Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 2 years?

Update: I have half a day off today, and I am flying back home tonight? Life is looking good. :D

Ok, this is totally random, but I just found out that ... I have been blogging for 2 years?

Just take a look at my first ever post. -________-

I am really not the type to strike a timeline and wish my blog a happy birthday every now and then. But wow, it's amazing how time has passed! It took me a good whole 3 years to start a blog, and though blogging for 2 years is nothing compared to a lot of my friends who have had blogs since high school/college, it certainly comes as quite a surprise to me that we (my blog and I wtf) have came so far. :P

To share a little tidbit with you, I actually had another blog EONS ago. When Teeny started hers, I suppose? And I still remember, the blog layout was this giant blue flower in the middle, and the text are all displayed on the it. There was a little scroll bar on the flower, and you get to scroll your mouse, and see words so swish swish swish on the giant petals. It was one of those Blogskin templates, and I thought it was so cool. And the blog's url, oh the blog's url. It was called -___- I guess if I have stuck with that blog, I would never have anybody read my blog, 'cause god knows that it is a hassle to type such a long phrase.Not to mention that sometimes even I have trouble spelling potpourri, hahaha. I had but ONE entry on the blog, which read something like "Voila, my blog is born!!"

I really need to come up with better captions. -______-

I never got to add any more entries into that blog of mine, I rather write in my diary. And soon, the blog became long forgotten and stashed away. In fact, over the years, I did try to key in the url, but the blog is no longer available.

And then, I don't know when it begun, but some time before I left for Melbourne for my studies, I started toying with the idea of starting a blog again. By then, I was an avid reader of a lot of blogs, and hello? Putting up my pictures and talking about me me me? That was a concept that I could totally click with. :P Although I made no action to actually start a blog then, I noticed that in my everyday life, I was starting to take more pictures, interesting pictures, and when I see/experience things, I run lines over in my head, seeing how they would sound, how I would relay them in text form. Without really realizing it, I was blogging-- in my head. Even during my Japan trip (slightly less than 2 months before I left for aussieland), I was already posing weirdly and snapping pictures of noteworthy things, things I want to share with people. :) But still, there was no move to click "start a blog".

Then I went to Melbourne.

I was lonely, I cried during my first few weeks. I needed friends, but I didn't know where to find them. I wanted my family and my boyfriend, but they weren't there with me.
And it was during one of those lonesome nights that, as the saying goes, "Voila, my blog is born!!" :)

The plan was flawless, blogging was something to fill up the time, and to take up my mind. I used to like doing creative writing in school, so this was an avenue as well for me to churn out my nonsense. And the main point was to share my life with the people back home-- my sisters, the boyfriends, my friends who were (and still are) spread all over the world. I could update them on my life, and it pleases me, to have the boyfriend and my sisters see my life through my eyes. And as I blogged about things I do, things I see, people I love in Melbourne, I relieve those happy Melbourne moments, and lo and behold, I fell in love with with my Melbourne life. :) When I first started blogging, I had a total of about 40 hits a day-- composed of Smalls, Kit Mey, Victoria, Jac, my sisters, the boyfriend, a handful of my friends back home (or elsewhere) and myself. -_- Every comment made my day (until I saw that they were spam comments wtf). Today, there are more people who read my blog, and still, every comment makes my day. :))) Sometimes, I get the sweetest comments...

"Your blog is my happy fix"

"... reading your blog makes me so happy...."

".... your blog has become a therapy for me... especially during stressed days..."

"I love your pictures!!! They make me smile!"

"please don't ever ever change anything about your blog!"

"... you are so funny... i love the way you write..."

Haha, I know I am really weird (and narcissistic wtf), but I collected these comments a really long time ago for a little project I was doing. :P And yea, basically I get very happy when people tell me that they are, err, happy when they read my blog! :D

...and sometimes, the sweetest emails. :)))

One of the emails from a reader that made me smile till now:

you know what, you're like a star. even from bazillion of miles away, you're bursting with energy. your mail made me smile. :) stay this way, its so wonderful.

