Sunday, July 06, 2008

Can't be left alone. -_-

*update* OMG OMG OMG I have heard the BESTEST BESTEST news I have heard in quite some time. JACLYN AND SMALLS ARE COMING TO SINGAPORE IN 2 WEEKS' TIME!!! Can I hear a Whoop Whoop Whoop! :P Think teatimes, lunch binges, slutty clubbing, dawn suppers, slumber girlie time.
Flat hair flat reunited, that's how it should be! :D

It's confirmed already!
I cannot be left alone in a foreign country, a brand new place. :(

Because I cannot stop myself from shopping. T__T
Today's the first weekend that I am here alone, and after sleeping in till 3pm (WORKING IS DAMN TIRING OK), I decided to go shopping by myself.

I came home with:
- 10 tops
- a skirt
- 2 head bands
- 3 belts
- 3 pairs of shoes
- a bag (a work bag! 'Cause I have decided that for the meantimeI don't want to use a designer bag for work. [I have been using my Gucci tote for the past week, because it's just the right size and shape!])
- reserved 3 cardigans (omg, they are the cutest things ever!)-- I ran out of cash, hahaha
- a bag of Famous Amos cookies
- a piece of kaya cake
- a fast food meal wtf why do I eat so much junk

This is just like how I was in Melbourne! Back then, buying 20-over items a day was a norm. I don't want to go there again!

The irony of all of this is that just yesterday while talking to the boyfriend about trips, I told him: "Do you think X amount of money is easy to earn!", and then he asked me whether I am frugal 'cause I have started working. I then told him primly that yes, now that I am earning my own money, I will be very careful with my spending. T_T

And just last week I was telling my sisters that I don't plan to shop much in S'pore, because I really want to save my money. And to anyone who told me to go shopping in S'pore, I replied them the same way too.

Look at where I am now. T_________T

And just in case you're wondering how work is treating me-- this is how I look like now! :P
Me in my faux schoolgirl plaid dress and my extremely uncomfortable new tan sandals.

Speaking of which, I think I have to give up high heels. T___T
'Cause from Monday to Friday I am in very uncomfortable heeled shoes, so when I am not in work clothes all I want to do is ..err be like monks and tie rafia strings around my feet or something. But certain outfits just look better with heels, HOW LAAAA.

Btw, this explains the 3 pairs of shoes I bought today. *shifty eyes*

More pictures of Jing and Teeny in S'pore! :)

FLATSSSS. It's just insane to wear heels here, we do so much walking! =/

And that's Teeny's crazy-ass gladiator sandals! She got it one size smaller than her feet size ('cause they don't cater to larger feet), so when we were there, every night after she bathed, she would put on the shoes; sit on the floor, chat with us and go on with her nightly activities. She did so to 'expand her shoes' according to her. -__- Do you know how scary it is just trip over someone sitting on the floor wearing long warrior-like sandals! T_T


Eh I just realized both of them were wearing gladiator sandals that day. -____-

We went to one of my favorite eating places in Singapore. :)))

Coffee Club!

Since we have discovered the place a few years ago, we would always stop by whenever we are in S'pore. :)

My butterscotch and banana latte.

I don't like bananas, I have no idea why I ordered this! I think I was feeling adventurous. -_- At first, there really wasn't any banana taste in the coffee, so I decided to let the banana slice (floating on top of the drink in the picture!) to just remain submersed in the coffee.

But after awhile, I felt like I was drinking banana juice. T____T I think the banana slice is not really the fruit, but more like a sponge with banana essence in it, and it unleashed its banana flavoring. T_____T

One of my favorite dishes here: Wasabi prawn salad!

Teeny's dory fillets with crumbs. :)

She is still on her protein diet. o_O

Jing's pasta, Al fredo!

They were ALL GOOOD. ;)

And my absolute favorite-- the mud pie!

