Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy 2 years?

Update: I have half a day off today, and I am flying back home tonight? Life is looking good. :D

Ok, this is totally random, but I just found out that ... I have been blogging for 2 years?

Just take a look at my first ever post. -________-

I am really not the type to strike a timeline and wish my blog a happy birthday every now and then. But wow, it's amazing how time has passed! It took me a good whole 3 years to start a blog, and though blogging for 2 years is nothing compared to a lot of my friends who have had blogs since high school/college, it certainly comes as quite a surprise to me that we (my blog and I wtf) have came so far. :P

To share a little tidbit with you, I actually had another blog EONS ago. When Teeny started hers, I suppose? And I still remember, the blog layout was this giant blue flower in the middle, and the text are all displayed on the it. There was a little scroll bar on the flower, and you get to scroll your mouse, and see words so swish swish swish on the giant petals. It was one of those Blogskin templates, and I thought it was so cool. And the blog's url, oh the blog's url. It was called -___- I guess if I have stuck with that blog, I would never have anybody read my blog, 'cause god knows that it is a hassle to type such a long phrase.Not to mention that sometimes even I have trouble spelling potpourri, hahaha. I had but ONE entry on the blog, which read something like "Voila, my blog is born!!"

I really need to come up with better captions. -______-

I never got to add any more entries into that blog of mine, I rather write in my diary. And soon, the blog became long forgotten and stashed away. In fact, over the years, I did try to key in the url, but the blog is no longer available.

And then, I don't know when it begun, but some time before I left for Melbourne for my studies, I started toying with the idea of starting a blog again. By then, I was an avid reader of a lot of blogs, and hello? Putting up my pictures and talking about me me me? That was a concept that I could totally click with. :P Although I made no action to actually start a blog then, I noticed that in my everyday life, I was starting to take more pictures, interesting pictures, and when I see/experience things, I run lines over in my head, seeing how they would sound, how I would relay them in text form. Without really realizing it, I was blogging-- in my head. Even during my Japan trip (slightly less than 2 months before I left for aussieland), I was already posing weirdly and snapping pictures of noteworthy things, things I want to share with people. :) But still, there was no move to click "start a blog".

Then I went to Melbourne.

I was lonely, I cried during my first few weeks. I needed friends, but I didn't know where to find them. I wanted my family and my boyfriend, but they weren't there with me.
And it was during one of those lonesome nights that, as the saying goes, "Voila, my blog is born!!" :)

The plan was flawless, blogging was something to fill up the time, and to take up my mind. I used to like doing creative writing in school, so this was an avenue as well for me to churn out my nonsense. And the main point was to share my life with the people back home-- my sisters, the boyfriends, my friends who were (and still are) spread all over the world. I could update them on my life, and it pleases me, to have the boyfriend and my sisters see my life through my eyes. And as I blogged about things I do, things I see, people I love in Melbourne, I relieve those happy Melbourne moments, and lo and behold, I fell in love with with my Melbourne life. :) When I first started blogging, I had a total of about 40 hits a day-- composed of Smalls, Kit Mey, Victoria, Jac, my sisters, the boyfriend, a handful of my friends back home (or elsewhere) and myself. -_- Every comment made my day (until I saw that they were spam comments wtf). Today, there are more people who read my blog, and still, every comment makes my day. :))) Sometimes, I get the sweetest comments...

"Your blog is my happy fix"

"... reading your blog makes me so happy...."

".... your blog has become a therapy for me... especially during stressed days..."

"I love your pictures!!! They make me smile!"

"please don't ever ever change anything about your blog!"

"... you are so funny... i love the way you write..."

Haha, I know I am really weird (and narcissistic wtf), but I collected these comments a really long time ago for a little project I was doing. :P And yea, basically I get very happy when people tell me that they are, err, happy when they read my blog! :D

...and sometimes, the sweetest emails. :)))

One of the emails from a reader that made me smile till now:

you know what, you're like a star. even from bazillion of miles away, you're bursting with energy. your mail made me smile. :) stay this way, its so wonderful.

My style of writing has changed so much too! Just peruse through my really really old entries (try here, here, here and here), and you will see that my entries were way shorter, more spontaneous in a way, and I tried to write with proper grammarn(lesser usage of slangs and Manglish). And definitely no wtfs. Btw, omg, how the flat hair flat has changed in term of looks! :P Some people complain about the usage of 'wtf' as a punctuation. But my intention is simple, it is used somewhat as a punctuation, but only to emphasized that I said something really really idiotic or stupid. 'Cause I am known to have quite an in-your-face humor (i.e. crude), and you have to admit it, sometimes people don't know when you're joking. There is nothing really different about saying "Yo mama is so fat when she turns around it's the next day wtf" or "Yo mama is so fat when she turns around it's the next day, haha". Both are punctuations! :P But that said, I don't use 'wtf' in real life, except for in its original context ("Wtf? You ate grass for breakfast?"), though I am guilty of adopting it online. ;) These days, I also write whatever that comes into my mind, which explains the less then erm, beautiful language. I also noticed that I end in exclamation marks a lot. -___- But in a way, this is a more truer depiction of myself. If you see me in real life, I am a very very excitable person-- I pretty much speak in exclamation marks most of the time. -_- "Isn't this ice cream good!" "Let's go catch a movie!" "I am so pretty!" hahaha. And I use way way way more expressions/emoticons, which is very much like me in real life too. The boyfriend told me that one of the reasons why he loves me is 'cause I am very animated. Like a cartoon. -__-

