Saturday, July 19, 2008

Leash needed, pronto!

Sisters: "Whatever happened to saving?"

Sometimes I really hate myself.

I think it was the delicious "Thank god it's Friday" mood that I was in yesterday, so I decided to go off for a little shopping after work, lugging my laptop bag which is as heavy as a baby whale. The main agenda was for me to get a moisturizer, since I have ran out of it.

But I got a little carried away. T__T

They don't look like a lot right! But the Topshop bag carrier bag behind is as big as my pillow. T_T And the Bysi paperbag you see at the front is the size of 1 and 1/2 pillows wtf. Trust me, it was HELL trudging along carrying all these shopping bags along with my work bag and my laptop bag! T____T

It's just that I got a little too excited, 'cause do you know Topshop here have sales up to 60%!! In M'sia, 70% sales only come on during the last stretch of the sales period, i.e. final clearance period; else usually 50% is the cap. And just to let you gauge how crazily I spent yesterday, I have officially became a Fashion Fast Forward (i.e. Topshop/Selfridge/Dorothy Perkins) member (Singapore) AND I have also scored my first voucher (given when you spend over 250 bucks). I have a FFF card back in KL, but unfortunately, it cannot be used in S'pore! So I am pretty happy that the S'pore membership card is safely in my wallet now. :P And that I am also on my way to collecting my next voucher. -_-

BUTTT I am quite emo now! 'Cause I just found out that Topshop back in KL have started their mega sales too! T___T And it appears that for the things I have bought in S'pore, I have paid more for them as compared to if I have bought them in KL. T___T FUCK THIS SHIT WEI. Damn sad now, I was gloating 'cause I thought I got good bargains, and now my sister told me that KL is cheaper!!! I am only trying to console myself that even though it's cheaper in KL, it's not like I can go back to get them now. And by the time I go back next round, sizes would have run out anyway. *reassures own bitter self*

But anyhow, I am really really really pleased with purchases yesterday, 'cause I actually stocked up on a lot of, err, long-term wants of mine! Things like, 50's full swing skirts (two), a cute swing bolero jacket, cigarette plaid pants, tutu skirts (two), wide legged pants, 2 pairs of Topshop shoes. These are things that I have been wanting for sometime, just that I had trouble finding nice ones! And they are also things that I could rewear, so I reckon they are justified buys. :P Also got a couple of dresses and tops... I did momentarily toyed with the idea of posting up my buys, that's how much I love the items I got last night, but they are really too many of them! And anyway, don't you think it's more fun to seem them on me when I actually wear them. :P

Btw, I have actually coveted one of the Topshop shoes that I bought last night for a long time! So much so that I almost bought it during my company's private sales (20% off). And now it's 50% off! Thank god I didn't get it then, if not I will really be sobbing my brains out. Thank god for near-misses sometimes. :P


Work outfits! I find that documenting my work-wear helps me be more.. mindful of what I wear-- I try harder to not to be boring. :P

First day of working with the client-- decided to play it safe and professional, hence the white and black ensemble.

Never would I have anticipated the day that I wear pearl earrings AND necklace! Seems so.. adult. =/

There is a bow on my black skirt, can you see it!
I try to get more interesting items for work. T_T

Mandarin collared shirt, with pretty pleating. :)))

Hmm, you know what, considering how much I wear pearl earrings, I really should consider investing in Mikimoto. *HINT HINT TO THE BOYFRIEND*

My manly outfit-- vest and slacks! Coupled with my new pearl cuff. :)))

Casual Friday!

Oooh, I was wearing matching pink button earrings, and halfway furiously typing away on my laptop, my colleague asked me, "Eh! Your earrings look like Mentos!". So I retorted, "Are you trying to tell me I look delicious!", and then he said, "Ok ok let's get back to work".
Boohoohoo. T___T


And I am adhering to my promise. :)))))

May I present to you, the most delicious, yummy, scrumptious, mouthwatering siew yuk there ever ever is!! :))))

I can't remember the English name of the shop, but I think it's Wong Kee or something like that.

It starts its business at 12.30, and during lunchtime, the queue is might long! You'll have to be quick too, 'cause the siew yuk gets sold off real fast. The coffee shop only has this ONE stall, so you can imagine how booming the business is! :)

MMMM. Crispy skin, with even layers of fat and meat... The meat literally melts in your mouth, and the skin crunches and pops... I can honestly sweat to god that I have never tasted such good roasted pork in my life!

