. :D HAIHHHH I am not sure whether a person will really get used to being apart from the people you love. :( But aah, we will see how things go! :) Thank you fro your kind words! <3

mustardqueen: FARK OFF LA YOU, never go to the party sumore so possesive! T___T Why you never go.. T___T Sigh, we talk about your leg hair i private k wtf.

queer_ranter: Hahaha, you have got guts! :P

jmeei: Boo, wish you were there! We would be a bunch of good-looking animals. :D :D :D

cynthia: HAHHAHAHA why you so sadist wan! And so fun, can pack for trip! T___T Have you bought your winter wardrobe! <3

spinzer: HAHHAHAHAH I haven't asked for compensation for traumatizing me with your... hard thing under your udders ok! T__T

sammy says: Haha, your panda costume was so cute ok! :P Sure, go ahead dear! <3

accyee: Aaah, thank you! I did! :D But I think now everyone scared of me 'cause I damn loud and rowdy wtf.

kellster: Haha, I know! So sorry, I blogged at 3am, and I got confused. T_T I was reminding myself today to edit it, but I forgot! =/

pingping: Haha, no la, 'cause Audrey originally wanted to go as a hunter! :P But your costume is damn good k! Love the rifle and the tiger over your shoulders. :P

eunice: Yaaa, everyone had on kjick-ass costumes! :D

aud: HAHHAHA I realized too! We were seriously super brash and noisy! T__T WTF don't blame ok! Let's just say I bring out your true self can or not. T__T

suet li: HAHHAHA why you must bring up my loud laughter wan! We wanted to support you ok. T__T

alex: Hahaha, hiiii! Then if I called you cuttlefish, HOW AR! :P

ohkulala: Hi my close relative! :D :D :D

Simon Seow said...

Wei, didn't bump into you geh that night. Sigh.

vvens said...

hahaahaha that candid picture of me makes me look FAT on my face! hahaha.

and hey, i really think that your dress is very pretty :)

陈一豪 said...

Eh wtf. My balls not to whack one ok?

That night I went home and slept with a packet of ice. huhu T______T

Julie Ann said...

you were a peacock! so prettyyyyyy.
and i like your friend, suet li's idea of the ostrich.
seriously. such creativity you girls come up with. i'd probably go as a bitch. *stoopit*

anyhoo, come back to malaysia often k so we can have gossip session again.haha.

Sophia said...

Oh Hui Wen, the conditioner and cleaner can be shipped out of the US. Just the aerosol spray can can't.

Other products you could try but most handbag users swear by Apple Care because they can even be used on LV bags. Some have even been brave enough to use them on Chanel bags :P

Anonymous said...

you also take so many photos that night, it must be a very great night for everyone~

1st time at here... nice to know you

Alex said...

haha. cuttlefish. :) sounds edible. I like that :)

Hanis Zalikha said...

i hantu bawak henbeg.

haha. bangang.

omg you were a peacock?! i didnt know. i tot u were like this well-dressed tribal person. haha gorgeous dress!

revel in me said...

simon seow: YAAAA I didn't see you at all, where were you hiding!! :(

vvens: Omg, don't talk crap, you're like one of the skinniest person that I know. T__T And hee, thank you! <3

dr.tan: HAHAHHAHA stupid! You used ice to sooth it, or for other purposes wtf. T__T

julieann: HAHAHHAHAHA BITCH IS DAMN CREATIVE OK! HAHAHHAHA why no one thought of it! :D Boo, have fun in london k, and hopefully I will see you soon! <333

sophia: Thank you, dear! <333

dsvt: Haha, thank you! :D I think everyone had fun! :D

alex: Haha. just add kangkung!! wtf

hanis: HAHAHHAHAHHA stylish ghost HAHAHHAHA. What la you, you thought I was red indian ar!! T______T

Thank you! <3