My style of writing has changed so much too! Just peruse through my really really old entries (try here, here, here and here), and you will see that my entries were way shorter, more spontaneous in a way, and I tried to write with proper grammarn(lesser usage of slangs and Manglish). And definitely no wtfs. Btw, omg, how the flat hair flat has changed in term of looks! :P Some people complain about the usage of 'wtf' as a punctuation. But my intention is simple, it is used somewhat as a punctuation, but only to emphasized that I said something really really idiotic or stupid. 'Cause I am known to have quite an in-your-face humor (i.e. crude), and you have to admit it, sometimes people don't know when you're joking. There is nothing really different about saying "Yo mama is so fat when she turns around it's the next day wtf" or "Yo mama is so fat when she turns around it's the next day, haha". Both are punctuations! :P But that said, I don't use 'wtf' in real life, except for in its original context ("Wtf? You ate grass for breakfast?"), though I am guilty of adopting it online. ;) These days, I also write whatever that comes into my mind, which explains the less then erm, beautiful language. I also noticed that I end in exclamation marks a lot. -___- But in a way, this is a more truer depiction of myself. If you see me in real life, I am a very very excitable person-- I pretty much speak in exclamation marks most of the time. -_- "Isn't this ice cream good!" "Let's go catch a movie!" "I am so pretty!" hahaha. And I use way way way more expressions/emoticons, which is very much like me in real life too. The boyfriend told me that one of the reasons why he loves me is 'cause I am very animated. Like a cartoon. -__-

Blogging has also become a form of recording for me... for my activities, that is. Almost every significant event/outing would be blogged by me. The simple truth? Documenting things that I have done, people I have met, outfits I have worn WTF, may seemed tedious at the point of the time, but often, I have the greatest fun browsing through my old entries and just reliving those memories. :) And it's also a great way for my friends to keep track of their outfits, HAHAHA. Whenever they try to rack their minds for what they wore for A outing or B event, they just need to link to my blog, hee.

I don't really know how all this started, but I can't believe I blogged so much on, well, my blog! -_- Basically, what I am trying to say is... I don't regret clicking on my keyboard 2 years ago to produce the words, "Voila, my blog is born!" :P

And in true hui-wen style, what blog entry would be complete without visuals. :P
Work outfits from last week.

Monday blues. This was the day I got locked IN my room as mentioned here. T___T
(As you can see, when the picture was taken, the door was already opened. :P)

You can't see the ruffles on my black top, boo! :(
And this fish-tail skirt is too big for me. I hate to admit it ('cause what if I jinx myself wtf), but I am losing weight. All my skirts are a little too big for me now. :(

I feel like slapping myself when I see this picture. Why was I so miang, twirling hair and all! -_-

Vintage brooch! And ya la, I know I looked damn flat in this picture. T__T

And casual Friday, woot!

Yes, my company is quite strict on casual Friday's dress codes-- they insist on 'business casual'. BOOOO, no slutty outfits ar! :P

And just to recap on what I talked about... Hopefully I will be doing this for a long time to come. I can totally imagine myself blogging in my trimester of pregnancy and cursing my husband and all men in the world, hahaha.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My happy place.

Someone commented once that she likes reading my entries with Flat Hair Flat in it, simply 'cause the entries are always so happy.

Well, this is for you people who think that way. :P

The small one, who came down to Singapore! For too short a weekend, I might add. :(((

She saw my dress, and the first thing she could say was :"SALMON!"
No love man our friendship. -_-

And Flat Hair Flat reunited. T_____T

Mey just came back from Melbourne after visiting her boyfriend, so you could say that the timing of everything was perfect. :)))

And fuck, I was looking like shit in almost every picture 'cause I went straight from work! My make-up was all melted off during the day, my hair was stringy, BOOO.

With Abby here!

We went to Oosh in Dempsey for dinner and drinks, and they straightaway led us to the back al fresco part of the restaurant (bypassing the main entrance)! T_T I think it was 'cause of the racket we were creating before they brought us into the restaurant (camwhoring and such *shifty eyes*). And although it was pretty obvious that there were still seats indoors, they insisted that we had to sit outside. ARE WE THAT NOISY wtf. Thank god it was really really dark outdoors, the only light being emitted from the solitary candle on the tables-- so we asked for extra FOUR candles and candlelight holders, one for the each of us wtf, HAHAHA. The waiter finally got overwhelmed, and ushered us into the restaurant. :P

Smalls' mains. -___________________-

Where got people eat ONE sausage for a main meal wan! -____-
But quite cute hor, the display of the palette resembles a smiley face wtf.