It's so good that I go to the shop 3 times a week; and when I went back to KL last weekend, it was the first meal that I demanded for! :P The shop is near Times Square-- err, I suck at directions, so please go to here for a true and fair review + directions to the place k! :)

And I found this batch of pictures along with the siew yuk pictures, so I am posting them up too. :P

All rosy and satisfied after my roasted pork feast. :)

Outfit! I was going for a child-like, doll-ish effect, hence the playful stockings and the rocking horse necklace. :P
And yessss, I wore this to have siew yuk at a coffee shop! I did get a lot of glances/stares, but boo, I am used to it! *brave face*

We went to Desserts' Bar Hartamas Shopping Center! :)
And I look so boobsy here. *shy*

Desserts' Bar! :)
And if it's not obvious enough, YES, it's desserts desserts desserts all the way here! Healthy desserts though, very fruity ones.

My drink: ice blended mango and strawberries.
EH why my mango slices looked so furry here!

The boyfriend's blended apple and melon.

Normal people sip on their drinks, with no accidents or mishaps.

... As for me, I didn't even realized that one of my mango slices have fell out. T__T
But never mind, don't my eyes look so big here! Like Alien Workshop wtf.

Vanilla panna cotta with fresh raspberries and strawberries and a dash of honey. I thought this was quite awesome!
And I had fun pushing the plate back and forth to see how the jelly would jiggle, hahaha.

I think I look like a schoolgirl in this dress! Should I keep it for role-playing WTF.
I actually bought it for winter in Melbourne, but I never did get to wearing it. :(

You know how you can leave imprints on certain fabrics by lightly scratching it or making strokes on it?

And heehee, this is what we play with (the couch) while waiting for our desserts to arrive! :P


While out doing groceries just now, I saw a girl on the escalator wearing a fur-trimmed sleeveless parka. Which leads to a question that I have always been meaning to ask you all-- what exactly is the limit when following trends? M'sia (and S'pore wtf) are tropical countries, so no matter how badly we want to, there are some (winter) trends that might not be too suitable for our climate.

This question first popped into my head when I saw this Topshop stylist (you know right, that there are fashion stylists in certain Topshop stores, they will help style you up! Based on a fee of course) wearing a knit beanie, black tights, and a knitted scarf. Stylish, yes, very much so. But whilst the outfit is a YES during autumn/winter; under our weather conditions, it just looked a little.. weird. So the debacle is, what is yay and what is nay in KL(or S'pore/other tropical countries)?

- wearing knee length boots
- knitted beanies/scarves
- leather jackets
- trench coats
- PARKAS-- with fur somemore wtf
- And any other thing you can think of! Suggestions! :P

Personally, I can accept jackets (trench or leather), provided they are not too warm. If they look too thick/warm, you might look foolish. I won't be wearing any knee-length boots in non-winter countries! But ship me to a cold country, and I will be happily pulling them on. :P Aaah, I miss the days of boots and trenches. T_T Scarves are ok, provided they are lightweight-- a thick knitted scarf will look silly! I am undecided on beanies though, I saw a girl in f21 once wearing a beanie with a tank and a denim mini, the look didn't really go. Though I admit, too many a times I am tempted to throwing on my beanie, 'cause they are so cute and just waiting to be worn! :D

What other yay or nay fashion items can you think of! And what do you think? :P


Anonymous said...

i dunno every time i come home its summer for me so i wanna wear the skimpiest most beachlike and colorful clothing possible!

but i also wear thigh high socks so... draws circles wtf

Anonymous said...

I think the slouch beanie-beret is fine because it is so loose, and does nothing to keep a person warm :P The tight fitting one can be a bit warm and unwise but hey to each his or her own.

The Faux Fashionista said...

NAy nay nay...but tights are A-Okay for me :)) Trench jackets are fine, but no coats. And sleeveless parka??? You've gotta be kidding me. Those people just strike me as trying too hard!

electronicfly said...

hahaha..i think colleague takut u sue him for sexual harrassment, so cepat cepat change topic. hehe

Anonymous said...

hey, any shopping hotspots there in malaysia to introduce?
im from singapore btw, and my mom intends to drive us up but have no idea where to do.

and any idea approx when is the last sales period, 70% for topshop right? heehee.

sorry to bother and thanks a lot.

ps. welcome to singapore (if this isnt too late)!
: )

The Faux Fashionista said...

oh btw I forgot to comment on your outfits *smacks forehead* I like all of them, especially the pencil skirts! But then hor, not hot meh wear like that go to work? Like when you're walking to lunch or going to take public transport etc...

