Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday blues.

For the first time, I fully appreciate the meaning of this phrase. T__T
On Sunday night while being on the phone with the boyfriend, I was kicking a racket on my bed (and getting tangling in my blanket in the midst of it wtf), crying to the heavens for taking away my weekend. T__T

But at least today I finished at 4pm! *big shiny eyes* I can't remember the last time I took the bus/train in broad daylight. T__T

And I am going home this Friday!!! I am SO SO SO SO SO happy and excited, my panties are in a bunch wtf. What should I dooo!!! Spending time with the boyfriend is a must, I haven't seen him in 3 weeks! And ahem, Bijou Bazaar on Sunday. *throws boyfriend to a side HAHA* And the food! Omg, I feel like I haven't had decent food in so long. The Singaporeans are pretty proud of their food, but hello, there is NOTHING compared to Malaysia the food haven ok! Do you know that I don't dare to order dry noodles here??? Because instead of tossing it with black sauce, they laden it with ketchup and chili sauce. -__________- And bak kut teh! Apparently bak kut teh here is not black in color. HOW CANNNNN!

And something very exciting is going to happen this weekend! Tell you all after it materializes. :P


With the boyfriend in Oriental Cravings in OU. They have one of the best claypot lo shee fun here! Even better than Murni's, in my opinion. Of course, you are paying double the amount though. =/

HAHAHAHA I am posting this picture 'cause for some reason I was looking away-- but don't you think that makes this picture look like a wedding picture!!!!
Like gazing far away to our bright and happy future WTF.

Me and my rabbit teeth. T___T
I really need to be more disciplined and wear my retainers often!

Outfit for the day. Was going for the demure/girlie look, did it work! :P

My favorite part of the dress: The to-die-for pretty cream layered lace sleeves! :)))

The cream satin bow cuff that I wore.

I have been feeling rather healthy lately! (Although I have been steadfastly having fast food as dinner =/) 'cause I have been having fruit juices everyday! Normally, I am more of a coffee/tea person, but it's really easy to get cheap fresh fruit juices at MRT stations (1-2 SGD)! I have been taking dragonfruit juice for 2 days already!!! And my bowels have improved greatly, haha-- flatter tummy, hurray!


Since I have more time today (4pm finished work! Wheeee!) and the boyfriend has dumped me for deep slumber (he called me just now after accidentally falling asleep, and in a blurry thick tone: "Bee, I dreamt I was acting in a children's cartoon" -__________________-), here are some random pictures from Melbourne! Heh, can you tell that I am quite gung-ho today.

These pictures are from December last year, when Shannon and Jon came down from Perth. Wow, it has been more than 6 months!!! Can you tell the difference between the then-me and the now-me. :D

Being chummy with Michelle at Smythe Street! Or is it Bridge Road. One of the tram stops la wtf.

Hahaha, can you see my water bottle peeking out of my bag!
Seriously, I am the most unglam person in the world. T_T I carry a water bottle everywhere I go! I can't help it if I need to be dehydrated. T___T

In Starbucks. And excuse the greasy bangs-- I think my side bangs now suit me so much more. =/

Haihhhh look at how round my face used to be!! T_T

Shaun, Shannon, Jon, Me-- at Docklands.
LOOK AT MY ARM-- it looks amputated, so scary! =/

Being cool on Smythe Street.

And meet J.Lo!

HAHAHHAHAHHA Shannon in my winter jacket HAHAHHAHA!

And ohhhh, my mom got this winter jacket for me right before I left for Melbourne-- she thought winter in Melbourne is like -0 Celcius. When I went there, everyone was in trench coats and pretty jackets! -________- I felt like the most unfashionable person alive then. T____T


jeanchristie said...

oooh! i am tempted to go home again this weekend T_T

how come ure taking the late bus? (or so it seems from ting's comment)

Anonymous said...

Your water bottle can't beat this ; Ah Ma doesn't carry tissue paper in her bag, she carries baby wipes AND a ONE LITRE water bottle. Hahah!

Lee said...

Hi, was searching for something via Google came across your blog.
I must admit, I normally will glance and take off, but I paused and looked at most of your pics, present and past...sure had fun looking thru and enjoying your lively sense of humour.
Nice blog you have...
You stay easy and have a great week, best regards, Lee.

Anonymous said...

adakah saya akan temui anda semasa anda balik ke tanah air hoe hui wen wtf

yishyene said...

HEY I had a dress SO similar to that one before - only thing mine was in Emerald. Don't you just miss Melbourne?! I miss it all the time! But I suppose London is ok during the summer.. ha ha.