I had pork ribs. T__T

Why am I such a big eater compared to my girlfriends! T_T

I looked a little worse for the wear here, as I was seated at the head the table, and I insisted on shouting and shrieking to be heard wtf-- making me quite exhausted and hoarse by the end of it. :P

Still at Dempsey-- but we adjourned to the drinking area! :)

With Kenny.

Kenny told me I am the loudest girl he knows after Smalls. -_-

Kenny (who has been working in S'pore for sometime already) told me a few months ago that Singapore is too small an island to contain my noise. -_-

Kenny, upon knowing that I scored a job in S'pore, told me that I don't have to inform him of my arrival in S'pore, because he would be able to hear me. -___-

With Erin!

Who loves to splurge on clothes. T_T She thinks 100-over SGD for clothing is cheap, and recommends all these expensive places to me. But I am a cheapo when it comes to shopping, howww. T___T

Excuse us, it isn't everyday that best camwhore buddies are reunited. :P

With Jiren, the wonderful host who took us in for the weekend-- our slumber party was held at his place!
And he didn't mind our noise. *touched*

In fact, after Jac (and us) left, he called me and tell me that his house is so empty without us. T___T

All the girls! Nevermind that there are 1001 pictures of us, and although there are 3 other guys, there are close to zero photos of them.

Girls are so much better to look at, don't you think!! :P

After awhile, we (specifically Mey) started complaining that our poses are too boring. And she accused us of having rusty camwhoring skills! BLASPHEMY!

Which pretty much lead to idiotic pictures. :P

I was emo-ing (internally wtf) for a good part of the night 'cause I packed the wrong pair of shoes to change into after work. I wanted to wear my new Topshop shoes! :(

Glowy picture from Jac's camera. I swear, the woman's camera is magicked!! We all look so shiny and happy and pretty. *shy*


Tipsy people is like that wan.

And they kept on arranging Smalls and I to be in the middle 'cause we were wearing pink, and everyone else was in black and white. Why are my friends like this. -___-

Sexyback, although the phrase/caption is SO SO cliched and overdone already. But I can't find a better adjective wtf.
And I also wanted to show the gold zipper of the dress I was wearing! I bought the dress 'cause of the zipper, I am weird like that. -_-

Flat hair flat pictures:



Pictures failed by Smalls, because she wanted 'proper' smiley pictures of us. And she scolded me when she saw that I was drinking my Sangri in the picture, hence making the picture 'improper'. -_- Talk about obsessive-compulsive, woman! :P

And speaking of idiotic pictures, everyone, this is High On Grass, the cocktail that Mey and Jac ordered. A concoction of liquor, wheatgrass and honey.

Served with real grass wtf.

As attested by them, haha!
Why are my friends so attractive, HAHAHA.

Btw, our table that night won a Singfest ticket! Check out here for the line-up, omg, we are talking about Alicia Keys, Travis, Panic at the Disco, Pussycat Dolls, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Simple Plan..!!! All in a weekend concert!!! And the tickets cost SGD300 (it might be higher now as it nears the date) for a 2 day pass. -_- I was really eager to go, and am even up for forking out the insane amount of money (considering I haven't received my pay yet), but I couldn't find anyone to go with me! T__T So I booked tickets to go home this weekend. And now we won this ticket. HAIHHHH. T___T

Ok, I am going to end abruptly here. I wanted to post some pictures of us, or rather me attempting to go to the beach on Saturday, but the reason is strictly superficial-- I wore black on Saturday, and I wore black on Sunday, so I want to break the monotony lest I post both batches of pictures in the same entry.
I can be such a bimbo sometimes.

On another semi-superficial note, after only a month of working, my colleagues told me,
"We noticed that you don't repeat your clothes!!!"
And these are male colleagues. -_____-

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Withdrawal symptoms.


I know I have pretty much disappeared off the face of the planet for the past few days-- I am not only referring to my blog, I have lost contact with my sisters and the boyfriend these few days too wtf. But I have gone to my happy place, y'see! :)

Pictures from the first 2 days... The bulk of pictures would come later for days 3 and 4, when Smalls have arrived, and the Flat Hair Flat was officially united! :D

Made dinner plans to see Jac after work. :)))
Jac and Jiren there!

I was so excited to see her! I think it was almost half a year since we saw each other. T_T And I felt like a first date wtf, I kept on fidgeting to make sure I was in tip top condition, haha. And I went straight from work to dinner!! But obviously I didn't wear that to work. I brought clothes to change. :P Haih, vanity is like that wan. And it was damn funny, 'cause everyone kept on coming up to me to ask me discreetly, "Did you wear this to work?" with a worried look on their faces; and they all breathed a sigh of relief when I told them that NO I changed! Hahaha.

