Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My happy place.

Someone commented once that she likes reading my entries with Flat Hair Flat in it, simply 'cause the entries are always so happy.

Well, this is for you people who think that way. :P

The small one, who came down to Singapore! For too short a weekend, I might add. :(((

She saw my dress, and the first thing she could say was :"SALMON!"
No love man our friendship. -_-

And Flat Hair Flat reunited. T_____T

Mey just came back from Melbourne after visiting her boyfriend, so you could say that the timing of everything was perfect. :)))

And fuck, I was looking like shit in almost every picture 'cause I went straight from work! My make-up was all melted off during the day, my hair was stringy, BOOO.

With Abby here!

We went to Oosh in Dempsey for dinner and drinks, and they straightaway led us to the back al fresco part of the restaurant (bypassing the main entrance)! T_T I think it was 'cause of the racket we were creating before they brought us into the restaurant (camwhoring and such *shifty eyes*). And although it was pretty obvious that there were still seats indoors, they insisted that we had to sit outside. ARE WE THAT NOISY wtf. Thank god it was really really dark outdoors, the only light being emitted from the solitary candle on the tables-- so we asked for extra FOUR candles and candlelight holders, one for the each of us wtf, HAHAHA. The waiter finally got overwhelmed, and ushered us into the restaurant. :P

Smalls' mains. -___________________-

Where got people eat ONE sausage for a main meal wan! -____-
But quite cute hor, the display of the palette resembles a smiley face wtf.

I had pork ribs. T__T

Why am I such a big eater compared to my girlfriends! T_T

I looked a little worse for the wear here, as I was seated at the head the table, and I insisted on shouting and shrieking to be heard wtf-- making me quite exhausted and hoarse by the end of it. :P

Still at Dempsey-- but we adjourned to the drinking area! :)

With Kenny.

Kenny told me I am the loudest girl he knows after Smalls. -_-

Kenny (who has been working in S'pore for sometime already) told me a few months ago that Singapore is too small an island to contain my noise. -_-

Kenny, upon knowing that I scored a job in S'pore, told me that I don't have to inform him of my arrival in S'pore, because he would be able to hear me. -___-

With Erin!

Who loves to splurge on clothes. T_T She thinks 100-over SGD for clothing is cheap, and recommends all these expensive places to me. But I am a cheapo when it comes to shopping, howww. T___T

Excuse us, it isn't everyday that best camwhore buddies are reunited. :P

With Jiren, the wonderful host who took us in for the weekend-- our slumber party was held at his place!
And he didn't mind our noise. *touched*

In fact, after Jac (and us) left, he called me and tell me that his house is so empty without us. T___T

All the girls! Nevermind that there are 1001 pictures of us, and although there are 3 other guys, there are close to zero photos of them.

Girls are so much better to look at, don't you think!! :P

After awhile, we (specifically Mey) started complaining that our poses are too boring. And she accused us of having rusty camwhoring skills! BLASPHEMY!

Which pretty much lead to idiotic pictures. :P

I was emo-ing (internally wtf) for a good part of the night 'cause I packed the wrong pair of shoes to change into after work. I wanted to wear my new Topshop shoes! :(

Glowy picture from Jac's camera. I swear, the woman's camera is magicked!! We all look so shiny and happy and pretty. *shy*


Tipsy people is like that wan.

And they kept on arranging Smalls and I to be in the middle 'cause we were wearing pink, and everyone else was in black and white. Why are my friends like this. -___-

Sexyback, although the phrase/caption is SO SO cliched and overdone already. But I can't find a better adjective wtf.
And I also wanted to show the gold zipper of the dress I was wearing! I bought the dress 'cause of the zipper, I am weird like that. -_-

Flat hair flat pictures:



Pictures failed by Smalls, because she wanted 'proper' smiley pictures of us. And she scolded me when she saw that I was drinking my Sangri in the picture, hence making the picture 'improper'. -_- Talk about obsessive-compulsive, woman! :P

And speaking of idiotic pictures, everyone, this is High On Grass, the cocktail that Mey and Jac ordered. A concoction of liquor, wheatgrass and honey.

Served with real grass wtf.

As attested by them, haha!
Why are my friends so attractive, HAHAHA.

Btw, our table that night won a Singfest ticket! Check out here for the line-up, omg, we are talking about Alicia Keys, Travis, Panic at the Disco, Pussycat Dolls, Jason Mraz, One Republic, Simple Plan..!!! All in a weekend concert!!! And the tickets cost SGD300 (it might be higher now as it nears the date) for a 2 day pass. -_- I was really eager to go, and am even up for forking out the insane amount of money (considering I haven't received my pay yet), but I couldn't find anyone to go with me! T__T So I booked tickets to go home this weekend. And now we won this ticket. HAIHHHH. T___T

Ok, I am going to end abruptly here. I wanted to post some pictures of us, or rather me attempting to go to the beach on Saturday, but the reason is strictly superficial-- I wore black on Saturday, and I wore black on Sunday, so I want to break the monotony lest I post both batches of pictures in the same entry.
I can be such a bimbo sometimes.

On another semi-superficial note, after only a month of working, my colleagues told me,
"We noticed that you don't repeat your clothes!!!"
And these are male colleagues. -_____-


Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Wah im the first!Sorry like stalker, but I just tagged you and the rule said I have to inform you via chatterbox, but you dun have thus I'm commenting here la(I very pjg lebar sorry la).Oh Kenny so funny, no need to inform him, cuz you are loud enough, LOL.

