Friday, July 11, 2008


Just a short entry here, 'cause I need to go pack, I AM GOING HOME! :D :D :D

What I wear to work! Since some of you asked me to post pictures. :P

Yes you're right, that is my suitcase there! I am still living out of my suitcase. :(
'Cause I am looking for a place to move now. Any of you have any places to recommend ar. I don't think I can feel properly settled down until I have my own place to stay! :(

A top that I got recently in S'pore! Love the pussy bow in front. :)
Btw, does anyone know why it's called a pussy bow??? It sounds so.. obscene. -_-

This Zara shirt's sleeves are too long for me!
Haih, perils of having short limbs wtf.

Tada, I was wearing peeptoes here, can you see my (chipped) pedicured toes!
And the skirt I was wearing is actually a pretty plaid skirt, but you can't see the print, boo.

And finally, casual Friday! At my company it's called business casual-- i.e. nothing too informal, but hurrah anyway! :P

Haih, the room that I am staying in has wonky lighting-- there are not enough windows, so pictures taken in this room always appear dark and shadow-y! :(

Closer look at the top's details. :)))

I have set a resolution for myself-- I am going to not repeat my work outfits! Meaning that I can re-wear the items (do you think I am that spoiled wtf), but I won't wear them the same way! :) I did that for my pre-university course and university, and I am going to try it out for work. Of course, this is till peak period comes, and I may not even bother with make up for work. T___T

And my client next week is Burger King.. And after that, I will be at Estee Lauder! So far my clients are quite cool right. <333 size="1">*big shiny eyes*


mustardqueen said...

hahhaah can i like come over next week so I can munch on burger wtf...

And by the time u see this you're ALREADY home!! =D and err, estee lauder got what freebies, I want those anti acne shits and foundation!!! =D=D Save money ma... :P

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. I have two of the same shirts as you.Hahah. The most comfortable thing to wear in the office is a wrap round dress. So relaxing :)

The Faux Fashionista said...

Wanna know why I like formal work wear so much? Cozz my bf has an OL fetish hahaha...that means I must keep him AWAYFARFARAWAY from Singaporean OLs heh :P Actually I've always liked working clothes cos I look better in them than casual clothes heh :P And I always ogle at the Jappie OL mags, their pretty clothes and makeup <3

Shopping trip sounds good! I'll be back in KL only in November, but I will definitely make a trip down south soon.

Have a great weekend in KL!

Anonymous said...

i love your outfits! i'm in auditing too! i just started this week, and am already at a loss for what to wear. please do post more of your work outfits when you have time!

Anonymous said...

Hello, im wondering what does OL stand for? Thanks in advance :)

Gwencws said...

Wahhh, set off the house alarm sumore ar...u are quite violent hahaha. Oh and I think its called pussy bow because it looks like how those rich English ppl tie ribbons around their cat's neck...y'know like Aristocats the cartoon. =)

revel in me said...

mustardqueen: Eh faster k, start working on daddy for you to come over SOON! :D

And estee lauder got anti-acne meh! I think it's more for old people.. Like me wtf.

smalls: Haha, let me take a wild guess, the first shirt ('cause I saw it in your room wtf) and the ZARA blue one with white cuffs? :P I think I can only wear wrap-arpund dresses for Fridays, boo!

faux fashionista: OMG OMG my bf too! He loves it when I dress upnin professional wear! MEN ARE SO WEIRD. -___- And haha, I myself prefer every-day wear, 'cause I can let loose and be creative/funky! Work wear makes me feel restrained.. :( Whee, so I will be expecting you in Nov k! :P

vicks: OMG YOU'RE IN AUDITING TOO? Our backgrounds so similar then! <3 Where are you working, in KL? :) How are you doing! I am starting on a job next week, and I am TERRIFIED. :( ow's the dress code for your company! I am so excited now, hee! :D

mel: Haha, it stands for office lady! I KNOWWW the lamest title right. T____T

gwencws: HAIHHHH not so much violent, more like crude and brash. T____T And omg, you're so smart!!! I never thought of that! Pussy bows hold a new deeper meaning for me now, haha. <3

Anonymous said...

Yes!! You are so smart. Hahah. Wadrobe memorizer.

And you shouldn't call yourself an OL!! An OL is a female officer who works in menial secreterial or clerical work, holds little ambition and intends to quit once married.

That is SO NOT YOU!!!

samantha said...

hahahaha. the Kmart incident is soooo freaking funny wei. hahahahha

Anonymous said...

woi hoe hui wen i use estee lauder eye makeup ok! *defensive

and HAHAHA i think that person you were with was me wasn't it! then jac called you up and asked you if you were there HAHAHAH why you say 'someone' make me feel very insignificant WTF

and oh IF IF IF i do get something in singapore...i am serious about finding a place together if you want to!

Anonymous said...

girrlll, you've got style! i love all your clothes; working, casual, i have yet to see formal-but i'm sure i'd love it as well!

Anonymous said...

Nope,I am working,stopped studying after high school!Anyways yeah I am willing to pay a higher price too if that something is one of a kind thing,I don't like having the same stuff with ppl too!U went to Bijou Bazaar?Didn't see you there .It was okay,but I met loads od interesting ppl.U look quite yeng in office wear too my dear.:)

Julie Ann said...

u make working look fun (err the dressing up part atleast)

now i'd be tempted to go down to singapore to get a job. gah.

emyoon said...

actually... i do have a friend who's looking for someone to take over his room. don't know much about it except that it's around the sembawang area. if you're interested,

revel in me said...

smalls: HAHAHA I still remember you called me SCARY for being a wardrobe memorizer! :P And oops, little ambition, check. Wants to do simply mind-numbing work, check. Wants to quit when married, check. HAHA!

samantha: Hahaha damn funny BUT DAMN EMBARRASSING FOR ME OK! T__T

aud: Haha estee lauder good meh! Okok, if they give me samples/discounts, I will take some for you ok. :P And HAHAHAHHA SO IT WAS YOU!! I vaguely remember it's you, but I didn't dare mention names, what it I am wrong! HAHAHAH SHIT WEI why you witness my most embarrassing moments wan! T_T

And oh oh oh! If everything goes well, I might have a flat with a spare room! Keep me updated k, really urgent! :)

liz-josey: Awww, THANK YOUUUUU! :))) Compliments towards my dressing are extremely appreciated now that I have started work. T_T Hmm, go back to my older entries and rate my formal outfits, HAHA! And are you in melbourne? :)

nana: Omg, that sounds so cool! You must be so independent. *feels intimidated* What field are you working in now? :) And boo, I didn't go to bijou! :( I was really running short on time. How was it? Did you grab any buys? :P And HEEEEE yeng like motorcyclist or what! Haih why am I so lame.

julie ann: Haha, not fun ok! I find it excruciating to think of ways to jazz up my outfits just that little bit. Yawns. And HELLO AREN'T I A GOOD ENOUGH REASON FOR YOU TO COME DOWN TO SINGAPORE TO WORK!! :P

amillie: Aww, that's sweet, love! :) But sembawang is a little far for me! :( Convenience is my ultimate criteria for the moment. But thank you k, I really really appreciate the heads-up! :)

yishyene said...

I once wore my ski jacket and pants to work because it was just so cold.. and then I woke up and realised it was all a dream. PHEW because I would die if I got caught walking around the city in that (although warm and toasty mmm).


What I really wanted to say was that
Once I wore a shirt-dress to work and this annoying parrot lady (she sounds like a parrot) pulled me aside and told me off for trying to use a shirt as a dress and not being 'professional'. What a bitch! She got fired the following month. Karma.