Erin, Abby and Mey.

Why are all my friends so pretty wan. :)))
And before I left work, I told my seniors that I was going to meet my girlfriends, and I mentioned that they are all damn hot. Then they told me to bring my girlfriends to meet them for drinks, but I am welcomed to not join WTF. T__T Always kena bullied at work. T____T

Siew loong pau!
We had dinner at Din Tai Foong, and they guaranteed on their menu that each dumpling comes with 18 folds-- Jac and I spent a good part of our dinner counting the folds, hahaha. WHY ARE WE LIKE THAT. :P

Queuing up for Swensen's!

And you know what! I had the top that Jac was wearing! (had, 'cause I sold it off already -_-) It's damn weird, but in the 6 months that we were apart, upon stalking her blog and Facebook, I always find that we have the same clothings! (things that I have bought from Melbourne before I left) :P I think this is easily the 5th top! DAMN WEIRD RIGHT. Haihhh, what to do, excellent tastes excellent tastes, hee. But I find it really amusing though, 'cause although we always like the same things (even in S'pore, we find ourselves reaching out for the same things), our dressing sense is actually quite different! Aah, the wonderment of fashion and style. :P

Flat Hair Flat minus 1.

And meeting up with Jac the following day... I swear to god, last week was just majorly exhausting. Everyday, straight after work I will zoom to meet up with the girls! But I wouldn't have it any other way of course. :)

Jac: OIIII why you dress up! I purposely wore baby tee and jeans 'cause I thought you'd be in work clothes!

Haihhh I am quite anal, don't want to be caught dead in work clothes. -_-

In MOS (the fast food joint wtf) 'cause Jac felt like having their burgers.
The amount of food for 3 of us (Jac, Jiren and I)!!!

Haha, I will show you all more pictures of how scary Jac is when it comes to ordering food soon. :P

Garlic and lemon mussels!
Damn niceeeee. :)

Jac has put on a little welcomed weight ('cause she was really so skinny last time!), and now she is always found bragging about her new cleavage, HAHA.

I damn like this top! It's one of my precious thrifted finds in S'pore. :))))) The whole top is crotcheted actually. :))))

Close-up. :))))

Okies, that's all for now, I need to catch up on my sleep!

And in case you're wondering why my colleagues called me Fiona, it's 'cause I told them someone from the office told me that I look like Fiona Xie. Fiona Xie is super super super gorgeous! And god knows I don't look anything like her la, but the girl insisted that when I smile, we look alike. T_T Then when I told my seniors, they threw their heads back and laughed giddily. And they started calling me Fiona after that. T___T They even wanted to save my number under the name 'Fiona'. T_____T Why they like to bully me. T___T

But anyhow, they told me that I am the most outstanding and bravest one out of the new joiners in our department!
They also told me that I am damn noisy and that I should have my own radio show, but that's another issue altogether wtf.

And if you're wondering what the withdrawal symptoms are referring to... I miss my girls. I am having Flat Hair Flat withdrawal symptoms. :(

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My <3s.

*updated again HEE*

I fell asleep just now on my bed in my bikini. -_________-
Am going out now, Ministry of Sound YOOOOO! And am bunking in with Jac and Smalls and Mey after that, slumber partayyyy! Err, teeny nighties and pillow fights may be on the agenda wtf.

Nevertheless, it is the girls' last night in S'pore, and I can't help but feel a little down. :(

*slightly updated wtf*

I am so happy today. :)))

Thanks to all the best wishes and whatnots, I got to meet up with my darling Jac, and my darling Kitty Mey as well. Talked so much just now that I have no voice now!

And boo, I stayed out so late, and got back just in time too-- turned out I took the last train back! =/

So late now, I am going to DIE at work tomorrow. T_T

PS: My seniors are calling me Fiona now. Got a big sad sob story behind it. T______T


I have no time to blog! Been meeting up with Jac for 2 nights straight, and Smalls is officially on the island tonight. ;) Tomorrow, girls night out complete with dinner and pubbing, and MOS on saturday night! And I told Jac that I am going to have 2 outfit changes for tomorrow night-- one for dinner and one for drinks, and she told me to sit at a separate table wtf.

Nah, teaser picture!