Blogging has also become a form of recording for me... for my activities, that is. Almost every significant event/outing would be blogged by me. The simple truth? Documenting things that I have done, people I have met, outfits I have worn WTF, may seemed tedious at the point of the time, but often, I have the greatest fun browsing through my old entries and just reliving those memories. :) And it's also a great way for my friends to keep track of their outfits, HAHAHA. Whenever they try to rack their minds for what they wore for A outing or B event, they just need to link to my blog, hee.

I don't really know how all this started, but I can't believe I blogged so much on, well, my blog! -_- Basically, what I am trying to say is... I don't regret clicking on my keyboard 2 years ago to produce the words, "Voila, my blog is born!" :P

And in true hui-wen style, what blog entry would be complete without visuals. :P
Work outfits from last week.

Monday blues. This was the day I got locked IN my room as mentioned here. T___T
(As you can see, when the picture was taken, the door was already opened. :P)

You can't see the ruffles on my black top, boo! :(
And this fish-tail skirt is too big for me. I hate to admit it ('cause what if I jinx myself wtf), but I am losing weight. All my skirts are a little too big for me now. :(

I feel like slapping myself when I see this picture. Why was I so miang, twirling hair and all! -_-

Vintage brooch! And ya la, I know I looked damn flat in this picture. T__T

And casual Friday, woot!

Yes, my company is quite strict on casual Friday's dress codes-- they insist on 'business casual'. BOOOO, no slutty outfits ar! :P

And just to recap on what I talked about... Hopefully I will be doing this for a long time to come. I can totally imagine myself blogging in my trimester of pregnancy and cursing my husband and all men in the world, hahaha.


jmeei said...

Hi sexy /shy

Eh old blogs are so embarrassing! Mine was some angsty emo jiwang shit... so I deleted it wtf

Eeflin said...

HAHA silent reader wtf.

i deleted my old blog also because my blog became too public for my liking after i attended a blog meet 2 years ago and i couldn't write private posts anymore as to how i would before!

but i regretted la i should have kept it cos i did write a lot back in my form5-high school days. it'd be funny to read how stupid i was back then wtf.

and i have no idea why i'm even commenting..i think cos i saw jiameei's comment and i felt like as if i knew you too WTF. ahh.. the power of blogs wtf.

Accyee said...

i am back. T____T pls dont bomb me.

anyway i like ur outfits..

mustardqueen said...

err happy birthday RIM hahahahahahaahhaa I wanted to treat u all out for my 3rd year anni, but then haih, so long ago next year first la if I have money =D YEAY!! so when you get back tonight, Nirvana's on you!!!!! :D:D::D

Michelle Chong said...

hello hui wen! looking fab :)


revel in me said...

jmeei: OH HIIII who is calling who sexy now huh, woman with killer ass and abs. :P Hahaha I can't imagine you ever being angsty/jiwang! Eh show me someday wtf. :P

efflin: EHHH I also read your blog! I think you are damn crappy and random, I like. :P And I think we can get along very well, 'cause you said you're like a man WTFFF. Ohhhh I don't know, I can't imagine deleting old entries, it's like a part of me.. WHY YOU DELETE THE OLD BLOG LA!

accyee: Haha, why will I bomb you! Where did you go? <3

mustardqueen: Hahahaha stop caling me RIM sound like FRIM wtf. YA LAAA you still owe us a dinner! And jing for her b'day dinner at carat club, BOOO why you all always cheat my feelings. T__T And haha, looks like nirvana should be on you, who is going to be making money tomorrow huh! :P

michelle: HEEEE helloooo dear! Thank youuuu. *shy* :D

Anonymous said...

hi! yeah i love reading your blog too! you have a very unique sense of humour hahaha! btw, which company are you working in now?

Anonymous said...

how did you overcome your loneliness when u just first went to melbourne? im currently overseas for the first time and i started feeling lonely too :(:(:(

amanda lee

Anonymous said...

y ur hair so nice wan!

Eeflin said...

wtf eh its EEFLIN la why ppl keep assuming its double f. issit because i wtf too much ar +(

you're manly too? /boo wtf well then aud, you and i should have a challenge to see who's the manliest wtf but then at least both of you wear dresses. aud says she can't imagine me in one WTF.

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Happy 2 years!

I like all your outfits, not the usual boring audit outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

even your casual friday looks so much better than 95% of those ladies in my office. :(

I need to switch company.

Anonymous said...

i love looking at your fashion. :) so happy clappy!!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Oooo izz okayy, lose weight = excuse to buy new clothes!

the name is jen ai said...

hey!! link me up. i linked u ady!!

Anonymous said...

