Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Frozen strawberries.

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Let me scare you all first with a tourist shot of me.

Haha, this picture just screams geek right! :P

I had a pedicure today! My first ever pedi. *big shiny eyes* But I did an express one, 'cause surprise surprise, time is of utmost importance to me now that I have started working PLUS I stay more than 1 hour away from my workplace. =/ I would have taken a picture of my newly painted nails, but I have ugly feet! Meh.

And guess what. I just bumped my feet into the printer, my big toenail's paint is now chipped. T_____T
It hasn't even been 3 hours! T______T

Mmm, I have a craving for something cold and sweet now!

Like frozen strawberries from MOS burger. :))))

I first read about these strawberries in xiaxue's blog, and trust me, it is every bit as good as she said it was, and then some! :D

It's icy cold frozen strawberries, sweet with a slightly sour tang; be careful when you bite into it though, you might get frostbite-- it's really frozen! :P And the center of it is filled with solid milky chite chocolate... And when the chocolate melts into a warm gooey mess, yet pooling over the cold popsicle-like fruit.. SO GOOD! :)

MOS burger-- I heard that there was a branch in KLCC, but it closed down? =/

Jing and Teeny, with their 2 large drinks.

We were damn idiot, we went to the counter and ordered 2 large drinks, thinking that the sizing is like the usual fast food restaurants back in M'sia. Instead, the drinks came in humongous papercups! Following that, we started whizzing our heads left and right, realizing that everyone have small or regular-sized ones. Then we started speculating that it was damn obvious we were tourists, and we ate the whole meal with shifty eyes, HAHAHHAHA.

Pouting 'cause I had no one sitting next to me, and hence, no one else to be in the picture with me.
Teeny decided to grace the picture with her victory sign then. -_-

The very tasty shrimp burger.

Some pictures of us doing some shopping! :)

Not being very vigilant at the pedestrian crossing. -_-

At Haji Lane, where most of the shops were closed! T____T

Sorry, the previous 2 pictures are from Teeny, I have no idea why she likes her pictures so tiny! Is it 'cause of her nickname TEENY wtf.

Both my sisters do not like to wear pants.
Teeny who thinks leggings are a perfect substitute for pants. T__T And Jing who would not tolerate leggings/pants/shorts of any sort wtf.

Why am I so blur in this picture!
I think I am just generally a hyperactive person. T_T Either that or a really jerky one. Parkinson's wtf.

And I finished work early today! Or rather, training ended early (real work starts next week T_T). So I decided to go get the 3 cardigans that I have reserved which I mentioned here.

Well, you know how one thing leads to another... :P Let me show you something I bought today that I really really really like!

TADAAAAA!!! Isn't this such a beautiful classic cocktail dress! :)))

The lovely fish-scales-like skirt, le sigh.

I love that it has this vintage yet timeless feel to it... I don't usually go for LBD's, 'cause I am slightly adverse to the color black, but this dress is totally awesome!!! Very Chloe and vintage Chanel. :)))))
Never mind that it is 10 times the price that I am usually willing to pay WTF, I am a working woman now! *consoles self*

And my shopping trip (loosely termed so, 'cause it was an extremely restrained one ok) was very fruitful-- I actually found a lot of little shops with the most delectable goodies! :)))) They are a tad out of my price range now (I am only getting my salary next month, SIGHHH), but ooohhh, do I know where I want to splurge my pay on! :P

And if you want me to tell you where the shops are, COME TO SINGAPORE!
This is how I am going to cheat people down, haha!

I foresee happy times this weekend! :)


Cass said...

heyyy! my first time commenting after like forever wtf.

anyways eh mos burger has frozen strawberries?! how come i don't know when i'm like a huge fan of them?! -___- i love their ebi rice burger! go and try!

the mos burger you were at is it the one in bugis? so familiar. :D

hope i get to bump into you one of these days. ;)

Anonymous said...

First to comment this time!=D
Have been busy .so had no time to drop any comments.But I still read yr entries ya.Lol.I am wondering ,how much are you willing to pay when you still was a student?
Am asking this cos I am feeling fresly guilty from the shopping craze I've been just a few hours back lol.

Rileen Aya said...

-___- woman, you are STILL crazy.

mustardqueen said...