I am going back home next weekend!! By flight somemore. *big shiny teary eyes* So much to update, but no time!

Wish for me a good weekend k! :P

Monday, July 21, 2008


'Cause I was wearing red today, but I was blue, blue blue! wtf

Just in case you think this is another Monday blues post, IT IS NOT ok. T__T I had one of the more dramatic mornings (the other one was when I woke up 15minutes before my exam: I stayed half an hour away from Sunway campus and that was excluding morning rush hour traffic, but that's another story for another day wtf).

So there I was today, a dreary morning, you could see the dark clouds threatening rain from afar; yet I just went on in a daze-- putting on my clothes, half-heartedly trying to smooth my hair, it was one of those bad hair days. I walked to my door, I wanted to get myself some water, and guess what, I COULDN'T OPEN THE DOOR.

The door wouldn't budge, no matter how I pushed and shoved it, however hard I tried to twist and turn the door knob. If I was back home, or at the boyfriend's place, it might have been a prank, but I am quite sure my 60-year old aunt wouldn't throw such a trick on me. Frantic, I started pounding on my door, and screamed for my aunt.

My aunt and my cousin brother came running along, and no matter how much they tried, the door just wouldn't open!! WTF RIGHT. And I didn't even lock the door, I just closed it shut. By then, I was worried sick, I am dead tired, I have to go to work at 6.45am, and now THIS? WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THIS?? I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

My cousin brother started throwing his weight on the door, attempting to slam it down, as I sat on the bed, and the door-slamming reminded me of TVB shows. -_- After realizing that the door just wouldn't even budge an inch, they took out the hammer!!! And started hammering the door, trying to break the lock or the door itself, I am not sure wtf. And all along, I just lied on my bed, trying to nap, HAHAHA. Seriously, I was so tired you can't imagine! And it wasn't like there was anything I could do to help them, 'cause I was at the wrong side of the door (the only thing I could do was to yank at the door knob). And anyhow, I was ordered to stay far away from the door just in case my cousin suddenly bang it open.

HAIHHH I am quite useless sometimes.

After hammering the door for what seemed like eons, the door knob fell out. -___- And there was a hole in the door where the knob used to be. -___- And my aunt peeped through the hole and asked me, "Are you napping!" HAHAHAH wtf. Then I told her that ya, I was really tired from trying to help them yank the door open, HAHAHHA.

But STILL the door wouldn't opened. -__-

In the end, they called a locksmith, who promised to only pop by after an hour.

So I did the most logical thing.

I texted my senior to tell him that I will be in late, and went to sleep. :P

SIGHHHHH during the ordeal I really felt like the unluckiest girl in the world. BUT I realize now that it was a blessing in disguise! 'Cause that 1 hour nap (even amidst my aunt's try-hard attempts to further hammer down the door), really really helped! You know how you're so tired you feel like you will just drop dead, and suddenly I come offer you an hour's sleep on a silver platter? BEST FEELING I am telling you. :P

But now I have another thing to be emo and upset about! T______T

You all know right, Jac is here in S'pore (just reached today), and Smalls would be joining us this Thursday night!!! At first I thought I would be relatively free this week, 'cause I have completed my sections on time, and there seemed to be no big issues with them.. But today I got dumped with damn a lot of of shit work! Shit work that I know nuts about. FUCK MANN. This is beyond throwing me into the deep sea of the pool. This is throwing me into the same deep pool with starved man-eating sharks!!! I am damn worried that I will be pulling overtime now, and I can't meet up with my loves. T____T And god knows how long the flat hair flat hasn't been united. T______T

And fuck you if you tell me welcome to work life.

Bahhh can you tell that I am PMS-ing.

Okies! Thanks to a life-saving reader of mine, I got wind that the mega sales would end this weekend-- so I quickly rushed out again on Sunday!! And bought even more things! Especially from Topshop. I have no idea why recently I like everything there. -_- But let me just show you one of my favorite buyssss! :)))

A Kate Moss for Topshop vintage inspired bag!

OK la, I know the bag looks meh here, but I wear to god, it's FIERCEEEEE in real life! Maybe when I use it, you all can see.. *shiny eyes* I have been looking for a ruchsack bag like that for quite sometime, so this was a godsent! :))) And omg, can you believe this bag was almost RM600 before discount. -_____-

And BOOOO I am so dead. I have officially gotten my 2nd Topshop voucher. You need to spend SGD250 to get one, I don't even dare to calculate how much I have spent this weekend. FUCKKKK. And I think Topshop loves me now (I went to 3 different outlets wtf), they gave me a 'lucky card'-- it has a value pre-loaded in it, and it depends on my luck how much is in it! What if it's only 1 buck arrr! T__T

Ok, just pictures from Sunday ok!