Anonymous said...

i bought 2 skirts from bysi and a pair of shorts from DP the other day too ... soooo cheap rite?! it's ok that you shopped so much, since the sale is ending this week lol!!

i love love love your go-to-work outfits!

i'm going to teach in a junior college =D just the other day they emailed me to tell me the dresscode will be formal but comfortable =.= what is comfortable in their definition?

i tried the salad cos i read from your blog and i was too emo staying at home so i went out looking for nice food! and YES it was so nice but i ordered the wrong drink cos i wanted to try this thing call strawberry passion tea! (thking there's passionfruit in it cos i never read description wtf) it tasted like medicine!

Anonymous said...

oh! are u selling that uniform dress of yours! hoho! i want i want! XD

and i really love the manly outfit of yours! winks

mustardqueen said...

OOH u can wear the green parka u bought and I can pinjam you my smiley tee (smilin ting wtf) hahah like lenalena *fly kiss* T___T I wanna get the beanie from F21 cos it's liek 29 ringgit here only!!! but it's the one that you tie under ur chin, wait thats not beanie, its a winter hat -_- and I wanna bring mommy there to stock on winter coats,trench, whatever warm to Melb next year =3 COME BACK SOON for f21 sale you *might* (might only ar) got crazy... T___T And I'm on detox why la u show me siew yuk pictures, atkins over u show me meat, during atkins u show noodles wtf T___T

k said...

i always wanted to wear those fingerless biker gloves a la rihanna or gwen stefani but they just come off as tryhard if you wear them in our south east asian weather wtf.

i love scarves too but i dunno i find dem very wannabe and alot of ah lians wear dem and i dont want to be ah lian cause i am chinese and i already fit one of that criteria wtf

jeanchristie said...

i find people wearing calf/knee length boots in our weather slightly ... odd. Doesn't help when they're using tissues to wipe their sweat faster than u can say boo!

hey, since u def know more abt places to shop than i do (!) .. do u know where i can get good gloves/scarves/winter stuff in sg/msia?

i saw this pair of white peeptoes from pedalworks and im still in debate with myself if i should get it T_T

anddddd 1 more thing, the company usually provides half a day off to compensate for the national that falls on a saturday, so would u like to have the tickets for 7th Aug to KL and 10th aug return to SG? Cheap tickets too ;)

If you want them, let me know and i'll pass you the booking details! xo

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

I often think that people who wears winter clothings here are C.R.A.Z.Y.!But I have to admit I wore boots here ONCE, ONCE only, then I swore never to soak my feet into a pool of water again, for what, like asking for torture only. I can accept tights and a certain types of headgear, other than that, it's just, hello, do you have common sense? haha. And I like your schoolgirl dress, looks very schoolgirl. haha.

pj said...

i did use my F3 Topshop card when i was in S'pore (Vivo City).. just for points collection i guess

revel in me said...

aud: WHYYY!! It;s cold 24/7 in US mehh!! I don't know ler, I kind of miss playing with layering... In M'sia cannot wear cute jackets! T_T

Knee length socks, hahaah.. You know I still love you! /boo

lauranne: Actually I think it has a lot to do with the material as well! If a person is going to a thick woolen beanie, she's gonna get some eyebrow-raising from me. :P

faux fashionista: What's the difference between jackets and coats!! And hahahah I KNOWWW! The parka (WITH FUR) is totally pushing it!

electronicfly: HAHA, ya hor, didn't think of that! :P But I think it's more likely they were bullying me.. They always bully me wan. T__T

anonymous: WHEEEE do you want to fetch me to KL too, heehee! :P How long will you be there for? :) Well, you can try KLCC/One Utama/Mid Valley/Pavilion for normail retail stores (like Topshop, Esprit, British India etc etc), go to Sungei Wang/Times Square in KL for cheap shopping-- but you have to dig! And weekend bazaars in the Curve (and Ikano Power Center).. And hmmm, I reckon the 70% sales should start about 2 weeks from now? :P

And thank you, dearr! Have a great trip k! (And pls consider driving me up to KL too wtf) :D

faux fashionista: Hee, thank you love! <333 But they are not really pencil skirt la! Not tight enough wtf. Err, they are ok, 'cause I am not really outdoors often! But if I have to stay under the sun, then YESSS very warm. T__T

eevon: We think alike! <333 AND OMGGG THANK GOD YOU WARNED ME THIS IS THE LAST WEEK! I went out today and got even more stuff! :)))) Damn emo lor, I feel that if there're no sales in s'pore, the stuff are quite ex. :( And HAHA, formal comfortable! What a contradiction. :P What if they expect you to wear, gasp, SCHOLL SHOES! Hahahahaha. And eep, why the drink like that! My sister ordered some passinfruit + ice cream + soda, and it was REALLY good! Since we have such great similar minds, we should get together one day! <333

