Thursday, July 24, 2008

My <3s.

*updated again HEE*

I fell asleep just now on my bed in my bikini. -_________-
Am going out now, Ministry of Sound YOOOOO! And am bunking in with Jac and Smalls and Mey after that, slumber partayyyy! Err, teeny nighties and pillow fights may be on the agenda wtf.

Nevertheless, it is the girls' last night in S'pore, and I can't help but feel a little down. :(

*slightly updated wtf*

I am so happy today. :)))

Thanks to all the best wishes and whatnots, I got to meet up with my darling Jac, and my darling Kitty Mey as well. Talked so much just now that I have no voice now!

And boo, I stayed out so late, and got back just in time too-- turned out I took the last train back! =/

So late now, I am going to DIE at work tomorrow. T_T

PS: My seniors are calling me Fiona now. Got a big sad sob story behind it. T______T


I have no time to blog! Been meeting up with Jac for 2 nights straight, and Smalls is officially on the island tonight. ;) Tomorrow, girls night out complete with dinner and pubbing, and MOS on saturday night! And I told Jac that I am going to have 2 outfit changes for tomorrow night-- one for dinner and one for drinks, and she told me to sit at a separate table wtf.

Nah, teaser picture!

I am going back home next weekend!! By flight somemore. *big shiny teary eyes* So much to update, but no time!

Wish for me a good weekend k! :P


mustardqueen said...


wtf why got such name wan you're such a disgrace to the Hoes wtf

I wanna come down this weekend also but it's tomorrow a bit rush leh -_-

KITMEY said...


fiona... XIE!
at least you know she's the hottest around in spore ;)

Anonymous said...

eh hello womann did you get the number?? if not i'll send again. waited ages for you to come online. tsk! i guess you'll be going shopping again this w/end since your friends are here to visit! haha dont deny

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

How come you are called Fiona, it reminds me of the princess Fiona in Shrek, omg, pls let it be the one before she changed into the being like Shrek, but it's still kinda cute, HAHAHAHA.

And why do you have to change twice? Is it because you know that at dinner you surely will dirty your outfit cuz you are clumsy like me T_T, then you have spare to change? Hahaha, i'm so smart, right right?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing cos you don't get to play dress up on working days so it's make-up time! ;DDD

Heck, i need to have 3 changes of clothes in a day cos UNI IS STARTING NEXT WEEK! T_________________T Back to L7 WTF! =(

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: I KNOWWWWW I damn hate the name ok! But /boo, you know why they call me that or not.. T___T

HAHA, this weekend is FLAT HAIR FLAT weekend, no time for you wtf! <3

pinkitmey: HAHAHHAHAH why you so nice to me treat me so good boost my ego.. *teary eyes*


xen: I DIDDD!! THANK YOU LOVEEE!! Yaya, these few days have been going out every night till midnight, never really go online. T_T THANK YOU OK!! I will call her up asap. :) And HEEHEE you know me so well! And MOS too! The club not the burger WTF. <333

siewkwan: WTFFFFF I never even thought of the ogre. T_____T I will reveal in due course wtf why I am being labeled as a Fiona. T___T And hahaha! No la, I want to wear 2 outfits 'cause I am miang! Jing knows me so well <3333 'Cause now that I am working, I seldom et to dress up.. T___T So sad right.. T____T

PS: although I am quite clumsy and I often dirty my outfits too! wtf

jing: SOULMATES! <333
Hahahhaha why you need THREE outfit changes! More miang than me. :p And HEEHEE took me damn long to figure out what is L7! I thought it's the bad word WTFFF. But I am smart la. :P

mustardqueen said...

Owh Jing finally figured out it's Visa or Mastercard already ar wtf you got ur tickets already?? hahahahahaa Damn cham la got tickets but cannot print wtf... And hello!! Mana GNO kita?? Huh?/ The dress I bought for GNO in Singapore still waiting lor, me and jing waiting!! ::D:D

Anonymous said...

i got a lucky card the other day and i am so not a lucky person i tell u i only have ONE FRIGGIN BUCK in my lucky card ='(

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe you're so petite and so cute!! :)

pinkpau said...

omg i love that dress!!!!!

looking good, you :)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Next weekend!! I got damn a lot of GNO clothes BEGGING to be worn.. T___T

eevon: OH NOOOO that's what I am afraid of! T__T Nvm nvm, third time is the charm.. SHOP MORE! :P

anonymous: AWWWWWWW thank youuu! :))) But I am not petite la, I am 5 feet + x inches tall!! *tiptoes in high heels* :P :P :P

pinkpau: HEEE it's actually a top!! Why am I so slutty. THANK YOUUU it means a lot coming from you.. *dabs at eyes* T_T