Damn nice right the lighting of this picture! :)))

It's damn hard to take self-timer pictures k. T__T Especially 'cause I have nowhere to place my camera-- in the end I just perched it on the staircase while I run off swiftly for the picture to be captured. T__T

And it was quite sad, 'cause when I walked out of my room clad in the outfit shown above, my aunt came up to me, mouth agape and told me that I looked gorgeous. She then said very sadly, "Such a pity your boyfriend isn't here to see you this pretty!"

Then I gulped and felt all sad. T____T

But anyhow, I don't feel that I looked that great la, 'cause when I go out by myself I don't put that much effort into dressing up. =/

And BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO guess what!!! I found out that I broke my sunnies. T__T
They now look like that:


Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leash needed, pronto!

Sisters: "Whatever happened to saving?"

Sometimes I really hate myself.

I think it was the delicious "Thank god it's Friday" mood that I was in yesterday, so I decided to go off for a little shopping after work, lugging my laptop bag which is as heavy as a baby whale. The main agenda was for me to get a moisturizer, since I have ran out of it.

But I got a little carried away. T__T

They don't look like a lot right! But the Topshop bag carrier bag behind is as big as my pillow. T_T And the Bysi paperbag you see at the front is the size of 1 and 1/2 pillows wtf. Trust me, it was HELL trudging along carrying all these shopping bags along with my work bag and my laptop bag! T____T

It's just that I got a little too excited, 'cause do you know Topshop here have sales up to 60%!! In M'sia, 70% sales only come on during the last stretch of the sales period, i.e. final clearance period; else usually 50% is the cap. And just to let you gauge how crazily I spent yesterday, I have officially became a Fashion Fast Forward (i.e. Topshop/Selfridge/Dorothy Perkins) member (Singapore) AND I have also scored my first voucher (given when you spend over 250 bucks). I have a FFF card back in KL, but unfortunately, it cannot be used in S'pore! So I am pretty happy that the S'pore membership card is safely in my wallet now. :P And that I am also on my way to collecting my next voucher. -_-

BUTTT I am quite emo now! 'Cause I just found out that Topshop back in KL have started their mega sales too! T___T And it appears that for the things I have bought in S'pore, I have paid more for them as compared to if I have bought them in KL. T___T FUCK THIS SHIT WEI. Damn sad now, I was gloating 'cause I thought I got good bargains, and now my sister told me that KL is cheaper!!! I am only trying to console myself that even though it's cheaper in KL, it's not like I can go back to get them now. And by the time I go back next round, sizes would have run out anyway. *reassures own bitter self*

But anyhow, I am really really really pleased with purchases yesterday, 'cause I actually stocked up on a lot of, err, long-term wants of mine! Things like, 50's full swing skirts (two), a cute swing bolero jacket, cigarette plaid pants, tutu skirts (two), wide legged pants, 2 pairs of Topshop shoes. These are things that I have been wanting for sometime, just that I had trouble finding nice ones! And they are also things that I could rewear, so I reckon they are justified buys. :P Also got a couple of dresses and tops... I did momentarily toyed with the idea of posting up my buys, that's how much I love the items I got last night, but they are really too many of them! And anyway, don't you think it's more fun to seem them on me when I actually wear them. :P

Btw, I have actually coveted one of the Topshop shoes that I bought last night for a long time! So much so that I almost bought it during my company's private sales (20% off). And now it's 50% off! Thank god I didn't get it then, if not I will really be sobbing my brains out. Thank god for near-misses sometimes. :P


Work outfits! I find that documenting my work-wear helps me be more.. mindful of what I wear-- I try harder to not to be boring. :P

First day of working with the client-- decided to play it safe and professional, hence the white and black ensemble.

Never would I have anticipated the day that I wear pearl earrings AND necklace! Seems so.. adult. =/

There is a bow on my black skirt, can you see it!
I try to get more interesting items for work. T_T

Mandarin collared shirt, with pretty pleating. :)))

Hmm, you know what, considering how much I wear pearl earrings, I really should consider investing in Mikimoto. *HINT HINT TO THE BOYFRIEND*

My manly outfit-- vest and slacks! Coupled with my new pearl cuff. :)))

Casual Friday!