miss hazel: Haha, don't think I am selling la! Anyhow, I am in s'pore, quite hard to meet up. T_T And heee, THANK YOUUU! I was quite worried about wearing a vest, 'cause scared too funky wtf. You can't believe how safe everyone dresses! =/

mustardqueen: OOOHHHH you remember that green jacket!! But it's not a parka la.. T__T That reminds me!! I saw a smiley tee today! Wanted to get it, but it looked quite lala wtf. And HAHHAHA if you wear that winter hat thingy in Kl I will disown you ok! Hahahahha! And boo, F21 in KL, still got sizes mehh.. T__T

And HAHHAHA SORRY AR, I didn't realize I am alays tempting you. :P *sayangs*

skim: OH YAAA glovesss! Good one!wtf. I think the fingerless ones are quite cool! But I will only use them for dressy events though. :P And scarves, thin/lightweight ones I can accept la! But don't la wear those thick like python ones wtf. And HAHHAH why you so ahlian-adverse wtf.

jean: Yaaaa! I can' really accept boots! MAYBE ankle ones, but knee length is just plain weird! =/ And where are going!! Why you need winter clothes!! :P Hmm, I actually wouldn't recommend getting in M'sia.. 'Cause the designs are eeky, and they are really expensive! You are much better off stocking up in aussie itself! :) And OMG OMG OMG are you serious?? They give us a half day off?? :D :D :D I WANNNT I WANNT I WANNT! Which bus, how much, and what time!! AM SO EXCITED! :D

ally said...

EH this is damn off topic but i just remembered where the beef ball noodles were! in the scotts food court!!!!

oh and tony romas is a must try in spore cause they actually have PORK RIBS. and mushroom pot in kallang!

and winter clothes like hoodies and thick jumpers are a huge no no in places like malaysia and singapore ok. wearing them is like equivalent to wearing sunnies in the middle of a shopping center. hah...very bright ah hah?

revel in me said...

siewkwan: HAHAHHAA why you so cuteee!!! Kept on emphasizing that you wore boots ONCE AND ONCE ONLY, hahahahah! I like you, you're so bitchy, HAHA. And you also very crappyyyyy, my schoolgirl dress looks very school girl wtf. :P

plain.jane: OMGGG are you serious???? They didn't let us do so! They said S'pore have their own card/system, and Msia has its own. BOOOOOO. :(

revel in me said...

ally: Why keep on got new comments! Never-ending wtf. HAHAHAH why you so random! But cute, I like wtf. <3 Where is Scotts! Is it next to Orchard? :) And YESSS I was just thinking to myself that day!, I can finally try pork ribs in Tony Roma's!!!! You know me so well. /boo
And where is mushroom pot(kallang)!!! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO BRING ME.

And ehh damn strict right you! Hoodies can la! Just not those super thick ones la! HAHHAHA OMG SPOT ON MAN, I have always wondered about those people who wear sunnies indoors! Super wannabe!

The Faux Fashionista said...

Hmm, I'm under the impression that a jacket is shorter and made from lighter fabric and less formal, while a coat is the opposite?

You know how when you read in trashy romance novels the heroine will always have on a coat over her fantabulous gown, but never a jacket? And I've only heard of mink coats, but not mink jackets....I think I'll go google it now :D

The Faux Fashionista said...

From Wikipedia:

"The term jacket is reserved for a hip-length or shorter garment, while coat can be used for a garment of any length."

"It is very similar to a coat, and in some instances either term can be used for the same article; but a jacket is generally shorter, ending just below the waist, and often lighter."

KY said...

ooOo the siu yok! the siu yok!!!

Anonymous said...

gosh, i love your style. especially in your daily outfits to work.

there are certain things that one can't wear here because of the weather but i am very much a fan of knee-length boots. if i don't want to show too much leg in a really short skirt, i'll throw them on instead of tights. boots are always more comfortable than shoes/pumps.

knitted scarves are okay as long as you aren't bundled up completely in it.

trenches, coats, jackets or anything of the like shouldn't be worn at all. any sort of over the top layering is out too.

