Thursday, July 03, 2008

Of cold curry puffs.

I had ice cream and curry puffs (two) for dinner. =/
I couldn't be bothered to go out for dinner, and anyhow, I didn't fancy the idea of eating alone. And no, I am too tired to cook! Is this the life of all working people ar wtf. T_T

If my mom finds out about my meal, I would get a good nagging.
I really need to start taking better care of myself. :(

Anyway, some pictures from a time where my sisters and mom were still here. :)

This was only Day 2, but we have already waved our white flags-- we had to wear flats thereafter! T___T

My Miu Miu bag pretty or not! :P
And oh god, my right hand looked so thin and wax-ish! Like a doll's! Jing, did you photoshop this picture before passing it to me! -_-

I was wearing this gorgeous pair of vintage earrings-- twisted in a classy rosette-knot, solid gold.

Only problem was, they were clip-ons, and they were very very heavy.
So by the end of the day, when I take off these earrings (they are okay when worn, you don't really feel them), my earlobes were really sore! And then you would find me cursing and grumbling while I rubbed at my ears. Until Teeny told me that there are pulse points in our earlobes that could restrain our appetite and make us lose weight!

Then I quickly clipped the earrings back on wtf.

Speaking of Teeny, you might notice that there were no pictures of her.I think she was PMS-ing, she didn't let us take any pictures of/with her. -_-

The only way I could capture her on camera. -_-

Somewhere on Orchard-- our second home!

But my second home now is the office wtf. T__T
My colleagues scared me today by telling me that it's a common occurence to work till 5am! T_____T

With my mom and Teeny at dinner. ('Cause my mom asked to take the picture, so Teeny didn't dare to disobey, hahaha)

And yes, my mom is the skinniest woman in the family. T__T Injustice! T_______T

And oh, you might observe the picture above that there were people sitting on the side railings behind us! They were queuing up to get into the restaurant! -_______-

Us queuing, and being super tulan about it, hahaha.

Seriously, everywhere you go in S'pore, it's queues and lines!


SEEEE, go Gucci also need to queue! -_________________-


Anyway, some updates on working life so far:

These 2 weeks would be dedicated to training, kind of like university lectures. Which is basically sitting down and pretending to listen WTF. But I am not complaining, 'cause it's like getting gaji buta this month (which loosely translates to receiving salary without doing anything hahaha)! But immediately after training, i.e the following Monday, I would be out on a job. I am in auditing-- being on a job means that you're assigned to audit a client, and it usually means that you would be working at the client's place. This would also mean that I would sort of be thrown into the deep end of the sea when that time comes, 'cause I guess I would be expected to start.. working and knowing things. But I found out that one of the seniors on the same job as me is my university mate! And he's also my boyfriend's friend. Will he go easy on me ar. *big shiny eyes*

Hmm, what else... Oh ya, on the 2nd day of work, we ended our training early to go for a private sale (for our company employees only) in Topshop, Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Warehouse and G20000! And we also have some discounts in these shops for a limited period. But I didn't get anything, 'cause did you know that things (international brands) are more expensive in Singapore! Much more expensive, in fact. So if I am going to get brands that they have back home, I'd rather go back to KL for them.

I also found out that my company has a really big drinking and clubbing culture. :P

And I got wind that my unit makes business trips to China really often!!! I am not sure how I feel about this. =/

What else can I tell you about my experience for these few days... Oh! I know what else I can tell you about work. The company gave us a free shoe-bag and waterbottle on our first day of work, and my mom was very impressed. -_-

Hmm, I think that's about all. For now, all I can say is, Thank God It's Friday! :P


KITMEY said...

tmr we dinner k : )
bring you nice place.

my colleagues a bit siao wan, drink all the time. it's 5pm drinking & dinner tmr if your training ends early : P

im having early friday off!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am also interested to work in Singapore but I am not sure about how to apply.

Which company did u apply to and how long does the entire interview process job offer take?


Anonymous said...

how can u eat cold curry puffs why u so poor thing T___________T

good luck ok first weekend away /boo watch out for banglas wtf

Unknown said...

Oooo private sale I at expensive things and queues :(

Have a good weekend! :)

Suet Li said...

G20,000 HHHAHAHHAHAHHAA like that also funny wtf sigh so poor thing work in such a far away place =( it's ok think of all the money huiwen! wtf. maybe IF i'm free, i go spore and visit u before i leave! but even then u wont be free la sigh

jeanchristie said...

eh, kitmey is in sg too?!

u poor thing, I can totally understand the eating alone part.
I really dislike it, and used to weigh out if I was more tired or more hungry ,_,

I think its a culture in the big fours - we need alcohol to drown our sorrows wtf.

Case in point:
30 mins prior to departing for Off-Peak Party: Booze @ Office

After arriving at venue for Off-Peak Party: More booze!

catch up soon and we'll make it a point to get nicer dinners k? :)

Anonymous said...

all three of you have that same smile,like your mum's! working till 5am in the morning? where cannnnnnn =((

take care okay.

c r y s t said...

1) i usually take bread/ biscuit with milo for dinner too T___T

2) your hair colour so obvious!!! very nice!!! :D

3) love yr miu miu ;)

4) yala, why your mum so slim one -__-"

5) did you bought the whole spore!! o_O

Anonymous said...

Cryst, we forgot to buy my Marc Jacobs Stam bag! T_____________________T

And i look sooo ugly in all the pics, i think i cannot travel wan! T____________T I miss you my love, and rather cold curry puffs (You ate that right? Shit i don't read wtf!) than grandma's cooking! =P

mustardqueen said...

