Monday, July 21, 2008


'Cause I was wearing red today, but I was blue, blue blue! wtf

Just in case you think this is another Monday blues post, IT IS NOT ok. T__T I had one of the more dramatic mornings (the other one was when I woke up 15minutes before my exam: I stayed half an hour away from Sunway campus and that was excluding morning rush hour traffic, but that's another story for another day wtf).

So there I was today, a dreary morning, you could see the dark clouds threatening rain from afar; yet I just went on in a daze-- putting on my clothes, half-heartedly trying to smooth my hair, it was one of those bad hair days. I walked to my door, I wanted to get myself some water, and guess what, I COULDN'T OPEN THE DOOR.

The door wouldn't budge, no matter how I pushed and shoved it, however hard I tried to twist and turn the door knob. If I was back home, or at the boyfriend's place, it might have been a prank, but I am quite sure my 60-year old aunt wouldn't throw such a trick on me. Frantic, I started pounding on my door, and screamed for my aunt.

My aunt and my cousin brother came running along, and no matter how much they tried, the door just wouldn't open!! WTF RIGHT. And I didn't even lock the door, I just closed it shut. By then, I was worried sick, I am dead tired, I have to go to work at 6.45am, and now THIS? WHAT KIND OF JOKE IS THIS?? I honestly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

My cousin brother started throwing his weight on the door, attempting to slam it down, as I sat on the bed, and the door-slamming reminded me of TVB shows. -_- After realizing that the door just wouldn't even budge an inch, they took out the hammer!!! And started hammering the door, trying to break the lock or the door itself, I am not sure wtf. And all along, I just lied on my bed, trying to nap, HAHAHA. Seriously, I was so tired you can't imagine! And it wasn't like there was anything I could do to help them, 'cause I was at the wrong side of the door (the only thing I could do was to yank at the door knob). And anyhow, I was ordered to stay far away from the door just in case my cousin suddenly bang it open.

HAIHHH I am quite useless sometimes.

After hammering the door for what seemed like eons, the door knob fell out. -___- And there was a hole in the door where the knob used to be. -___- And my aunt peeped through the hole and asked me, "Are you napping!" HAHAHAH wtf. Then I told her that ya, I was really tired from trying to help them yank the door open, HAHAHHA.

But STILL the door wouldn't opened. -__-

In the end, they called a locksmith, who promised to only pop by after an hour.

So I did the most logical thing.

I texted my senior to tell him that I will be in late, and went to sleep. :P

SIGHHHHH during the ordeal I really felt like the unluckiest girl in the world. BUT I realize now that it was a blessing in disguise! 'Cause that 1 hour nap (even amidst my aunt's try-hard attempts to further hammer down the door), really really helped! You know how you're so tired you feel like you will just drop dead, and suddenly I come offer you an hour's sleep on a silver platter? BEST FEELING I am telling you. :P

But now I have another thing to be emo and upset about! T______T

You all know right, Jac is here in S'pore (just reached today), and Smalls would be joining us this Thursday night!!! At first I thought I would be relatively free this week, 'cause I have completed my sections on time, and there seemed to be no big issues with them.. But today I got dumped with damn a lot of of shit work! Shit work that I know nuts about. FUCK MANN. This is beyond throwing me into the deep sea of the pool. This is throwing me into the same deep pool with starved man-eating sharks!!! I am damn worried that I will be pulling overtime now, and I can't meet up with my loves. T____T And god knows how long the flat hair flat hasn't been united. T______T

And fuck you if you tell me welcome to work life.

Bahhh can you tell that I am PMS-ing.

Okies! Thanks to a life-saving reader of mine, I got wind that the mega sales would end this weekend-- so I quickly rushed out again on Sunday!! And bought even more things! Especially from Topshop. I have no idea why recently I like everything there. -_- But let me just show you one of my favorite buyssss! :)))

A Kate Moss for Topshop vintage inspired bag!