EHHHHH!!! were u there when mommy bought the orange dress?? it's the exact same fish scale like patterns as well leh! remember!!?? aahaha

and pst, did u like smudged my leg too much in the last picture, my right leg is so... CACAT! T_T

g®├ąc∑ land said...

gosh almost salivating when u're describing how yummy are those frozen strawberries, why they close up in kl before i even got the chance to try out!

looks like u're taking the advice of retail therapy to curb homesickness abit too far eh :P anyhow, enjoy now worry later :P:P

good luck on ur real 1st week @ work, woman :D

jeanchristie said...

imma going home tooooooo!
in time for dinner!
*hysterical laugh* wtf

ally said...

bijou! sunday! on?! :D

Vivien said...

hi! um, you mentioned bijoubazaar this sunday.. where is it going to be held at ? :D and i love the dress omggwtfbbqdvd o______o <3!

Vivien said...

ooh, and if you remember the quote, "crave for shopping everyday", it could make a good quote for a coffee mugs for us shopaholics ;D

revel in me said...

cass: YA LA where did you go!! wtf. And you're in singapore righttt! When are you going to come bring me out and paint Singapore red!Or are you too busy flying around. :( I saw your blog, you went to Korea, Melbourne etc right, SO COOL! :) And haha, you're damn good, you can actually recognize the fast food joint! Or is it 'cause you eat MOS too much. :O MMm, I will try the ebi rice burger soon! <3

nana: What have you been busy with! Exams ar. :( And hmm, I am quite a cheapo when it comes to clothes... 1AUD shorts also I have bought before! =/ It also depends on the geographical locations, actually! For everyday-clothes, as cheap as possible wtf. But for things that I really really love.. More I guess.. And I am also willing to pay more if the thing has only one piece-- 'cause I don;'t really like having the same things as people! ;) Haha, I can write a whole thesis/research essay on this la! :P

rileen: Why you say thattt.. T____T

mustardqueen: Haha, ya, I was there! Have you forgotten me so quickly.. T__T Yea, it has the same concept, but this dress is so red-carpet right! :D And eh no wor, I didn't photoshop our bodies at all, only changed lighting! =/

graceland: Haha, come down to singapore to try it! It's really nice! *manipulative wtf* And HAHHAHA why can you see through me! It's a very effective therapy ok. :P Thank you, dear, pray for me that I don't get screwed on the job! T_T

jean: Eh, you got tickets to go home too? :P

ally: I am not sure yet! 'Cause it'd be really rushed for me.. :( Fingers crossed k! :D

penguins: Why your taste so excellent! <33333333 Damn nice right the dress.. *tears wtf* Oh ya, I am not exactly sure where the bazaar is going to be held! I just remember someone told me it's this weekend.. Maybe you can try googling for it? Sorry that I am no help! :(

And hahahaha, I want one of those mugs! :P

jeanchristie said...

yeah, last minute thing -.-
i've only ever tasted mos burger's ebi tempura or whatever .. and yes, i find them extremely generous with their drinks!

should pick up some of these strawberries from work soon..

Anonymous said...

hi hui wen,i think i saw u the other day in mrt station...:P

The Faux Fashionista said...

I see you all are wearing flats ;) Its so unfortunate that I never got the chance to try out Mos Burger when it was in KLCC, I'm sure I would have liked the frozen strawberries very much. But hey, at least we have humungous Godiva-dipped strawberries here :D

The black dress is very vintage Chanel/Chloe :) How much is it? :P

Reading your posts make me want to go to Sg, I haven't been there since I was 4! So sad right? T__T

Anonymous said...

Since you're back for the weekend... Sunday mou? /boo for that thingie wtf Aud Suet and Tze are going too!

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, so nice right, get to go home! <333 And if you buy some, remember to belanja me, haha! :P

anonymous: OMGGGG are you serious!! Which station! And before work or after work.. T____T I am damn 'chan' after work.. T______T

And why didn't you come say hi! :P

faux fashionista: YESSSS our feet were dying by then-- couldn't wear heels or even pumps! T___T And boo, godiva-dipped strawberries, that sounds heavenly! T__T

And ooh, are you coming back to KL soon? Drop by in s'pore, then we can go shopping! :D :D :D

Btw, I got the dress for a couple of hundred bucks (ringgit)! Well worth it, I say! :P I have a soft spot for classic pieces.<3

jia meei: AWWWW I wish I can go! :( But it doesn't seem likely for the moment! The bf made an appointment for a lunch buffet, and I am leaving at 6pm-- if I go for the bazaar, it'd be quite rushed! :( But I am still keeping my fingers crossed! <3