-______- I refuse to take a picture and why you still put up a picture!!!! T__T can't you see im avoiding ur camera to be posted here cause I always look fug T____T

*pats* next weekend you can eat err, nirvanas with me already (wait I can only take the chicken -_-)

Anonymous said...

aihh marc jacobs stam very heavy wan la jing u sure u want ah! like when i was thinking about buying and parading around the whole shop my hand got sore and red wtf.

ya hui wen why u so pitiful! cold curry puff! nvm maybe eat less can lose weight! maybe i should ask my grandma to stop cooking wtf

Sheryl said...

curry puffs for dinner?!! mmm i . would. die.

i know ur now a busy working lady but u've been tagged!!hehe. details on ma blob :)

k said...

siao who would queue to go into gucci.

seriously if i was spending that much on anything i expect to be treated like a freakin princess when i'm shopping.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jurong point have nice food ! hee...dun stuff urself with curry puffs... cos one curry puffs is 500 better eat something else..dun waste the calories ! hee...


Kathryn said...

omg..... eat more babes! curry puffs are not enuff .. and u will lack of nutrient!

What you working as in singapore? is it hard to get a job in singapore?

revel in me said...

pinkitmey: I had fun tonight! <333 Your colleagues are simply lovelY! And damn fun people! :P Turtle soup and Morton and MOS soon k! :D And dinner next week before you leave! :)))

anonymous: Hey dear, I am not comfortable with revealing the company that I am with, but it was really easy to apply, basically I just went to their website, get the instructions, and emailed my resume to them. They got back to me in about 2 weeks, and an interview was arranged for the following week! :) Anyhow, email me at if you need more info aight! :)

aud: Haha, not that poor thing la! Actually quite nice wtf. HAHAHHAHA Why you so racist! Do you miss me /boo

faux fashionista: Haha, I thought the private sale was cool (especially 'cause we got to go home early), but it wasn't cheap enough for me, haha! Thank you, dear! TGIF! :D :D :D

suet li: Hahaha why you laughing so hard at G20000!! Got secret joke ar wtf. YAAAAA it's bad enough that I have to get used to working life, I am doing it in a foreign place all by myself. :( EH COME DOWN LAA! I promise I will take time out for you. :)))

jean: Haha, yaya, she is here as well! Thank god I have been lucky, I haven't tried eating alone yet! T_T And haha, booze is a must-have in work culture everywhere I think! :P Yeaaa, nice dinners! <3

missycheerio: Haha IS IT! I thought my smile is the nicest HAHAHA 'cause people always tell my that my smile is very bright and sincere. :P YA LA can you imagine how much I will age if I work till 5am! T______T Thank you, love! T_T

cryst: BOOO why you so cham, eat bread/biscuit with milo! I can't la, I don't like bread wan. T_T And HEEEE finally got a lot of people notice my hair color. *emotional moment wtf* :D And SIGHHH my mom is damn skinny ok! Which is why she always calls us fat. T__T And haha, no la, didn't buy out! But if got more work stress, I can't guarantee wtf. :P

jing: Eh ya haha I was looking at the pictures, a bit missing your usual standards in these pics wtf. *sayangs* Damn lousy la you, always also like that when you go travelling!! At least this time you didn't get sick! :P

mustardqueen: Haha, I only took picture of your back what! And if you always look fug, maybe you need to consider potential solutions WTF. Nirvanaaaa <333

tzeching: Yaya the stam bag quite heavy! My miu miu is too you know. :( And I ate curry puffs and ice cream la, don't think it's the way to losing weight wtf. T__T

raggamuffin: Haha, it's really not that bad! :P And you're going off on a holiday right, have funn! :D

skim: It's insane, you have to queue up to go into LV too! -___-

yan ping: Hahaha, why you make me feel guilty! 500 calories x 2...T___T And ooh, what's nice in Jurong point! :)

baby kat: Yaaa I know, I am trying to switch my dietary habits now. :( And oh, I am working in auditing now, and it's actually relatively easy to get a job here! :)

sharon said...

LOL the pic of you and teeny damn cute la hahhaa like fans meeting superstar @_@ hahaha...

your mum looks like the eldest sister of you 3 like that and why she so skinny one! :)

ctrl+c & ctrl+v from cryst: did you buy the whole s'pore!! :D

Anonymous said...

haha.. that's what I read from Shape...ever since then, I would psycho myself to eat something else since its 500 calories...can eat half a bar of chocolate liao...hee..

JP have a lot of things to eat arh..the prata along the mrt track is quite nice... Basement one have a kebab wrap with lots of vege...(nice yet not sinful if minus the mayo la..ha..) Level 3 food court has quite alot of nice stuffs too... so u can have lots to eat beside curry puff...dun ill treat urself k...or else I will tell ur mum... =p

revel in me said...

shasha: Haha, you mean the picture where I took of her back?? :P And yaaa, a lot of people thinks that my mom is our eldest sister! Then she gets all happy and proud. -___- HAHAHA I didn't buy the whole s'pore la!! Why you all asked me that question. T________T

yan ping: Haha, okok, I will try those food! And I think I prefer curry puffs to chocolate bars, WHY AM I SO WEIRD. T___T When are we going to meet up! :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

oei whats wrong with china shopping in china vvv gd lar esp in shanghai etc

revel in me said...

ape: Haha, nothing wrong with China, except that I will be going to rural parts of China, not Shanghai or Beijing! T_T