Anonymous said...

oi! what scholl shoes? i didn't bother ok ... i said i was gonna wear pretty pretty shoes wear heels so i just wore ni! n now i'm back from work =))))

yes pls .. we can go out for FOOOD together, i heard tony romas!! *lol*

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Hahaha, you're so obsessive-compulsive! :P But yayyy, now I am FULLY aware of the differences. ;) Though I have to admit, your reference to the trashy romance novels is CLASSIC. :P

ky: I KNOWWWWW! It's the BEST BEST BEST isn't it! <3 I was so touched when I read your entry, and you mentioned how you usually don't use the word 'best' for food you review, as it is relative, but how this is definitely the BEST. :)))

kat: Haha, thank you! Though I much prefer to wear my daily clothes as compared to work clothes. :P And aww, I think jackets and coats are ok though! :P And where have you been getting comfortable boots! Some of the boots that I have are major toe-fucks. =/

eevon: So you have started work already??! How was your first day? :))) And HAHA so you are oneof those hot teachers in college huh! What subject do you teach! :) And MMM TONY ROMAS! WHEN! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Wen. I absolutely love your work clothes. Where can I get them? If you dont mind me asking =)

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Hahaha, thanks for liking me, but I'm bitchy meh? Is that a good thing? T_T haha. Yeala, quite crappy that one, but dunno how to describe anymore, hahaha. Oh I actually think jackets and ankle boots are alright, but the ones I wore was not knee length not ankle, i dunno what to call them. But NOT leather jacket or any sort of stuff that looks thick. I get annoyed looking at them, cuz I'll feel hot after that, so weird kan. haihz

Oh and thanks for reviewing the siew yok, so wanna try man!! *wipes off saliva

Anonymous said...

not hot la where got hot, was just very worried when they told me COMFORTABLE! lol but then again what was i thinking! if the students wear uniform skirts that are SO SHORT! and are allowed to accessorize their hair with gold hairband and colorful clips, why should i worry!! =D

first day was ok, kinda boring, like any other first days rite?

and yes anyday for tonyromas! or maybe sashimis and sushis!

jeanchristie said...

Brother is going off to UK, so am trying to see if I can get a hold of some decent gloves for him ;)

Well, from what I heard, they USUALLY do. Though bear in mind the ticket TO KL that I have is for the day before, i.e. u'll need to get half a day's leave or get tickets from aeroline or something (but I believe they are mostly sold out already).

U can still have the return one from KL ;)

First Coach departing Novena Square. $55 if you get return tickets, if not $33 1 way.

Departing 6.30 or 7pm (can't recall) .. and return should be 2.30 from Bangsar I think.

Drop me an email if you want them and I'll pass you my details ;)


jeanchristie said...

i tried tony roma's pork ribs at suntec and they were quite a disappointment that time ;(

The Faux Fashionista said...

*Sigh* I know right (referring to obsessive-compulsive)? I've tried to change but can't quite seem to kick the habit of getting excited over little things like that.

p.s. about the F21 stuff, I can help you get them if you don't mind paying a little for shipping (I think its $5.45/lb) because I'm planning to ship all my clothes, books, etc. back home so I can just ship yours together.

revel in me said...

may lee: Aww, thank you! :D Well, I get my clothes from everywhere! I even have vintage blouses for work-- haven't worn that yet, but when I do I will post them up. :P I think the most important thing is just to not be restrained by what is defined as 'workclothes'. I basically get everything and anything! In fact, besides my proper dress shirts, all my tops could actually be worn out, and they are all in a way, my style wan. :P And don't shop at G2000! Bloody rip-offs. I have a feud with them since I paid Rm300 over for 2 pairs of pants EACH. Boring designs, and less than fab cuts, MEH. Some of my work clothes are very cheap! Like SGD6, and RM6 also got, HAHAHA. I didn't bring all my clothes over, I mostly brought over the really proper looking ones, so I can't really depict what I mean, but just remember to think out of the box! :P

(hope this helps ok :P)

siewkwan: HAHAHA it IS a good thing! I like bitchy people! 'Cause then we can bitch together wtf. And ahahaha why you so angsty, angry at people for making you feel warm. :P GO EAT THE SIEW YUK, I swear to god, you won't regret it AT ALL. <333

eevon: HAHAHHA trueee! The school girls here look quite hot wan! The itsy bitsy skirts and the cute shoes.. But I think the hottest ones are the Japanese schoolgirls, I literally DROOLED when I saw them. :P And wooottt, me up for jap food too! <3

jean: OHHH for your brother! Hmm, I don't really know ler.. Unless you want to get designer ones? Haha! I think paul smith has nice ones. :P And OHHH I better check with my senior.. *crosses fingers that the half day is TRUE* And what do you mean I have to take a half-day off the day before? On thursday itself? =/

faux fashionista: HAHAHA I know what you mean man! I ma obsessive compulsive too-- if I want something I must have it/have it done NOWWWW. =/ WAHHH really ar! I don't mind paying for shipping! *starts stalking F21 site* :P