OK la, I know the bag looks meh here, but I wear to god, it's FIERCEEEEE in real life! Maybe when I use it, you all can see.. *shiny eyes* I have been looking for a ruchsack bag like that for quite sometime, so this was a godsent! :))) And omg, can you believe this bag was almost RM600 before discount. -_____-

And BOOOO I am so dead. I have officially gotten my 2nd Topshop voucher. You need to spend SGD250 to get one, I don't even dare to calculate how much I have spent this weekend. FUCKKKK. And I think Topshop loves me now (I went to 3 different outlets wtf), they gave me a 'lucky card'-- it has a value pre-loaded in it, and it depends on my luck how much is in it! What if it's only 1 buck arrr! T__T

Ok, just pictures from Sunday ok!

Damn nice right the lighting of this picture! :)))

It's damn hard to take self-timer pictures k. T__T Especially 'cause I have nowhere to place my camera-- in the end I just perched it on the staircase while I run off swiftly for the picture to be captured. T__T

And it was quite sad, 'cause when I walked out of my room clad in the outfit shown above, my aunt came up to me, mouth agape and told me that I looked gorgeous. She then said very sadly, "Such a pity your boyfriend isn't here to see you this pretty!"

Then I gulped and felt all sad. T____T

But anyhow, I don't feel that I looked that great la, 'cause when I go out by myself I don't put that much effort into dressing up. =/

And BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO guess what!!! I found out that I broke my sunnies. T__T
They now look like that:



Anonymous said...

u look like cute pirate lahhh.. hahaha

Christian Girl in Harrods said...

Walau why so much drama in 2 days T_T *pats your bag I mean back and hugs* But it's good to be in audit at times like that, cuz when you are auditing your client your time is flexible, but boo to the work load. Hope you'll feel better! :D and u do look very nice in that pic

Ashleigh said...

OMG! You looked so cute in the last photo!! =D Cheer up!! I'm sure once you're more experienced, the workload won't be so bad! =)

Anonymous said...

hui wen the specs damn funny lah! =D

Anonymous said...

Well I am renting,not so much of a commitment lol.And,hmm drama happens to spruce up your otherwise boring and mundane life.It happens,cheer up!
:) And um,may I ask,how much was the Topshop bag?

Suet Li said...

do you wanna know what happened to my fav (and only) pair of shades?!!?!? the side thing/temple broke cause i put in my bag T_____T now i have to glue it back so cant fold edi do you get what i mean anot!! T_____T im pmsing like shit also la@!$!%!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, CHANEL IS CALLING FOR YOU! :D It's a sign! But that is if you've any money left la.. -________-

jeanchristie said...

HAHAHAHAHA! You're hilarious lah omg!

Shit work is the bane of auditors' life I tell you! roar!

Grace Tham said...

hey dearie,
*hugs* Sure you're stressed but at least you still look hot.. *sigh* omg.. i love your gladiator sandals!!!

Simon Seow said...

LOL. Think this is drama, kick the door open.

Anonymous said...

y u take photo in front of the place where they're gonna upgrade new lifts? lol *far far away got ah pek looking*

today my college got durian feast for the teachers leh, got baskets and baskets of durians and mangosteens but i shy because it's only my 2nd day =( haha

xoxo don't emo

Anonymous said...

hahahah ya blessing in disguise! /boo

good luck with ur work dear hope u get to see jac and smalls:))))

and you look very pretty in that picture i also shy wtf *blushes

revel in me said...

raymond: Hahaha, I will take that a compliment k! :P

siewkwan: HAHAHHA you're so cute! You paid attention to my bag.. <333 Eh drama on a monday is too much for me to take ok! T__T And is it 'cause I am stupid and inefficient! 'Cause I don't find auditing times flexible lehhh, it just takes up ALL my time.. T___T But thank you my love! And which pic is this! :P

ashleigh: HAHAHHA isn't that my ugliest pic! I looked like a sullen duck! :P And BOO I think the workload increases when you're more experienced! It never stops-- once you get the hang of something, they just move you to harder things. T__T