Coffee and chocolate ice cream and and oreo cookie base and chocolate sauce and butterscotch sauce, oh my god, this is as near to heaven as we can get to. :P

It was truly a fantastic evening, gorging on all these delicious foods, gossiping and laughing, and eying all the bags around us (we saw Birkins and Kellys, OMG), and we sat right next to the glass windows, getting a full view of Orchard Road. :) Unfortunately, I don't think I will be making a trip back there anytime soon. Have you ever experienced this before? After you have been to a certain place with someone, the sentiments attached to that place would change forever for you.

In Melbourne, I walk past the same shops, the same buildings, the same Yarra river, for all the time that I was there. But when the boyfriend came down to Melbourne to visit me last year, suddenly these places aren't what they were to me anymore. After he left Melbourne, everytime I passed by a certain street, a certain spot on the grassy hilltop, I thought of him, I thought of the time when we were there.

Aaah, but maybe it's just me. :)

One more last random picture:


After my first day of work!
Dressed extremely conservatively, because I wanted to be safe; it was my first day after all! ;)
But I was damn emo, 'cause when I met up with my mom and sisters at Orchard, they were all dressed in great outfits, whereas I was in some starchy uniform wtf.

And oh ya, for all of you have complimented us on our dressing sense, and asking us where do we get our clothes from, check out Jing's new baby: Velvet Ribbon! I am her unofficial consultant for this project of hers, and her (our) main principle is that she only sells things that we ourselves would actually wear! :P So gooooo, buy buy buy! And then maybe she will start remunerating me with some consultation and advertising fees. :P


mustardqueen said...

EH lei sei hoi la!!! WHAT IS THIS!!???

i thought ur suppose to save up and when you get your salary you'll give us like 1/100 of ur salary to shop??

Ok then we won't be bringing you out when you touchdown in KL MUAHAHAHAA..

eh how r u gonna go home that night ar?? 3 am is a little early right?

Anonymous said...


I LOVE YOU LAH, SHOP SOOO MUCH! :D :D :D I've been craving shopping these days but i've a feeling i've lost my touch or rather Marc Jacobs has changed me permanently.. *dramatic sigh* =P

P/s: Thanks for advertising! *shy smile* <333

Simon Seow said...

Have to try Coffee Club too next time I come down Singapore.

c r y s t said...

...i'm lost of words... -__-"

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Haha, are you sure you will be satisfied with 1/100 of my salary! :P You should be supportive k, I shop 'cause I am homesick! *shifty eyes* And chor min is going to fetch me, I didn't give him much of a choice, teehee! Then I will be spending the night there I think!

jing: I KNEW you would understand. T_____T True soulmates wtf. HAIHH the moment you buy your MJ your true self will emerge again! *consoling* Good luck for it! <333
And errr, tell sam as well, for his bowtie HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAH.

simon seow: Totally! :P How often do you come down? :)


The Faux Fashionista said...

Yay clothes pics :) I like your school girl plaid dress, and the ruffled plaid shirtdress. Don't forget to post pictures of your haul! Call me weird but I actually like formal business attire (gasp!). So ya, basically I like your first day outfit. Where did you get the shirt? The fit looks nice ah!

Girl, I know exactly what you mean about having to give up heels with all that walking, so I suggest you do what the New Yorkers do - Wear sandals/flip flops/flats when you're walking/taking public transport, and change your shoes in the office toilet. Thats what I did when I was interning in NY, quite funny cos sometimes you see hot women in suits wearing sneakers :D

jeanchristie said...

wah, you're all going to be working in sg??

revel in me said...

faux fashioninsta: Haha, why you so weird wan, like business attire! :P I am ok with it, if the dress code is more lax (i.e. not strictly long sleeved collared shirt and knee length skirt in B & W, euchhh)! And I am lazy to take pictures of the buys la! Maybe when I wear them. :P And HAHAHA I was thinking of that! Bring slippers and wear in the train/bus/walking, and change to my heels at work! The situation is not critical enough yet for me to do that, but I might SOON! :P

jean: Heh, no la, why you never read properly! :P They are coming for a holiday! And fingers crossed, maybe they might come here to work soon! <3