Babe you're so smoking hot and your clothes are super yummy!! :X Did you get all of them from Melbourne or Malaysia? Your office wear is gorgeous!!

Candy Doll said...

Btw, just got to know your page this year.. SAdly but hehe, it's one of my favorite bookmarks now. :D

Anonymous said...

hey there. silent reader / stalker here wtf.

about your skirts, i feel your pain! i was an intern doing audit for 3 months. and during the 2nd month, i'd already lost 5 kgs and my skirts became so loose, they just fell to my hips. couldn't tuck my shirts in neatly and it was so weird, i looked like a boy in a skirt. T_T somemore too giam siap to buy new ones because afterall i had only a month to go.

and yes, this is a very nice, happy blog to read. keep it up!

btw, random: i was your first buyer when you were selling handmade necklaces eons ago. (ignore if you're not the huiwen who sold handmade necklaces T_T )

Anonymous said...

Lol! U still put heart into choosing yr outfits huh.
Nice leh.Back home,so what's the plan?Hehe.And,I purchased a pair of glads from velvet ribbon! Those were gorgeous and Jing was so nice to bring it up for me from the place she were cos my heels were killing me lol.Jing,if you're reading this,I am so sorry!

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Btw, your bf is funny...HAHA. He loves you so much because you are animated like cartoon...HAHA.

revel in me said...

melissa: HAHAHHA what do you mean unique sense of humor! Whenever people tell me "hui wen hui wen, you're very unique", they usually mean that I am retarded wtf. T__T Oh, I am in auditing now! I don't feel comfortable revealing where I work at in my blog, if you really want to know, feel free to email me! :)

amanda: *hugsss* Oh dear, I understand how you feel! :( Well, I think the best way to overcome loneliness is by going out and doing things! Where are you now? Find out more about the place you're in-- sightseeing spots, food places you want to try, plays you want to watch etc etc, and suggest to people to go along with you! You might not necessarily know these people very well, just need to find a group of people that you feel comfortable with, and that you can foresee a friendship to blossom. :) Yes, you have to make the first move, somebody has to.. But then, there are two goods that will come out from this: you know the place where you are better, and you also get to meet people/know people better. :) And of course, call home/skype/email the people you love often, to get through this lonely initial phase. :) Don't have to rush it, it took me a good whole semester to feel at home in Melbourne too.

Good luck with it, love! If there's anything, feel free to email me. :)

eevon: Haha, why nice!! Got regrowth already. :(

eeflin: Hahahahha OOPSSSS! Sorry really, typo!! Hahhahaha. EEFlin, what the EFFFF, hahahah. Eh I really quite manly. The way I sit, the way I talk, HAIHHHH. Ok ok, how you want to challenge me HUH HUH HUH! :P I think it's even worse to be manly in a dress!! 'Cause then might show panties WTFFF. And /boo, I think you will look very nice in dresses ok, why you don't want to wear!!

siewkwan: Thank youuu! :))) Feels a bit weird accepting wishes for my blog, haha. And thank you for the compliment too, it means a lot to me to know that I haven't fallen into a rut for work clothes yet. :P

somedude: Hahahha ok you're going to hate me for this, but are you somedude or somedudette!! wtf What sort of industry are you in? I think in corporate industry generally, people still dress really really safely (read:boring), I can vouch for that. :( And I am sure you're in the 5% right! <333

jayelle: AHHHH thank you! :)))) I think this's the first time I hear people say that... and I love it! :D

faux fashionista: But I can't bring myself to restock on boring work bottoms! :(

jen ai: Haha, okok! Soon soon, I promise! :)

anonymous: *blushhhhhhh* Please, don't flatter me so much la! <333 Hmm, I think it's half-half, in terms of where I got my clothes! Actually, my strategy for buying work clothes then was: to start early. :P Since about 1 or 2 years ago (actually I lied, since I was 15 T__T), whenever I see nice items which are suitable for work and is at a reasonable price, I will buy them first! Most of the things that you see me wear are old-ish things-- got them a really long time ago. :P And once again, thank you for your sweet praises, you really made my day. :)

candydoll: Awww, that's really happifying to hear! :D :D :D

anonymous: OMGGGG are you serious, you bought necklaces from me before? :)))) Which one!! :))) And WOWWW why you lost weight while interning wan! When I interned at PwC last time, I put on 5 kgs I think. T__T 'Cause everyday only sit down and snacked. T___T But yeaa, I get you, I just can't bear to splurge on working bottoms all over again! :( And thank you love, happy blog is my trademark. :P

nana: WAHHH, what a coincedence!! You were at Luna Bar right?? Haha, yaya Jing remembers you! :P Glad that you love the glads (no pun intended wtf) :D And hahaha honestly, I don't really put much heart into what I wear! I just run through during the weekends what I feel like wearing the following week, and I follow suit. :P And what do you mean what's the plan back home! :D

siewkwan: EH WHY YOU SO BAD! Hahahaha. I don't know why he says I am like cartoon, really. T_T

Anonymous said...

your clothes are so gorgeous (and you too of course)! i love all your working outfits!! nd' yeah i agree with jo, your clothings all so happy-clappy! ;)