missycheerio: Hahaha I think SOHAI is a more suitable term! :P

nana: HAHAHA ARE YOU SAYING THAT MY LIFE IS BORING AND MUNDANE! :P Booo, but work IS boring and mundane. T__T And errr, I think the bag was on half price! :)

suet: HAHAHAHAHAHA WTFFF HAHAHHAHA unfortunately I DO understand what you mean!! HAHAHHA then how!! Cannot fold!! You everyday just perch on your head and hope no one discovers ar!! HAHAHAHHHA! Don't pms already (and forgive barry wtf)! Mine is over 'cause I just got my period today wtf. <3

jing: HAHAHAH I KNOWWW!! It's like god is sending me a message! :P And BOOO how you know wan, I really got no money. T__T

jean: Hahaha, thank you!!! ZGlad that you're laughing at my misery. T__T And BOOOO if you do the work that I was assigned to, it'd be easy peasy for you la, you're considered senior already! :P

grace_t: HHAHAHA what kind of reassurance is that! Your life sucks, but at least you look hot. :P But THANK YOUUUUU. :D :D :D And ooohh, you want or not, s'pore has loads of them! :) (I know sydney doesn;t have now, wrong season =/)

simon seow: HAHAHHA I don't know my cousin la! Maybe he wanted to save me the damsel in distress. :P

eevon: EHHH WHERE GOT UNCLE LOOKING!! I pored over the pictures, no uncle leh! Are you seeing something that I don't see! *scared wtf* And hahahaha took pics in front of the lift 'cause it was in front of the stairs. T_T I needed something to put my camera on. T__T And err I don't like durians, but mangosteens ROCK!! WHy you shyyy! If me, confirmed I wallop wan. :P

aud: And I hope you're next on the list for people I will see k! :P And /boo, what do you mean, should I be dressing up like a pirate more often wtf. <3

The Faux Fashionista said...

Regarding previous comment: Yeah really one, but don't go like all crazy la because I think got weight limit one...happy shopping ;)

I think the door incident was indeed a blessing in disguise lor, and the Topshop bag looks like it would go with the rest of your wardrobe, from what I've seen so far.

Heeee I like your sunnies, you should put a hello kitty plaster over the broken part of the frame and wear it out. Who knows you'll start a new trend? :D Your outfit is so vintage boho chic :)

p.s. Whatever happened to saving??? =D

eggster said...

OMG so drama. your room door is so weird la. cannot open wei? eee i sense theres errrr... nvm T____T

i like yourrr dresss! let me know if you're selling lols. and haha your sunglasses sho cute la. maybe that could be the next trend in town? : D

jeanchristie said...

What? No, no, no ... I am struggling with my new sections too >.<

k said...

your calf in e first photo looks so awkward wei. O__O

alea amin said...

pirate cina. aiyaaaaaa wtf.
i love youe bag!! the kate moss and the white one <333

Sue Lin said...

Sorry to hear about the last min load of work, i HATE it when they do that

revel in me said...

faux fashionista: Haha, atm I am too broke to do online shopping! T__T EEEE hello kitty sticker!! Cannot!! I have morals and principles wtf. :P And nothing of my outfit was vintage worr! :P And errr, saving.. it's not in my vocabulary in the meantime. <3

eggster: WHY YOU SO MEANNN... T___T I damn scared of.. ahems wan ok! T____T Haha, are you interested in the dress? You can snap it up if you want! I don't have much opportunities to wear OUTfits (as in to go out wan wtf) here.. T___T And ahhahaha although I very much hope to be a trendsetter, I am not sure I want to be pinpointed for THIS trend! :P

jean: Haha, yaya, I guess everyone is learning.. And when we learn something new, we struggle.. T__T

skim: Hahaha YAAA I find that contorted angles make me look the skinniest WTF. :P

alea: Hahahah aiyaaa means good thing or bad thing! :P And BOOO the MJ bag is not white, it;s ICE BLUE! :P

sue lin: YAAAA and the worst thing is, we have to get used to it. :(