Oooh, I was wearing matching pink button earrings, and halfway furiously typing away on my laptop, my colleague asked me, "Eh! Your earrings look like Mentos!". So I retorted, "Are you trying to tell me I look delicious!", and then he said, "Ok ok let's get back to work".
Boohoohoo. T___T


And I am adhering to my promise. :)))))

May I present to you, the most delicious, yummy, scrumptious, mouthwatering siew yuk there ever ever is!! :))))

I can't remember the English name of the shop, but I think it's Wong Kee or something like that.

It starts its business at 12.30, and during lunchtime, the queue is might long! You'll have to be quick too, 'cause the siew yuk gets sold off real fast. The coffee shop only has this ONE stall, so you can imagine how booming the business is! :)

MMMM. Crispy skin, with even layers of fat and meat... The meat literally melts in your mouth, and the skin crunches and pops... I can honestly sweat to god that I have never tasted such good roasted pork in my life!

It's so good that I go to the shop 3 times a week; and when I went back to KL last weekend, it was the first meal that I demanded for! :P The shop is near Times Square-- err, I suck at directions, so please go to here for a true and fair review + directions to the place k! :)

And I found this batch of pictures along with the siew yuk pictures, so I am posting them up too. :P

All rosy and satisfied after my roasted pork feast. :)

Outfit! I was going for a child-like, doll-ish effect, hence the playful stockings and the rocking horse necklace. :P
And yessss, I wore this to have siew yuk at a coffee shop! I did get a lot of glances/stares, but boo, I am used to it! *brave face*

We went to Desserts' Bar Hartamas Shopping Center! :)
And I look so boobsy here. *shy*

Desserts' Bar! :)
And if it's not obvious enough, YES, it's desserts desserts desserts all the way here! Healthy desserts though, very fruity ones.

My drink: ice blended mango and strawberries.
EH why my mango slices looked so furry here!

The boyfriend's blended apple and melon.

Normal people sip on their drinks, with no accidents or mishaps.

... As for me, I didn't even realized that one of my mango slices have fell out. T__T
But never mind, don't my eyes look so big here! Like Alien Workshop wtf.

Vanilla panna cotta with fresh raspberries and strawberries and a dash of honey. I thought this was quite awesome!
And I had fun pushing the plate back and forth to see how the jelly would jiggle, hahaha.

I think I look like a schoolgirl in this dress! Should I keep it for role-playing WTF.
I actually bought it for winter in Melbourne, but I never did get to wearing it. :(

You know how you can leave imprints on certain fabrics by lightly scratching it or making strokes on it?

And heehee, this is what we play with (the couch) while waiting for our desserts to arrive! :P


While out doing groceries just now, I saw a girl on the escalator wearing a fur-trimmed sleeveless parka. Which leads to a question that I have always been meaning to ask you all-- what exactly is the limit when following trends? M'sia (and S'pore wtf) are tropical countries, so no matter how badly we want to, there are some (winter) trends that might not be too suitable for our climate.

This question first popped into my head when I saw this Topshop stylist (you know right, that there are fashion stylists in certain Topshop stores, they will help style you up! Based on a fee of course) wearing a knit beanie, black tights, and a knitted scarf. Stylish, yes, very much so. But whilst the outfit is a YES during autumn/winter; under our weather conditions, it just looked a little.. weird. So the debacle is, what is yay and what is nay in KL(or S'pore/other tropical countries)?

- wearing knee length boots
- knitted beanies/scarves
- leather jackets
- trench coats
- PARKAS-- with fur somemore wtf
- And any other thing you can think of! Suggestions! :P

Personally, I can accept jackets (trench or leather), provided they are not too warm. If they look too thick/warm, you might look foolish. I won't be wearing any knee-length boots in non-winter countries! But ship me to a cold country, and I will be happily pulling them on. :P Aaah, I miss the days of boots and trenches. T_T Scarves are ok, provided they are lightweight-- a thick knitted scarf will look silly! I am undecided on beanies though, I saw a girl in f21 once wearing a beanie with a tank and a denim mini, the look didn't really go. Though I admit, too many a times I am tempted to throwing on my beanie, 'cause they are so cute and just waiting to be worn! :D

What other yay or nay fashion items can you think of! And what do you think? :P