N wah, congrats! what an achievement, if male colleagues then it's an achievement la

Anonymous said...

It was me who commented that I like reading your Flat Hair Flat entries! :)

I'm going to bus it down this Saturday for Singfest! I've not been to Sg since I was 6, can you believe it!?? I am absolutely excited that I'll be seeing Jason Mraz and Alicia Keys and Panic LIVE <3 <3 oh and (pink) dolphins in Sentosa but that's another story altogether :p

So if you are going (since you have free tickets & decide to forgo your tix home) and if I see you, I'll say hi!

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE FORGOING YOUR TICKETS!? HOW CANNNN!!! I'm dying to go! but too expensive haih. i would fork out such money though for jason mraz, travis, lost prophets, PATD and rick astley HAHAHAHA but everyone said not worth it T______T should i go should i go???

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,I think thats such a great thing that yr male colleagues notices little things like that.Little things cos usually men do not understand fashion.U are so lucky of having male colleagues like that!And,I love that crocheted top too.Plus its off shoulder too.Gorgeous too!
And yesh,flat hair too me as I just newly rebonded my hair lol.

Anonymous said...


and why all of u look so grown up and mature already will that be me in a few weeks *scared

mustardqueen said...

EH i wanna go I go down singapore next week!! =D Then u come back la wtf since I can come over to singapore every weekend HAHAAHAH I'm serious here leave the tickets to ah yee I'll g get and go! =D=D=D What say you? :P

Anonymous said...

You are looking very very pretty girl! and thin too! GOD I'M SO JEALOUS! and ur dress is nice!

revel in me said...

siewkwan: OHHH, I will get to it if I have time k! But I really have been really busy nowadays.. T_T And BOOO Kenny is very mean ok!

And haha, why if males then such a big achievement. :P

joyce: OHHH HIIII! :D :D :D AAHHH I am so jealous, you're going to singfest! T__T I am going back to KL, so I won't be there for singfest, ISN'T THAT SO SAD. :( Give the pink dolphins a kiss for me k! :P

waifon: Our table only won ONE ticket la! And I have no choice, I have booked a flight for friday already, if I cancel on it, my dad will jump. =/ But ohhhh how I wish I could go!! I have seen Jason Mraz perform live before, he is the SHIZNIT! :P GOOOOO! And take pics for me k! :p

nana: Hahaha, they are damn superficial wan! Love to bitch about girls, and now they are speculating everyday whether I am wearing something new. -_- Teehee, the crotchet top isn't off-shouldered, I did the slutty thing and yanked it down. :P

And wheee, flat hair is erm, IN! :P

aud: Thank you, my dear! <333 And OIIII what do you mean grown up and matured!! You know how I am adverse to those words right!!! wtf What's happening in a few weeks' time! New job? :) Or 2nd phase of puberty wtf. :P

mustardqueen: Err, I am not sure I get what you're trying to say! -_- You want the singfest tix is it? It's with Kenny, 'cause none of us can go! T__T

miss hazel: WHY ARE YOU SO NICEEEE! You're an angelll. <333 Hahaha no la, I am not thin!! Far from it man. Just lost a teensy weensy bit of weight that's all. :P But thank youuu! :D

erin: Haha, must share with the world! Having exquisite/expensive taste is nothing to be ashamed of wtf. Hahaha, meet up soon ok! I will bring noise back into your life again. :P BRUNCH AND SENTOSA! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Hui Wen!

Since you're not going for Singfest, I need to ask you something. Can you sell your ticket to my friend cos she tried buying tix yesterday and it's all SOLD OUT! :( And Singfest was the reason WHY we're both going to Singapore in the first place. So now, I have to go to the festival alone unless she gets last minute tix. I was so desperate, I tried calling this Sg dude cos he listed his 3rd Aug tix on Ebay and he tried to con me by trying to sell his ticket for SGD250 (it was listed for SGD180 on Sg's ebay) MIGHT AS WELL BUY AT THE DOOR *grrrrrrr

So ya, if you want to or know anyone who wants to get rid of their Singfest tix, pls pls pls let me know. My friend is more than willing to pay! This is the sole purpose of going to Singapore to begin with. -_-

E-mail me : joyz_roxx@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

you go back to kl so often! why life so unfair wan!! i also want to go back find lover wtf haha

i flew back once and that was the LAST time because taking bus is so much more comfortable!!! and flying takes about the same amount of time in totalllll

revel in me said...

joyce: Oh no, dear, I don't have my own ticket! :( Our table won one solitary ticket, and 'cause no one at our table was free/able to attend singfest, one of our friends (kenny, to be exact) took the ticket! Hmm, I will contact him to see whether he is going k? If he is not up for it, I'll persuade him to sell the tix to you! :)

PS: The last time I checked the ticket pricing, it was going for SGD200, I think the prices go up as it nears the day! =/

eevon: 'Cause I am a spoiled brat, hahaha. No la, 'cause I am trying to go back while I am still free.. Once peak period comes, I will be so busy I won't even know what hit me! T__T And boo, I know flight takes a long time, but I want to be home on Friday itself! And it was daddy's treat. :P

Matt Zach said...

haha ur blog's kinda cool with all the pretty looking photos

revel in me said...

mattie: Aww, thank you! That's 'cause I have plenty of pretty friends. <333