(PS I wanted to tell you for ages but kept forgetting, I love that stripey tank + dress/top thing I got from you, although I've only worn it once so far.. was just putting up pics today that had me in it and so that was a reminder!!)


(don't forget if you like carrots you are a nerd)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Mmmm...pretty likes pretty dresses. I should do more than to keep coming to your blog and commenting on your dresses :D

Of course la I do read what you write too but that's after I look at the pictures heeee...I like the first dress (graygreygraygrey (confused wtf) color with lace), very pwetty ^__^ Oh and I think you've lost quite a bit of weight since you got back from Melbourne. Good for you! And yayyy for going home :) Hang in there, 4 more days to go!

Suet Li said...

eh why damn ngam one! i kept saying the exact phrase to barry yday. i've got the monday bluesss
haih anyway today tuesday edi i still feel the same wor how ah

emmanuel said...

were the guys with u on the pic at dockland checking out a chic or wat?

revel in me said...

jean: Haha, go home! Is it too late to get tickets. T_T And yaya, I booked the late bus 'cause I wasn't sure what time I will be done with work!

smalls: HAHAHHAHA ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Baby wipes, whatever for! HAHAHHAHA Ah ma really Ah ma!

u.lee: That's a really sweet thing to say! :) Thank you thank you thank you! =)

tzeching: I don't think so! :( It really pains me alot (wtf drama) to say that, but I am only going to be back for 1 day-- things are really going to be rushed for me! :( Maybe the next round k! <3

yishyene: Which dress!! Aaah, it must be our fantastic taste! <333 I really miss melbourne... Whenever I look through my melbourne pics, I feel damn sad wan.. :( And you mean that nautical white tank dress with the striped inner layer is it! Damn cute right! I felt like a kinky sailor in it WTF. And HAHHAHAH WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO RANDOM!

faux fashionista: Hahaha, ya la, I was getting emo 'cause I thought you only see pictures ok! T___T I love the gray dress too! Am considering how to wear it to work, HEEE. But I think it might be too pretty, see how la! And YAAAA I definitely lost weight since I came back-- I put on so much weight in melbourne you know! T__T I am still not back to my old weight though. T____T

suet li: I think all working people also will utilize that phrase.. T_____T It's like WORK blues hor, not only monday.. T_____T

emmanuel: Omg, HAHAHHA I think so! Is that why I was isolated in the picture WTF.

ally said...

:D ur coming home this weekend? girlie weekend mouuuuu wtf

The Faux Fashionista said...

Ehh don't emo ok *pats head* I got read la ;)

I got a taste of the whole going-overseas-gaining-weight thing in advance when I did student exchange to Norway after my SPM, gained 6kg in 4 weeks T__T Took me 1 whole year to lose all that weight. After that I swore NEVER to let myself pass a certain weight again. Everytime the needle move past that mark I start dieting. Easier than losing everything one shot mah ;)

*scratch head* I was staring at the dress for about 5 minutes and I think there's really no way to make the dress work for work (pun intended) given your company's strict dress code without looking weird or compromising on the pretty sleeve. But then you so creative with your baju you might be able to come up with something? I look forward to seeing it when you do!

ally said...

EH and i feel like i must defend the food from that half of my heritage wtf.

singapore bak kut teh is peppery and not as herby as malaysian but there's this place called ng ah sio which has pretty damn good bkt ok and mee pok is damn good! and kuih tu tu is the best shit ever! and singapore has really nice sour sop juice at ntuc! and the beef noodles in the food court in uh...oh shit cant remember. um. tanglin or something. ITS SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY LAH! but its the best beef noodles ever!

revel in me said...

ally: I will only be back for 1 day leh! Don't even count as weekend wtf. Will you be going to bijou? I told aud I might be seeing her there! :D

faux fashionista: OMG ME TOOOOO! After I went over to melbourne, I put on like 7kgs.. I never did really shed it off.. T_____T Sigh, you're so disciplined ok! I am super glutton, just show me some food, and all resolve flies out of the window. :( And haha, err maybe for casual friday? :P I don't know, I am seeing some of my peers (from my batch) very short dresses now! -___- So maybe soon I can challenge the dress code further. :P

ally: HAHAHAHA SORRY tersinggung you wtf. Eh then when you come down to singapore!!! To bring me to all these nice places la!!! I challenge you ok!! *gangster face* :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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revel in me said...

As cliched as it sounds, beauty isn't skin deep. :)